Bob Calimo, SR.

Representation: Ron Raines
On Series Since: 2002 - Present
Deceased: 2020
Full Name: Robert 'Bob' Calimo SR.
Profession: CEO & Founder of Roboto Enterprises
Martial Status: Married, Kim Reese; Widower, Sofia Calimo
Previous Relationships: Affair, Eva McCloud
Family Ties: Dead Wife, Sofia Calimo; Son, Robbie Calimo; Daughter, Natasha Calimo


2002 - 2004

Bob founded Roboto Enterprises, a multi-million corporation that includes cosmetics and other dealings. Proud husband to Sofia and his two children, Robbie and Natasha. He threatened Jeff when he refused to get an annulment from Leah.

Bob was livid when Sofia's affair with Dominick came to light to Robbie and Leah. It was revealed that after he discovered his wife's deception, he had an affair with Eva McCloud. Unbeknownst to Bob, Dominick decided to try to win Sofia back. He told a hospitalized Natasha of his affair with her mother. Bob was furious. He and Sofia were talking about their secret on New Year’s Eve: Eva is really Natasha’s mother! He did not know that Robin overheard their confession. To make matters worse, Eva returned to Twin Peaks with Dominick on New Year's Eve.

Slowly, Eva befriended Natasha. Sofia finally uncovered the fact that Eva was back in town. Dominick cornered Bob and Sofia and demanded that Sofia leave Bob or he will reveal the truth of Eva being Natasha's mother. Bob came up with a counter plan. Meanwhile, Bob also encouraged Robin to start modelling at Roboto. To ensure he got the upper hand on Dominick, Bob told Sofia that they should fake a separation until they got something to use against Dominick. Sofia agreed. They told Natasha and Robbie, who were devastated. Bob then revealed his secret weapon: Melissa! He brought Robin's mother back to town to get her to take Dominick's mind of Sofia. Sofia, meanwhile, was "dating" Dominick to make it look like her break up with Bob was real. She shared a kiss with him!

After Robbie was shot, Natasha learned the truth about Eva being her mother. Sofia told Dominick the truth that she was playing him. Natasha, meanwhile, lashed out at Bob, Sofia and Eva. She hooked up with Ryan and started doing drugs. Kim discovered the truth and told Bob and Sofia, who wondered what to do next. Bob gathered his family for an intervention with Natasha. She told them to all go to hell, so Bob and Robbie put another plan into action. They had Natasha arrested and forced her to spend the night in jail. Afterwards, she reached out to her family. Bob and Sofia were thrilled to have their daughter back. Bob, meanwhile, realized that a numbered company had started buying up smaller companies that rival Roboto. He put his head together to try to figure it out and clashed with Dominick as he revealed his kiss with Sofia. On New Years Eve, Bob and Sofia professed their love for each other before she went to Natasha's car to get something. Unbeknownst to all, there was a bomb on the car. As soon as Sofia opened the door, the car went up in flames!

Bob was devastated by the death of his wife. He agreed to let Dominick come to the funeral. At the funeral, Cassie was exposed for killing Sofia and Bob vowed she would pay. She was presumed dead after she drove her car off the bridge. Kim began giving Bob a shoulder to cry on and he was livid to learn that Dominick was planning his own company that would rival Roboto. More over, Bob was furious to learn that Dominick's first perfume would be dedicated to Sofia. Bob and Kim, meanwhile, shared a kiss and realized that they were starting to fall for each other. They made love. Dominick discovered their secret affair and at the launch of the Blooming Rose, revealed to everyone that Bob and Kim had become lovers. Bob's children, Robbie and Natasha, were shocked by their father's actions since Sofia hadn't been dead for a full year yet and because Kim is Natasha's best friend. Bob told his children that he doesn't want to be alone anymore and advised Kim that they will come around. Soon after, Bob and Kim got engaged which made his children even more upset. Bob and the team at Roboto started to work on a new line that would rival Dominick's.

