Dominick Robertson

Representation: Harry Hamlin
On Series Since: 2003 - Present
Full Name: Dominick Robertson
Profession: Founder of Robertson Enterprises; retired
Martial Status: Married to Eva McCloud; Illegally Married, Abby Lawson
Previous Relationships: Affair, Melissa Young; Affair, Sofia Calimo; Divorced to, Feicia Robertson; Married to, Eva McCloud (deceased)
Family Ties: Daughter, Robin Navy [by Melissa]; Daughter, Leah Robertson [by Felicia]; Son, Tyler Robertson [by Felicia]



Dominick comes in and out of Twin Peaks as he pleases. He is usually in town for a family crisis involving his two daughters, Robin and Leah. He was reunited with Robin after years of separation. He tried to stop Robbie and Leah's wedding when he spotted Leah kissing Jeff before the ceremony.

He then returned to Twin Peaks, pinning over a long lost love Sofia.

It was revealed that years ago the two had a torrid affair. Leah and Robbie discovered. Sofia's husband Bob was furious that the affair came to light. After a talk with Robin, Dominick decided to fight for Sofiaís love. He told a hospitalized Natasha of his affair with Sofia. Sofia was livid and warned him to stay away from her family. Dominick overhead Bob and Sofia discussing Eva McCloud and wondered if she was the key back to Sofia. He left town for Europe over the holidays to try to find her. On New Yearís Eve, he returned home with Eva not far behind!

He allowed Eva to stay with him, all the while trying to uncover Eva's secret connection to the Calimo's. Robin finally clued in her father on the connection. Dominick was floored and realized he could use the information to try to get back together with Sofia. He told Sofia and Bob that either Sofia leaves Bob, or he will tell the truth! Dominick got his wish: Sofia left Bob, unaware that the couple was faking it until they could get the upper hand on Dominick. He didn't waste any time though by asking Sofia out. Sofia found herself enjoying her time with Dominick again. Leah came to Dominick with a problem: she discovered she was pregnant and didn't know if Robbie or Jeff was the baby's father. Dominick scheduled a paternity test for his daughter, only to pay the doctor off to never reveal the baby's father. He told Leah that Robbie was the baby's father, knowing that Leah wanted her marriage to work. Dominick was then taken by surprise when Melissa returned to Twin Peaks. Melissa surprised Dominick by kissing him. Sofia and Dominick shared a kiss as well. Robbie was shot, leaving Leah distraught and worried that her baby would grow up without a father.

Dominick, thinking Robbie was going to die, went back to Liam and learned that Jeff is really the father of Leah's baby. He told Leah the truth while Robbie was on his death bed. Robbie survived and Dominick and Leah vowed never to repeat the truth. Natasha, meanwhile, learned the truth that Eva was her mother. Sofia told Dominick she was playing him for a fool; she was never really seperated from Bob! Dominick was stunned and slept with Melissa. Bob, however, learned about Melissa's role with Robin's attack and blackmailed her into dumping Dominick which she did. Dominick turned his focus into helping Cory prove his innocence in his role in the attack. He also started to buy up smaller companies in hopes of competing with Bob and Roboto.

In the wake of Sofia's death, Dominick was a mess. He couldn't believe that the love of his life was gone. Robin, meanwhile, informed of Melissa's role in breaking up her and Cory. Dominick confronted his ex and told her to leave town, which Melissa did. At Sofia's funeral, Cassie was exposed for her role in Sofia's death. Dominick turned his attention to Robertson Enterprises, his new company. He hired Donovan Moretti as a top executive. He got Robin to join his team as well, allowing her to quit Roboto. He offered Leah a job, but she turned her father down. He hired Reese as a model and hired Trenyce to create a fashion line that would tie in with his perfume. He vowed to bring Bob down with his company. Donovan suggested that he Dominick knew a scandal regarding Bob or Roboto, if Bob tried to ruin the launch of the Blooming Rose, Dominick could turn the tables on him. Dominick soon witnessed Bob and Kim kissing and realized he had his scandal. On the day of the fashion show and launch, he revealed to everyone that Bob and Kim were lovers! Bob was livid, Dominick was pleased. The Blooming Rose turned out to be a huge hit. Robin, later, came to her father and asked him about Leah's secret regarding Paige's paternity. He admitted the truth and vowed to keep the secret safe.

