Meggan Richardson

Representation: Daniela Hantuchova
On Series Since: 2002 - 2012, 2015 - Present
Full Name: Meggan Richardson
Profession: Owner MW Investigations
Martial Status: Sex with, Tyler Richardson
Previous Relationships: Illegally Married, Vinny Victors; Sex, Brett Victors; Illegally Married, Jeff Claus; Ex-Boyfriend, Brad Lawson
Family Ties: Father, Dr. Frederick Richardson; Brother, Lukas Richardson



Meggan was having trust issues with husband Vinny, mostly regarding his shady mobster connections. She found his gun, unaware that he shot Victoria. He finally threatened for divorce. She was crushed. Meggan was arrested after Vinny was stabbed and she was linked to his 'death'. She was cleared when Victoria was arrested.

Vinny turned up alive, thrilling Meggan. They started to rebuild their marriage, but his close connection to Patricia lead Meggan to drinking.

She was driving home, drunk, and hit Noah with her car that resulted in his death. Meggan had no memory of the accident.

Vinny realized what happened and covered it up. Finally, Meggan remembered the truth and was horrified that she took Noah's life. She disappeared. Turns out she checked herself into AA. Leah planned her homecoming party. At the party, Meggan admitted to ‘Vinny’ (really Brett posing as Vinny) that she killed Noah; Leah overhead. Horrified, Leah attacked her and had her arrested. In jail, Meggan grew deeper into a depression. Preston was hired to represent Meggan.

At the trial, Meggan was found guilty and sentenced to twenty years; she was crushed. Soon, however, she was informed that she could donate her kidney as she was on the National Donor List. She was floored to learn that the woman she was saving was Leah! She had surgery, and Leah was saved. Just as she was about to go back to jail, Leah and Jeff agreed to drop the charges against her. She was released! She went home and made love to Brett (thinking he was Vinny). She thought something odd was going on. She met with Victoria, and they agreed to discuss their beliefs at the fundraiser. At the fundraiser, Meggan saw Dave and Brett together; she disappeared. She awoke in a cell and was reunited with the real Vinny Victors! Vinny explained that he had been locked up for years because of Dave and Brett. Together they came up with an escape plan, but it failed. Dave shackled Vinny to the wall and he left Meggan with a bottle of vodka. Meggan fell off the wagon and drank. They were saved by Robbie and Victoria. Dave was shot and killed.

After Vinny was released from the hospital, Meggan found it hard to stay sober. She eventually fell off the wagon completely after learning that her marriage to Vinny wasn't legal. Vinny refused to allow her to drink in his home so he asked her to move out while he was growing closer to Victoria. While moving out, Meggan accidently hit Victoria with her car. She tried to cover it up, but Victoria realized the truth. The story was leaked the day of the election and Vinny lost as a result. He confronted Meggan.

Meggan was once again arrested for drinking and driving. She pleaded with Vinny to help her, but he refused to get involved. Victoria, meanwhile, learned that Meggan's future rested in her hands. Victoria struggled with her decision and went to see Meggan. She Meggan an offer: stay in jail, or leave town and go to a rehab center. Meggan choose to leave town and go to Switzerland to a rehab. She was released from jail and said goodbye to Vinny before she left.

When news of Daisy and Vinny's engagement broke, a hand was seen crumpling the newspaper announcement. At the engagement party, Meggan returned to toast the happy couple. She admitted that she had gone to rehab and she was sober now. She also revealed that her father, Frederick was in town as he has a patient there. Vinny believed his ex and invited her and her family to stay with him and Daisy until they got their own place. Daisy was less than thrilled and ended up butting heads with Meggan, as Daisy believed that Meggan was trying to get Vinny back. After a few misunderstandings, Daisy and Vinny agreed not to let their ex's come between them. Meggan, meanwhile, took over MW Investigations when Meggan left town. Her and her family then bought the Wilkins estate and moved in there. Meggan tried to get Lukas to come out to their father to no avail. Meanwhile, after Leah died and Robbie was awarded her house, she offered Jeff a place to live, which upset Paige. Jeff and Meggan, however, grew closer and made love on New Year's Eve.

