Jeff Claus

Representation: Chris Carmack
On Series Since: 2004 - 2011; 2012 - Present
Full Name: Jeffrey 'Jeff' Claus
Profession: Web-Designer at Robertson Enterprises
Martial Status: Sex with , Leah Robertson
Previous Relationships: Broken Engagement, Veronica Lane; Divorced x2, Leah Calimo; Ex-Girlfriend, Kim Calimo, Ex-Girlfriend, Madeline Wilkins; Illegally Married, Meggan Richardson;
Family Ties: Son, Noah Claus [Deceased]; Daughter, Paige Claus; Son, Logan Richardson



Jeff came to town with a surprise for Leah: he revealed that they were high school lovers; they were married and had a baby boy! His parents did not approve of Leah so they lied to her and told her that their son, Noah, had died. In fact, Noah was 10 years old and very much alive! Leah was stunned and a DNA test proved Jeff was telling the truth. He failed to break up Robbie and Leah's union, and they re-married after this marriage to Leah was annulled. He soon started dating Kim, and they moved in together. He and Leah started to find conflict in sharing custody of Noah. Tensions reached high when Leah threatened to sue for custody. A drunk Meggan ended up hitting Noah with her car, which resulted in Noah's death.

Jeff was devastated and ended up growing closer to Leah while they mourned his death. He started shutting out Kim and leaning on Leah more and more. The continued to grow closer and even shared a few secret kisses. Jeff was horrified when Kim suggested the two of them get away while Meggan’s trial took place. He continued to fail to understand her relationship and mourning for Jackson. He and Leah were busy with other ideas: they were planning to rally in support of Meggan receiving the death penalty. On Christmas however, Jeff reached out to Kim.

In the New Year, Jeff and Leah rallied to have Meggan receive the death sentence after her trial. At the trial, Jeff took the stand; Meggan was found guilty and got 20 years in jail. At the same time, Leah became ill. She passed out and was rushed to the hospital. It turns out that her kidney was failing and her donor was Meggan! Jeff had to decide whether or not to let Meggan be released from jail to save Leah. After some thought, he agreed. Leah and Meggan went into surgery; Leah was saved. Kim, meanwhile, realized that Jeff was still in love with Leah and dumped him. At the fundraiser, Jeff and Leah made love. Afterwards, she regretted it and told them it was a mistake. Jeff was crushed.

He started hanging out with Madeline to take his mind off of Leah and they soon started sleeping with each other. Leah ended up being pregnant and she believed Robbie was the father. After Robbie was shot, Dominick revealed the truth to her: Jeff was the father of her baby! Leah and Dominick kept it mum after Robbie survived. Leah vowed to never tell anyone the truth about her baby. Jeff and Madeline, meanwhile, started to be friends with benefits. She became increasingly worried about his relationship with Leah. On the anniversary of Noah's death, Jeff and Leah shared a kiss at his grave site. This caused Leah to go into labour. At the hospital, Madeline urged Jeff to leave so Robbie and Leah could be alone. He did and Leah gave birth to a baby girl named Paige. Afterwards, Madeline realized that Jeff was still in love with Leah and dupmped him. Jeff, meanwhile, realized that Leah would never leave Robbie so he left town after saying goodbye to her.

On a trip to Boston for business, Leah ran into Jeff unexpectedly. They caught up and had a nice lunch together. Soon after, Bob called Jeff and offered him a job at Roboto working on a new website for the new line he was working on. Jeff jumped at the chance to be back in Twin Peaks. Leah was surprised to see Jeff in her office as they would be working together. Jeff then revealed to Leah that he is dating the new chemist that she hired in Boston, Veronica Lane. Leah became more and more jealous of his relatinship with Veronica. On New Year's Eve, Jeff and Veronica became engaged.

