Madeline Wilkins

Representation: Lauren Conrad
On Series Since: 2004 - 2015; 2022 - Present
Full Name: Madeline Wilkins formerly known as Patricia West
Profession: Doctor
Martial Status: In Love with Will; "Dating", Jeff
Previous Relationships: Sex, Cory Calvin; Sex, Ryan McQuillian; Ex-Boyfriend, Jeff Claus Ex-Boyfriend, Will Coutts; Attraction, Vinny Victors
Family Ties: Mother, Olivia Wilkins; Father, Preston Wilkins Twin brother, Reese Wilkins


Madeline came to town being called Patricia West. Patricia was the woman that nurse Vinny back to health after his stabbing. She clashed with Rebecca at first. She took an interest in Vinny and then clashed with Meggan. She was getting mysterious phone calls from the never-seen Dave regarding his "master plan".

She uncovered the truth about Meggan hitting Noah with her car. She told Vinny, who warned her to keep quiet. Patricia agreed. She then become fixed on solving the mystery of Dave, who was blackmailing her into help with the fact that when she was 16 years old she was a hooker. Patricia saw Vinny’s bare back and saw no scar from the stabbing and wondered what was going on. She broke into Meggan and Vinny’s storage unit and found a picture with three identical boys that read "Dave - Brett & Vinny". Horrified, she returned home wondering what it all meant. She was soon paid a visit by Vinny … only the man revealed himself as Dave! Turns out Dave and Brett are Vinny’s triplets. The two of them took Vinny hostage shortly after their parents died and left Vinny with all the money. Brett walks around living Vinny’s life and Dave is the master mind behind it. He revealed he knows Patricia’s true identity: Madeline Wilkins, the daughter of Olivia and Preston and the twin sister of Reese. Madeline demanded out of the plan, but Dave again threatened her with the past. Madeline soon started dating Will Coutts. He was floored to learn he real identity. More so because he slept with Olivia. Madeline was reunited with Reese and then her parents. She quickly revealed to Preston the real reason she ran away was because she found out he and Olivia were bank robbers! Madeline slowly reunited with her family, but she made it clear to Preston that she wouldn't just forgive him for lying to her during her youth.

Meanwhile, her relationship with Will progressed despite both of them keeping secrets from each other. They told each other that they loved each other, but she thought his relationship to Ryan was odd. Meanwhile, Madeline told Dave that she was not helping anymore. He threatened to expose her past, but she didn't care. Will continued his affair with Olivia behind Madeline's back. Ryan was blackmailing him and Will realized that he has real feelings for Olivia. He dumped a crushed Madeline, who was none the wiser. Ryan, meanwhile, slept with her as a way to get revenge on Will. She opened her own PI firm and started hanging out with Jeff. They started sleeping with each other to help get other get over Will & Leah respectively. Adam and Helen, meanwhile, hired her to look into Helen's past, unaware she was threatening to expose her parents past at the same time.

Madeline was devastated when her parents were killed in a car accident, but their demise brought Reese home. After the initial shock, she dumped Jeff realizing he was still in love with Leah. She was also shocked to learn that Olivia left Will money. Reese convinced her not to fight it and to start to let go. She put her energy into her PI firm where she had a few clients (like Adam and Helen.) Her big case came when Cory hired her to prove his innocence in Robin's attack. She was instantly attracted to him and worked hard for him. She realized that Karl was the man in the photos that security caught from that night. She followed him and he kidnapped her. She managed to get an SOS to Cory and he saved her just before Karl was about to shoot her. They continued to grow closer after his innocence was declared.

Cory and Madeline became lovers and she fell hard for him, despite his feelings for Robin. After Cassie was exposed, she and Reese were able to finally put to rest some of their heartache with Olivia and Preston's passings. She continued to fall for Cory, despite him telling that he didn't want a serious relationship. Robin, meanwhile, started to date Liam as a way to get revenge on Cory. Madeline spotted Liam and Leah arguing and wondered why Robin's new boyfriend would be upset with her sister. Madeline did some digging and uncovered Leah's secret: Jeff is really Paige's father! Madeline used the information and went to Robin to blackmail her: leave Cory or she will spill the beans about Leah! Robin was horrified but soon served a stunned Cory with divorce papers. Madeline went to support Cory, thinking that he would jump at the chance to be with her again. Madeline was crushed when Cory asked her to investigate the real reason Robin wanted a divorce, as he thought they were getting back together. Madeline was torn because she knew the real reason the divorce was happening. On New Years, Madeline and Cory grew closer but Robin wore the same mask as she did to the ball. Robin kissed Cory, causing Madeline to be livid.