After sleeping with Jeff on NYE, Meggan was taken a back when Jeff told her it was a mistake. She didn't realize that Robbie and Paige were upset with Jeff for moving on from Leah so quickly. The two found their way back to each other, however, and they made love again. Meggan grew frustrated when Jeff pulled back around the anniversary of Noah's death but they made their way back to each other. Victoria, soon, convinced Jeff to sue Robbie for his share in Leah's estate. Meggan warned him against it, but she was happy when Jeff was awarded half of Leah's estate. Meggan, meanwhile, supported her brother as Lukas strugged to come out to Frederick. She told him that Frederick would accept it but Lukas continued to keep mum. Meggan was then surprised when Jeff started to shut her out; she realized it was because it was the anniversary of Leah's death. She told Jeff that she would be there when he was ready. He apologized and they continued to make love. Meggan then overheard Frederick's past connection with Jemma, but kept mum. Meggan was then surprised when Jeff proposed to her; she accepted but they agreed not to tell Paige as she wasn't ready to deal with Jeff moving on.

At the start of the year, Meggan was dealing with the negative comments about her engagement to Jeff from Robbie and Paige. Meggan continued to tell Jeff that Paige will come around; she encouraged him to end his feud with Robbie and to put Paige first. Meggan then supported Jeff after Paige and Shane's sex scandal was revealed. Meggan and Victoria hoped that the drama with Paige would end the feud between the two men, which it did as they worked together to protect Paige. Meggan, meanwhile, continued to be Lukas' sounding board as her brother struggled with who he should be with: Craig or Donovan. Trenyce & Chris also hired Meggan to investigate where their biological child went after the baby switch. Meggan agreed to take the case and started looking. She got one false lead and then another lead; Trenyce and Chris were hopeful, but Meggan warned them that the search might take some time and might never show up with anything. Frederick, who was still upset with Chris and Trenyce for their treatment of Savannah, asked Meggan to send them on a wild goose chase with the search for their child. Meggan was shocked that her father would suggest such a thing and said no. Meanwhile, after Paige revealed she didn't sleep with Shane, Meggan supported Jeff. She was frustrated when he pushed her away during the anniversaries of Noah and Leah's death again and suggested that they call it off but Jeff told her that he wanted to make it work and they started planning their wedding. Frederick continued to pressure Meggan into sending Chris and Trenyce on a wild goose chase while searching for their biological child. After Frederick offered her the use the her childhood home, an winery estate in Santa Barbara, for her wedding to Jeff, Meggan agreed. Shortly after, Meggan sent Chris and Trenyce to Houston on a false lead. Meggan and Jeff, meanwhile, went to Santa Barbara for their wedding. Meggan was thrilled when Lukas was at the winery. A mysterious figure watched Meggan and Jeff's every move, however. The following day, a huge rain storm hit the winery, but Meggan & Jeff and Vinny & Daisy were married in a double wedding ceremony. After the wedding, Jeff went to surprise Meggan as she saw the figure rush out into the storm. Meggan followed the figure and was shocked to see an alive Leah! Meggan couldn't believe that Leah was alive; Jeff soon discovered his wife was alive as well. In the morning, Leah was revealed to the rest of the family. Frederick revealed that he had been keeping Leah at the estate since she "died" because she was suffering from amnesia; her last memory being marrying Robbie. Back in Twin Peaks, Shane confirmed Leah's identity. Meggan asked Jeff where they stood, and he admitted he was torn. Meggan, meanwhile, supported Lukas when he returned to Twin Peaks and agreed to tell Frederick that he is gay. Frederick lost it on Lukas and threatened to disinherit him. Meggan supported her brother and lashed out at Frederick. To make matters worse, Meggan then revealed to Chris & Trenyce that she was sending them on wild goose chases to find their child. Meggan confronted Frederick about all of his lies about Leah, Chris, Trenyce and for his treatment of Lukas on the night he was shot. Meggan was later questioned by the police. Meggan also learned that she and Lukas had a half-sister in Daisy. By the end of the year, Meggan learned that her marriage to Jeff was invalid because of Leah being alive and well.

