Representation: Matthew Fox
On Series Since: 2002- Present
Full Name: Adam Black
Profession: Teacher
Martial Status: Engaged, Robin Navy
Previous Relationships: Sex, Cassie Nova; Divorced, Natasha Calimo; Broken Engagement, Victoria Franky; Divorced, Helen Mills
Family Ties: Daughter, Dawn Marie; Son, Max Black



Adam is the high school sweet heart to Natasha, they married & divorced. He came to Twin Peaks to get back with Natasha, but soon realized she had moved on with Cory. Still, when Natasha was heavily drugged in the hospital, he slept with her. She found out and was devastated. She ended up driving her car off the bridge.

In his grief for Natasha, he slept with Victoria. He proposed, but she turned him down. Upset, he got drunk and had a one night encounter with Helen Mills. Victoria discovered the affair and tried to kill Helen. The accident left Helen with no memory of her past.

Adam stuck by her and they became engaged.

Meanwhile, Andy discovered that Victoria had multiple personalities and told Adam. It was tough to prove, and a furious Victoria, rather her alter ego, tried to kill Adam and Helen in a fire while trying to get revenge on them. They survived and decided to move their focus to trying to help Helen remember her past. Helen started having memories of driving away in a car from a bank with Olivia Wilkins next to her. Adam was thrilled when Helen discovered she was pregnant. He married her on New Years Eve.

Olivia, however, was determined to keep her past as a bank robber a secret. With the help of her husband Preston, Olivia began drugging Helen to keep her from having more memories. Adam became increasing frustrated with Helen's memory loss and her friendship with Olivia, whom he didn't trust. Helen went to the Calimo cabin one weekend with Olivia. There, Olivia induced Helen's labour and made a mysterious phone call. Later, she told Adam and Helen that their child had died at the cabin. Adam was devastated and blamed Helen for the child's death. They grew so far apart that Helen moved out of their house. Adam decided to investigate his daughters' death, but was having difficulty after learning that Helen had a normal pregnancy. On Christmas 2010, Adam and Helen reconnected unaware that their child was alive and with Cassie.

Adam's investigation into the baby's death came up short when everything seemed to pan out. Helen grew increasing frustrated with Adam blaming her for the death and she moved out of their house together. She decided to go away with Cassie for the weekend to the cabin. Finding it was too painful with memories of the baby, she came home and leaned on Adam. They grew closer, especially during Preston and Olivia's tragic accident that killed them. Because Olivia was drugging Helen and Olivia was now dead, Helen soon began having more and more memories of the night her baby died. Adam rushed Helen to the hospital after she fainted. Together they learned that Olivia had been drugging her. Adam hired Madeline to uncover the truth about Helen's past. They learned her connection to the Wilkins bank robbing days. Helen still believed more was to be uncovered and together she and Adam worked to try to uncover the secrets from the night their baby died.

In the aftermath of Sofia's, Helen found herself having a harder time remembering the night the baby died which upset Adam. He started to find himself attracted to one of his students Mallory. On the day of Sofia's funeral, Cassie was finally exposed and Adam and Helen were reunited with Dawn Marie! Adam lashed out at Cassie for her lies and she was later presumed dead. Adam was upset when his reunion with his wife didn't include sex with her as Helen became obsessed with keeping Dawn safe. She even bought a gun, which upset Adam. Helen shutting Adam out meant he was turning to Mallory more and more. They almost had sex but he stopped himself from cheating. Mallory, however, kidnapped Dawn in hopes of getting Adam's attention. Adam and Helen worried but Mallory soon revealed that she had the child. In her childhood tree house, Mallory told Adam that they could have a chance at being together unaware Helen was listening on the police radio. Mallory fell to her death and the Black's were reunited with Dawn but Helen had overheard Adam's near affair with the student. Adam gave Helen another ring in hopes of trying to put their marriage back on track; she accepted. Meanwhile, Helen started to hear odd noises coming from the basement. Adam told her they lived in an old house and it was nothing. Helen, however, continued to be worried for Dawn's safety. At home alone, Helen believed she heard someone trying to break into the house. It was Adam, but Helen shot him! He was left without feeling in his legs. Helen lied to Adam that she didn't shoot him - it was her brother Casey! Casey arrived in town after Adam's shooting to support Helen. Adam couldn't remember the shooting and tried to remember the night that changed his life forever. He continued to wonder what was going on with Helen as she seemingly changed.