After getting engaged on New Year's Eve, Jeff and Veronica planned their wedding while Jeff continued to grow closer to Leah while working together at Roboto. Madeline, meanwhile, grew fed up with Cory and wondered if she should reveal that she knows that Jeff is really Paige's biological father, not Robbie. She got her confirmation on the anniversary of Noah's death, when she spotted Jeff and Leah in a lip lock. On the day of Robin and Cory's wedding, she sent Jeff a note revealing the truth. Jeff stopped the wedding and confronted Leah. Robbie rushed to his wife's defense but after Jeff demanded a paternity test, Leah confessed the truth! Robbie was stunned and walked out on his wife, leaving Jeff stunned that he now has a child. Jeff and Leah agreed to let him see Paige as often as possible, despite Paige being confused and asking for Robbie often. Jeff, meanwhile, told Veronica that they should marry as soon as possible. Leah learned that the wedding was going to happen and she felt odd about it. Realizing that she and Jeff had always been drawn together, Leah stopped the wedding and asked Jeff to talk. Veronica grew fed up with Jeff and Leah and bolted. She broke the engagement and left town after quitting Roboto. Jeff went to Leah to confront her and the two ended up having sex. Leah told him that she felt like their family could be the way it was always meant to be now.

Jeff proposed to Leah; she accepted. Kim spotted them and revealed the news to Robbie. Robbie was livid that Leah was moving on so quickly. He sued Leah for custody of Paige! Jeff supported Leah through this and in the end, Leah was awarded custody of Paige. She and Jeff rejoyced. He proposed to her again and she accepted. They planned their wedding. As the wedding approached, Leah revealed to Jeff her past with her mother, Felicia, who passed away when Leah was younger. He comforted her; on the day of the wedding, the ceremony was stopped by Bob, who came in with an alive Felicia! Turns out, Dominick faked her death because Felicia is mentally ill and he didn't want his family to see her condition get worse. Leah slapped her father for his betrayal and went home to reunite with Felicia. Jeff felt like the odd man out as Leah turned her attention to her mother, not him or getting married.

Jeff continued to press Leah to get Felicia to move out of the house as he wanted to focus on his wedding to Leah. Leah insisted that her mother stay and Felicia played it so it seemed liked Jeff didn't like her. Jeff encouraged Leah to send Paige away to Europe until Felicia was in a more stable condition; they bid farewell to Paige. Soon after, Jeff convinced Leah to get married in Lake Tahoe. They went to Lake Tahoe and spotted Robbie and Victoria there. Jeff, however, didn't realize that Felicia had followed them to Lake Tahoe. Jeff and Leah got married by the lake. Afterwards, Jeff went to get some champagne ... when he got back, Leah was missing. He called Dominick and they realized that Felicia must have kidnapped Leah. They called Robbie, who tracked Leah and Felicia down. The farm house that they were in exploded with Leah inside! Jeff was crushed that his new bride was dead. Paige came home from boarding school in the wake of her mother's death. Shortly after, Leah's will was read ... turns out, she didn't change her will since her divorce from Robbie - she left everything to her ex-husband! Robbie kicked Jeff out of the house and he moved into to Meggan's after she offered. Paige, meanwhile, was shocked that Jeff would live with the woman that killed Noah. Jeff tried to make it up to Paige to no avail. Jeff and Meggan, meanwhile, grew closer, and ended up making love on New Years Eve.

In the aftermath of sleeping with Meggan, Jeff became conflicted. He enjoyed spending time with Meggan, but once Robbie and Paige learned that he slept with her, they called him disgusting. He tried to end it with Meggan but ended up in bed with her again. They agreed to go slow. Paige, meanwhile, moved in with Bob. Jeff visited her and encouraged her to get past Leah's death. Victoria, meanwhile, continued to hate how Robbie was treating Jeff. She suggested to Jeff that he sue Robbie for what is rightfully is in Leah's estate. Going against Meggan's advice, Jeff sued Robbie. In court, Paige was forced to take the stand, which upset her dearly. In the end, Jeff was awarded half of Leah's estate - including her house. Jeff was overjoyed while Robbie fumed. In the aftermath, Paige lashed out at Jeff and Robbie for making her take the stand. On the anniversary of Leah's death, Jeff shut Meggan out, who was upset by his decision. They soon reunited and made love again. Jeff told Paige that he was thinking of asking Meggan to marry him, but she told her father he would lose her forever if he did that. Jeff still shocked Meggan by proposing; she accepted. They didn't tell Paige the truth as they wanted to keep her from getting hurt.

