Leah Robertson

Representation: Jennifer Love Hewitt
On Series Since: 2002 - 2015; 2017-Present
Full Name: Leah Robertson-Calimo
Profession: Executive, Robertson Enterprises
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: Divorced, Robbie Calimo; Divorced x2, Jeff Claus
Family Ties: Father, Dominick Robertson; Half sister, Robin Navy; Son, Noah Claus [deceased]; Daughter, Paige Calimo; Brother, Tyler Robertson; Mother, Felicia Robertson


Leah learned she was pregnant with hubby Robbie's baby. Robin revealed that she was having an affair with Robbie, which caused Leah to miscarry. Leah forgave her husband and they reunited. Robin faked a pregnancy to try to hold on to Robbie, but Sofia revealed the truth.

Leah then learned a shocking secret: her and Robin are half sisters! The two started to bond and grow closer, after Leah forgave Robin for sleeping with Robbie.

Leah then discovered Natasha was alive at the Calimo cabin with Shane. She helped bring Natasha home. She also discovered that Rebecca and Robin were half sisters, and brought them together. Leah was at work one day when she got a blast from her past: Jeff Claus, her ex husband returned. He revealed that they were still married and his parents lied to her about their baby. Jeff's parents did not approve of Leah and when she was giving birth, they lied to her and told her that their baby had died. In fact, Noah was alive and 10 years old! A DNA proved Jeff's story was correct. Leah reunited with her son. Jeff finally agreed to annul his marriage to Leah. She and Robbie married. Tension between Leah and Jeff grew as they struggled to share Noah. A drunken Meggan hit Noah with her car; he died of his injuries.

Leah was devastated and turned to Jeff for support, creating conflict with Robbie who felt like Leah was not leaning on him. The couple continued to drift apart and Leah shared some secret kisses with Jeff. At Meggan’s homecoming party, Leah learned that Meggan killed Noah. She attacked her. Robbie was horrified at his wife’s behaviour. Leah was thrilled when Meggan was arrested. She and Jeff planned to rally to advocate the death penalty in Meggan’s case. On Christmas, she reached out to Robbie.

Their union was short lived as he learned her plans for Meggan’s case. She and Jeff did rally for the death sentence; at the trial however Meggan was found guilty and sentenced to twenty years in jail. At the same time, Leah began coughing up blood. After the trial, she collapsed and was rushed to the ER. Her family and friends learned that her kidney was failing and she would need a transplant to survive. Meggan, of all people, was able to donate. Jeff agreed to have Meggan released from jail to donate; she did and Leah got better. Afterwards, she and Robbie struggled to put their marriage back together as he was upset that she shut him out for so long. After a fight with Robbie, Leah slipped into bed with Jeff. Afterwards, she felt terrible and told Jeff that they shouldn't have and that it was over. Jeff was crushed. Leah, meanwhile, reunited with Robbie and told him she wanted to start a family with him. She discovered that she was pregnant and feared about who the baby's father was. She went to Dominick and he arranged for a paternity test. Leah went, but unbeknownst to her, Dominick paid off the doctor not to do the test. Dominick told his daughter that Robbie was the father of the baby, knowing that she what she wanted to hear. Leah rejoyced. She saw Jeff with Madeline and felt jealousy, however. Robbie was shot on New Years Eve.

While Robbie was near death, Leah started to worry that she would lose her husband and her baby would grow up without a father. Dominick returned to Liam, the doctor that performed the paternity test and learned the truth: Jeff is the father of Leah's baby! Leah was stunned and never told anyone. Robbie pulled through and Leah found it increasingly hard to keep the truth from her husband and friends. Robbie was released from the hospital and the new family grew closer. Jeff, meanwhile, realized that Leah would never leave her husband. He say goodbye to her and left town. Leah breathed a sigh of relief, until Robin started dating Liam!

In the wake of Sofia's death, Leah supported Robbie with the loss of his mother. She encouraged him to lean on her, which he did. They bonded as a family with Paige. Dominick, meanwhile, started his own company and asked Leah to join his company. She said no claiming she needed to support her husband and Bob right now in their time of need. As Robin continued to date Liam, Leah became increasingly worried that Liam would reveal Paige's paternity. She visited the doctor and he told her he would never say anything. Madeline, meanwhile, spotted Leah and Liam agruing and wondered what they were fighting about. Little did Leah know, Madeline discovered her secret: Paige is really Jeff's daughter, not Robbie's! Bob, meanwhile sent Leah to Boston on a business trip to hire a new chemist. Leah unexpectedly ran into Jeff and they caught up. When she got home, she couldn't stop thinking about her ex-husband. To her surprise, Bob hired Jeff and he started to work with her. Leah was put off when Jeff announced that he was dating Veronica Lane, the new chemist that she hired. Robin, meanwhile, confronted Leah about Paige's paternity. Leah tearfully admitted it to her, telling her sister that no one could ever learn the truth. On New Years, Leah overheard Jeff proporse to Veronica.

