Eva McCloud

Representation: Michelle Pfeiffer
On Series Since: 2009 - 2022
Full Name: Eva McCloud
Profession: Retired Chief of Staff, Twin Peaks General Hospital
Martial Status: Estranged, Dominick Robertson; Affair, Will Coutts
Previous Relationships: Affair, Bob Calimo; Ex-Husband, Ernesto Moretti; Ex-Boyfriend, Will Coutts
Family Ties: Daughter, Natasha Calimo; Son, Donovan Moretti; Daughter, Marbella Moretti, aka Victoria Franky



The woman that Bob and Sofia keep getting random text messages and emails from. She is apart of their deep, dark secret that they are keeping. On New Year’s Eve, Bob and Sofia spoke that Eva is really Natasha’s mother!

She soon arrived in town, knocking on Dominick’s door. She stayed with Dominick while getting used to being in Twin Peaks again. Soon, she ran into Natasha and realized that Natasha was her daughter. She got Natasha's legal advice regarding her daughter, all the while befriending Natasha. The two grow closer and became friends with each other; Eva thrilled to be close to her daughter. Eva eventually moved out of Dominick's home and into her own condo. She realized that Natasha had to learn the truth after Natasha suffered minor injuries in a car accident.

After Robbie was shot, Eva told Sofia that she wanted Natasha to learn the truth. Bob and Sofia were horrified when Natasha overheard them fighting about it; Eva told Natasha the truth when she confronted them. Natasha was devastated and shut them all out. Eva wondered if she would ever get her daughter back. She suggested to the Calimos that they work together to get Natasha back. She was apart of a failed intervention with Natasha. At the hospital, she began to clash with Will, and even more so when he became her neighbour. After Natasha recovered, she rejected Eva claiming to need more time. Will comforted her and the two shared a kiss. On New Year's Eve, the two made love.

Eva learned of Sofia's death and wanted to be there for Natasha. Will encouraged her to wait until Natasha reached out to her. Eva didn't listen and went to Natasha and was crushed when Natasha told her she needed space. After Natasha reunited with Shane, she reached out to Eva, who was thrilled with the chance to get to know her daughter. Eva, meanwhile, met with Victoria at the hospital and thought that the doctor looked familiar but couldn't place her. Eva did some research and learned of Victoria's abusive past from her father. Will thought it was odd that Eva was researching Victoria and Eva admitted that her ex-husband was also abusive. Will became more worried when Eva started to receiving odd notes and objects tying her to her past. Eva confessed her abusive ex to Will and he suggested that they go to the police. Eva refused btu did agree to hire Madeline to see if she can uncover anything about her stalker. Will became upset with Eva as she refused to give Madeline more information about her past to help her with her investigation. On New Years Eve, Eva was stunned to see her ex-husband Ernesto back in town. Will was floored when Ernesto announced that Eva is Donovan and Victoria's biological mother!

Eva explained to Will, Donovan and Victoria that she is in fact Donovan and Victoria's mother. She and Ernesto were married; he was horribly abusive. She came up with a plan to fake her death along with Donovan and Victoria's and run away. The plan went wrong and she wasn't able to flee with her children. Victoria, Donovan and Will were all disgusted with her lies. Eva reached out to all three but all three rejected her. She was devastated when Will confessed that he was ready to propose to her on New Year's Eve but he was hurt by her secrets. She vowed to make things right. When Victoria was attacked, she thought it was Ernesto but she had no proof. She started growing closer to her children. She was also left out in the cold by Natasha, who was horrified to learn she had two half siblings. Eva stopped Natasha from breaking up Kim and Bob's wedding. She worried about Natasha when she disappeared. Victoria was attacked leaving Eva thinking that Ernesto was behind the attack. She confronted her ex-husband, who told her to stay out of it. Eva vowed to prove that Ernesto was behind the attack. Eva and Will slowly started to regain their trust. He proposed to her, which Ernesto interrupted. Ernesto shocked Will by revealing that he and Eva are still legally married! Will was crushed by the latest lie by Eva and walked out. Eva vowed revenge on Ernesto. Shortly after, Eva was attacked! Will found her and she claimed to be okay. Everyone suspected Ernesto, but he could prove his innocence. Shortly after, Robbie and Victoria got a video from her attack showing Jonas as the attacker! Victoria was attacked again - when she awoke, Ernesto was dead! Eva supported Victoria and then Donovan when they were arrested for the murder. She also tried to get Will to forgive her, to no avail.

