Representation: Jesse Meltcalf
On Series Since: 2014 - Present
Full Name: Tyler Robertson
Profession: Executive at Robertson Enterprises
Martial Status: Dating, Daisy Davenport
Previous Relationships: Affair, Kim Calimo; Affair, Trenyce Davenport
Family Ties: Father, Dominick; Mother, Felicia; sister, Leah[deceased]; Son, Blake



Jonathan, or Johnny as he likes to be called, is Bob's poolboy that Kim becomes attracted too. The first time they speak words to each other, they end up making love. Their affair continued as Kim tried to stay away from him but wasn't able to resist. On Christmas Day, Kim's brother, Andy, realized who Kim was sleeping with.

Andy, wanting to make sure Johnny was on the up and up, asked Reese to look into Johnny since they worked together. Reese agreed and asked Johnny some questions but Johnny always had a good answer. Reese did, however, find Johnny snooping around Roboto a few times but again, Johnny always covered. Kim, meanwhile, discovered that she was pregnant and wondered who the father was, Johnny or Bob. She convinced herself that Bob was the father of the baby and told Johnny this. Little did they know, however, Bob knew he couldn't be the father and vowed to find out who his wife was cheating on him with. Despite Kim telling Johnny it was over, they continued to end up with each other and sharing kisses. What they didn't know, however, was that they were being followed. Johnny continued to pursue Kim. One day, Kim and Bob caught Johnny snooping in Bob's office. They demanded answers - Dominick then entered and announced that Johnny was in fact his long lost song with Felicia, Tyler! Bob fired Tyler, but he revealed he had been stealing company information. Kim was shocked at Tyler's betrayal but they were still connected. Bob then found out about the affair between Tyler and Kim. He summoned them to the mansion and kicked Kim to the curb. Tyler kissed Kim and Bob saw them. Kim collapsed and was told to have no more stress until the baby was born. Soon after, Kim went into labour and had a boy. Tyler relished being a father and grew closer to Kim.

Tyler pleaded with Kim to give him another chance for them to be together as a family with Blake. Kim continued to shoot him down. Frustrated, Tyler met Trenyce and the two ended up having hot sex together. In the wake, they agreed it was a mistake. Tyler continued to support Dominick and Felicia as well. Soon, Tyler was realizing that Kim was struggling with something and he kissed her, unaware that Dominick took a picture of it. Kim then revealed to Tyler that Bob made her choose between her marriage or Blake and she choose Blake. Tyler took advantage and grew closer to the mother of his child. He revealed to Felicia that he was planning on asking Kim to marry him. Then, Bob suffered a stroke thanks to Dominick. In the wake, Bob couldn't remember the last couple years of his life. Kim agreed to play along so Bob could make a full recovery. Tyler begged Kim not to ruin their future together, but she pushed him away until Bob was better. Tyler was dismayed when Kim rejected him and he ended up in bed with Trenyce on New Year's Eve.

Tyler woke up with Trenyce in his bed on New Year's Day; they both agreed that it was a mistake, however, since he was still having feelings for Kim and she was unsure of her feelings for Chris. Tyler continued to pursue Kim, while she was playing the good wife to Bob, whose memory still hadn't returned from his stroke the previous year. Tyler, meanwhile, told Dominick that they should release a facial cream at Robertson Enterprises; Dominick loved the idea, unaware that Kim and Roboto were also working on the same product. At Andy's gala for Reese, Tyler saw Kim and Bob being cozy together and he confronted her. She told him that she wanted to be with Bob, which upset him. Bob soon collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. Tyler, meanwhile, continued to work on the facial cream but realized that he was missing an ingredient in his formula. He, also, supported Felicia as she struggled with her feelings for Dominick. She didn't understand why she thought she didn't love her husband anymore; Tyler told his Mom that maybe it was time she moved on. Tyler, then, realized that Bob's memory had returned after he purposely interrupted a few close moments between Tyler and Kim. Tyler confronted him just as Kim entered. Kim told Tyler to leave, which made him realize that Kim was going to forgive Bob again. Frustrated, Tyler turned Trenyce again and they had sex. Kim caught them in bed together and she reunited with Bob. Tyler and Trenyce continued to be friends with benefits. As Tyler continued to work on the facial cream, Trenyce spent more time at his house. She accident grabbed Felicia's Ipod one day and realized that Frederick was sending her subliminal messages that Felicia didn't love Dominick anymore. Trenyce was horrified and rushed to the church to stop Dominick's wedding to Eva, but it was too late when she arrived. Trenyce, however, told Tyler the entire truth and he confronted Frederick at the wedding reception. Felicia thanked her son. Tyler, then, ran into Kim and they shared a seemingly close moment and then he revealed that he was struggling with part of the facial cream. To his delight, Kim soon sent him Roboto's perfected facial cream formula. Tyler was thrilled that he got the formula to perfect the facial cream for Robertson Enterprises from Kim. He gloated to Dominick that they were about to have a major coo. They released the facial cream to a huge success, which made Bob livid. Tyler, then, learned that Kim and Bob had reunited and wondered if he could still get her back. Tyler, soon, ended his sex relationship with Trenyce, who was upset but understood since they were always just friends with benefits. Tyler was then shocked to learn that Leah is alive and well. He reunited with his sister, even though she was suffering from amnesia. The family rejoiced her return. Tyler, however, confronted Frederick about keeping Leah away from the family on the night Frederick was shot. Kim then visited Tyler and asked him what he wanted for his silence about the facial cream formula. Tyler shocked Kim by announcing that he wanted one more night with her. She refused, but on New Year's Eve, she showed up to his place to have sex with him.