Leah and Jeff continued to grow closer at Roboto while working on the new launch. Her marriage to Robbie became more stranged as a result. On the anniversay of Noah's death, she and Jeff shared a kiss unaware that Madeline had witnessed it. On the day of Robin and Cory's wedding, Leah and Robbie vowed to reconnect with each other and decided to renew their vows as well. Too bad Madeline decided to reveal her secret: she sent Jeff a note telling him that Paige is really his daughter, not Robbie's! Jeff stopped the wedding and demanded to know the truth. Robbie defended Leah, but when Jeff demanded a paternity test Leah finally admitted the truth. Robbie walked out on his wife leaving her devastated and left Jeff with a daughter he never knew about. In the wake of the truth coming out, Jeff asked Leah if he could spend time with Paige. Leah was apprehensive, but agreed. She confessed to Dominick that she felt like everyone hated her for the lies. He told her to be strong. Robbie finally confronted his wife and they had a huge fight. He revealed that he slept with Victoria; Leah was crushed. He also told her he wanted a divorce. Leah was upset but started to wonder why she and Jeff were always being pulled back together. She realized that she was in love with him so she stopped his wedding to Veronica. Veronica grew fed up with Jeff; dumped him and left town. Leah and Jeff made love.

Jeff proposed to Leah in the New Year and she happily accepted. She quit working at Roboto soon after and went to work for her father at Robertson Enterprises. Robbie, meanwhile, learned of Leah's quick engagement to Jeff and sued her for custody of Paige! Leah was devastated by the turn of events but she was relieved when she won custody of Paige. Dominick had been supporting her through out the trial and she noticed that he disappeared near the end of the trial. She and Jeff celebrated winning Paige and got engaged soon after. Dominick returned home; Leah pressed him for information as to his whereabouts but he claimed he was on a business trip. Leah and Jeff started to plan their wedding, during which Leah confessed to him that she missed her mother, who passed away when Leah was younger. On the day of the wedding, Bob stopped the ceremony with a shocker: Felicia Robertson is alive and well! Turns out, Felicia was mentally ill and instead of having his family watch Felicia slowly get worse, he faked her death and put her in a mental facility in Switzerland. Devastated by his betrayal, Leah slapped her father and took Felicia back to her house. She started putting all of her energy into Felicia, who continued to have to be on her medication. Jeff started to feel left out as Leah put off their wedding until Felicia was more stable.

Leah and Jeff continued to butt heads over Felicia living with them as she wanted her mother close to her. Jeff continued to press his fiance to let Felicia move out so they can move on with their lives. Leah did agree, however, to send Paige to Europe until Felicia was on more stable grounds. After Paige was gone, Jeff convinced Leah to go to Lake Tahoe to get married. When they arrived, they were surprised to see Robbie and Victoria there as well. What they didn't know, however, was that an unhinged Felicia had followed them as well. Dominick arrived and warned Leah that Felicia was in Lake Tahoe. The father/daughter made up for his role in faking Felicia's death but Leah told him she still wanted to get married to Jeff. They did by the lake. Afterwards, Jeff went to get some champagne and left Leah alone. Felicia arrived was crushed to learn that Leah had married Jeff. As she was meds, Felicia lost it. She knocked Leah out and kidnapped her. She took Leah to a near by abandoned farm house and tied her up. Leah begged her mother to let her go but Felicia refused. Leah soon smelled gas in the farm house and worried when Felicia said she was cold and wanted to start a fire. Shortly after, Felicia did start a fire and Leah worried they would die. Robbie found them and Leah begged him to get Felicia out of the house. Robbie did so ... but the house exploded while Leah was still inside!

