Representation: Vail Bloom
On Series Since: 2002 - Present
Full Name: Kimberly 'Kim' Reeves
Profession: Executive at Roboto
Martial Status: Widow, Bob Calimo
Previous Relationships: Sex, Tyler Ex-Boyfriend, Jeff Claus; Sex with, Ryan McQuillan
Family Ties: Adopted brother, Andy Spinnes; Son, Blake


Kim is best friend's with Natasha. Kim was stalked, raped and held hostage by former classmate Jackson. He was arrested. Kim visited him in jail and learned about his abusive past.

Kim felt bad for Jackson and realized that he would not get the help he needed in jail. She made him a deal: leave town and get therapy and she would drop the charges. Jackson agreed.

While he was away, Kim started dating Jeff. She let Jeff and his son Noah move with her. Soon after at work, she met Andy Spinnes and noticed a large bruise on his head. Concerned for the young man's safety, she took him in under her wing. They bonded and she made plans to adopt him as her brother. Jackson returned to Twin Peaks claiming to be a changed man. She refused to believe him. Meanwhile, Noah was hit by a car and died.

Kim tried to support Jeff, but he pushed her away and was leaning onLeah instead. Kim was devastated. She finally saw Jackson in a new light, but then she found his lifeless body strangled. She was devastated when Jackson died. She felt alone in her mourning as no one understood her relationship with him; and Jeff was busy mourning his loss with Leah. As Jeff continued to lean on Leah, Kim felt isolated from him. She formed a friendship with Will Coutts, who was friends with Jackson as well.

Kim was horrified to see Jeff rallying to have Meggan receive the death sentence for killing Noah. After the trial, Leah became ill. During the time, Kim realized that Jeff was still in love with Leah. She dumped him and told him she wouldn't settle for second best. She leaned on her friends during this hard time. She soon discovered that Jackson's brother, Ryan, was in town. They hit it off and soon hit the sheets, unaware that he was dealing drugs in Twin Peaks.

After Andy got a promotion at the Sun, they started working together to do a story on drugs in Twin Peaks. Andy showed her video footage of a man selling drugs; Kim thought it was Ryan (she was right). She confronted Ryan, and he blasted her for not trusting him. He walked out on, leaving Kim wondering if she was right or wrong. Kim was later devastated when Natasha revealed that she was dating Ryan! Kim told her friend off, crushed by her betrayal unaware that Ryan was suppling a hurting Natasha with drugs. Soon, she teamed up with Will to bust Ryan on drug use. She dressed as a hooker and called Ryan for drugs. He came and just as he was about to give Kim the drugs, the police arrived and arrested him. She gloated to him that she finally got revenge on him and Jackson for all the hell they caused her. Kim also forgave Natasha and the two women reunited after Natasha got clean.

Kim continued to support Andy with his relationship with JC and was shoulder for Will to lean on during some rough times with Eva. In the wake of Sofia's death, she started to visit Bob more often and found herself becoming his confidant. They soon shared a kiss, which threw them both for a loop. A few days later, they talked about the kiss and ended up making love. Kim was worried about how Natasha would feel about her sleeping with her father, but Bob told her that his children would want him to be happy. Bob, meanwhile was wrapped up in work as he and Dominick started to compete. Dominick spotted Bob and Kim kissing. At his launch, Dominick revealed to everyone that Bob and Kim had become lovers; Natasha slapped Kim for her betrayal. Bob continued to tell Kim that this children would come around. Kim couldn't deny that she liked being with Bob and all the perks that came with being on his arm. They soon became engaged, which made Natasha and Robbie even more upset.