Meggan was upset to learn that Frederick was murdered on New Year's Eve. She and Lukas threw a small service for their father; she was touched when Daisy showed up for support. Meggan, meanwhile, was questioned by the police regarding her father's murder. She was soon dropped as suspect, but was relieved when Chris was arrested for the murder. Meggan, also, struggled to know where she stood with Jeff, as they waited for Leah's memory to return. Chris was soon released from jail, and Lukas was arrested for the murder of Frederick. Meggan was crushed knowing that her brother couldn't have killed Frederick. Jeff supported her during Lukas' trial, which touched Meggan. They shared a couple of stolen kisses. Meggan was forced to testify against Lukas; she hated that she didn't think that she helped her brother's case. Meggan was crushed when Lukas was found guilty, but she vowed to help her brother prove his innocence. Meggan worked with Donovan to try to think of a way to get Lukas out of jail, since she was worried about her brother after he was attacked by Tony. Meggan and Donovan pressed Daisy to let Simona do her job after they learned that Simona found a piece of Jemma's hair on the pillow Frederick used while he was in the hospital. Shortly after, it was revealed that Jemma killed Frederick. Meggan and Donovan were thrilled that Lukas was going to be saved. Meggan reunited with her brother. Later, Meggan was upset to learn that Jeff's divorce from Leah wasn't granted; he had to stay married to her for another 6 months. Jeff told her that after 6 months, they would be together because he believed that Leah would choose Robbie. While trying to make his marriage work, Jeff couldn't stop thinking about Meggan. They ended up in bed together, but Jeff then realized he was being unfair to Meggan. Meggan, meanwhile, continued to try to find Chris and Trenyce's child but came up with nothing. She went to see Brett Victors in jail, hoping that he would uncover something, but he said he couldn't remember. He did ask Meggan, who wasn't feeling well, if she was pregnant. Meggan, then, was reunited with a former college friend, Brad Lawson, who had a crush on her. After Jeff told her that their making love was a mistake, Meggan realized that she had to learn if she was pregnant. With a supportive, and flirty, Brad by her side, Meggan took a pregnancy test and learned that she was pregnant, just as Leah decided she wanted to be with Jeff, not Robbie.

Meggan learned that she was pregnant and Brad told her that she had to tell the father of the baby, just as Jeff showed up at her place. Just as Meggan was about to tell Jeff the truth, he revealed that Leah decided to be with him so he was going to make his marriage work. Devastated, Meggan didn't tell Jeff about the baby. When Brad returned, Meggan asked him if he would be the baby's father. Because he has always been in love with Meggan, Brad agreed despite Lukas questioning his sister. Soon, Brad's parents, Brooke and Greg, learned about the baby and they wanted to meet Meggan. Brooke finally did meet her and was put off by some of Meggan's remarks. Greg wondered if the two would be married, but they said no. Meggan, meanwhile, hired Brad to work with her at MW Investigations. On the day of his wedding to Leah, Jeff overheard Brad and Cheresa talking about Meggan's baby and he confronted his ex, who admitted she was pregnant. Meggan lied to Jeff telling him that Brad is the father of the baby, not him. Jeff believed her and he got remarried to Leah. Meggan, however, found it increasingly difficult to lie to Brooke and Greg about the baby. Meggan continued to pretend that Brad was her baby's father. Brooke spotted Jeff and Meggan share a close moment and wondered if there was more going on. Greg, however, was thrilled for his son. Brad and Meggan grew closer and agreed to go away for a weekend together to the Calimo cabin. Meggan went to the cabin and saw Leah there. Surprised that Leah and Jeff were going to be there, Meggan went into labor. Leah delivered her baby and in her delusional state, Meggan mumbled Jeff's name, which made Leah wonder if Jeff was actually the father. Meggan, meanwhile, named her son Logan and rejoiced in a Mom. Brad was also great with the child, and they grew closer. Brooke told Brad about the close moment she saw between Meggan and Jeff, and he realized that Jeff was the father of Logan. Meggan confirmed it, but he agreed to keep her secret. Chris and Trenyce, meanwhile, asked Meggan to reopen the search for their child. She agreed but said that it would be a long shot. Brad offered to ask Brooke about the adoption process, since it was likely that Chris and Trenyce's child was adopted. Brooke calmed up, which worried Brad. Meggan told him that they would get a DNA sample from Chris and Trenyce in secret to help find their child. Trenyce left a tissue behind and at the same time, Brad accidentally got a tissue from Cheresa. They had the tissues sampled and the DNA matched! Brad believed Cheresa was their bio child!