A mysterious figure walked around watching the guests at Daisy & Vinny's and Meggan & Jeff's double wedding at Frederick's winery in Santa Barbara. On the day of the wedding, a huge rain storm hit. Paige thought she saw Leah walking around and fainted at the sight of her mother. No one believed Paige and thought she was dreaming. After the wedding's, however, Meggan saw a figure rush out into the storm. Meggan followed it and was shocked to see an alive Leah! Meggan asked how it was possible that Leah was alive. Jeff then showed up and saw his presumed dead wife. In the morning, Frederick revealed that he had been keeping Leah at the winery since her "death" because she has amnesia. Leah admitted that her last memory was marrying Robbie years ago. Paige was crushed that her mother didn't remember her. Back in Twin Peaks, Shane performed a DNA test to confirm Leah was whom Frederick claimed she was. Shane also announced to everyone that they should follow Leah's lead so she isn't overwhelmed by her lack of memory. Jeff asked Leah if she remembered him; she admitted that she did and asked about Noah. She was crushed when he told her that Noah had died. Robbie moved back in with Leah to help create the image that they were still happily married. Paige even pretended to be Robbie's daughter. Leah, meanwhile, was reunited with Tyler, Dominick and Felicia. Leah confronted Frederick about keeping her away from her family on the night he was shot; she was questioned by the police. Leah, Robbie and Paige, meanwhile, grew closer as a family, leaving Jeff on the outs. On New Year's Eve, Leah and Robbie shared a kiss.

Leah started the year by being questioned by Simona Lopez in Frederick's death. She was immediately ruled a non-suspect. Leah did, also, comfort Paige as she was rattled after being questioned by the police. Leah continued to long to have her full memory return. Shortly after, Leah overhead Dominick and Eva speak about a secret that Eva might have been keeping. Leah had a memory flash of her time in Santa Barbara of Frederick talking on the phone about a secret that Eva was keeping. Leah raced to tell Dominick the truth: Eva knew that Frederick was brainwashing Felicia and she didn't say anything. Meanwhile, Leah and Robbie continued to grow closer, which upset Meggan, Jeff and Victoria. During the ice storm, Leah's memory fully returned as she was devastated by Blake's death. Paige was thrilled that her mother finally remembered her. When Leah confronted Jeff, she slapped him for turning to Meggan of all women after she was presumed dead. Leah demanded that they get a divorce. Jeff agreed to the divorce, having told Meggan that they could finally be together. When Leah and Jeff went to the Judge to get a divorce, but he refused to grant their request since they were barely married before Leah's accident. They were forced to try to make their marriage work for at least 6 months; after if they still wanted to divorce, he would grant it. Leah told Robbie, who accepted the news. Meggan, meanwhile, was devastated. Paige was thrilled that her family was put back together and she planned some family dinners, sensing that Jeff and Leah were growing closer. Soon, Leah realized that she did still care about Jeff and she revealed to Paige that she knew she had to make a choice between the two men. On New Years Eve, she finally told Robbie that she wanted to be with Jeff. Jeff and Leah reunited, unaware that Jeff had slept with Meggan and she was pregnant.

Jeff was thrilled when Leah decided to be with him, not Robbie. The two made love and he suggested that they renew their vows, which Leah agreed too and Paige was thrilled with. On the day of the wedding, Jeff was late and Leah thought he left her at the altar. Devastated, she called off the wedding but then he arrived. Jeff apologized but didn't tell Leah why he was late. She forgave him and they re-married in a private ceremony. Shortly after, Leah saw Meggan and her baby bump; when she told Jeff that she is pregnant, he didn't act shocked but made Leah realize that he already knew. He admitted that he did and that he could have been the father. Shocked, Leah slapped her new husband after he revealed that it was the reason he was late to the wedding. Jeff pleaded with Leah forgive him, which she did because she realized that at the time of the affair, she was still unsure if she wanted to be with Jeff or Robbie. They agreed to have no more secrets between them. Leah, meanwhile supported Dominick's decision to send Felicia to Raven's Meadow. She also comforted her daughter when Paige broke up with Andrew. Leah confided in Dominick about Jeff's affair with Meggan, but that she had forgiven her husband. She still wanted to get away for a while so they could reconnect and suggested that she and Jeff go to the Calimo cabin for a weekend. Jeff agreed, but was delayed in arriving. When Leah got there, she was stunned to see Meggan there; turns out, she and Brad had the same idea. When Meggan learned that Jeff was also going to be there, she went into labour. Leah delivered Meggan's son, Logan. In her delusional state, Meggan continued to mumble Jeff's name, which made Leah wonder what was going on. Brad arrived and they got Meggan to the hospital; mother and child were fine, but Leah wondered if Jeff was actually the baby's father. She realized that she still had a towel from the birth, and secretly had a paternity test completed: she was floored to learn that Jeff was the baby's father. Armed with the secret, Leah decided not to tell Jeff the truth to keep her family together. However, she admitted to Robin that the secret was eating her up inside.