Bob tried to comfort Kim when neither Robbie or Natasha was thrilled with her engagement to Bob. She tried to believe her husband and even asked Natasha to be maid of honour. Natasha laughed at Kim and told her to go to hell. Devastated, Kim suggested to Bob that they elope. He agreed. The two were married in Las Vegas! Upon returning home, Kim told Andy that she felt like she was alone in her happiness. When Natasha went missing, Kim thought that Natasha was trying to end her marriage to Bob. To prove that Natasha was setting it all up, Kim decided to help with the investigation to find her former best friend. Nothing turned up to find Natasha. Kim finally decided that she and Shane could work together to find Natasha. She tracked Shane down at the Black house and went over there. When Kim arrived, she went into the basement and was horrified to find a captive Natasha and Helen! Cassie emerged with a gun and fought with Kim; the gun went off twice and both women were shot! Kim was rushed to the hospital where she barely survived surgery. Bob, Andy and Natasha stayed by herside. On Christmas Day, Kim awoke to the surprise of her family.

Kim recovered from her gun shot wound and went home to the Calimo mansion. She saw Jeff and Leah buying engagement rings and quickly told Bob and Robbie. Bob, meanwhile, started to focus on Roboto and trying to get the advantage away from Dominick. Kim began feeling alone from Bob's busy work schedule and dealing with Robbie's custody battle with Leah. Kim soon found herself attracted to the pool boy at the Calimo mansion. They ended up having hot sex with each other. She and Johnny continued their hot affair, despite her wanting to make her marriage work. Kim was put off when Bob announced that he was heading to Switzerland to uncover Dominick's secret; she was stunned when he brought back an alive Felicia Robertson, Dominick's presumed dead wife and Leah's mother. Kim was also taken aback when her husband had a mysterious medical appointment. Kim finally realized that she had to end her affair but she had confessed to Andy that she cheated on Bob. Andy soon put the pieces together that Kim slept with Johnny.

Early in the year, Kim discovered that she was pregnant. She had no idea who the father was, however: Bob or Johnny. She told Andy about the baby and he encouraged her to tell Bob the truth. She had an ultra sound and took the picture home; Bob soon discovered the picture and realized that his wife was pregnant, but also that he couldn't be the father of the baby as he had a vasectomy in secret the year before. He had his wife followed, unaware that she was still struggling to stay away from Johnny and not kiss him. Following Leah's death in Lake Tahoe, Kim wondered about Bob's reaction. She was horrified to learn his connection to Leah's death. They arrived at Bob's office to have a discussion about it and they caught Johnny snooping around. They questioned the young man; Dominick then entered and announced that Johnny is really his long lost son Tyler! Kim was shocked by his betrayal but still couldn't stay away from him. Bob, meanwhile, learned of her affair with Tyler and fumed. He planned a romantic evening for his wife but invited Tyler and Kim over. When they arrived, Bob showed up and shocked them by announcing their affair. He threw Kim out. Kim went into labour shortly afterwards. She gave birth to a son, but was clearly still torn between Bob and Tyler.

Kim tried to make amends with Bob in the new year following her affair with Tyler; he refused to forgive her. Tyler, meanwhile, continued to try to pursue Kim. Bob and Kim were thrown together in supportive roles after Natasha fell down the stairs & Andy had some medical crisis due to his drinking. Slowly, they bonded together. Kim then threw Bob a surprise birthday party and he overheard her defend their marriage to Tyler. Thrilled with his wife, Bob agreed to take her back on one condition: she had to give up baby Blake. Kim admitted to Andy that she was torn about a decision. Tyler, despite Kim saying they couldn't be together, kissed her and Dominick snapped a picture of it. Kim then told Bob that she would never give up her son and that they were over. Tyler took the chance to move in and the two grew closer as they spent time with Blake. Kim, Trenyce, Donovan and Savannah all agreed to have an intervention with Andy. Due to the summer storm, Kim, Trenyce and Donovan couldn't head to the Calimo cabin. In the morning, they arrived and found Savannah dead in the bathtub, as she was electrocuted, and Andy was passed out from drinking so much. They took Andy to the hospital, where Kim had to reveal that Savannah was dead. Andy finally admitted he had a drinking problem. Kim was happy when he agreed to go to therapy. She then learned that the night of the storm, Bob suffered a stroke. Kim rushed to his side, unaware that Tyler was about to propose to her. Kim learned that Bob didn't have his memory for the last few years and she should play along to ensure he recovers. Kim agreed, to Tyler's dismay. While helping Bob, Kim grew closer to her husband and they shared a kiss at Christmas time.

