Since 2002, the citizens of Twin Peaks have been embroiled in an on-going saga of love, romance, betrayal, revenge and, of course, drama. What will happen next? Only time will tell. Sit back and let the drama unfold...


Episode 545 "That River Ran Dry"; May 19, 2019

Shane uneasily nods back to her. "Dawn lost a lot of blood," he begins to tell them. "The bullet, it hit her stomach, we were able to remove the bullet, but it did a lot of damage."

Adam shakes head back to Shane. "But she will be okay?"

"I do think she will make a full recovery," Shane nods back to him. "She's sleeping now and I suspect she will be unconscious for a while, but I think she'll be fine. Physically, that is."

"What about the baby?" Max asks, standing up and moving next to his father.

Helen covers her mouth. "I had forgotten about the baby," she admits to everyone, almost ashamed that she forget her daughter was pregnant. "Shane, how is the baby?"




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