Bob continued to support Kim in trying to convince her that his children will come around and accept their engagement. He was disheartened to learn that Natasha refused Kim's request that she be the maid of honour. Bob, meanwhile, worked over time at Roboto to come out with a new perfume to compete with Dominick's company, Robertson Enterprises. The launch was successful, leaving Bob thrilled. He and Kim went to Vegas and eloped - they returned and announced their marriage to Robbie and Natasha, who were devastated. Natasha disappeared (no one knew that Cassie kidnapped her); Shane showed the couple a note saying that Natasha left town because of their marriage. Bob was upset that his daughter left because of his marriage; he agreed to help Shane find her, which upset Kim who believed that Natasha wasn't really in any danger. Bob and Dominick, meanwhile, came to blows again after the truth about Paige's paternity came out. Bob vowed to get the upper hand on his rival once and for all. Eva then also told Bob that she was worried about Natasha when Natasha didn't turn up. Kim decided to get to the truth once and for all: she tracked Shane down at the Black house and went there. Kim found a captive Helen and Natasha; Cassie found her and confronted her with a gun. Kim and Cassie struggled and were both shot. Bob stood by his wife while she struggled to survive, but was reunited with Natasha.

Kim pulled through her gun shot wound to the delight of Bob. Bob returned his focus to Roboto and taking down Dominick and Robertson Enterprises. Dominick launched "Petals", the follow up to the "The Blooming Rose" and it was a huge success. Bob was livid and in his quest to take down Dominick began to neglect Kim. Bob supported Robbie during his custody case for Paige. When the case was over, Dominick disappeared. Bob learned this and wondered where his rival would go at such a critical time for his family. Bob soon learned that Dominick went to Switzerland; despite Kim's pleads, Bob went to Europe to try to uncover Dominick's secret. When he came back, Kim was startled when he told her that he had to have a minor medical procedure done; he kept mum about what it actually was. He also told his wife that he had uncovered a secret about Dominick that could ruin Dominick's family forever. Kim worried about what this was. At Leah and Jeff's wedding, Bob stopped the ceremony bringing Felicia Robertson into the ceremony. Turns out, she has been alive all these years but mentally unstable so Dominick faked her death and sent her to a mental institution. In the aftermath, Dominick vowed revenge on Bob, who was thrilled with what he accomplished. Eva went to Bob and asked him to end this feud with Dominick, unaware Bob was working with Felicia on another part of his plan.

Bob continued to pressure Felicia into helping him carry out his plan of wanting to hurt Dominick's family. Realizing that time was running out, Bob ordered fake medication pills and replaced them with Felicia's real medication. Slowly, Felicia started to become more and more unbalanced, which thrilled Bob. He, meanwhile, also found Kim's ultrasound, shocking him to know that his wife was pregnant. He recalled as he had a vasectomy the previous year so he knew that he couldn't have been the father of Kim's baby. He started to have her followed, unaware that Kim was sleeping with Johnny. In the wake of news of Leah's death, Kim noticed Bob's reaction and wondered what was up with him. At Leah's service, Felicia showed up and yelled at Bob. Kim was horrified to realize that Bob did have something to do with Leah's death. Following the service, Bob and Kim had an arguement at Roboto but they caught Johnny snooping in Bob's office. Dominick showed up and shocked both Kim and Bob by revealing that Johnny is actually his long lost son, Tyler! Bob fired Tyler. Kim collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. She was told not to have any more stress. Bob then learned of Tyler and Kim's affair. He summonded both of them over and revealed that he knew about them. He kicked Kim out. Bob soon caught Kim kissing Tyler; she went into labour and gave birth to a baby boy. Robbie, meanwhile, vowed revenge on Bob for his role in Leah's death.

