Vinny Victors

Representation: Colin Egglesfield
On Series Since: 2002 - 2022
Died: 2022
Full Name: Vinny Victors
Profession: Billionaire
Martial Status: Sex, Daisy
Previous Relationships: Divorced & ex-girlfriend, Victoria Franky; Illegally Married, Meggan Richardson; Divorced, Daisy Davenport
Family Ties: Triplet brothers, Dave Victors[Deceased] & Brett Victors; Nephew, Andrew Pherson



Vinny is a shady character. He has mobster connections, but has a good heart. He shot Victoria for 'knowing too much'. Meggan found his gun and that's when his marriage started to fall apart. Soon, he filed for divorce, leaving her reeling. Daisy and Chris requested his funds for her mayor campaign. He refused. He turned up stabbed at Cory and Natasha's wedding reception. Daisy, Chris and Victoria were all suspected but Meggan was arrested.

Soon, he turned up alive and helped a captive Daisy escape her twin sister Danielle's clutches ... for a price that she would help him as mayor of TP. She agreed. Victoria was arrested for Vinny's 'murder', but at her trial he showed up alive and the charges were dropped. In private, he revealed to Victoria that he knows she was the one who stabbed him! She turned the tables on him by revealing that she remembers that he shot her.

Vinny and Meggan started to rebuild their marriage, but he was attracted to Patricia, the woman that nursed him back to health after his stabbing. His fondness of Patricia, drove Meggan to start drinking. While Meggan was driving drunk, she hit and killed Noah.

Vinny covered up his wife's actions, but Patricia discovered the truth. Vinny turned to Daisy for help when Meggan disappeared. Meanwhile, Patricia seemingly discovered that Vinny was a triplet with Dave and Brett. Dave revealed himself to Patricia. He revealed that he and Brett took over Vinny’s life after their parents died because they left all the money to Vinny. Patricia wondered where Vinny is, but Dave told her they had been hiding him away. Dave also revealed the truth about Patricia: she is really Madeline Wilkins! He continued to blackmail her into silence. Brett continued to pose as Vinny. At a fundraiser, Meggan saw both Dave and Brett together! She disappeared and awoke in a cell ... where she was reunited with Vinny, who claimed he had been locked up since high school! Vinny and Meggan tried to escape Dave, but Dave shackled Vinny to the wall and left Meggan with a bottle of vodka causing her to fall off the wagon. On New Year's Eve, Robbie and Victoria finally saved Vinny and Meggan! Dave was killed and Robbie was shot.

Vinny returned home with Meggan and started to over live to make up for his years locked away. Preston revealed that he and Meggan weren't legally married, which sent Meggan drinking again. Vinny leaned on Victoria for support.

During a drunken trip to Las Vegas, Vinny and Victoria got married! Meggan was crushed and drank even more. Vinny kicked her out of his house and decided to run for mayor against Daisy. He got personal during some of the debates in hopes of winning. Meanwhile, while Meg was moving out of his house, she hit Victoria with her car. He and Chris started to fight over Victoria's well being, but Vinny won out in the end being her husband. On the day of the election, news broke that Meggan was the one that hit Victoria and because her name is attached to Vinny, Daisy won the election. Vinny was livid and confronted all around him.

Vinny punched Chris after learning he was the one that was behind the article, causing more friction between him, Victoria and Chris. Victoria was growing increasingly frustrated with the two men's games. Meggan, meanwhile, was arrested for her role in the hit and run with Victoria. She pleaded with Vinny to help her, but he claimed he couldn't help her this time. Victoria finally allowed Meggan to leave jail, if she agreed to leave town and go to rehab. Meggan agreed and say goodbye to Vinny, who wished her well. Chris later gathered Victoria and Vinny together and demanded that Victoria finally choose between the two men. Victoria stunned both men by dumping both of them. Victoria handed Vinny divorce papers. Vinny began to work with Daisy at city hall and began to notice that Greta and Chris were growing closer. Vinny spilled the beans to Daisy, who confronted them. Vinny was upset to see how hurt Daisy was by Greta and Chris' affair. He realized that he was falling for the mayor of Twin Peaks.

With Chris and Greta out of town, Vinny started to pursue Daisy. She, however, wasn't ready to move on with anyone yet as she had many past hurts. Vinny slowly started to make his way into her heart, however. He found Victoria after her attack on the day of Cory and Robin's wedding. Daisy thought that Vinny's concern for Victoria was out of the fact that he still had feelings for his ex-wife. He reassured her that he did not; they made love and started dating. Vinny was stunned when Savannah Pherson called him "Dave". He revealed their connection. Savannah revealed that Dave was dating her right before he died - and got her pregnant. He admitted to Daisy that he feels responsible for the child. Daisy, meanwhile, worried about Trenyce when she didn't call home on Thanksgiving. Vinny and Andy went to the Calimo cabin and saved Trenyce from an evil Casey.