Adam continued to rehab his legs from the shooting. He also continued to have memories of the night of the shooting and he clearly remembers Helen shooting him. Helen, worried that her secret was coming out, started to drug her husband. Sure enough, Adam's memories became more hazy about the night of the shooting and he listened to Helen's claim that it was Casey who shot him. He confronted Casey, who backed up Helen's story. Adam confided in Shane that he thought his wife was acting odd and Shane agreed with him. It was revealed, in secret, that Helen wasn't really Helen - she is an alive Cassie, who had plastic surgery to make herself look like Helen! The real Helen is locked in the basement of the Black house. Cassie planned this because she wanted to reunite with Shane and Dawn; the night of the shooting Adam came home just as Cassie took Helen's place and this is why she shot him. Casey is the man that saved Cassie from the river when she was presumed dead; they had to make him say he was the one who shot Adam because Cassie was worried about her finger prints being run if she was arrested for the shooting. As Cassie continued to pose as Helen, she also continued to drug Adam to ensure he didn't remember the truth about the shooting. While his memory of the shooting became less and less clear, he took more progress in being able to walk again. Cassie, meanwhile, continued to grow closer to Shane. She told Adam that she wanted a divorce; he was upset but agreed not to protest. Adam was released from the hospital. He immediately went to Madeline and asked her to investigate Casey, as he didn't believe that Casey was the man he claimed he was. Madeline confirmed that Casey was a con. He went to confront "Helen"; Cassie seduced him to keep him from asking questions. At the same time, Shane arrived at the house wanting to talk to Helen. He realized that the couple just had sex. Cassie felt the walls closing in on her, so she knocked both of them out. Kim, meanwhile, also arrived at the house and went into the basement, finding a captive Natasha and Helen! Cassie emerged and confronted Kim. They fought, the gun went off twice leaving both women shot! Adam and Helen were soon reunited. Adam confronted Cassie in the hospital, who learned that she was pregnant!

Adam and Helen reconnected in the New Year after dealing with the craziness of Cassie. Adam, however, was worried that he could be the father of Cassie's baby. Shane told his friend to tell Helen the truth; Helen was devastated to learn that Adam could be the father of Cassie's baby. Helen demanded that they get a paternity test done. Cassie, meanwhile, continued to taunt Helen, Natasha, Shane and Adam. The paternity test results came back: Adam is the father of Cassie's baby. Helen slapped her husband. Soon after, however, Helen came around and told her husband that she would help him get custody of the baby from Cassie. Adam thanked her and the two seemingly started to grow closer again. Helen went and visited Cassie; Cassie went into labour. Natasha found Helen knocked out on the floor and Cassie missing! Natasha feared that Cassie had replaced Helen again, so Helen had a DNA test to prove she was herself. Adam vowed to find his child with a missing Cassie.

Helen confessed to Adam that she wondered if she had a family out there. He supported his wife's decision to look for her family. Together, they hired Madeline to look into Helen's past. Meanwhile, Adam and Helen decided to send Dawn to Europe when Shane put out a 30 day notice to Cassie: respond to his letter or their marriage would be terminated as they were scared Cassie would come back and try to take Dawn again. Soon, Madeline came to Adam and Helen and revealed that she found Helen's parents! While Helen went to visit Reg and Barb, Adam worried about how things went. Helen admitted to Adam that Reg was verbally abusive to Barb, but things went well. Adam was then thrilled when a teenaged Dawn came home. Dawn was thrilled to learn that Helen had found her parents. On a trip to visit Reg and Barb, Reg made it clear to everyone that he didn't like Adam, which caused tension between Adam and Helen. Adam left the visit early and leaned on Natasha. The two shared a kiss but agreed it was a mistake. Adam supported Natasha when she gave birth prematurely. Helen went back to visit her parents and Reg suffered a stroke! Reg was moved to Twin Peaks. On the night of the hospital gala, Shane and Natasha had a fight as did Adam and Helen. Adam and Natasha found each other and ended up having sex, unaware that Dawn saw them! In the aftermath, Adam and Natasha agreed it was a mistake and they decided to not tell anyone. Dawn, however, kept the secret but started to make catty remarks to Adam and Natasha.

