Representation: Jennifer Gareis
On Series Since: 2004 - 2014; 2017-Present
Full Name: Cassidy 'Cassie' Nova
Profession: Therapist
Martial Status: Broken Engagement, Jacob Calimo
Previous Relationships: Sex, Adam Black; Divorced, Shane Glubbs; Sex, Robbie Calimo
Family Ties: Son, Max Black



Cassie came to Twin Peaks and opened her restaurant ‘Capers’, which was a success. She flirted with Cory before she met Shane.

She instantly fell for Shane and she was thrilled when they started dating. She became increasing jealous of his relationship with Natasha. Worried that he would leave her, Cassie bought fertility drugs and seduced her man. She plotted to get pregnant in hopes of trapping Shane into a relationship!

Cassie's wicked plan worked; Cassie became pregnant with Shane's baby, just as he and Natasha had moved in together. After learning of the pregnancy, Natasha dumped Shane and encouraged him to do the right thing. Shane proposed to Cassie, which thrilled her. On the day of her wedding, Cassie wanted to ensure Natasha saw the wedding. She arranged for Natasha to walk as Cassie and Shane said "I do". Natasha was devastated; Cassie thrilled. As her pregnancy, progressed, Cassie began to experience cramping. Cassie discovered that Olivia and Preston were bank robbers and she blackmailed them into helping her with various deeds. She continued to use Olivia as her doctor, even though Olivia was a therapist. Cassie also grew to know Helen, while they were both pregnant. As Cassie's pregnancy continued, so did her cramping. She cramped badly at Olivia's office one night. Shane later found her distraught; she claimed her mother was ill and she was leaving town. When she returned, she had a baby girl with her! Cassie explained to Shane that there was no time to call him, their daughter was coming quickly. Cassie met with Olivia and they revealed that Cassie had in fact miscarried and Olivia had stolen Helen's baby and given it to Cassie. Helen and Adam were told their baby was dead. Olivia told Cassie they shouldn't be seen together anymore; Cassie agreed. Cassie had trouble keeping Dawn Marie from being fussy; Helen was able to calm the baby down. Shane and Cassie started to grow closer and they shared a few kisses. Shane however couldn't stop loving Natasha. Cassie realized that she would have to get rid of Natasha for good so she ripped the break cord from her car. Natasha was in a car accident with Trenyce, but wasn't seriously injured. The injury however pushed Natasha further out of Shane's life, pleasing Cassie.

Shane and Cassie started to grow closer, but he started to catch her in a few lies (like breast feeding the baby and the lie about her mother being dead). Shane wondered what was going on with his wife. To make matters worse, Olivia told Cassie she was having guilt pains about the baby switch. When Helen offered to get away with Cassie for the weekend, she jumped on it knowing that she could use the get away. She went to the cabin with Helen, who was having memories of the night her baby died. Cassie ordered Olivia to the cabin the so she could deal with her guilt head on. At the cabin. Olivia encouraged Helen to try to remember everything, leaving Cassie furious. Cassie threated Olivia, but Olivia didn't budge. Cassie pulled the break cord from Olivia's SUV and went home with Helen. Olivia and Preston were in an accident on the way back to Twin Peaks and died. When Shane told Cassie, she was secretly thrilled that her secret was safe. She seduced Shane and the two made love on their anniversary as Cassie believed she was in the clear. Robbie, meanwhile, realized the connection between the two accidents and wondered who was responsible. Adam saw a break cord in Cassie's car and thought it was odd. Cassie then learned that Helen was starting to remember the night her baby died and put a new plan into motion. She broke into Olivia's office and stole more memory lapsing drugs (unaware that Sofia had spotted her). She convinced Shane to renew their vows and asked Helen to be her maid of honour; Helen agreed unaware that Cassie had left her with the drugs again. Sofia, meanwhile was slowly putting together the pieces of Cassie's lies. During a blackout, Cassie worried that Shane was with Natasha. She was right; she found them in the wine cellar together. Determined to keep her husband, Cassie decided to try to get pregnant again. She started popping her fertility drugs again and seduced Shane. She also read an article regarding home made bombs and decided to kill Natasha after her marriage to Shane. On her wedding day, Sofia confronted Cassie with knowing the truth. She pleaded with Sofia to keep mum to no avail. A twist of fate occured when Sofia agreed to get something from Natasha's car for her. Once Sofia opened the door, the car when into flames. Cassie watched realizing that her secret was still safe.