Savannah continued to reveal more of her past with Dave to Vinny and Daisy. She claimed that Dave stole her baby after she gave birth to him. Vinny went to jail to visit Brett; the conversation was odd at first but Brett did confirm Savannah's story. Vinny told this to Daisy and Trenyce. Trenyce wanted to help Savannah find her missing child. Vinny was shocked when Trenyce retold him and Daisy the story of when Savannah first saw Andrew and called him "her son". Vinny confronted Brett again in jail, who claimed to know nothing. A DNA test proved that Savannah was Andrew's biological mother; Vinny tried to support Trenyce as she was left devastated.

Vinny visited Brett in jail and asked his brother what other secrets he is keeping from him. Brett told Vinny that there are no other secrets. Vinny tried to believe him but was left feeling uneasy. Vinny proposed to Daisy, who happily accepted. At their engagement party, Meggan returned to town and toasted the happy couple. Vinny offered Meggan and her family a place to stay until they got on their feet, which annoyed Daisy. Vinny tried to calm the feud between his fiance and his ex-wife. After a few more misunderstandings, Vinny and Daisy agreed not to let their ex's come between them. Things improved when Meggan and her family moved out of the house.

While planning their wedding, Vinny suggested to Daisy that she invite some of her family. Soon, her Aunt Jemma arrived in town and she quickly warned Vinny about hurting Daisy. Daisy and Vinny began to suspect that Jemma was keeping a secret as he acted oddly when she saw Frederick but she kept mum. She did suggest, however, to Chris and Treynce that they look for their real child. Vinny offered to help in the search. Vinny supported Daisy in her quest to find out the truth about Jemma and Frederick's secret past, which didn't generate any results. Vinny told Daisy to keep digging until the truth came out. Near the end of the year, Vinny got information that could be a potential lead into finding Chris and Trenyce's biological child.

Vinny's lead on Chris and Trenyce's biological fell through, which upset him because he wanted to do something good for Daisy's family. Vinny was also concerned when Jemma started suffering from nightmares. Daisy told him that she believed that Jemma was hiding something, but he wasn't sure what it was. Daisy and Vinny started planning their wedding. Vinny supported Daisy in her quest to learn the truth about Jemma and Frederick's past. Frederick offered his winery in Santa Barbara as the venue for their wedding to show that he has nothing to hide. Vinny happily accepted, even though Jemma wasn't happy. In Santa Barbara, Vinny and Daisy were reunited with a grown Andrew. On the day of the double wedding, a huge rain storm hit, but Vinny and Daisy were married. Afterwards, Jemma fainted. When she awoke she revealed that she had been at the winery before; she revealed that she was Meggan & Lukas' nanny while they were growing up and her husband was the wine maker. Jemma further announced that her husband had an affair with Frederick's wife and to get revenge, Frederick raped her which caused her to get pregnant with twins: Daisy and Danielle. Vinny supported Daisy as she was sent into tailspin. Jemma was kicked out of the mansion by Daisy, once back in Twin Peaks. Vinny confronted Frederick about his lies to his wife on the night Frederick was shot. He was questioned by the police. Jemma, meanwhile asked Vinny to put in a good word for her with Daisy, but Vinny told her that Daisy would need time and she is her own woman.

Vinny was questioned by Simona Lopez regarding Frederick's death, but he was removed from the suspect list. He continued to encourage Daisy to try to put the pieces of her relationship with Jemma back together, but Daisy wasn't ready to make nice yet. He supported his wife as she struggled to come to terms with how she was conceived. He also supported her while dealing with Frederick's death. Vinny visited Jemma, and thought she acted oddly about letting him into her hotel room. At a party at the Pampa Grill to celebrate Chris proving his innocence in Frederick's death, the ice storm hit just as Daisy and Jemma had a heated argument. Jemma went outside to get some air. While outside, Jemma witnessed a semi-truck t-bone Kim's car; the truck then pushed Kim's car towards Jemma, and she was pegged between the restaurant and the car. Vinny and Daisy called for help, and Jemma was rushed to the hospital, where she fell into a coma and wasn't expected to wake up again. Vinny tried to support Daisy, who was devastated by the turn of events, but refused to believe her mother was, for all purposes, dead. Vinny tried to go into Jemma's hotel room to get some of her belongings to make her hospital room more personable, but Daisy told him not too because she felt like Jemma wouldn't be in the hospital very long. Vinny tried again, while Daisy was supporting Lukas during his trial for killing Frederick, but he wasn't able to get inside. Something, however, told him that he needed to get into the hotel room. Vinny continued to support Daisy, who was suffering because of Jemma's condition and that Lukas was convicted. Simona then revealed that she discovered a piece of Jemma's hair on Frederick's hospital room pillow and he thought something odd was going on. He finally went into Jemma's hotel room and discovered a black garbage bag full of black clothing. Worried about what it meant, he gave the clothing to Simona. She ran tests and it confirmed that Jemma killed Frederick! Armed with the truth, Simona arrived at the hospital and told Daisy, who refused to accept the truth. At the same time, Jemma flat lined and passed away. Lukas, meanwhile, was almost raped in jail but he was saved when the truth came out. Vinny tried to comfort Daisy after Jemma's death, but she blamed him for everything that happened and they started growing apart. Vinny told Trenyce he felt like he was losing Daisy, unaware that his wife had stolen some kisses with Tyler.