Dominick saw as Bob launched his latest line at Roboto and wondered how he could take the corporate advantage again. Meanwhile, he supported Robin when her wedding to Cory was interrupted by the news that Paige wasn't Robbie's biological daughter, but instead Jeff's. He was also there for Leah when her marriage hit the skids when the truth was revealed. Dominick encouraged Leah not to give up. Dominick and Bob, meanwhile, came to blows over Robbie and Leah's failed marriage. Dominick realized that he had to step up his game at Robertson Enterprises to really get the upper hand in the business world and start his quest to best his rival. He hired a new model from New York, Savannah Pherson. He supported Robin when she learned she was pregnant and after Robin started getting odd fan mail. He ensured her that it was nothing to worry about.

Eva went to Dominick and asked him for help in proving Donovan's innocence in Ernesto's murder. Dominick agreed and the two ended up in bed shortly afterwards. Dominick, meanwhile, also launched Robertson Enterprises new line "Petals". It was a huge hit, much to Bob's chargin. Dominick supported Leah after Robbie went after her for custody of Paige. Leah won custody and was overjoyed; Dominick however had seemingly disappeared. Leah worried about her father but was thrilled when he finally turned back up. He claimed he went on a business trip, but Leah and Bob were both curious as to his real whereabouts. Dominick, meanwhile, was horrified when during the fan meet and greet with Robin and Savannah as a smoke bomb went off and when the smoke cleared, Robin was missing! Dominick helped Cory track Robin down at the Calimo cabin, where Liam Fitzpatrick had kidnapped her. They saved Robin, but she had gone into labour and gave birth to a stillborn. He supported his daughter through her difficult times. Meanwhile, Bob learned that Dominick had gone to Switzerland on his "business trip". When Bob returned home, he made it clear to Dominick that he knew his secret; Dominick pleaded with his rival to keep the past a secret. On the day of Leah and Jeff's wedding, Bob stopped the ceremony by bringing in an alive Felicia Robertson! Felicia is Leah's mother, whom everyone believed was dead. Dominick faked his wife's death as she was slowly losing her mind; instead of making his family go through the pain of seeing her fall out of touch with reality, he sent her to a mental facility in Switzerland. Leah was devastated by Dominick's betrayal and slapped him. Dominick vowed revenge on Bob, unaware Bob was working with the unstable Felicia on another part of his plan. Eva was also upset with Dominick for his lies.

Dominick worried about Robin's mental health as she continued to slip further away following the death of her baby. He told Cory he was worried that history was repeating itself with Robin from Felicia. Eva, meanwhile, discovered that elder patients were dying at the hospital. She confided this to Dominick, who shortly after paid Will a visit. Cory was then shocked to discover that Will was Robin's new nurse as a deadly infection took over her body! Eva then overheard Dominick tell Will "it was time". Realizing what was happening, Eva grabbed Cory and they raced to Dominick's. They interrupted Robin about to get an injection from Will! Turns out, Dominick learned that Will was killing elder patients at the hospital and blackmailed him into helping him fake Robin's death so Cory could try to move on with his life. Cory was livid and banned Dominick from his daughter's life. Felicia, meanwhile, also took up a lot of Dominic's time. He butted heads with Dr. Frederick Richardson, Felicia's doctor from Switzerland. Dominick didn't trust Frderick as he was the one whom Bob paid to let Felicia leave the hospital. Felicia managed to pass her examinations, Dominick and Frederick unaware that Bob switched her medication with fake pills. Dominick then learned that Leah and Jeff were going to Lake Tahoe for their wedding. He went there after he realized a strung out Felicia followed them there. When he arrived, he and Leah made up. She told him that she still wanted to go ahead with the wedding. In the aftermath of the wedding, Dominick heard from Jeff telling him that Leah was missing. Dominick realized that Felicia must have taken Leah. They called Robbie, who tracked Leah and Felicia down but the farm house where they were exploded killing Leah! Dominick was devastated. Felicia fell into a coma and Dominick begged her to come back to him so he could find out what happened. Leah's death brought Paige back to town. At Leah's funeral, Felicia crashed it and blamed Bob for Leah's death. Dominick vowed revenge on his rival. Shortly after, Bob caught Johnny snooping in his office. Dominick arrived and explained to a horrified Bob and Kim that Johnny is really his long lost son Tyler! Bob fired Tyler but Dominick revealed that Tyler had been stealing company information and Dominick was going to release a perfume before Roboto could. When Bob threatened to go to the police, Dominick revealed that if he did, Dominick would tell the police about Bob's role in Leah's death. Kim was horrified to learn this about her husband. Dominick and Tyler relished in their success. Dominick, meanwhile, continued to butt heads with Frederick over Felica's well being and getting her back on track.