Eva pleaded with Will to give her another chance, he refused. She got the hint when she saw him with Madeline. Eva went to Dominick and begged him to help her prove that Donovan was innocent in murdering Ernesto; Dominick agreed. The two soon ended up in bed together. During the trial, Eva supported her son. She was horrified, however, when Donovan was found guilty. On the day that Donovan was going to get the death penalty, Victoria and Robbie burst in and proved that Donovan was innocent. Eva was relieved that Donovan was saved and thanked Victoria and Robbie for their help. Soon after, she was busy supporting Dominick as his children went through their own ordeals. She was shocked when Felicia

Eva was worried about her relationship with Dominick when Felicia came back into the picture. She supported Dominick as he tried to ensure that Felicia's mental well being was in order. Little did they know, however, that Bob switched Felicia's medication with fake pills and she was slowly losing control. Eva, meanwhile, also learned that elder patients at the hospital were dying. Wondering what was happening, she hired Madeline to look into the deaths. After Natasha's wedding, Eva heard Dominick tell Will that it was time. She had heard Dominick talk about Felicia's mental illness a little bit earlier and quickly realized what was happening. She grabbed Cory and raced to Dominick's. They stopped Will from injecting Robin with a drug that would have made her look dead - Dominick was going to fake Robin's death the same way he did to Felicia years ago. Cory was livid; Eva ended up forgiving Dominick for what he was going to do, understanding why he was going to do it. After Leah died in Lake Tahoe, Eva tried to comfort a devastated Dominick. The couple seemingly grew closer but after Felicia awoke from her coma, Eva worried that Dominick had deeper feelings than he was admitting for his wife. Eva, meanwhile, also supported Natasha through her marriage problems.

Eva pressed Dominick to get a divorce from Felicia so they could be together. She was upset when Dominick revealed that he didn't think Felicia could handle a divorce. Shortly after, she wondered if Dominick's idea of putting Felicia under hypnosis was a good idea. After Felicia remembered her role in Leah's death, Eva was alarmed to see Dominick comforting his wife. Eva began to lose patience with Dominick. On the night of the summer storm, she found Bob passed out as he had suffered a stroke. She saved his life and got him to the hospital. She spotted Dominick being happy with Felicia and Tyler and she wondered if he had something to do with Bob's condition. Shortly after, Eva asked Dominick to leave Felicia. When he was still hesitant, she left him. She was shocked to then learn that Felicia claimed not to love Dominick anymore and she suspected something was up. She broke into Frederick's office and ended up over hearing his connection to Jemma! Later, she broke back into Frederick's office and read his notes, trying to figure out why Felicia suddenly stopped loving Dominick.