Kim tried to make amends with her husband in the new year, but Bob refused to listen to her. They were pulled together in various medical crisis' however, as Natasha fell down the stairs and Andy was involved in some accidents because of his drinking. Bob and Kim realized that they enjoyed supporting each other. Kim decided to throw Bob a surprise birthday party. At the party, Bob overheard Kim defending their marriage to Tyler and realized that they could be together, under one condition. He revealed to Kim that if she gave up baby Blake, they could make their marriage work. Felicia, meanwhile, crashed Bob's party and revealed that she remembered that he was drugging her, which caused Leah's death. She slapped him. Dominick vowed revenge on his rival. Bob also offered Paige a place to stay, as she didn't want to stay with Robbie or Jeff anymore. Robbie was livid and confronted his father. Kim, meanwhile, was spotted with her suitcases and Bob believed that she had given up Blake to be with him again. Kim shocked him by telling him that she would never give up her son and she left Bob. He was devastated. On the night of the storm, Dominick visited Bob and taunted his rival with the fact that Robbie was working with him to get revenge on Bob for his role in Leah's death. Dominick then showed Bob a picture of Tyler and Kim kissing, telling him that Robertson men know how to please Bob's wives better than he does. Stunned by the image, Bob had a stroke. Dominick walked out, leaving him for dead. Eva found Bob and rushed him to the hospital. While Bob was in the hospital, Kim and Tyler grew closer and he planned on proposing to her. Craig informed Kim that Bob had lost his memory of the last couple of years and she should go along with being his wife, or it could hurt his chances of recovery. Kim agreed to be Bob's loving wife. She continue the act, pushing Tyler aside. Bob and Kim ended up kissing on Christmas.

The year opened with Bob still suffering from amnesia and Kim playing his good wife. The two continued, however, to grow closer. To show his wife how much he loved her, Bob gave Kim a job at Roboto, which she happily accepted. Bob then agreed to let Andy use the mansion as a venue for his benefit in honor of Reese. At the gala, Kim revealed to Bob that Roboto should launch a facial cream; Bob loved the idea, but didn't know that Tyler and Dominick had come up with the same idea. Bob and Dominick ended up having a heated conversation at the gala and Bob collapsed. Kim rushed her husband to the hospital, where it was revealed that he suffered from a mild stroke. Kim had no idea that the stroke caused Bob's full memory to return; Bob, however, kept this a secret as he wanted Kim back and he feared that if she knew his memory had returned, she would go back to Tyler. Bob purposely broke up a couple of close moments Kim and Tyler shared while they were with Blake. Tyler, however, realized that Bob had his memory back when Bob taunted him one day. Kim arrived and realized that it was true. She walked out on her husband, but soon returned after she saw Tyler and Trenyce in bed. Kim agreed to forgive Bob. Bob then revealed that he had to leave town to attend a rehab facility. Knowing that his wife had needs, Bob agreed to give Kim a "free pass" to be with a man if she needed one sexually. While he was away, Kim continued to work on the facial cream as well. When Bob returned home, he caught Kim in bed with Robbie. Bob was livid that she turned to his son while he was away. Kim was horrified when Robbie revealed that he slept with her as an act of revenge against Bob for his role in killing Leah. Kim stormed out and in anger sent Tyler Roboto's formula for their facial cream, as Robertson was struggling with their formula. Bob, meanwhile, left the mansion with Victoria and they were in a minor car accident. The accident made Robbie realize that life is too short to hold on to anger: he and Bob made up and agreed to put the past behind them. Bob, then, came face to face with Kim. Bob forgave Robbie and Kim for their affair as he wanted to put the past behind him and move forward. He told Robbie that life is too short to hold grudges. They made up. He told his wife that he wanted to move forward as long as there were no more secrets. They made love. Bob then learned that Robertson Enterprises was going to release a facial cream before Roboto; Bob had no idea how this happened since Roboto had been working so hard to finish their product. He then realized that Roboto had a mole and leaked the information to Roberston. He had an internal lock down to try to uncover the truth about who sent Robertson the formula, but it turned up nothing. He asked Kim to interview every employee next, but that also turned up nothing. He vowed revenge on the person who hurt his company this way, unaware it was Kim.