After seeing Robin kiss Cory on New Year's Eve, Madeline reminded her foe that she knew Leah's deep dark secret about Paige being Jeff's biological daughter. Robin called Madeline's bluff and told her that she didn't think Maddie would ever spill the beans. Worried, Madeline asked Cory if he loved Robin still. He admitted that he did, which left Madeline crushed. She wondered if she should reveal the truth about Paige's paternity. On the anniversay of Noah's death, Madeline spotted Leah and Jeff sharing a kiss. On Robin and Cory's wedding day, she sent Jeff a note telling him the truth. The wedding was ruined as Jeff interrupted the ceremony. Little did Madeline know, however, that Robin and Cory wed in a private ceremony afterwards. In the wake of the truth coming out, Dominick warned Madeline that she had made a mistake. Robin also slapped her rival for ruining her wedding. Dominick and Robin then told Cory the truth about Madeline's blackmail; he was shocked and told her off. Madeline felt alone and poured herself into work. She looked into Casey's past for Adam when he came to her for help. She also started to grow closer to Will again, after his relationship with Eva started to have some issues.

Will and Madeline shared a kiss on New Year's Eve which soon lead to sex in the New Year. He reassured Madeline that he was with her because he liked that they didn't have any more secrets from each other. Madeline, meanwhile, saw Savannah a few times and Savannah referred to Madeline as "Patricia", which was her alias when she was working for Dave. Madeline warned Savannah not to call her Patricia ever again and secretly wondered if her past was coming back to haunt her. While Madeline tried not to think of Savannah, she and Will had a pregnancy scare together. Madeline told Will that she's glad she's not pregnant; she's not ready to be a mother yet. He agreed and then he overheard Madeline tell Savannah to never call her Patricia again. Will wondered what was going on with Madeline. They happened to be at the hospital while Trenyce and Savannah were having a paternity test completed on Andrew to determine who his mother was, Savannah was revealed to be the boy's mother! Savannah accused Madeline of being to blame. Madeline tearfully admitted that Dave was blackmailing her at the time and she did the baby switch! Trenyce slapped Madeline and told her to rot in hell. Will couldn't believe what Madeline had done and dumped her; she begged him for forgiveness to no avail.

Madeline continued to ask Will for another chance in their relationship but she was shot down. She caught Will acting odd a few times but he always covered it up. Eva then asked Madeline to look into the deaths of elder patients at the hospital. Shortly after, Madeline seemingly learned the truth and raced to tell Eva. She found Will about to inject Robin with a drug that would fake her death. Dominick was blackmailing Will as he learned that Will was killing the elder patients at the hospital to relieve them from their pain. Will was arrested; Madeline asked Will how he could kill people but not find it in his heart to forgive her. Adam & Helen, meanwhile, asked Madeline to find her parents. After some time, Madeline tracked down Helen's parents. Madeline also supported Reese after he learned that he had cancer. While supporting Reese, Madeline found it difficult to work as much as she did. Meggan asked her for a job and Madeline gave it to her. Madeline was devastated when Reese's cancer gave him 5 weeks to live. She was with her brother when he died. In the aftermath, Madeline sold her business to Meggan and left town, claiming she couldn't stay in a town that killed her parents and her brother.


Madeline returned to town after Andy called her and told her about Clayton Hughes, the man who looked just like Reese. Madeline wanted to help Andy track down the lookalike. In the meantime, Madeline reconnected with Jeff and Will. After Eva died, she comforted a distraught Will and they ended up sharing a kiss. Will told her that he wasn't ready to move on yet, which upset her. Jeff suggested that they pretend to date one another to make Meggan and Will jealous; Madeline agreed. Nicholas, meanwhile, told Madeline and Andy that he had a lead on Clayton's whereabouts, so they went to Nashville, where they saw Clayton. The sight of the man who looked like her twin caused Madeline to faint; when she came too, she convinced him to return to Twin Peaks so they could solve the mystery. Back in Twin Peaks, Madeline and Will randomly found Reese's birth certificate, which showed Frederick Richardson as Olivia's birth doctor. Madeline wondered about their connection but then she and Andy realized that Olivia beat out Frederick for a top position at a hospital years ago. Madeline wondered if Frederick wanted revenge; Madeline and Andy asked Clayton to do a DNA test, who agreed. The DNA test proved that Clayton was Madeline's long-lost triplet brother! Clayton continued to push Andy and Madeline away as he felt like they were trying to replace Reese with him. Madeline tried to get through to her brother to no avail. She was crushed when he announced that he was going to leave town. Shortly after, Clayton told her that Will convinced him to stay in town. She was thrilled and offered him a place to live with her, which he accepted. Madeline and Jeff, meanwhile, continued with their plan to pretend to date to make Will and Meggan jealous. They went on a date and kissed, which Meggan and Will both saw. Shortly after, Madeline thanked Will for talking to Clayton; they shared a kiss. Madeline admitted that she wanted to be with him, so they agreed to start dating. Meggan, then, approached Will and revealed to him that Jeff and Madeline were trying to make them jealous. Will was furious with Madeline but forgave her, as long as she agreed to stop playing games. She agreed and they reunited. Will, however, started to have visions of Eva. Madeline tried to be supportive but she wondered if his dead ex was always going to come between them.

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