Vinny continued to try to make amends with Daisy over Jemma's death, but she remained distant. Instead, she asked him to focus on work since it was going to be an election year, so he agreed. However, he continued to be fed-up by Daisy's lack of communication with him. What he didn't realize is that she had embarked on a steamy affair with Tyler. Despite claiming it was wrong, she couldn't stop herself from being with him. Vinny, at work, hired Lukas to be Daisy's campaign manager, which didn't sit well with his wife because she doesn't get along with her half-brother. Still, Lukas' ideas were good and Daisy did well in the first debate, however, she was upset by how well Robbie also did. Vinny continued to support Daisy during the election. He and Lukas worked hard to ensure Daisy would win. On the eve of the election, Daisy and Vinny shared a close moment, which lead Vinny to believe his marriage was back on track. The next day, however, Vinny was shocked to read in the Twin Peaks Sun about Daisy's torrid affair with Tyler. Trenyce tried to comfort him, but Vinny was a mess. He confronted Daisy, who tearfully admitted her mistake. Daisy lost the election, and Vinny filed for divorce. Vinny then attacked Tyler and told him he would pay. Trenyce tried to get Vinny to reconsider the divorce, but he refused. Daisy also pleaded with him to give her another chance, but Vinny refused and told her htat he would get revenge on her and Tyler. Daisy wondered what Vinny would do to her.

Vinny continued to toy with the idea of plotting revenge on Daisy and Tyler for their affair. Daisy confronted him and he claimed that he was not planning anything. Daisy was reluctant to believe him but did so. Vinny then learned that Brett was getting out of jail and shortly after his twin arrived on his doorstep. Vinny told Brett that he didn't want to have anything to do with him, so Brett agreed to leave town. After Victoria was shot, Vinny accused Brett of organizing it. Vinny was put off to learn that it was Victoria who was sick. Brett then told Vinny he was moving to LA and left town. Daisy and Tyler, meanwhile, embarked in a relationship, which Vinny caught wind of. Vinny realized that he did need to get revenge on them. He went to LA to visit Brett and they seemingly had a nice visit, where Brett admitted that he was designing clothing for a local company. When he returned to Twin Peaks, Vinny went to Dominick and revealed he was designing clothing and proposed Dominick hire him as a consultant to work on Robertson's new line. Dominick agreed and Vinny realized his plan for revenge was in motion. Vinny continued to plot revenge on Daisy and Tyler for their affair. He went to LA to visit Brett, who has moved there, and learned that his twin was working for a local designer. The wheels in Vinny's head started to turn and shortly after he went to Dominick and told him that he was designing and he wanted to be a consultant on the Gravity launch. Dominick loved Vinny's designs and hired him, which threw Daisy for a loop. She confronted her ex-husband over his sudden interest, and talent, in designing but he claimed that he was inspired when she left him. Vinny, meanwhile, revealed that he had kidnapped Brett and was holding him hostage in the basement of Caldwell's Mountain Ski Resort. Vinny threatened to kill his brother unless he continued to come up with designs that he could pass off as his own. Vinny revealed to Brett that he bought the resort so no one would find him. Brett agreed. Dominick continued to be pleased with "Vinny's" designs. At the launch, Daisy saw Vinny lurking around and wondered what was going on. After Donovan & Lukas got married, the Gravity launch took place and it was a huge success. Before the wedding reception began, Dominick suggested that guests buy the ski wear and hit the slopes. Daisy and Vinny ended up on the mountain side together when an avalanche struck! They were both presumed dead, but they both turned up alive … now, Vinny was also holding Daisy hostage with Brett! Vinny revealed that he planned on kidnapping Daisy to get back at her. He gassed them, which caused them to pass out. When they awoke, they were in the same dungeon that Brett held Vinny hostage in years ago. Vinny vowed that they would never escape.

