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Representation: Eric Martsolf

On Series Since: 2002 - Present
Full Name: Robert 'Robbie' Calimo, JR
Profession: Police detective; Twin Peaks Police Department
Martial Status: Broken Engagement, Victoria Franky
Previous Relationships: Divorced;Leah Robertson; Affair, Robin Navy
Family Ties: Father, Bob Calimo; Mother, Sofia Calimo; Sister, Natasha Calimo



Robbie was having an affair with Robin, behind his wife Leah's back. Leah discovered that she was pregnant, just as Robin revealed the truth. Leah miscarried. Robbie begged his wife to take him back. She did forgive him, and they reunited.

Robin faked a pregnancy to try to hold on to Robbie, but Sofia busted her scheme.

Robbie was supportive when Leah's ex husband returned to town and revealed that they were still married and had a 10 year old son! Once Jeff and Leah's marriage was annulled, he and Leah remarried in a lavish ceremony. Tensions started to escalate with Noah, as Leah and Jeff fought over custody. Meggan, who was driving drunk, hit Noah with her car and he died.

Leah and Jeff were devastated. Robbie tried to support Leah, but she pushed him away and leaned on Jeff more. Robbie became increasingly frustrated. As a cop, Robbie investigated Vinny's death. He arrested Meggan and Victoria for the crime, but Vinny turned up alive. He also investigated the fire at Adam and Helen's apartment and realized that Victoria was responsible. He put out an APB on her and ended up arresting her at Cory and Natasha's wedding. He finally set Victoria to therapy so she could get the help he needed. He and Leah continued to grow further apart as she leaned on Jeff during Noah’s death. At Meggan’s homecoming party, Leah attacked Meggan when the truth that she killed Noah came out. Robbie was floored at his wife’s behaviour. He arrested Meggan, then visited her in jail and apologized for Leah’s actions. On Christmas, he and Leah finally seemed to reconnect.

He was once again left dejected though when he learned that she was planning to rally to advocate the death penalty for Meggan. Robbie was hurt to see Leah and Jeff rallying for the death sentence with Meggan; she got 20 years in jail instead. Soon after the trial, Leah collapsed and was rushed to the ER. Robbie was sick with worry about his wife as he learned that her kidney was failing. Jeff had the decision to make whether or not to let Meggan out of jail when she was revealed to be a donor for Leah. He urged Jeff to do the right thing; Jeff allowed Meggan to be released and the surgery happened. Leah was saved. Afterwards, Robbie struggled to forgive Leah for shutting him out for so long. After a fight, Leah slept with Jeff and then told Robbie she wanted to have a child with him. He was thrilled. Robbie, meanwhile, helped save Daisy and Trenyce from Terrence at the fundraiser. Victoria soon approached him and told him that Meggan had disappeared. He agreed to help Victoria investigate. Meanwhile, Leah turned up pregnant and was told that Robbie was the father (she didn't know who the father was). Robbie was thrilled. He was upset however when his parents announced their separation. On New Year's Eve, Victoria and Robbie found a captive Vinny and Meggan. Dave shot Robbie trying to escape!

Robbie was rushed to the hospital but not before Victoria shot and killed Dave. At the hospital, Robbie flatlined multiple times. Leah was worried that she was going to lose her husband and her baby wouldn't have a father. Dominick learned the truth: Jeff was the father of Leah's baby! He told Leah the truth, but they agreed to keep mum as Robbie started to make improvements. Robbie was eventually released and he learned that Eva is really Natasha's mother. He tried to help his sister. Jeff, meanwhile, offered a truce to Leah and Robbie. They agreed. Robbie returned to work and he continued to grow closer to Leah and their new daughter Paige. He was secretly happy when Jeff left town shortly after the baby was born and he put a lot of energy into work. He was investigating the Wilkins' death as well as helped save Madeline from Karl. On New Year's Eve, Sofia was killed in a car explosion.

In the wake of Sofia's death, Robbie leaned on his wife more than ever before. On the day of her funeral, Cassie was exposed and Robbie had her arrested. She was presumed dead when she drove her car into the river however. Robbie and Leah continued to grow closer as a family with Paige. He also continued to do police activity with Victoria and Meggan's hit and run. Victoria soon went to Robbie and told him that she was being stalked. Robbie learned about her abusive past and agreed to put a police guard with her. After she received a more threatening phone call, Robbie agreed to be her guard. On some over nights, the two of them started to form an attraction to each other. Robbie scolded himself as he was in love with his wife. Meanwhile, he was upset when Jeff came back to town and was working with Leah. She reassured him that she was over her ex-husband. Robbie was also livid to learn about Bob and Kim's new romance. He told Natasha that they should try to be supportive, but Robbie lost his cool when Bob announced his engagement to Kim.