Leah continued to keep the fact that Logan is really Jeff's child a secret from everyone. Felicia noted that her daughter often seemed distracted and wondered what was going on. Leah hated that she was lying to everyone in her life but continued to do so, even telling Felicia to drop it. Leah and Jeff worked with Dominick and the rest of the Robertson Enterprises team to create the new winter/ski line. Robin, then, told Leah and Jeff that she was concerned about Paige getting involved with Max. They asked her why but she kept mum at first. Paige, meanwhile, told her parents that she was just friends with Max. Robin finally told Leah and Jeff about Max's role in Adam's accident a few years earlier, and they told Paige she couldn't see Max anymore, as they started dating. Paige told them that she wasn't a little girl anymore and would see whomever she pleased and then she moved out of Leah and Jeff's house. Leah struggled with the secret that Logan's paternity. Felicia continued to pick up on her daughter's apprehension and encouraged her to come clean. Robin, then, told Leah and Jeff that she suspected that Paige was growing closer to Max, which was alarming to her. Leah and Jeff pressed Robin for more details but she kept mum. They did, however, ask Paige to stop seeing Max and she refused. Leah and Jeff told her that she would have to follow their rules while she lived with them, so Paige stunned them by moving out. Leah worried that they were pushing Paige away, but then Robin revealed Max's role in Adam's accident at the boutique and they felt justified. Jeff then told Paige that she was cut off from her trust fund if she wasn't going to live with them. Leah and Jeff were furious when Dominick agreed to give Paige money. To prove their point, they quit Robertson enterprises. Felicia was stunned by the family fighting. Tyler and Felicia took Dominic's side and Leah made a remark about Blake to Tyler. Shortly after, Max saved Cheresa from drowning which caused Leah and Jeff to realize that Max may have changed. They went to their daughter and told her they didn't want to fight anymore. They reunited. Leah and Jeff also apologized to Dominick and went back to work. Felicia, then, reminded Leah about her secret and she confessed that the secret was killing her. Jeff walked in and demanded to know what secret Leah was referring too. Leah finally admitted the truth about Logan. Jeff was livid and told his wife that he hated her and stormed out on her. Leah tried to make it up to her husband to no avail; he revealed that he sued Meggan for full custody and that he wanted a divorce. Paige learned of her mother's deceit and was crushed.

Leah pleaded with Jeff to give her and their marriage another chance but he refused saying that he could never forgive her for keeping Logan away from him for so long. Leah was then stunned to learn that Jeff was suing Meggan for full custody of the child. Leah and Cory ended up meeting and discussing their troubled marriages together. Shortly after, Leah helped Paige during her break up with Max. Leah suggested her daughter work at Robertson Enterprises; Paige got a job there, and grew closer to Jacob, which unnerved Leah. Leah and Jeff came together to try to keep Paige away from Jacob but it didn't work. At the trial, Leah took the stand and pleaded with Jeff to forgive her. Afterwards, Jeff threw divorce papers at her. Paige told her father that Leah was trying to help him. Jeff wondered if she was right. A crushed Leah, meanwhile, ended up running into Cory and then ended up in bed together, unaware that Jeff saw them! After Meggan ended things with Jeff again, he was furious that Leah and Cory were still seemingly dating each other. He told Paige, Robin and Natasha about their affair. Leah and Cory admitted their affair, much to the dismay of their family. Leah maintained that she enjoyed her romance with Cory despite all the misgivings from everyone around her. Leah continued to lash out at Jeff since he revealed her affair with Cory to everyone. Jeff told her that she has to deal with since she has made her choice. Leah and Cory continued their romance and agreed that it would be them vs. the world. Leah was worried about Paige when Cassie kidnapped her and tried to kill her and Jacob. Jeff, Shane and Max saved them from carbon monoxide poisoning. In the aftermath, Leah and Jeff agreed to support Paige’s relationship with Jacob. Leah, then, felt odd when she learned that Jeff and Meggan were getting back together. She and Cory ended up having dinner with Jeff and Meggan; Leah accidently revealed that she had a pregnancy scare which Jeff was left feeling awkward about. Cory was also off put but after they spoke about, they agreed to try to have a child together.