In the New Year, Adam was thrilled when Helen seemingly realized that Reg was verbally absuive to Adam. Reg then suffered another stroke and lashed out at everyone, including Barbara. Adam tried to calm Reg down, but Reg called him worthless and passed away, leaving Helen crushed. As Adam was with Reg when he died, Helen blamed him for his death. The couple felt even more strain when it turned out that Reg had some hidden debts and Helen agreed to pay them for Barbara. Meanwhile, Dawn pushed Natasha down the stairs after she admitted to knowing about Natasha's affair with Adam. Adam visited Natasha in the hospital and she revealed that she miscarried their baby. They shared a close moment. Shane, later, approached Adam and told him that something was going on with Natasha. He tried to tell Natasha that Shane was worried but Barbara overheard their conversation. Adam, meanwhile was trying to make up his mistakes to Helen. The night of the summer storm, Barbara admitted to Helen that she knows about Adam sleeping with Natasha! Helen confronted her husband and his lover; Adam admitted the truth. Helen slapped both of them. In the wake of the news, Helen asked Adam to move out. He did so, trying to give his wife some space. Soon, the parents realized that Dawn had run away. They were relived when she was found at the Calimo Mansion. Adam continued to try to get back into Helen's good graces but she continued to shut him out.

Adam and Helen were thrilled when Dawn reached out to them at Andy's gala for Reese. It was short lived, however, when Adam learned that Barbara was pressuring Helen to file for divorce. He confronted his mother in law, but Helen told him to back off. Adam became more unnerved when he saw Chris and Helen growing closer. Dawn told her father that he did some bad things but he wants their family to be together. Soon after, Adam was served with divorce papers, however. He confronted Helen, who told him that she wanted to move on. He asked her if she wanted to move on with Chris, but Helen kept mum. Chris, however, saw them in a heated kiss and confronted Chris and warned him about hurting Helen. Soon, Helen and Adam signed their divorce papers, ending their long marriage. Dawn was upset with them. Adam, also, started hanging out with Robin as they bonded as they were both going through a divorce, as she left Cory. Later, Adam was moving out of his house when Max arrived. Adam was taken aback when Max questioned him about not recognizing the young man. Max then laid a shocker on Adam: he is Adam's son with Cassie Nova! Adam was shocked by Max's reveal that he is his son with Cassie. Max pushes Adam away for abandoning him. Adam then revealed to Helen that he has a son with Cassie, who is in town. Dawn was shocked to learn that her friend is really her half-brother. Adam was upset when Dawn rushed out. Adam tried to get to know Max, but he pushed him away. Adam then confronted Cassie about keeping Max from him. Cassie told him that she is a changed woman and wants to move forward; she offered to talk to Max about having a relationship with him. Shortly after, Max revealed to Adam that he wanted to do something with his life. Adam told him to follow his dreams. Meanwhile, Adam and Robin continued to grow closer as Adam and Helen's divorce was final and Robin ended things, for good, with Cory. Soon after, Max told Adam that he had a job interview. Adam wished him luck. Robin then surprised Adam by announcing she had hired Max as a photographer at Robertson Enterprises! Adam was proud of his son, unaware, that Max had developed a crush on Robin, as Adam and Robin grew closer. Helen then revealed to Adam that Dawn had runaway again, after learning about Helen's affair with Chris. Adam blamed Helen and wondered where his daughter was.

Adam continued to support Max's career development at Robertson Enterprises, unaware his son was habouring feelings for Robin. Adam, meanwhile, continued to grow closer with Robin. Adam also supported Helen when Chris was arrested for Frederick's murder. Adam and Helen continued to reach out to Dawn, who was more receptive of coming around to her parents. Adam and Robin were about to make love when the ice storm hit. Robin learned of her family's medical crisis, so he drove her to the hospital. He supported Robin during the crisis. Later, Adam congratulated Robin and Max on the relaunch of the facial cream. Max was miffed when Robin chose to celebrate with Adam over him. Adam was then stunned when Dawn revealed she was a lesbian, but Robin supported him. Adam knew he had to support his daughter and was shocked by Barbara, who didn't approve, when she suggested they send Dawn to a bible camp. Adam and Helen agreed to send Dawn away to the bible camp, but Adam immediately told Robin that he was regretting his decision. She told him that Dawn will be fine and that he needs to support her when she is back. They grew closer, which upset Max. Max and Robin grew closer while working together on the Christmas ad-campaign for Robertson Enterprises. Adam, meanwhile, told Helen that he was going to ask Robin to marry him. She supported him. Max overheard Adam making plans and vowed to stop it. After the photoshoot, Robin left to meet Adam. Max had Robin's phone and texted Adam to meet her at the boutique instead. Once Adam arrived, Max rigged it so some scaffolding fell on to him! More material fell on Adam than Max had wanted and he was worried he seriously injured his father. Max rushed out. Leah and Jeff found Adam and he was rushed to the hospital, as he had internal bleeding from the injuries. Adam survived surgery and woke up. While he was going to make a full recovery, Craig did tell him that he was left impotent as a result of the accident. At the same time, Adam learned that Dawn was raped at the bible camp. He tried to support his daughter, but she ended up lashing out at her parents for sending her away. Adam then dumped Robin because he couldn't be a man for her anymore, but used Dawn as his cover. Robin was confused and upset. She pleaded with Adam but he refused. Adam and Helen continued to try to be there for Dawn. Shortly after, Adam was shocked to learn that Barbara killed Jonah, Dawn's rapist. He and Helen grew closer while trying to keep their family together. Adam finally revealed to Helen why he dumped Robin, and she encouraged him to tell Robin the truth. Adam and Max, meanwhile had a heart to heart and Adam told Max that he ended things with Robin, making Max think he could have a chance with her after all.