Meggan was left reeling from discovering that Cheresa is really Chris and Trenyce's biological daughter. She told Brad that she had to tell Chris and Trenyce the truth, but he pleaded with her to let him figure out what happened with his family and how his parents got Cheresa; Meggan agreed. Brad returned and remained silent about what Brooke and Greg revealed to him, which frustrated Meggan. Finally, she told him that the truth was going to come out, so Brad revealed what Brooke and Greg told him about buying Cheresa from the blackmarket. Meggan was floored but still told Brad that Chris and Trenyce deserved to know the truth. Fearing what would happen to Brooke if the truth came out, Brad told Meggan that if she told Chris and Trenyce the truth, he would tell Jeff that he was really Logan's father! Meggan was horrified that he was blackmailing her into silence, but she agreed. She did, however, dump Brad and threw him out of her house. Meggan and Jeff, then, shared a seemingly close moment. Meggan struggled with keeping Cheresa's paternity a secret, but Brad continued to blackmail her with the fact that Jeff is really Logan's father. She kicked Brad to the curb, unable to be with him as a result. Meggan also supported Lukas after he got engaged to Donovan. Meggan was with Brad when he got word of Cheresa's accident; she went to the hospital and learned that Cheresa likely wouldn't make it. Meggan told Brad that she would have to tell Chris and Trenyce the truth; if Cheresa was going to die, they deserved to know the truth before she did. Brad fought her, but Meggan told Chris and Trenyce the truth! They were stunned and raced to be with Cheresa. Brad, meanwhile, told Meggan he was going to tell Jeff the truth. Shortly after, Jeff showed up and confronted Meggan about Logan's paternity. She admitted the truth and he filed for full custody of Logan, which stunned her. Meggan was then further rocked when Lukas died in the avalanche after his wedding to Donovan. Donovan and Meggan were together on Christmas when they got word that Lukas and Craig had been found alive and well.

Meggan was horrified when Jeff sued her for custody of Logan. She pleaded with him to change his mind but he said that she had kept him away from his son long enough. Meggan admitted to Lukas that she was scared she would lose her son. At the trial, it went back and forth about who was wrong in the situations. At the end of the trial, Meggan reached out to Jeff and suggested that they get back together to raise their son. Jeff agreed to think about it. The next day, Jeff agreed to take Meggan back! They reunited and the judge dismissed the case. They reunited. Meggan then supported Lukas after he was charged with raping Craig. She encouraged Donovan to forgive Lukas. Lukas then offered Craig 10 million to make the charges go away. To get the money, Lukas and Meggan had withdraw money from some of Frederick's GIC's. Meggan agreed to help Lukas. Shortly after, Meggan overheard Jeff and Leah talking about the night after the trial. Meggan learned that Jeff went to see Leah and seen her in bed with Cory. Gutted, Meggan realized that Jeff only came back to her because Leah wasn't available. She dumped Jeff and kicked him to the curb. Brad, then, asked Meggan for help with his investigation into Vinny. Meggan agreed but was apprehensive as the Victors mansion brought up bad memories for her. They visited Vinny and asked him if Daisy was alive; he claimed no. Soon after, however, Victoria told them that she thought Vinny might be hiding something. Meggan and Brad convinced Victoria to continue to investigate the Victors mansion as they believed that Vinny was hiding something. Victoria, soon, told them that she found a secret passage and she thought she heard voices. Meggan and Brad suggested that they drug Vinny so they could search the passage way together. While Vinny was drugged, the three of them went into the passage way and found a captive Daisy and Brett! Before they could save them, however, Vinny emerged and revealed he had planted bombs in the house! He set them off; everyone survived except Brett passed away. Everyone assumed it was Vinny that passed away as Vinny altered a DNA test. Once Meggan was given a clean bill of health, she ran into Jeff and they seemingly a nice moment. Soon, however, they were sharing a kiss and they ended up making love. Lukas was worried about Meggan back together with Jeff but she assured him that she was okay. Meggan and Jeff ended up having dinner with Leah and Cory; Leah revealed that she had a pregnancy scare which upset Jeff in some capacity. Meggan pleaded with him to be honest with her about how he was feeling.