Jeff started the year dealing with people's negative reactions to his engagement to Meggan. He tried to convince Robbie and Paige that he was doing the right thing, but they refused to listen to him. Still, Jeff moved ahead with his wedding plans with Meggan. Meggan, meanwhile, tried to convince Jeff and Robbie to end their feud as she could see how upset Paige was becoming as a result. Shortly after, Jeff and Robbie learned that Paige and Shane had sex the night at the cabin. Shocked, Jeff and Robbie confronted Shane, who admitted he couldn't remember the night because of how much drinking he had done. Robbie arrested Shane for statutory rape, as Jeff tried to comfort his daughter. Jeff, then, was distant with Meggan during the anniversary of Noah's death. She asked him if he wanted more space but Jeff admitted he needed her during the trial. At the trial, Jeff was horrified when Paige took the stand and admitted that she lied about having sex with Shane. He apologized to Shane for everything; Shane forgave them. Jeff and Robbie came together for Paige and made her realize what she had done was wrong. Jeff and Meggan moved forward, but after he was distant during the anniversary of Leah's death, Meggan dumped him telling him that she couldn't go back and forth anymore. He made it up to her and they reunited. Jeff and Meggan planned their wedding, and he was surprised when Frederick offered to use Meggan's childhood home in Santa Barbara as the venue. He asked Paige to come along, she agreed but made him know that she didn't support the marriage because she will never get over losing Leah. At Santa Barbara, Jeff was taken aback by how beautiful the winery was. Meggan and Jeff didn't realize that they were being watched by a mysterious figure. The following day, a horrible rain storm hit Santa Barbara. The double weddings between Jeff & Meggan and Vinny & Daisy went off without a hitch, however. After the ceremony, Jeff went upstairs to surprise Meggan when she saw something in the storm. Shortly after, Jeff went looking for his new wife and saw her talking to a woman that looked just like Leah! In the morning, Frederick revealed that he had been keeping Leah at the estate until her memory had come back. Jeff was devastated to learn that the last memory Leah had was marrying Robbie. Shane confirmed that Leah was actually Leah and that they all play along until her memory returned. Jeff and Leah shared a close moment when he revealed to her that Noah had died a few years earlier. He then admitted to Meggan that he didn't know where they stood now that Leah was back. Meggan was crushed. Jeff then confronted Frederick on the night he was shot and was later questioned by the police. Jeff was unnerved by how close Robbie and Leah had come and then witnessed them sharing a kiss on New Year's Eve. Meggan was devastated to learn that her marriage to Jeff was invalid now that Leah was back.

Jeff started the New Year being questioned in Frederick's murder case. He was soon removed from the suspect list, but he supported Paige, who was upset with the fact that she had to be questioned by the police. He also supported Meggan, who was upset with the loss of her father. He continued to tell her, however, that he didn't know where they stood because of Leah's memory loss. Shortly after, however, he supported her while Lukas was on trial for the murder of Frederick. He was floored when Lukas was found guilty. During the ice storm, Leah regained her memory as memories of Noah's death came flooding back to her. In the aftermath, Leah slapped Jeff for moving on with Meggan, the woman who killed Noah of all people. She revealed that she wanted a divorce as, while her memory came back, her feelings hadn't changed and she was still in love with Robbie. Jeff agreed to the divorce as he didn't want to stop Leah from being happy. Jeff told Meggan that they could be together once Leah got her memory back, which made her very happy. However, when he and Leah met with the Judge, they were told he wouldn't grant them their divorce as he believed Leah was presumed dead too quickly after they were married and he wanted them to give their marriage a try for at least 6 months. Meggan was upset at the idea. Leah and Jeff grew closer as they had some family time with Paige. Jeff, however, couldn't get Meggan out of his mind and they had sex. Afterwards, however, Jeff realized that he couldn't hurt Leah that way if he wanted to make his marriage work. He told Meggan, who wasn't surprised but felt like a fool for falling for him. Shortly after, Leah announced that she wanted to be with Jeff not Robbie. Jeff and Leah reunited and made love, just as Meggan learned that she was pregnant.