Eva uncovered the truth about Frederick and Felicia's hypnosis sessions: he was brainwashing her into believing that she didn't love Dominick anymore. Frederick told Eva that if she didn't tell the truth, she could have a real chance with Dominick. Eva told him that he was crazy and planned to reveal the truth to Dominick. When she was going to tell him, Dominick shocked her by revealing that his divorce to Felicia was final and he proposed to her. Eva accepted and agreed to keep mum to Frederick. Eva happily planned her wedding, but secretly was worried that the truth would come out. On her wedding day, Eva witnessed a close moment between Felicia and Dominick, but her wedding went off without a hitch. At the wedding reception, Trenyce arrived, armed with the truth and exposed Frederick's scheme to Tyler. Tyler exposed Frederick, who admitted the truth but failed to mention that Eva was in on the plan. Once everyone was finished verbally assaulting Frederick, he told Eva that he would keep her part in the plan a secret, if she agreed to help him get Felicia back. Eva refused but realized that Dominick would leave her if he learned the truth so she agreed. She tried to speak to Felicia, who vowed that she would never forgive Frederick. Eva worried that Frederick would reveal her knowing about Felicia's brainwashing, so she continued to try to get Felicia to forgive Frederick. Felicia, of course, refused. Eva was able to have some breathing room as Frederick went to Santa Barbara for the double weddings. Eva was thrilled when Victoria and Robbie got engaged again, buts he warned her daughter about getting hurt again. Once everyone returned from Santa Barbara, Eva was shocked that Leah was alive and well. She watched as Dominick and Felicia reunited with their daughter. Eva then confronted Frederick about all of his lies; he warned her that he would spill the beans. Frederick was then shot. Eva was questioned by the police. She told Dominick that she is glad that Frederick was shot. He asked her about the secret she was keeping that Frederick knew about. She covered with a lie

Eva was questioned by Simona Lopez regarding Frederick's murder on New Year's Eve. Simona told her about a note that was found in Frederick's office that read "Eva knows". Eva told her that Frederick was crazy, but secretly Eva worried that the truth that she knew that Frederick had been brainwashing Felicia would come out. She worried when Dominick confronted her about the note, but Eva seemingly was able to cover her tracks. Shortly after, Leah had a memory flash of a phone conversation between Eva and Frederick while she was in Santa Barbara; Leah revealed her memory to Dominick. Dominick confronted his wife about her knowing about the brainwashing. Eva tearfully admitted the truth. Dominick kicked her out; Felicia learned the truth and slapped her. Eva vowed not to lose her marriage. Eva, meanwhile, supported Natasha after a fall on the ice resulted in the fact that she couldn't have any more children. Shortly after, Eva was devastated when Jacob developed a lung infection and was going to die unless he got a transplant Then, the ice storm hit Twin Peaks and Eva learned about the car accident involving Kim and Blake. She was at the hospital to support Dominick, whose grandson, Blake, went braindead following the crash. Tyler and Kim agreed to donate Blake's lungs to a dying Jacob, which was a double-edged sword for Eva as her grandson was being saved but Dominick's was dying. Soon after the transplant, Eva learned that it was a Robertson Enterprises semi that hit Kim's car. She confronted Dominick, who refused to discuss it. At Blake's memorial service, she questioned him again, unaware Tyler overheard their conversation. Eva supported Dominick when the truth came out about his role in Blake's death. She continued to tell him that it was nothing more than an accident; Dominick vowed to make his family understand after Tyler and Felicia were upset with him. Eva, then, saw Felicia have a break down and wondered if she was off her medication. Eva told Dominick her fears, but he was sure that she was on her medication. Eva was then with Dominick when they learned about the fire at the boutique, and that Felicia was inside the building at the time! At the hospital, the family learned that Felicia would make a full recovery, but she did have a head injury and she was off her medication. Simona believed that Felicia could have started the fire, but Dominick believed she was innocent. Eva tried to tell her husband that with Felicia being off her medication, she could have started the fire.