Kim continued to act as Bob's loving wife as he was still suffering from memory loss from his heart attack the previous year. To Tyler's dismay, Kim continued to grow closer to Bob as he was back to the loving man that she fell in love with. Kim was over joyed when Bob offered her a job at Roboto; she accepted and quickly told her husband that she wanted the company to release a facial cream, since it was a product that was missing from their lineup. Bob was thrilled with the idea and put Kim in charge of the cream. Bob then allowed Andy to use the mansion as a venue for his gala in honor of Reese. At the gala, Kim told Tyler that she was happy with Bob, which left him feeling like their relationship was over. Kim was horrified, however, when Bob collapsed after having a heated conversation with Dominick. At the hospital, Kim learned that Bob suffered a mild stroke. She was unaware, however, that Bob's memory had returned. Kim continued to be relatively cold to Tyler, despite him trying to make their relationship work. Soon, Tyler caught on that Bob's memory had come back. Kim told Tyler to leave, making him believe that their relationship was over. Kim demanded the truth from Bob, who told her that he lied because he wanted their marriage to work. Kim was crushed and went to find Tyler to reunite with him, but instead, caught him in bed with Trenyce. Kim went back to Bob and told him that she forgave him and that their marriage could work. He was thrilled but told her that he would have to leave town to attend a rehab facility to get back to being 100%. She understood and told him that she would work on the facial cream while he was away. He told his wife that she could have a "free pass" with another man while he was away since he didn't want her to cheat on him again. Kim focused on the cream as Bob left town. Robbie, however, leaned on Kim during the trial for Shane. Soon, Robbie was kissing his step mother. Kim told Robbie that Bob gave her a free pass while he was away; Robbie took advantage and the two had sex. Bob returned and caught his wife and son in bed! He lashed out at them for their betrayal. Robbie then revealed that he used Kim to get back at Bob for his role in Leah's death. Kim was horrified and slapped Robbie and was devastated that Bob was upset with her. Not thinking clearly, Kim left the mansion and went to Roboto, where she sent Tyler Roboto's formula to make their facial cream, since she knew that she had perfected her formula, but Robertson Enterprises had not. She then learned that Bob and Victoria were in a minor car accident, so she raced to the hospital. Kim agreed to forgive Robbie for him using her to get back at Bob, because she knew that she was keeping the secret of sending Tyler the facial cream formula. Kim then went to Bob and the two reunited after Bob told her that they can't have any more secrets. Bob was then floored to learn that Robertson was releasing a facial cream way ahead of Bob's and Roboto's. Bob then realized that someone leaked the formula to Robertson and he vowed revenge, causing major stress for Kim. Bob had an internal lock down at Roboto to uncover the spy but it didn't reveal who it was. Kim asked Bob what he will do to the spy and he vowed to make them pay. Kim met with Tyler and asked him what he wanted for his silence. He shocked her by saying he wanted one more night of sex with her. Kim refused but showed up to his place on New Year's Eve; they had sex.

