Sofia Calimo

Representation: Lesley-Ann Downs
On Series Since: 2002 - 2011
Full Name: Sofia Calimo
Died: 2011
Profession: Board member of Roboto Enterprises
Martial Status: Married, Bob Calimo
Previous Relationships: Affair, Dominick Robertson
Family Ties: Husband, Bob Calimo; Son, Robbie Calimo; Daughter, Natasha Calimo


Sofia is a proud wife and mother. She will do anything to protect her family. She and Bob returned from Europe to see Natasha marry Cory. While she was home, she uncovered the truth that Robin was faking a pregnancy to keep her son Robbie away from Leah.

They later returned for Robbie and Leah's wedding. They have stayed in town ever since then, as they mourned Natasha's 'death'. She was thrilled when Natasha turned up alive.

It was revealed that she had an affair with Dominick before her children were born. Robbie and Leah discovered the truth and were devastated by the betrayal. Bob was furious that the secret was revealed, and together they vowed that their deep, darker secret would never come to light. Unbeknownst to her, Dominick decided to try to fight to get Sofia back. He told a hospitalized Natasha of his affair with Sofia. Sofia was livid and warned him to stay away from her family. She and Bob vowed that their secret would remain unwraps … but on New Year’s Eve, Robin overheard them speaking of their secret: Eva McCloud is really Natasha’s mother!

Sofia was stunned to learn that Eva was back in town and befriending Natasha. She told Bob of such things and they planned a way to keep their secret. Dominick, however, had other plans. He cornered Sofia and Bob and demanded that Sofia leave Bob or else he will tell the truth! To combat Dominick's demands, Bob came up with the plan to fake a separation with Sofia. Sofia was apprehensive about it, but agreed. They told Robbie and Natasha, whom were devastated. Sofia, meanwhile, as a part of her act went on a few dates with Dominick and found herself enjoying them. Natasha spotted them together and accused her mother of cheating. She denied it. The two grew closer again after Natasha's car accident, but Sofia was miffed when Eva showed up for Christmas with the Calimos.

Sofia and Bob rallied at the hospital after Robbie was shot. At the hospital, Eva and Sofia got into a fight and Natasha over heard; Eva revealed the truth to Natasha: she is her mother! Natasha was devastated and lashed out all parties. Bob was livid with Eva and Sofia. They wondered how to get Natasha back. Sofia meanwhile was thrilled to rub it in Dominick's face that her separation to Bob was planned. Sofia went back to Dominick and asked him to get RyanShane. She started putting pieces of Cassie's plans. After realizing the entire truth, Sofia went to confront Cassie which also happened to be at her wedding to Shane. Cassie begged Sofia to keep mum, but Sofia refused. She was about to say it all when Natasha asked her to get something from her car. Sofia went and when she opened the door, the car exploded killing Sofia in the process!

A ghostly Sofia appeared to a comatose Bob and encouraged him to join her in heaven. Bob died shortly after.

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