Eva continued to support Dominick as he struggled with the idea that Felicia could have started the fire, however she reminded her husband that Felicia was off her medication at the time. She encouraged Dominick to send Felicia to Raven's Meadow after Felicia confessed to starting the blaze and Simona agreed to drop all the charges if Felicia went to the facility. Felicia was sent to Raven's Meadow. Eva, meanwhile, worried about Victoria after she was nearly raped on the pier. With Donovan, they visited Victoria, who was acting oddly. Eva had no idea that Victoria's multiple personality, Brandy, had returned. Eva also worried about Natasha after she was shot, but rejoiced when she learned she was pregnant. Eva continued to hear from Shane that he thought something odd was going on with Victoria. Eva continued to visit Victoria, who appeared fine to her. She told Shane and Donovan that Victoria was fine, unaware that her multiple personalities were back. Eva, meanwhile, was worried about Felicia when Dominick agreed to give her electroshock therapy. Eva worried that it was too extreme of therapy. Dominick visited Felicia and when she was doing better, he agreed to not go forward with the electroshock therapy, which pleased Eva. Shane, then, realized that Craig did not have HIV, which is against Victoria's diagnosis. Eva worried that something more was going on with Victoria as a result; she confronted her daughter, who lashed out at her. Eva told Shane that she agreed that something was up with Victoria. Shane then heard Donovan tell Lukas about Victoria's history with DID and wondered if Brandy had returned. Eva didn't believe his theory.

Eva continued to disregard Shane's theories that Victoria's alter egos were back, thinking that she would know if her daughter's mental illness had returned. Donovan told her that they should try to consider all the possibilities. Eva spoke to Brandy, who covered. Shane suggested that they whisk Victoria away to the Calimo cabin so she wouldn't have any distractions or interruptions while they spoke. Brandy, knowing that if she refused would cause concern, agreed. Shane, Donovan and Eva arrived at the Cabin and saw Victoria pointing a gun at Brett, who had been released from jail. Brandy then revealed herself to everyone; Eva was horrified. Brandy then announced that she would have to kill all of them since they learned her secret. The gun jammed and Brandy accidently shot herself. Eva, Donovan and Shane rushed her to the hospital, where Victoria fell into a coma. All three wondered who else Victoria could have hurt; Shane then realized that Brandy had buried Helen alive and she was saved. Eva, meanwhile, was upset when Bob died. When Helen awoke, she wanted to press charges against Victoria, but Eva told her that if she pressed charges Victoria wouldn't get the help she needed. Helen agreed and Eva signed papers that would allow Victoria to go to a specialized hospital to deal with multiple personalities. Eva supported Dominick while he worked on his new line at Robertson Enterprises. Eva, then, heard from Victoria's doctors and was pleased to know that her daughter was getting better. She told this to Donovan and Dominick, who were also pleased. Shortly after, Victoria returned home and Eva welcomed her home. She encouraged her daughter to get back together with Shane since she was healthy again. Eva was then thrilled when Donovan and Lukas got engaged. After the wedding, Lukas was presumed dead in an avalanche; she supported a devastated Donovan.

Eva supported Victoria who went through a pregnancy scare but was upset when it didn't go through. She was later concerned when her daughter moved in with Vinny in the Victors mansion. Eva was thrilled when Donovan and Lukas announced that they wanted to adopt a baby. She and Dominick threw a congratulations party, where Lukas was arrested for raping Craig! Eva supported her son through the charges. Eva, meanwhile, was growing tired of Dominick seemingly putting Robertson Enterprises and Felicia before her. She also grew tired of Felicia meddling into her marriage. When Will Coutts was released from jail, Eva was thrilled that her former lover was back. Dominick was not amused that Eva was still friendly with him as Dominick had a sour past with the younger man. He forbid her to see Will, but Will continued to see Eva. Eva and Dominick then had a huge fight following his announcement of Youthful; the fight pushed Eva into Will's arms and his bed. Eva continued to tell Will that their affair was a mistake and that she wanted her marriage to work. Shortly after, Cassie leaked the affair to the Sun and Eva’s marriage imploded as Dominick was furious with her. She pleaded with him to give her a second chance but he kicked her out of the house. Eva was furious with Felicia for trying to take advantage of the situation by getting closer to Dominick. The women sparred. Will, meanwhile, told Eva that they were meant to be but she told him that they were a mistake. Eva then went to see Natasha for support; Cassie showed up and revealed that Kim paid Will to seduce her and Natasha knew about! Eva was furious with her daughter and kicked her out of her life. After Jacob and Paige almost died, Eva and Natasha did share close moment. Eva also supported Donovan and Lukas when they adopted a baby boy named Olly. She was worried about Victoria, however, when she was late for Christmas. Eva worried that she her multiple personalities had returned. Eva, meanwhile, pleaded with Dominick to take her back but he refused. Eva saw him kiss Felicia and she ended up back in Will’s bed.