Jeff remained unaware that baby Logan was his child. Leah struggled with keeping the secret from her husband, especially after she saw Jeff with the child a couple of times. Still, she kept mum. Felicia picked up on her daughter's reactions but Leah told her to stay out of it. Jeff was also involved in the forming of the winter/ski line at Robertson Enterprises. When Paige started seeing Max, Jeff became concerned as Robin told him and Leah that she didn't trust Max. Jeff spoke to Paige about Max but Paige claimed that they were just friends. Robin then announced to Leah and Jeff that Max caused Adam's accident a few years ago at the boutique. Jeff and Leah told Paige that they would not support her dating Max as long as she lived under their roof. Paige stunned them by moving out as she and Max started dating. Jeff was put off when Robin confided to him and Leah that she believed Paige was dating Max, and it was a cause of concern for her. She didn't reveal anything else but after Jeff and Leah witnessed their daughter kiss Max, they grew concerned. They told Paige that they didn't want her seeing Max but she stood her ground with her parents. Robin finally then revealed that Max was involved with Adam's accident at the boutique; that is when Leah & Jeff told Paige that she couldn’t see Max. Paige refused claiming she was an adult and could make her own decisions. Jeff told Paige that she would follow his rules if she lived under his roof; Paige stunned her parents by moving out. Leah was worried that they were pushing Paige away but Jeff told her that they had to stand tall to teach Paige a life lesson. They then cut Paige off from her trust fund. Dominick agreed to give Paige money, which infuriated Leah and Jeff. They quit Robertson and lashed out at Dominick. Soon after, Max saved Cheresa's life from drowning and they saw him in a new light. They went to Paige and told her that they loved her and they reunited. Jeff and Leah then made amends with Dominick and went back to work at the company. Shortly after, Jeff walked in on Leah telling Felicia that she was keeping a secret. He demanded to know what it was; she finally confessed that Logan was really his son, not Brad's! Jeff was livid with his wife, and Meggan, for keeping this secret from him for over a year. Jeff confronted Meggan, who admitted the truth to him. After the launch of Gravity, Jeff had Meggan served with custody papers. He also told Leah he wanted a divorce; Paige learned the truth and was crushed by Leah's lies.

Jeff stood his ground with Leah when she tried to convince him to take her back and give their marriage another try. He refused claiming that she kept him away from Logan for too long and it was unforgivable. He then sued Meggan for full custody of Logan. Leah and Jeff did come together for a brief time while they tried to convince Paige not to date Jacob, to no avail. At the trial, Jeff was worried that he was going to lose Logan. After Leah testified, he threw divorce papers at her. Leah was crushed. Paige told her father that Leah was helping him and he shouldn't throw her away. After the trial, Meggan suggested to Jeff that they could be together again and raise Logan as they never got the chance too. Jeff told her he would think about it and then rushed off to find Leah; he found her in bed with Cory! The next day, he went to Meggan and they reunited! The judge was not happy but dismissed the case. Jeff and Meggan reunited. Shortly after, however, Meggan overheard Jeff admit to Leah that he went to find her. Meggan confronted Jeff and he admitted he went to Leah. Furious that he went to her second, Meggan threw Jeff out. Scorned, Jeff was upset that everyone was seemingly happy but himself. He told Natasha, Paige and Robin about Cory and Leah's affair, hoping to create chaos. Leah remained upset with Jeff since he revealed to everyone that she and Cory were having an affair. Jeff tried to convince Paige to get Leah to end her relationship with Cory but Paige refused to do his dirty work. Shortly after, Max approached Jeff and Shane and told them that he thought Cassie might try to hurt Paige and Jacob since they were eloping. They raced to Banff, Canada, where they saved Paige and Jacob from carbon monoxide poisoning. In the aftermath, Jeff and Leah agreed to support Paige’s relationship with Jacob. Jeff, meanwhile, kissed Meggan and they ended up making love. Lukas warned Jeff about hurting Meggan and he vowed he wouldn’t. He and Meggan ended up having dinner with Leah and Cory and Leah revealed she had a pregnancy scare, which left Jeff shook.


