Representation: Nick Cannon
On Series Since: 2010
Full Name: Terrence Caldwell
Died: 2010
Profession: CEO Caldwell Industries
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: Dated, Danielle
Family Ties:None


Terrence is the man from Detriot that has a connection to Danielle and Trenyce. He came to Twin Peaks and convinced Daisy to help him build a new ski resort in Twin Peaks. While working together, he wooed her and the two grew closer. It was revealed however that he was dating Danielle when she died. At the opening of Caldwell Mountain Ski Resort, Brett told Daisy that Terrence killed Danielle! In a desperate move, he took Trenyce and Daisy hostage and revealed that he killed Danielle after he agreed to help her take over Daisy's life but she failed to live up to her end of the deal by helping him launch Caldwell Industries into the ski resort industry. He also was devastated to learn that she was still sleeping with Chris after their plan was exposed. Robbie and Chris saved the women and Terrence was killed.

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