Bob and Daisy made a press release indicating that the person responsible for Sofia's death would pay the price. Cassie freaked out and Shane noticed her odd behaviour. At Sofia's funeral, Helen and Adam continued to be drawn to Dawn Marie. Natasha, meanwhile, read her mother's diary which had listed all of Cassie's horrible deeds. She exposed Cassie, who fought tooth and nail before she finally admitted the truth. She begged Shane for another chance, but he refused. Adam and Helen were reunited with Dawn; Reese and Madeline lashed out for her killing Preston and Olivia; and Shane and Natasha attacked her for keeping them apart. Cassie was arrested. While heading to the police station, she grabbed control of the police car and drove it into the river. No body was found and Cassie was presumed dead.

In May, it was revealed that Cassie was alive and well! She had plastic surgery to make herself look like Helen. She is holding Helen hostage in the Black house basement and she shot Adam when he was close to learning the truth. She's using Casey as her assistant in her scheme. She made Casey claim he was the one who shot Adam to prevent her from going to the police station and getting finger printed; this would have exposed her scheme. She and Casey started to drug Adam to prevent him from remembering the night of the shooting. While Adam was in the hospital regaining the strength in his legs, Cassie started to grow closer to Shane again. She kissed him but he pulled back. He revealed the kiss to Natasha, who was livid. Helen was supposed to be Natasha's maid of honor in her wedding to Shane, so Natasha went to confront "Helen". Cassie toyed with her rival before knocking her out and putting her in the cage with Helen! Natasha was horrified to learn the truth. Cassie forced Natasha to write a letter to Shane claiming she couldn't handle Bob and Kim's marriage so she left town. Shane was devastated by the letter but always thought that something else was going on. Cassie continued to be there for Shane and even kissed him a few more times. He made it clear that he loved Natasha. Cassie, meanwhile, also told Adam that she wanted a divorce. He was upset but agreed. Casey, meanwhile, was starting to feel like the plan was slipping out of control. Cassie warned him not to cross her - Shane overheard. After Adam was released from the hospital, he learned that Casey isn't who he claimed to be either. He went to confront "Helen". To keep Adam from asking questions, Cassie seduced him. They had sex. In the aftermath, Shane arrived to confront "Helen" as well about her relationship with Casey. Cassie knocked both Adam and Shane out with her gun! Kim also arrived at the Black house desperate to get to the truth about Natasha's disapperance. She went into the basement and found a captive Helen and Natasha! Cassie arrived with the gun. The two women fought; both were shot. Helen and Natasha were saved and were reunited with their loved ones. Cassie survived her bullet and took verbal lashings from Shane, Natasha, Bob and Adam. Cassie then learned that she was pregnant! She vowed revenge on everyone in Twin Peaks.

Cassie continued to torment Natasha in the New Year. She lied to her rival by telling her that Shane fathered her unborn child. Natasha believed her and demanded answers from Shane, who told her that Cassie was playing her. Shane warned his ex not to play any more games. Adam demanded a paternity test; he was proved to the be the father of Cassie's unborn baby. Cassie rubbed it in Helen's face. Cassie was livid when she was served with custody papers, as Helen and Adam decided to sue her to take her baby away from her. Helen went to visit Cassie and Cassie went into labour. When Natasha arrived, Helen had been knocked out and Cassie had disappeared. There was a manhunt for Cassie, but no one could find her. In a undisclosed location, Cassie sat in a chair talking to a doctor, asking him to make her face look like a picture that she handed him.

Cassie returned to town as a therapist. The court ordered Shane, Dawn and Paige to therapy after Paige's statutory rape trial. Max also revealed to Adam that he is his son with Cassie. Cassie learned about Shane and Natasha's marital woes in therapy with Shane. Secretly happy that Natasha blew it while she was out of town, Cassie told Shane that leaving her was for the best. Shortly after, Shane filed for divorce. Natasha, however, confronted Cassie about being back in town. Cassie maintained that she had changed and wanted a fresh start but Natasha didn't believe her. Cassie also had therapy sessions with Dawn & Paige. Cassie, meanwhile, supported her son, Max as he searched for a job and developed a crush on a girl (she didn't know who it was). Cassie also faced blacklash from Adam and Helen, when they learned that she was back in town with Max. Cassie told them that she just wanted to move forward with her life. Cassie then found Frederick shot and was rattled. Shane comforted her and they grew closer. On New Year's Eve, Cassie was surprised when Shane kissed her.