Eva pressed Dominick to divorce Felicia so they could be together. Dominick, however, didn't think that Felicia was ready for a divorce yet because of her mental state. Trying to help Felicia remember the events leading up to Leah's death, Dominick suggested that Frederick put her under hypnosis. Felicia agreed. While under, Felicia admitted to Frederick that she still loves Dominick. Frederick, however, kept this information a secret from Felicia, Dominick and Eva. Felicia, soon, remembered her role in Leah's death and confronted Bob. Dominick comforted her afterwards and vowed revenge on Bob. He soon saw Tyler and Kim share a kiss and snapped a picture of it. Dominick, meanwhile, warned Cory not to hurt Robin while she was away at the mental hospital. He realized that something may more be going on when he spotted Rebecca and Melissa talking. Dominick also was working with Robbie on a way to get revenge on Bob. After snapping the picture of Kim and Tyler kissing, he told Robbie he had a plan. When Robbie asked him about the plan, Dominick told him to leave it with him. On the night of the summer storm, Dominick showed Bob the picture of Tyler and Kim kissing. He taunted Bob by telling him that both of his wives, Sofia and Kim, turned to Robertson men in their time of need. Bob suffered a stroke; Dominick left him for dead and walked away. Eva found him and Bob was saved, but Dominick told Tyler and Felicia he was pleased. Dominick, meanwhile, was thriled when Robin returned. He knew that Rebecca and Melissa had played a role in her being in the hospital, so he warned Rebecca not to hurt a fragile Robin. Eva, meanwhile, grew frustrated of Dominick not leaving Felicia for her, so she left him. Shortly after, Felicia stunned Dominick by telling him that she didn't love him anymore (he didn't know that Frederick was brainwashing her with the information). Based on Felicia's proclaimation, Dominick filed for divorce. He told Eva, who suspected something was up.

Dominick began the year by visiting Felicia, who was having mixed emotions about receiving divorce papers. At the same time, Eva learned that Frederick had been brainwashing Felicia into believing that she didn't love Dominick anymore. Dominick and Felicia shared a close moment once their divorce was finalized. Eva was about to tell Dominick the truth about Felicia when he proposed to her. Eva accepted and kept mum, in fear of losing Dominick. Dominick, meanwhile, helped Robbie come up with a plan to get revenge on Bob for his role in Leah's death. Dominick also supported Paige during her crisis involving Shane and Robin during her marital breakdown with Cory. Dominick and Eva planned their wedding, as Eva's nerves continue to get the best of her about keeping the truth from Dominick. On their wedding day, Eva saw another close moment between Dominick and Felicia. Dominick and Eva got married, however. At the wedding reception, Trenyce arrived armed with the truth about Frederick brainwashing Felicia. She told Tyler, who confronted Frederick. Dominick was livid and vowed that no one would hurt Felicia again, leaving Eva wondering where her marriage to Dominick stood. Dominick was thrilled when Tyler announced that he had figured out the formula to the facial cream because Dominick knew that Tyler was struggling with an element. Dominick knew that this meant that Robertson Enterprises would beat Roboto to the punch with the release of the facial cream. Robertson did release their facial cream to a huge success, thrilling Dominick and Tyler. Tyler confessed to his father that he believed he had Kim right where he wanted her. Dominick vowed, meanwhile, to keep Felicia safe from Frederick. He also sensed that Eva was keeping something from him, but she told him she was fine. Dominick and Felicia were thrilled when Leah turned up alive. They reunited with their daughter, which left Eva feeling left out a little. Dominick confronted Frederick about all of his lies towards Leah, Felicia and his entire family on the night Frederick was shot. Frederick gloated back to him that Eva was keeping a secret from him. Dominick was questioned by the police and told Eva that he was glad Frederick had been gunned down. Eva covered with a lie about the secret Frederick said she was keeping.