Jeff continued to be put off by the idea of Cory and Leah having a child together. Meggan was supportive at first as he claimed it was because he has been the only father of Leah's children up to this point. Eventually, however, Meggan believed that it was a sign that Jeff still cared for Leah and she ended their relationship. Jeff protested but Meggan insisted. Shortly after, Jeff learned that Leah and Cory were going away for the weekend; he suggested to Meg that they join so he could prove to her that he was over Leah. Meggan agreed and the foursome went to Santa Barbara to Meggan's winery. Once there, Leah started hearing a baby crying, which caused concern for Cory and Jeff. The trip was cut short as a result. Back in Twin Peaks, Meggan believed that Jeff's concern was still enough for Leah was proof that he still cared about her and she ended their romance again. Jeff ran into Madeline, who was back in town and the exes caught up. He suggested to Madeline that they pretend to date one another to make Meggan and Will jealous; Madeline agreed. Jeff and Paige were stunned to learn that Leah was being drugged by Frederick for years. After Leah agreed to stop taking the medication, Jeff suggested that she would remember why she is having the dreams of the baby crying. Soon after, Leah returned from a quick trip from Santa Barbara and stunned by Jeff by revealing that she remembered giving birth to a baby when she was there years ago. Jeff and Leah embraced by the fact that they had another child together. They wondered if they would ever find this child since Frederick was dead and he would be the only one who knew where the child's location. Together, they went to Meggan and asked her to try to find their child. She agreed but told them that it was a long shot. Leah was then dealt another blow when she learned that Frederick was her biological father and that he was alive and well! Jeff and Leah hoped that Frederick would come back to town so they could try to find their child. Jeff and Madeline, meanwhile, continued to pretend to date in hopes of making Meggan and Will jealous. While on a "date", Jeff kissed Madeline, which both Meggan and Will witnessed. Soon after, Jeff ran into Meggan and asked her if she was jealous at the sight of him kissing another woman but she told him no. Will and Madeline, meanwhile, started dating and Meggan realized that Madeline was never dating Jeff. She confronted Jeff over his games and he admitted he just wanted to get back together with her. She threw him out and told Will the truth. Jeff visited Meggan, however, and kissed her, which left Meggan reeling. On Christmas Day, Jeff showed up on Meggan's doorstep and they made love.

Jeff continued to support Leah as she felt like the world was crashing down around as Frederick was missing and they had no information on their long lost child. Jeff suggested that he, Cory, Meggan and Leah all head back to Santa Barbara to see if they could find any new information at the winery. They agreed to go after the Roboto gala. At the gala, Cory proposed to Leah but she said no, so they ended their relationship. Jeff supported his ex-wife during this. The three of them went back to Santa Barbara, where they found a secret passage at the winery. Inside, there was an old study of Frederick's and they found some boxes with files in it. They took them home. Jeff and Meggan learned via the files that Leah had a boy. Meggan became unnerved when Jeff and Leah shared a close moment. Meggan confronted Jeff about it but he told her that he and Leah are looking for their child. Jeff paid Frederick a visit and asked him to help locate his missing child with Leah as the child would be his grandson. Frederick agreed to think about it but Jeff didn't think that he got through to him, which upset Leah. Jeff and Meggan, meanwhile, grew closer and he bought her an engagement ring. She left for Mexico to try to help find Olly, leaving Jeff and Leah to comfort one another while they became depressed as they started to give up hope on finding their son. While together, Jeff admitted to Leah that he was thinking of asking Meggan to marry him. She pleaded with him not to because she still loved him. Jeff and Leah ended up making love! In the aftermath, they agreed that it was a mistake. When Meggan got home, Jeff asked her to marry him! Before she could respond, Leah called with news of Cory's death. Jeff went to comfort her, which Lukas saw. He told Meggan and she told Jeff that she wouldn't marry him. When Jeff told Leah, she wondered why they were always pulled back together and they ended up back in bed. They were then summoned to Dominick's house, where Will, Bryce and Victoria revealed that Eva was alive and well. Bryce, then, revealed that they stole some of Frederick's files and while reviewing them, they learned that his real name is Noah and that Jeff and Leah's long-lost son is Ethan! Leah fainted as she was floored that Noah could be alive and that Ethan is their child as he just married Paige! They all agreed to do DNA tests to see if this is true. On New Year's Eve, Tyler revealed to Leah that there was a fire at Raven's Meadow and they got word that no one survived, meaning Felicia and Frederick were presumed dead!

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