Early in the year, Cassie gloated to Natasha that Shane had kissed her on New Year's Eve, which upset Natasha. Natasha soon confronted Shane and Cassie about their relationship, and they asked her to butt out as they were both adults. Natasha, however, refused to let it go as she was shocked that Shane was willing to give the woman whom tormented them another chance. Natasha confronted Cassie again; Cassie walked away from Natasha, who ended up slipping on some ice. At the hospital, Cory and Shane wondered if Cassie had something to do with Natasha's accident. When Natasha awoke, she cleared Cassie of any wrong doing. Cassie, meanwhile, support Max in his quest to get the girl he liked. She had no idea that it was Robin, but she encouraged her son to go after his girl by any means. Cassie also helped Dawn, who was struggling with a secret. Cassie encouraged her to come clean, and shortly after, Dawn came out as a lesbian. Shane, meanwhile, tried to make it up to Cassie that he believed she caused Natasha's accident. He invited her to dinner and she accepted. At the dinner, they noticed that Jacob wasn't breathing properly, so they rushed him to the hospital. There, they learned that Jacob had a lung infection and he would end up dying if he didn't receive a lung transplant. Natasha blamed Cassie for Jacob's condition but soon apologized as she realized that she was just scared that Jacob would die. Shortly after, the ice storm hit Twin Peaks. Cassie supported Shane while at the hospital but soon he and Natasha gave up hope and they decided to pull the plug on Jacob. Just as Craig was about to remove Jacob's life support, Kim and Tyler revealed that they would donate a brain-dead Blake's lungs to save Jacob. They rejoiced. Cassie, however, saw how close Shane and Natasha were growing and told Cory that this might reunite the exes. Jacob survived the transplant; Blake died saving Jacob's life. Natasha and Shane were thrilled and were told that Jacob should go to New York to a rehab center that specializes in children whom have had transplants. Shane and Natasha agreed to go; Cassie told Cory that this would be the time when they would reunite. Cory wondered why Cassie would tell him this. When Shane and Natasha returned home, Cassie realized that she didn't have feelings for Shane at all, but seeing how upset Natasha got at them being together, Cassie decided to have a relationship with Shane to stick it to Natasha, as she was tired of Natasha blaming her for everything in her life. Shortly after, however, Natasha clued into Cassie's plan and vowed to uncover the truth. Cassie, meanwhile, continued to support Max and Dawn through their dramas as well. Cassie returned to town on Christmas Day with surprise: she is engaged to Jacob! Cassie then reunited with Max.

Cassie and Shane continued to grow closer, despite Natasha saying that she was using him to get back at her. Cassie toyed with her rival and admitted it to Natasha, unaware she was taping it on her phone. At Shane's birthday party that Cassie threw for him, Natasha exposed her. Cassie lashed out at her and Shane before she left, having been dumped by Shane. She ended up at Wild Night and ran into Robbie. One thing led to another and they embarked on a steamy affair, despite Cassie telling him that Natasha would not be pleased. Soon, Natasha discovered the affair and attacked Cassie. Cassie told Robbie that they would never work and dumped him. Cassie told Max that she was going to New York for a while, but would be back. Cassie returned to town on Christmas Day with surprise: she is engaged to Jacob! Cassie then reunited with Max.

Cassie was warned by Natasha and Shane that they will not allow Jacob to marry her. Jacob, however, continued to tell his parents that he was in love with Cassie and that wouldn't change. Cassie was pleased that her fiancé was defending her and they grew closer. Cassie supported Jacob during Bob's death. Cassie was also reunited with Max, who was a little off put by the fact that Jacob is the same age as him. Cassie told him that she was in love with him and he made her happy. Cassie and Jacob continued to grow closer, despite all the reservations coming from his family. To try to get Cassie away from his son, Shane offered Cassie a payoff, but she refused claiming that she was in love with Jacob. After Natasha and Robbie's court case was lost, Jacob and Cassie's wedding day arrived. Cassie walked down the aisle and the ceremony began, but Shane and Natasha arrived and stopped the wedding. They told Jacob that they wanted to be there for him vs. missing his wedding. Cassie was thrilled as she knew that Jacob wanted his parents approval. Jacob stunned Cassie by revealing that he had been using her the entire time to get back at her for all of the horrible things she had put his family through over the years. Cassie was devastated and rushed out. Cassie was comforted by Max, who vowed revenge. Kim, later, hired Cassie at Roboto to give her a new direction. Cassie was pleased that she could secretly get under Natasha's skin. Cassie and Kim started working on a secret project and clashed with Natasha at work. Jacob tried to apologize to Cassie, but she told him to go to hell.

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