Eva continued to press Dominick to give her another chance in their marriage, but he kept her at bay. She witnessed a close moment between Dominick and Felicia; she told her husband that she wouldn't sign the divorce papers if it meant he was going to reunite with Felicia. Will, meanwhile, told Eva he was getting tired of waiting for her, so Eva told him not to wait for her because she loved Dominick. Eva and Donovan continued to be worried about Victoria, unaware that Vinny was gaslighting her. They worried that she had split again, which made them wonder if she was the serial killer. Eva told Simona her theory, however Victoria was able to provide an alibi. Eva then saw Felicia acting oddly and wondered if she could be the killer. She went to Simona with her new theory but asked that she keep it between them, which Simona agreed. Dominick, however, realized that Eva discussed her theory with the police and told his wife to stay away from Felicia. Eva realized that Dominick would always put Felicia first and told him that she would sign his divorce papers. Eva, meanwhile, supported Natasha after her relationship with Tyler was revealed, which grew them closer. She was also happy that Victoria got herself checked out at Raven's Meadow to ensure she was healthy. After Eva agreed to the divorce, she ran into Will and they kissed. Eva thanked him for always being there for her; he wanted to make love,but she claimed she had to remove Dominick from her life. She went to her storage locker to pack up Dominick's stuff, but she saw Brooke emerge from her locker with a knife. Eva confronted Brooke. Shortly after, Will and Dominick found Eva's body covered in rose peddles! They raced her to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead from her stab wounds!

Frederick continued to talk to a blonde woman at the Victors mansion while he worked on a special project that involved Felicia. It was revealed that the woman was an alive Eva! Eva was suffering from amnesia and Frederick told her that he would help her regain his memory if she helped him with his plan so Eva agreed. Soon after, Barbara Mills went into a bedroom in the Victors mansion. She ended up peeling off a mask revealing Eva's face! Frederick had Eva pretend to be Barbara so she could tell Felicia to forgive him. Eva continued to pretend to be Barbara and told Felicia that Frederick saved her. Felicia agreed to thank Frederick; at the mansion, "Barbara" told Felicia to marry Frederick, which she agreed too. Then, Victoria saw Eva alive and raced to tell Dominick the truth. Victoria arrived to save her mother but Frederick caught them together! Frederick knocked them out and put them in a padded cell together at Raven's Meadow. The move caused Eva's memory to return. Will, who got a job at Raven's Meadow, almost saw them together as mother and daughter cried for help. Eva and Victoria remained trapped in the padded cell in Raven's Meadow. They worried that they would be trapped together but the mother and daughter refused to give up. Victoria, then, realized that there was a vent behind the wall, so they were able to open the wall and escape the room through the vent! Soon, they found a secret office within the walls of Raven's Meadow, where they found some of Frederick's files. They were able to find a door but before they left, they stole some of the files in hopes of uncovering some of Frederick's secrets to use as leverage against him. They ended up at the Calimo Cabin, where they agreed to stay put until they were able to get something against the doctor. Shortly after, Bryce and Will discovered the women at the cabin! Will was floored to see Eva alive, while Bryce and Victoria were reunited. Eva and Victoria told the men what they were looking for in the files, and they agreed to help. Soon, Bryce discovered something shocking: his real name was Noah and Leah & Jeff's long-lost son is Ethan Alexander! They agreed that they would have to tell everyone the truth. Will sent cryptic texts to the Robertson's and asked them to meet them at Dominick's house. There, Eva was revealed to the family as being alive! Tyler and Leah realized that Abby's reign was over as Eva was still married to Dominick! Eva was then reunited with Natasha, Donovan and Victoria as they wondered what was going to happen next.

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