Bob was still desperate to find out who gave Robertson Enterprises the forum to the facial cream. Around the same time, he noticed that Kim was acting odd. He asked Andy if he noticed anything going on with his sister but Andy did not. Meanwhile, Bob was horrified when Jacob developed a lung infection and was likely going to die unless they found someone to donate lungs to him. At the hospital, Kim cornered her husband and made a stunning revelation: she and Tyler had sex on New Years Eve because he was blackmailing her into silence about giving him the forum! Bob was outraged and torn into his wife for her betrayal. He filed for divorce. Then the ice storm hit and Kiki was in a car accident with Blake. Kim survived but Blake was pronounced brain dead. A devastated Kim and Tyler agreed to donate Blake’s lungs to Jacob. Jacob lived, Blake died. Bob tried to comfort Kim but she pushed him away. At Blake’s memorial service, Kim was served with divorce papers as Bob and Dominick shared a rare tender moment. Bob then learned of Dominicks role in Blake’s death and offered that Kim stay in the mansion while she grieves. Kim agreed. They seemingly grew closer together. A short time later, there was a fire at Dominick’s boutique, that trapped Felicia inside. Bob realized that Kim started the fire and thought her revenge was brilliant. They made love but worried that she would be charged with the crime. Bob and Kim came up with a plan to brainwash Felicia into thinking she started the fire.

The year started with Bob and Kim desperate to make Felicia believe she started the fire at the boutique. Bob placed a device in Felicia's hospital room and told her that she started the fire; when Felicia awoke, she claimed she did start the fire, much to the joy of Bob and Kim. Felicia was sent to Raven's Meadow and Bob proposed to Kim, which upset Robbie & Natasha as they didn't want their father to be hurt again. Kim and Bob did, however, remarry, unaware that Tyler had overheard them talking about the device that they used to brainwash Felicia. Kim, meanwhile, hired Tyler at Roboto and he came up with the idea of the Gen Next House; Bob was skeptical at first of Tyler working there but agreed to keep him on after he liked his idea. Soon, the Gen Next House campaign launched. Bob also suggested to Cory that he buy Wild Night from him. Cory said no. Bob, Kim and Tyler launched the Gen Next House, where Andrew, Abby, Cheresa, Paige and Max all went into the Calimo mansion guest house for the summer. Bob and Kim were thrilled with the success and thanked Tyler. Tyler, meanwhile, discovered the device that Bob used to brainwash Felicia into believing she started the fire at the boutique, but he didn't know what it was. Bob and Kim worried about the sales of the Gen Next House after Andrew almost died at the Summer Sendoff Dance, but sales actually increased. Kim saw Tyler with the device and told Bob to leak the picture of Tyler and Daisy kissing to the newspaper, which he did. Tyler's affair with Daisy was exposed. Bob, then, saw Kim and Greg kissing, unaware Kim was using Greg to get information on Felicia, who was at Raven's Meadow. Bob saw Tyler with the device and wondered if he should tell him the truth, but he didn't. Kim pleaded with her husband to forgive her since she was using Greg; Natasha and Robbie saw them fighting. Bob, meanwhile, also pressured Cory into selling him Wild Night. Bob did forgive Kim and they realized they had to stop Tyler from listening to the device, but it was too late: Tyler realized that Bob brainwashed his mother! He confronted Bob, who denied everything. Bob was then in a car accident with Helen and he fell into a coma. Kim pleaded with him to wake up, as Simona wanted to question him about the brainwashing. Bob remained in a coma throughout the holidays, while Natasha and Robbie blamed Kim for his accident.

Bob remained in a coma following his car accident with Helen. This family, especially Kim, pleaded with him to get better. Kim was visiting him and he awoke. He revealed to his wife that Sofia was calling him to join her. Fearing that he was going to die, Bob told Kim to tell everyone that he started the fire at the boutique. Bob fell back into a coma and Sofia reappeared to call him to join her; Bob died as a result of his injuries leaving his family gutted.

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