Adam continued to push Robin away because of his impotence. He grew closer to Helen as they learned that Dawn was pregnant by the rape and they supported her decision to give the baby up for adoption. Barbara, then was released from jail, as Simona could prove that Dawn was raped by Jonah due to her medical files. Barbara was sentenced to community service. Adam and Helen kissed and ended up having sex, which proved that he was over his impotence. In the wake, Helen thought that they would get back together but Adam told her that he still loved Robin, which Helen understood. Adam and Helen were then horrified when Barbara shot Dawn because she thought Dawn was going to give her unborn child to Natasha and Cory. At the hospital, they learned that while Dawn would make a full recovery, the baby was dead. Robin was unnerved to see how close Adam and Helen were, but when she was alone with Adam, she told him the truth about Max's role in the accident from last fall. Adam and Robin confronted Max, who admitted it. Adam disowned his son and Robin fired him. Later, Adam and Helen told a tearful Dawn that she lost the baby but they were happy when she agreed to move home instead of back with Shelley. As Helen longed for Adam, he seemingly reunited with Robin. Adam asked Helen to keep their night of passion a secret from Robin, which Helen agreed to do, even though she had hoped that it meant that she and Adam would reunite. Adam told her that they will always have a special moment, but he was in love with Robin. He and Robin reunited, and they made love. Soon after, Adam proposed to Robin, who happily accepted. In the wake of the Gen Next House, Adam and Max agreed to put their past behind them. Robin remained skeptical of Max, however. Adam then surprised Robin with an engagement party. Helen arrived and got drunk because she was so upset by the news of Adam's pending marriage. She left soon and got into a car accident. Adam and Dawn were horrified when Brandy, Victoria's alter ego, pronounced Helen dead. Adam and Dawn had no idea that Brandy drugged Helen to make her appear dead, but she was really buried alive. Brandy wanted to get back at her for sending Dawn to the bible camp the previous year. Adam and Dawn were dealt another devastating blow when Barbara died in Raven's Meadow, thanks for Brandy giving her electroshock therapy.

Adam supported Dawn, who was devastated by the passing of both Barbara and Helen. Robin, meanwhile, pressed Adam to get married sooner rather than later, claiming that some happiness would do the family good. He finally agreed and he asked Max to stand up for him. Shane interrupted the wedding with his theory that Brandy, Victoria's alter ego, had buried Helen alive! Adam, Shane and Max dug up Helen's grave and found her barely alive. Dawn and Adam rejoiced, which left Robin feeling like the odd woman out. Adam was able to take Helen home, where she wanted to press charges against Victoria. After a passionate plea from Eva, Helen agreed not to press charges but she told Adam that she still loved him and wanted him back. He had to tell his ex-wife that he was still in love with Robin and that his future was with her. He wasn’t happy with Robin, however, when she told Leah and Jeff the truth about Max's involvement in his accident at the boutique a few years earlier. Adam was worried about Max after Robin told him that she was going to tell Leah & Jeff about Max's role in the accident at the boutique a few years earlier because Max had started dating Paige. Robin assured him that she would make them promise to not say anything. Adam, meanwhile, continued to grow closer to Helen as they worried about Dawn's behavior. Shelley got involved as well and the three of them realized that Dawn was self-medicating with her anti-depressant pills. Soon after, Dawn was found asleep on a bench on the pier while Cheresa slipped and fell into the river. Adam and Helen were horrified when Dawn had to have her stomach pumped. When she woke up, she agreed to help for her pill addiction. Robin suggested to Adam that they get married to bring so joy to the family, but he refused telling her that Dawn had to be his top priority. Robin was upset but they made up. On New Year's, Helen revealed to Robin that she cured Adam when he was impotent.

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