Leah and Cory agreed to try to have a child together, which upset Jeff. Leah told Cory that she should have a medical exam to ensure that she is healthy enough to have a child at her age. Once they got the green light, Cory and Leah started to try for a child. However, Leah started having dreams of being in a room and hearing a baby cry, however, she couldn't locate the child to help it stop crying. Leah confessed her dreams to Jeff, who thought that it was because they were approaching the anniversary of Noah's death. Leah finally confessed to Cory, who also wondered what the dreams meant. Cory, then, saw a package arrive for Leah; she admitted that she gets some pain medication delivered to her house from a neck injury that she suffered in the explosion at Lake Tahoe years earlier. Cory thought it was odd. Cory suggested to Leah that they get away to help her with her dreams. Leah told Jeff, who suggested to Meggan that they join so she could see that he wasn't still in love with Leah. Meggan agreed and suggested they go to the winery in Santa Barbara. At the winery, Leah's dreams increased as she constantly heard a baby crying in her ears. As a result, she wanted to cut the trip short. Back in Twin Peaks, Leah felt better and took a pill in front of Cory. Cory, still thinking the medication being delivered was strange, took one of the pills and had it analyzed. He was stunned to learn that it was actually a memory loss pill. Leah wondered why Frederick, who prescribed her the medication, would want her to forget some of her memories. Cory vowed that they would uncover the truth. Leah, meanwhile, was annoyed when Dominick appointed Tyler CEO of Robertson Enterprises over her. Leah was rattled to learn that the medication she had been taking was a memory loss pill. She quickly agreed to stop taking the pills. Jeff suggested to his ex-wife that she might remember why she is having dreams of the baby crying once she is off the medication. Soon after, Cory was with Leah when she had another nightmare; when she awoke she claimed to have remembered holding a child at the winery in Santa Barbara. Together, they returned to Santa Barbara, where Leah remembered giving birth to a child! Startled, Leah returned home and told Jeff and Paige that she had a child, which surprised them. Leah and Jeff worried that they would never locate this child as Frederick died and they couldn't ask him. Still Leah and Jeff asked Meggan to try to find the child; she agreed but didn't make any promises. Meanwhile, Felicia voiced her concerns about Dominick's new relationship with Abby to Leah and Tyler; they tried to convince their father not to get involved with someone so much younger, but Dominick forged ahead with his romance with Abby. Abby, trying to get Felicia off her back, read her file from when she was at Raven's Meadow and learned a deep secret: Frederick, not Dominick, is Leah's father! Abby spilled the beans which left everyone rattled. Leah admitted to Cory that she didn't know who she was. Shortly after, Victoria revealed that Frederick was alive. Leah was determined to find him so she could find her child and find out if Abby's claim was true. She supported Meggan and Lukas, who made a plead for him to come home, but Frederick didn't return home.

Leah continued to be rattled by the fact that Frederick was missing and that she had no information on her missing child. Cory supported her. Lea was also concerned that Dominick updated his will to leave Abby majority of his estate. She had family conferences but they realized they could only say so much to him. After Tyler sued Roboto for corporate sabotage, Robbie asked Leah to talk to him about dropping the suit. She did but Tyler insisted that he would make Robbie and Roboto pay for their roles in Cheresa's kidnapping. Meggan and Jeff, then, had the idea to go back to Santa Barbara in hopes of uncovering more details on Leah's child. She and Cory agreed to go after the Roboto gala. At the gala, Cory proposed to Leah. Feeling overwhelmed with everything going on in her life, Leah turned him down. Devastated, Cory told her that they were over. Leah accepted it and tried to focus on finding her child. She was stunned to learn that Frederick revealed himself at the gala. She raced to confront him about her missing child but he insisted that they do a paternity test to confirm that he is actually her father. Frederick, then, hosted a dinner party for all of his children and announced that Leah is his daughter! Leah was crushed and shared close moments with Dominick and Paige. Leah, Jeff and Meggan then went to Santa Barbara. At the winery, they found a secret passage that had a secret study. They found some boxes of Frederick's files and took them home with them. Then, Leah was summoned to Frederick's lair as Felicia had agreed to marry him. Leah asked her mother if this is what she wanted and Felicia said yes, so Leah agreed to stand up for her mother. Dominick interrupted the wedding, however, and it didn't happen. Leah then learned that she had a baby boy from the files she uncovered at the winery. Leah went to Frederick and demanded to know where her son was but he claimed to have no idea.

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