Robbie arrested Ernesto in the New Year for his role in the stalking of Victoria and Eva. He supported Victoria through learning that Eva is her mother and that her father is back in town. They continued to fight their attraction and it started to create conflict between Robbie and Leah. On the day of Robin and Cory's wedding, Leah and Robbie came together and agreed to put their marriage back together and renew their vows. During the ceremony, Jeff learned that Paige is really his daughter. He stopped the service and made his claim. Robbie defended his wife but Leah tearfully admitted the truth. A disgusted Robbie walked out on his wife and ran to Victoria, whom he had sex with. The morning after, Victoria asked him if they rushed things. He claimed no. Robbie went home and he and Leah had a huge fight, in which he asked her for a divorce. Robbie turned his focus on trying to protect Victoria from Ernesto. He vowed to find out the truth after Eva was attacked. Robbie questioed Ernesto, who claimed innocence. Victoria was attacked again; when she awoke, Ernesto was dead! Robbie was pulled from the case when the DA thought that he was too close to the people invovled in the murder. Robbie was livid but vowed to uncover the truth for Victoria, especially after Donovan was arrested.

Kim revealed to Bob and Robbie that she spotted Leah and Jeff getting an engagement ring. Robbie was livid that his ex-wife was moving on with Jeff so quickly after their divorce. Upset, Robbie sued Leah for custody of Paige! Victoria supported her love in the process. Victoria, meanwhile, realized that she had to go to Italy to help prove Donovan's innocence in his quest to beat murder charges. Victoria said farewell to Robbie on the day the Judge made his decision. After Robbie lost custody of Paige, he was crushed. He raced to the airport and told Victoria was going to Italy with her. In Italy, they spent some romantic times together until they learned that Donovan had been found guilty. They went to Victoria's childhood home where they found a video proving that Jonas had killed Ernesto! Jonas cornered them with a gun but Victoria convinced him to turn himself in. They raced back to Twin Peaks and were able to stop the lethal injection from killing Donovan. Donovan thanked Robbie and Victoria for saving him. In the aftermath, Robbie and Victoria continued to grow closer. She was worried that Robbie was upset when Leah was marryig Jeff, but he told her he was fine. Robbie was also put on the case after Cassie disappeared but he wasn't able to track her down.

Early in the new year, Robbie moved in with Victoria as their relationship continued to grow. Victoria supported Robbie when he was upset that Leah didn't let him say good bye to Paige before she went to Europe. Donovan spotted Robbie and Leah sharing a close moment and told his sister about it. Victoria confronted Robbie but he told her that he and Leah are just friends. Robbie then surprised Victoria by planning a romantic trip to Lake Tahoe. They were surprised to see Leah and Jeff there as well; Robbie told Victoria he was there for her and only her. Victoria was shocked when Robbie proposed to her; she accepted. Their engagement, however, was short lived as Robbie got a call from Jeff telling him that Leah was missing. They realized that Felicia had kidnapped her in Lake Tahoe. Robbie tracked them down to an abandoned farm house. When Robbie entered, Leah told him that Felicia had started a fire and that there was a gas leak. She begged him to get Felicia out of the house. He promised to come back for Leah but when he got outside, the house exploded! He was crushed that Leah was dead. He reunited with Paige, who came back to town following Leah's death. At Leah's will reading, she left everything to Robbie as she hadn't updated her will since before their divorce. Robbie, who partly blamed Jeff for Leah's death, kicked him out of the house and took over living there. Victoria tried to talk to Robbie into giving Jeff something, but Robbie refused. Robbie, also, learned about Bob's role in Leah's death and planned revenge against his father.

In the new year, Robbie was still conflicted following Leah's death. He learned that Jeff slept with Meggan and called him disgusting for sleeping with the woman that killed Leah's son. Paige, meanwhile, grew frustrated with Jeff and Robbie's feud and moved out of the house. Robbie was livid when Bob offered her a place to stay; he confronted his father and realized that Bob did play a bigger role in Leah's death. Robbie started working with Dominick in hopes to get some kind of revenge on Bob for killing Leah. Victoria, meanwhile, continued to tell Robbie that he had changed since Leah's death and she wouldn't be with him. Finally, Victoria told Jeff to sue Robbie for what was rightfully his. Jeff did so and ended up winning half of Leah's estate, including her house. Robbie was livid. After Victoria was involved in a minor car accident with Andy, Robbie went to her and told her that life was too short for them to be apart, unaware Victoria was the one who told Jeff to sue him. Paige, meanwhile, continued to lash out at Robbie and Jeff for making her testify in court. Robbie vowed to make his daughter come around. He then soon proposed to Victoria and she accepted. When Paige found out, she revealed that she knew it was Victoria who convinced Jeff to sue Robbie. Robbie confronted Victoria and she admitted it; he ended their engagement. Robbie, meanwhile, was shocked to learn that Dominick's plan of revenge caused Bob to have a stroke. He felt bad for his role in it and Paige realized that Robbie had something to do with Bob's health crisis. Robbie still, however, wanted his own revenge on his father for his role in Leah's death.

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