Meggan went to the One Day House and spoke to Clayton about why he looked like Reese; he admitted he had no idea. Meggan told Nicholas that she found Clayton, but he asked her to not tell Andy right away, which she agreed too. Shortly after, Meggan learned that Clayton disappeared from the One Day House. Together with Nicholas, they told Andy the truth, who was furious with Nicholas for keeping the truth from him. Andy and Madeline, who returned to town, asked Meggan to track down Clayton, and she agreed. Meggan, meanwhile, was nerved by Jeff's discontent with the idea of Leah having a child with Cory. He maintained that it was because he was the only man who had fathered Leah's child up to that point, but she dumped him thinking he still had feelings for his ex. Jeff suggested they go away with Cory and Leah for a weekend so he could prove to her that he was over Leah; Meggan agreed and the foursome went to Meggan's winery in Santa Barbara. There, Leah continued to her a baby crying in her ears, which caused concern for Cory and Jeff. The trip was cut short and back in Twin Peaks, Meggan believed Jeff's concern was proof that he cared for Leah so she dumped him again. Jeff warned her that he wouldn't wait for her while she dealt with her insecurities. Meggan continued to tell Daisy that she believed that Vinny was alive and posing a Brett. Together they realized that they had to find out the truth. Daisy stole one of "Brett's" toothbrushes and gave it to Meggan, who ran a DNA test on it. She and Daisy were stunned when it confirmed Meggan's theory: Vinny is alive! They told Tyler and Andrew what they uncovered. Daisy told Simona, who put out an APB on him. Meggan, meanwhile, saw Jeff and Madeline out on a date where they kissed. Jeff asked Meggan if seeing him with Madeline made her jealous; she said no but she was bothered by it. Meggan then saw Madeline and Will get back together and wondered if Jeff and Madeline were actually dating. She confronted Jeff, who admitted that he and Madeline were only pretending to date to make Meggan and Will jealous. Meggan threw him out, but Jeff kissed her and told her that he loved her. On Christmas day, they made love. Meggan and Daisy were stunned when Victoria revealed to them that Vinny was dead, as he died from a gunshot wound at the Calimo cabin. Victoria also told them that Frederick was alive. Meggan and Lukas were stunned that their father was back and that he could be Leah's biological father. Lukas struggled with the concept of having another half-sibling. Meggan and Lukas went on TV and pleaded with their father to come home. Frederick saw the broadcast but decided to stay away until he could reveal himself.

Meggan continued to meet with Leah, Daisy and Lukas about Frederick's whereabouts. She admitted to her siblings that they might never find Frederick if he doesn't want to be found. Secretly, she told Lukas that she could try to find him and he supported her. After the Roboto gala, Meggan and her siblings were shocked that Frederick was back as he revealed himself. Shortly after, Frederick hosted a family dinner where he revealed that Leah was his biological child. Meggan was rattled that her rival was now her sister. Meggan was then in attendance for Frederick's wedding to Felicia, but Dominick stopped the ceremony. Meggan and Jeff, meanwhile, realized that they could go back to Santa Barbara in hopes of uncovering information about his missing child with Leah. Leah agreed to go with them. At the winery, they found a secret study in a hidden passage way. They brought home some boxes of Frederick's files to review. Jeff and Meggan read a report that indicated that Leah gave birth to a baby boy. They told Leah, who was emotional. Meggan was put off to see them share a close moment but Jeff reminded her that they were missing a child. Jeff and Leah continued to ask Meggan if she was able to do anything further to find their child, but she said that she didn't think that they could do anything further. She tried to keep them positive but she could see that it was impacting them. Meggan, meanwhile, was supportive to Lukas and Donovan when Olly was kidnapped by Jasper. Lukas asked his sister to try to find their son when Simona wasn't able too. Meggan got a lead in Mexico City, so she and Lukas went to Mexico to try to find Olly, but they returned without the child as the lead went cold. She told Lukas that she would continue to try to find Olly, however. Meggan was, then, stunned when Jeff proposed to her! Before she could answer, Leah called and told Jeff that Cory had been killed in a plane crash. Jeff went to comfort her, which Lukas witnessed. Lukas told his sister that he saw Jeff and Leah in each other's arms. Meggan thought that it was a sign that Jeff would always be pulled towards Jeff and rejected his proposal. Shortly after, Meggan and Tyler met and ended up having sex with each other! At the end of the year, Antonio told Lukas and Donovan that he had a lead n Olly in Puerta Vallarta, so Meggan went back to Mexico with her brother and brother-in-law.

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