Vinny continued to hold Daisy and Brett hostage in the dungeon in the Victors mansion while pretending he was still dead. Vinny, soon, however went into Twin Peaks and was discovered by Victoria! He asked her not to say anything to anyone that he was alive but she told Tyler and Trenyce. Tyler showed up on Vinny's doorstep and confronted him; he maintained that Daisy was dead. Victoria also showed up on Vinny's doorstep and they soon ended up in bed together. Vinny, who was smitten with Victoria, asked her to move in with him. She agreed. While exploring the house, she asked him about the secret passages. He lied and claimed that he had them removed. Brad and Meggan, whom were still investigating Vinny, arrived and asked him to look around. He said no; Victoria defended him and they left. Vinny thanked her. He continued to supply Daisy and Brett with food and Victoria caught him coming out of a secret passage. He covered with a lie but he wondered how much she actually saw, vowing that no one would find Daisy and Brett. Vinny was visited by Andrew, who told him that he wasn’t ready to be a father to Abby’s baby. Once Andrew left, Vinny made a call to Dr. Bryce Barty, whom he was blackmailing. Vinny, then, realized that Victoria was snooping around the mansion and had found the secret passage. He busted up Victoria, Meggan and Brad from saving Daisy and Brett by revealing he had bombs in the mansion! He sent them off and the bombs exploded! Everyone surprised, except for Brett who died. Vinny, however, realized that he had to pretend to be his brother or he’d go to jail. He called Bryce again and asked him to alter an ordered DNA test to prove that Brett was Brett. Daisy and Victoria visited him and pleaded with him to be honest; the test results came back to “prove” Brett was Brett. Vinny was thrilled and was released from the hospital. Vinny learned that Daisy and Brett had slept together while trapped together and kissed Daisy a couple of times, once Tyler saw. Vinny was thrilled to learn that Daisy and Tyler went their own separate ways and planned to get revenge on her. Meanwhile, while Abby got closer to her due date, Vinny plotted with Bryce to ensure Andrew wouldn’t be a father. After Abby gave birth, Vinny visited Bryce, who told him that a woman gave birth to a stillborn child and he gave Abby the stillborn child. Abby’s actual son was adopted by Donovan and Lukas.


Vinny continued to pretend to be Brett to prevent himself from facing jail time. As Brett, he told Daisy that he wanted to have a chance with her now that her relationship with Tyler was over, but she said they could be friends. Vinny, then, went back to Victoria's condo to change her aspirin with a different drug so he could continue to make her think she had split again. Tyler, however, saw him lave and thought it was odd. He confronted Vinny, who told him to mind his own business. Tyler told Daisy what he saw, so she confronted Vinny. He covered but he realized that he had to keep Tyler out of his business. Vinny then changed Felicia's medication, hoping that she would go crazy and that would preoccupy Tyler. Felicia, however, caught him but Vinny made her believe she was dreaming. Felicia told Tyler, however, and once again the men came to blows. Vinny claimed that Felicia is crazy because they don't know one another. Tyler continued to put whispers of doubt into Daisy's ear, which created conflict between the housemates (Daisy moved in with "Brett" after the serial killer attacked Trenyce in her home). To try to clear the air, Daisy agreed to a date with Brett. Tyler saw them kiss and eventually Daisy and "Brett" had sex. Something felt different to Daisy, however, but Vinny claimed it was different because the last time she and Brett had sex they were being held hostage. Daisy confided in Meggan, who went to snoop around. Vinny also covered with her. Vinny was thrilled, however, when Victoria checked herself into Raven's Meadow after he blackmailed Bryce into telling her that she split again. Vinny told Bryce that he knew who his boss was and would expose the truth if he didn't follow his plans. Vinny and Daisy continued their affair as he pretended to be Brett. Soon, however, he overheard Meggan tell Daisy that she suspected that Vinny was alive. Vinny realized he might have to silence Meggan once and for all. Vinny, meanwhile, continued to keep tabs on Bryce as he wanted updates on Victoria while she was at Raven's Meadow. He then realized that his toothbrush was missing and questioned Daisy about it. Daisy, unbeknownst to him, had stolen it and provided it to Meggan so she could run a DNA test. To prevent Vinny from learning the truth, Daisy slept with him one last time. Vinny then arrived at Raven's Meadow once Frederick Richardson realized that Bryce and Victoria had escaped the hospital. Turns out, the two men were working together as Frederick claimed to have many plans in store for Twin Peaks. They worried that if Bryce revealed that Frederick was alive and all the horrible things that Vinny had done, they would go to jail. Vinny realized that he likely took Victoria to the Calimo cabin. Frederick gave Vinny a gun before he rushed off. At the cabin, Vinny cornered the couple with a gun and finally admitted to Victoria that he drugged her to make her believe that she had split again when in fact, she was healthy. Victoria was gutted. A struggle for the gun occurred between the men and the gun went off! Both men were shot but Vinny's was fatal and he was pronounced dead.

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