Kim was left reeling following her night of sex with Tyler on New Year's Eve. She hid the truth from Bob, even though he suspected a change in his wife. She was still worried that he would learn she was the one who leaked the information to Tyler/Robertson Enterprises about the facial cream formula. Tyler, meanwhile, hoped that the night of passion would mean Kim would come back to him. The opposite happened: Kim demanded that they were over for good this time because she loved her husband. She told him that she slept with him, but now he was to forget that she gave him the formula. Tyler was rattled. He then told Kim that he taped them having sex on NYE. Kim was floored that he did that. He told her to come back to him, or else he would show Bob the tape. Kim was horrified and refused. The ice storm hit, and Bob was at the hospital supporting Natasha as Jacob developed a lung infection that required him to have a transplant or he would die. Kim arrived at the hospital, with Blake, and cornered Bob. She tearfully admitted that she was the one who gave Tyler the formula to the facial cream. Bob was horrified and demanded to know why she was revealing it to him now. She confessed Tyler blackmailed her into sex on NYE and he was going to show Bob the tape of them having sex if she didn't leave Bob for Tyler. Bob was livid and demanded a divorce. Bob rushed off, needing to support Natasha. Kim was left reeling. She decided to leave the hospital to get away from the chaos, despite the ice storm raging on outside. While driving, a Robertson Enterprises semi-truck t-boned Kim's car and pushed her into Jemma, who was standing outside the Pampa Grill. Daisy and Vinny witnessed the accident and called for help. The driver of the truck died, Jemma fell into a coma, Kim needed shoulder surgery and Blake went brain dead as a result of the accident. At the hospital, Kim was horrified to learn Blake's prognosis. She refused to believe that her son would never come back to her. Tyler tried to support her, but she blamed him for everything. Kim slept with Blake, hoping he would wake up. Andy then saw Natasha and Shane dealing with Jacob and realized that Kim could make this situation right. He suggested that she donate Blake's lungs to Jacob. Kim refused, but after talking to Tyler, she agreed. Tyler and Kim announced their decision, just as Shane and Natasha were about to remove Jacob from life support. Natasha thanked her friend. Kim remained devastated. Bob offered support to her, but she lashed out at him as well. The transplant was a success: Blake donated his lungs to Jacob. Kim and Tyler said goodbye to Blake in the morgue. Andy then found Kim drinking and warned her not to do what he did when Reese died. Bob comforted Kim when she felt alone. Later, at Blake's memorial service, Kim was served with divorce papers from Bob. She was shocked. Kim was horrified to learn about Dominick's role in Blake's death. She slapped him and vowed to get revenge on him. Meanwhile, Kim signed her divorce papers and her marriage to Bob ended. Bob, however, refused to let Kim grief Blake alone and suggested that she continue to live in the mansion. She agreed even though Andy didn't think it was the best idea. Kim and Tyler met and wondered how they could get revenge on Dominick. Kim suggested that Tyler, who had quit Robertson Enterprises, work at Roboto; he agreed to think about it. The day of Cory and Natasha's wedding, Kim was looking into the fire place when she realized how she could get revenge on Dominick. She went to the boutique, when she thought no one was there, and torched it. While the fire burned, Felicia was unconscious in the building. Kim returned home and Bob immediately realized that she was the one who set the fire. She admitted it to him. He was so proud of her that he kissed her and they ended up in bed. Bob vowed to protect Kim and then overheard Dominick reveal that Felicia was off her medication so she is suspected in starting the fire. Bob told Kim that they had to find a way to make Felicia think she started the fire. Kim suggested that they brainwash her, the same way that Frederick did. Bob thought it was brilliant. Then, Andy learned that Kim had reunited with Bob and warned her not to get hurt again. Kim and Tyler shared a close moment on Christmas while they remembered Blake, as Bob put the brainwashing device in Felicia's hospital room.