Dominick was questioned by Simona Lopez regarding Frederick's death on New Year's Eve. Lopez noted that they found a note in Frederick's office that said "Eva knows". She asked Dominick what his wife knew, but Dominick claimed to know nothing. Once he left the office, he asked Eva about the note. She claimed that it was another trick of Frederick's and there was nothing that she was hiding. Dominick believed her. Dominick, meanwhile, also supported the rest of his family whom was questioned by Lopez in the death of the doctor. Meanwhile, Dominick opened a boutique on the ground floor of the Robertson Enterprises building that only sold RE products. He then ordered more facial cream as the first orders were selling out. He also loved the new print ad that Robin and Max came up with together. While being at the boutique, Leah had a memory flash and remembered a phone call between Frederick and Eva while she was in Santa Barbara. Leah revealed what she remembered to Dominick. Dominick confronted his wife with what Leah told him: that Eva knew Frederick was brainwashing Felicia. Eva tearfully admitted the truth and Dominick kicked her out. Felicia learned the truth and slapped her rival. Then, the ice storm hit Twin Peaks causing chaos. Dominick got a phone call from the driver of his semi-truck, who was driving to the boutique. Dominick begged him to pull over, but the driver insisted he was almost there. During the drive, however, the semi-truck lost control and it t-boned Kim's car, which they was pushed into Jemma, who was outside the Pampa Grill. Daisy and Vinny witnessed the accident and called for help. Dominick, Eva and Felicia arrived at the hospital to support Tyler, who was devastated to learn that Blake was braindead from the accident. Dominick comforted a distraught Felicia. Soon, the family was shocked to learn that Kim and Tyler were going to donate Blake's lungs to a dying Jacob. The transplant was a success: Jacob lived because of Blake's lungs. Eva, meanwhile, learned that it was a Robertson Enterprises truck that hit Kim's car. She confronted her husband, who told her it wasn't the time or place to discuss. Dominick and Felicia comforted a distraught Tyler, who revealed that he just wanted revenge on the person responsible for the accident. Felicia then threw a memorial service for Blake. Eva once again confronted her husband about the Robertson truck hitting Kim's car, unaware that Tyler overheard their conversation. Dominick was slapped by Kim when she learned the truth about his role in Blake's death. At the same time, Tyler disowned his father and quit working at Robertson Enterprises. When Felicia learned, she also lashed out at her ex-husband. Dominick was grateful for Eva's support, as she understood that the events of the ice storm were an accident. Still, he vowed to make his family come back around. He didn't help his cause, however, when he ordered Max and Robin to work on a Christmas ad-campaign for the facial cream. Tyler was even more furious with his father, as was Kim when she learned. Shortly after, Dominick was horrified to learn of Adam's accident that occurred at the boutique. He was further shocked to learn that the boutique was on fire! Worry turned into panic when he and the family learned that Felicia was in the boutique when the first was started. Thankfully, she survived, but Simona Lopez believed that Felicia might have been the one who started the fire. Dominick refused to believe it, but after they learned that Felicia was off her medication, Eva told Dominick that they might have to accept it. Felicia woke up, but she admitted that she couldn't remember everything because of her head injury. Dominick maintained that Felicia was innocent. On Christmas Day, Dominick told Eva that he didn't know how much more hurt and pain his family could go through.

Dominick and his family continued to worry about Felicia as she started to say that she was responsible for the fire at the boutique. Dominick didn't want to believe that Felicia could do such a thing, but Eva continued to remind him that she was off her medication. Finally, Simona Lopez agreed to drop all charges against Felicia, if she went to Raven's Meadow. Dominick held a family meeting and they agreed that the hospital was the best place for Felicia, so she was sent there. Once she was there, Dominick visited with Greg to get an update. On her new medication, Dominick was taken aback when Felicia told him that she didn't start the fire, causing Dominick to worry that Felicia was more unstable than he believed. Dominick, meanwhile, tried to get back into Tyler's good graces to no avail. He was upset with his son for going to work at Roboto and was even more upset by Tyler's role in the launch for the Gen Next House. Dominick also supported Leah as Jeff left her at the alter on her wedding day, but supported Leah when they ended up married anyways. Dominick was livid when Roboto launched the Gen Next House because it was a huge hit. It was salt in his wound knowing that it was Tyler's idea; he longed for his son to be back at Robertson, but every time he reached out to his son, Tyler rejected him. Dominick ordered all the Robertson Enterprises employees to come up with an idea that could compete with the Gen Next House. Dominick continued to visit Felicia in the hospital, as he was worried about her health. After claiming she did start the fire, Dominick was worried when she retracted her confession. Greg suggested that she was confusing her reality with her subconscious and suggested electroshock therapy. Dominick agreed, which shocked Eva, unaware it was Kim's idea. The next time Dominick visited Felicia, however, she was doing much better, so Dominick called off the therapy, which made Eva happy. Felicia tried to tell Dominick that Barbara was in danger, but he passed it off as nothing. Tyler then learned that Bob and Kim brainwashed Felicia and was livid. Dominick came to his son's defense when he attacked Bob, and the two agreed to put the past behind them. Dominick and Tyler went to Simona with the truth while Bob was in a car accident. Dominick told Simona that Bob has to pay for hurting his family. Felicia, meanwhile, was able to come home, but she was worried that Victoria was going to harm Barbara. Dominick wondered if it was true after Barbara was killed in Raven's Meadow.

Dominick pressed Simona to press charges against Bob and Kim for their roles in the fire at the boutique. Simona repeated told him, and Tyler, and until Bob was healthy they wouldn't be able to get anything to stick. Dominick, however, was pleased that this pushed him and Tyler closer together again. After Kim revealed that Bob woke up and confessed to starting the fire, Simona was able to get the arrest warrant, which pleased Dominick and Tyler. Dominick visited Bob and blasted his comatose enemy. Shortly after, Bob died from his injuries leaving the Calimo's rattled. Meanwhile, Dominick realized that Bob's medical crisis was the perfect time for Robertson Enterprises to launch a new big campaign. The team came up with an idea to launch a winter/ski line that would be revealed in November. Under Tyler's guidance, Daisy was hired as PR. Vinny, wanting to get revenge on Daisy & Tyler, told Dominick he was designing winter gear and got Dominick to hire him as a consultant, as Dominick had no idea of his ulterior motives. Dominick and his team at Robertson Enterprises continued to work hard on the winter/ski line. Dominick announced that they would hold the launch in November at Caldwell's Mountain Ski Resort. As the team continued to work, he was pleased with what he saw. Soon, Dominick learned that Paige moved out of Jeff & Leah's home. He didn't know why she moved out, but when she visited him, he offered her money since Leah and Jeff cut her off from her trust fund. When Leah and Jeff learned, they were livid with him and quit Robertson! Dominick worried that his line would suffer as a result. Felicia and Tyler sided with Dominick in the sense that they wanted to ensure Paige was taken care of. Dominick, then, hired Vinny as a design consultant for the line, which worried Daisy and Tyler, but Dominick was very impressed with Vinny's designs, unaware that Vinny was stealing them from Brett. Once Max saved Cheresa's life, Jeff and Leah came around to the fact that Paige was dating the young man. They returned to work and helped finish the line. At the launch, Donovan and Lukas got married before Gravity was released. It was a huge hit. Before the wedding reception, Dominick suggested that people buy Gravity merchandize and hit the mountains. Lukas, Vinny, Craig and Daisy all went out to the hill. Dominick then learned that there was an avalanche warning; he notified the rest of the guests as the avalanche hit. Donovan and Tyler were devastated when Lukas and Daisy were presumed dead. Despite the crisis, the launch was a hit huge.