The year started with Bob and Kim desperate to make Felicia believe she started the fire at the boutique. Bob placed a device in Felicia's hospital room and told her that she started the fire; when Felicia awoke, she claimed she did start the fire, much to the joy of Bob and Kim. Felicia was sent to Raven's Meadow and Bob proposed to Kim, which upset Andy as he didn't want his sister to be hurt again Kim and Bob did, however, remarry, unaware that Tyler had overheard them talking about the device that they used to brainwash Felicia. Once Felicia was at Raven's Meadow, Kim befriended - and flirted - with Greg to information about Felicia to ensure she was sticking to her confession. Kim, meanwhile, hired Tyler at Roboto and he came up with the idea of the Gen Next House; Bob was skeptical at first of Tyler working there but agreed to keep him on after he liked his idea. Soon, the Gen Next House campaign launched. Kim, Tyler and Bob released the Gen Next House, where Abby, Andrew, Max, Paige & Cheresa went into as guests for the summer. They were thrilled that the Gen Next line was a huge success, despite Andrew's near death experience at the Summer Send-Off Dance. Tyler, meanwhile, found the device that Bob used to brainwash Felicia. Kim lied to him and claimed it was a family heirloom, but Tyler didn't believe her. To keep Tyler busy with other things, Kim ordered Bob to leak the picture she took of Tyler and Daisy kissing. He did and Daisy lost the election as a result. Kim, meanwhile, continued to flirt with Greg in hopes of getting information about Felicia. When he didn't reveal anything to her, she read Felicia's file and then suggested that Greg perform electroshock therapy on Felicia. He was impressed by her knowledge and they shared a kiss. Bob spotted them kissing and threw his wife out. Kim pleaded with Bob to give her another chance as she was only using Greg to get information about Felicia. Robbie and Natasha spotted them fighting and worried that Kim was going to hurt Bob again. Bob did forgive Kim and they realized they had to stop Tyler from listening to the device, however they were too late. Tyler confronted them over brainwashing Felicia. Bob was then in a car accident with Helen and fell into a coma. Robbie and Natasha blamed Kim for Bob's injuries, Kim prayed for her husband's recovery.

Kim remained vigil at Bob's bedside while he remained in a coma from his injuries he sustained in the car accident he had with Helen. Greg and Andy supported Kim, who was feeling the wrath of Robbie and Natasha, who blamed her for their father's injuries. Kim had to continue to tell Greg that they could only be friends as he continued to pursue her. Kim was then worried that Dominick was going to convince Simona to get an arrest warrant for Bob's role in starting the fire at the boutique. Kim was with her husband when he woke up and revealed to her that Sofia was visiting him. Kim pleaded with him to get better; he told her to tell everyone that he did start the fire to save her own skin. When Bob fell back into a coma, Kim announced to Robbie, Natasha, Dominick, Tyler and Simona that Bob confessed. Robbie and Natasha refused to believe it, but Simona was able to then issue an arrest warrant. Robbie and Natasha blasted Kim. They were all horrified when Bob then passed away. Kim spoke at the service, but Felicia interrupted and announced that Bob got exactly what he deserved. Tensions remained high between Kim and Bob's children. This escalated after the reading of the will when Kim was left with 1/3 of Bob's money, a job for life at Roboto and the entire Calimo estate. Greg and Andy helped Kim celebrate but this was short lived when Robbie and Natasha revealed to her that they were contesting the will. Josh warned Kim that things might get ugly, but she refused to cave into what she thought was rightfully hers. Kim was worried about the court case against Robbie and Natasha as they tried to contest Bob's will. Andy and Greg supported Kim, who dragged Robbie and Natasha through the mud in court. They soon returned the favor. The testimony left Kim so rattled, she kissed Greg. Cory, meanwhile, continued to try to tell Natasha to drop the law suit but she refused. Cory, who had learned about Robbie's affair with Brooke, went to Kim and told her that he had a way that she could the win the case as he believed that Kim deserved everything Bob left for her. The next day in court, just as the Judge was going to make his ruling, Kim announced that Robbie was sleeping with Brooke! The Judge ruled in Kim's favor; she was awarded everything that Bob left for her. Kim thanked Greg and Andy for their support and reached out to Robbie and Natasha in hopes of burying the hatchet. Shortly after, Kim hired Cassie at Roboto and they started to work on a secret project. Natasha and Robbie were livid with her for hiring Cassie. Greg, then, told Kim that Brooke cheated on him. Kim had to reveal that she knew. He was crushed that she kept it from him, but they soon made up. Robbie bailed Brooke out of jail and accused Greg and Kim of having an affair; they maintained that they were just friends. On New Year's Eve, however, they made love for the first time.

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