Dominick continued to expand his staff at Robertson Enterprises as he offered Max his old job back as a photographer. Max agreed. Paige, then, came to see her grandfather about getting a position at the company. He was thrilled and agreed. Dominick then offered a position to Jacob, knowing that it would cause an issue for the Calimo's to have him working there; Jacob accepted. Dominick and Felicia continued to grow closer, which left Eva feeling left out. Eva continued to think that her husband was putting work and Felicia before her, they slowly grew estranged. Cassie, then, was revealed to be working with Dominick in secret! She was feeding him Roboto secrets about an anti-aging serum they were planning. Dominick worked on a copycat product and launched his serum hours before Roboto launched theirs. Natasha, Robbie and Kim were furious with Dominick, who kept mum about what really happened. Felicia, however, thought something was odd when she saw Cassie leave his office. Dominick learned that Will was out of jail and spending time with Eva; he warned his wife about seeing him as Dominick didn't trust Will. Eva continued to see him behind his back. They soon had an epic fight and it left Eva running into Will's bed. Dominick was stunned when he found out about Eva and Willís affair by reading the newspaper. He confronted his wife, who pleaded for him to forgive her. Felicia, meanwhile, used the opportunity to grow closer to her ex-husband. At the same time, Dominick was horrified to realize that millions of dollars from Robertson Enterprises was missing. He accused Eva of taking it since he thought that she wanted money if they were going to divorce. Eva claimed innocence. Tyler suggested that it was Cassie and Dominick realized it was true. Dominick went Robbie and Natasha and suggested that they work together to bring Cassie down since Roboto was also missing money. Dominick was thrilled when Cassie was presumed dead. Dominick, then, came face to face with Will and punched him for the affair. He and Felicia shared a kiss which Eva saw. Eva demanded that Dominick admit that he also has been having a affair but he claimed he and Felicia are just friends. He told her that he didnít think their love was enough to save their marriage.


Dominick continued to urge Eva to sign their divorce papers, however she saw a close moment between Dominick and Felicia so Eva refused to sign the papers if it meant Dominick was going to reunite with his ex-wife. Shortly after, Eva told Dominick that she suspected Felicia could be the serial killer if she was off her medication. At the same time, Tyler and Natasha announced that they were dating, which set Dominick off. He told Tyler that he shouldn't be dating Bob Calimo's daughter but Tyler maintained that he was happy. Tyler quit Robertson Enterprises as a result. Vinny, meanwhile, changed Felicia's medication so she started acting oddly and it made her hands shake. Dominick wondered if Felicia could be the killer, but she took a pill in front of him so he felt better. Simona, however, showed up and wanted to question Felicia, which made Dominick realize that Eva must have went to the police about her theory. He confronted his estranged wife and warned her to stay away from Felicia. Eva realized that Dominick would always put Felicia first and finally agreed to sign the divorce papers. Dominick and Tyler also came together to put Felicia first, as she continued to spiral out of control. In the meantime, Will showed up at Dominick's side and claimed that Eva was missing. They searched for her and found her stabbed outside the storage locker rooms! At the hospital, Dominick was gutted to learn that Eva was dead. He went to Tyler and told him to be happy with Natasha because life was too short. He also shooed Felicia away while grieving. Dominick then made the announcement to Leah and Tyler that he was stepping down from Robertson Enterprises and he left Tyler in charge of the company, which upset Leah. Dominick and Abby had a few run-in's after and ended up supporting one another. Dominick was thrilled to learn that Cassie returned to town and was arrested. He confronted is rival and told her that she was finally going to get what was coming to her. Dominick and Abby, meanwhile, continued to grow closer. They shared a few kisses while he supported her going through her community service at Raven's Meadow. He happened to mention to her that Felicia once was at the hospital. Eventually, they ended up in bed and they made love. Felicia realized how serious that Dominick and Abby were getting and confronted them. Dominick told her to mind her business, but Felicia told Leah and Tyler about their romance. The family expressed their concerns to Dominick, who told them that after losing Eva, he just wants happiness and Abby brings him happiness. He, then, walked in on Abby and Felicia sparring and heard Abby claim to know Felicia's "deep" secret. They demanded to know what it was. Abby stunned them, and Leah, by revealing that she read Felicia's file at Ravens Meadow and it had a note from Frederick that claimed he, not Dominick, fathered Leah! The family was devastated and gutted. Leah and Felicia believed that this was a way for Abby to get closer to Dominick. Abby apologized to Dominick, who told her it wasn't her fault. She suggested that they elope so the family could try to find peace. He agreed and they flew to Vegas and married. When they returned, Dominick's family was unnerved by his marriage. Dominick told them that he was going to be happy. He, then, told Abby he was going to update his will for her. Felicia warned Dominick against this, but on Christmas Day he presented her with the new will, leaving Felicia, Robin and Leah uneasy. Dominick was also worried to learn that Frederick was alive and well.

Dominick and Abby remained blissful while his family was concerned that he updated his will to leave more his estate to his new found wife. Dominick supported Tyler's decision to sue Roboto for corporate sabotage. Shortly after, Jacob quit working for the company and Abby suggested to Dominick that she work there. He told her that it would be up to Tyler, but Abby worried that Dominick's family wouldn't be supportive of her working for the company. Paige, especially, was against the idea. At Roboto's gala, Felicia stunned everyone by announcing that she had seen Barbara Mills alive and well! Dominick and Helen were concerned by this as they knew that Barbara passed away years earlier. Abby grew annoyed with Dominick's concern over his ex-wife but Dominick continued to tell Felicia that it was impossible that she saw Barbara. While he and Abby started to bicker, she grew closer to Ethan as a result. Soon after, Victoria arrived at Dominick's and told him that she went to Frederick's and saw "Barbara" take a mask off and it was actually an alive Eva! Dominick was floored and raced to Frederick's mansion, where he was planning to marry Felicia. Dominick stopped the wedding with the truth. A dazed Felicia rushed off leaving Frederick to confront his rival. Frederick knocked Dominick out, just as Abby entered! She demanded answers and Frederick told her that she had to drug Dominick to ensure he couldn't remember what happened, or her marriage would be over as Dominick would still be married to Eva. Abby agreed and started drugging her husband. Dominick wondered why he couldn't remember and realized that Frederick might have brainwashed him. Paige was annoyed that Abby was more supportive of Dominick. Dominick and Tyler agreed that Felicia might have to be recommitted to Raven's Meadow when she started saying that Barbara is really Eva. Dominick was worried that Frederick would treat her again and he hired Ethan and Paige to work together on that. Tyler asked Bryce to be Felicia's doctor and Dominick, then, asked Bryce to hypnotize him to make him remember the events leading up to the wedding. Dominick hired Ethan to work at Robertson Enterprises with the specific purpose of finding a way to ensure Frederick wouldn't be the one that treated Felicia at Raven's Meadow. Ethan and Paige realized that they could file a restraining order against Frederick, which thrilled Dominick. Dominick and Tyler, then, took Felicia to Raven's Meadow; they were relieved when Bryce said he would look after her. Dominick, meanwhile, struggled to remember the events leading up to Frederick and Felicia's wedding, so he asked Bryce to hypnotize him, which worried Abby as she secretly continued to drug him. Shortly after, Dominick was placed under hypnosis and he started having memory flashes. When his memory came back, he went to confront Abby, and overheard her and Greg talking about the fact that she had shared some kisses with Ethan! Dominick was furious and confronted his wife. They had a huge fight where Abby pleaded with him to understand that she was drugging him because she didn't want to lose him, which she believed she would have since Eva was alive and well. During the fight, Dominick collapsed as he suffered a stroke! At the hospital, the Robertson's were horrified when the doctors believed that Dominick wouldn't ever wake up.

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