After sleeping with Kim on New Year's Eve, Tyler was riding a new high thinking that they would get back together. He was dealt another blow, however, when Kim told him that they were over. In the meantime, Tyler was questioned by Simona Lopez regarding Frederick's death. Tyler was soon removed from the suspect list, so he refocused on getting Kim back, despite her telling him it was over. He shocked Kim by revealing that he taped their love making session and he would show it to Bob if he didn't come back to her. Kim slapped him. Tyler was sure that his plan to make a family unit with him, Kim and Blake would work. Kim shocked him by revealing that she was going to tell Bob the truth. He still thought that Kim wouldn't go through with it. The ice storm hit Twin Peaks, causing more chaos. Tyler learned that Kim was in a car accident with Blake and rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, Bob goated him about what he had done, making Tyler realize that Kim did tell Bob the truth. He was relieved that Kim only suffered minor injuries, but was devastated to learn that Blake had gone braindead as a result of the accident. Kim refused to believe it, even though Tyler tried to get through to her. Andy then told Tyler and Kim that they could make things better by donating Blake's lungs to a dying Jacob. Kim refused at first, but after talking with her, Tyler convinced her that it was the right thing to do, since Blake was never coming back to them. They tearfully said goodbye, and then announced to Shane and Natasha their decision. The transplant happened and was a success, leaving Shane and Natasha thrilled but Kim and Tyler devastated. Felicia tried to comfort her son. Tyler soon told Dominick that he wanted the person responsible for the accident to pay. At Blake's memorial service, Tyler overheard Eva and Dominick talking about the fact that it was a Robertson Enterprises truck that hit Kim's car. Upon learning that it was a Robertson Enterprises semi-truck that crashed into Kim's car during the ice storm, Tyler confronted his father. Dominick maintained that it was an accident, but Tyler disowned him and quit his job there. Tyler and Kim vowed to get revenge on him. Tyler, meanwhile, grew closer to Daisy while he grieved Blake and she grieved Jemma. They soon shared a kiss. Tyler, then, was forced to go back to the hospital when Felicia was in the fire at the boutique. He was relieved when she was okay, but admitted to Daisy that he wasn't upset that a fire took part of his father's business. Daisy and Tyler kissed again and almost made love, but she stopped them. Tyler told her that he could make her happy, but she told him that her marriage meant more to him. Tyler was then surprised when Kim offered her a job at Roboto.

Tyler continued to lash out at Dominick for his role in Blake's death. Kim ran into her former lover and offered him a job at Roboto, which he didn't take because he thought Bob would be livid. Kim assured him that Bob would get over it, so Tyler accepted. He came up with the idea of the Gen Next House, which Bob liked so he was able to keep his job. Hearing Tyler's idea at Roboto sent Dominick into a tailspin. Tyler, meanwhile, overheard Kim and Bob talking about a device, unaware it is the device they used to brainwash Felicia into believing she started the fire. Tyler did support Dominick's decision to send Felicia to Raven's Meadow, however. Tyler, with the help of Bob and Kim, launched the Gen Next House allowing Abby, Andrew, Cheresa, Max & Paige to enter the house for the summer. He was thrilled when sales were good, despite Andrew's near death experience at the Summer Send-Off Dance. Meanwhile, Tyler had a tough time letting go of Daisy. They continued to make love, unaware that both Lukas and Kim spotted them. Tyler, then, found the device that Bob used to brainwash Felicia and wondered what it was. Kim covered with a lie, but he was determined to figure out the truth. Worried about what he might learn, Kim told Bob to leak the picture of Tyler and Daisy kissing; he did on the day of the election. Daisy was horrified and lost the election to Robbie. Vinny learned of his wife's affair and punched Tyler. Daisy asked Tyler if he was responsible for the photo getting leaked but he said no. She believed him and they shared a couple of kisses as Vinny filed for divorce. Tyler, meanwhile, finally listened to the device and realized that Bob brainwashed his mother. He confronted Bob, who denied everything. Dominick came to his son's aid and they reunited and agreed to put their past behind them. They took the evidence to Simona and demanded that Bob be arrested. At the same time, Bob and Helen were involved in a car accident together, which left Helen "dead" and Bob in a coma. Tyler, and Dominick, refused to back down from making Bob pay; they got Felicia released from the hospital and continued to pressure Simona to ensure that the Calimo's pay for what they had done.

Tyler teamed up with Dominick to get Simona to try to press charges against Bob and Kim for their roles in the fire at the boutique. As Bob was still in a coma, Simona advised them that they would have to wait until he woke up. Shortly after, however, Kim revealed that Bob woke up briefly and confessed to starting the fire. This was enough for Simona to issue an arrest warrant. Kim was outraged and begged Tyler to think about Blake. He advised her not to use their dead son against him. Shortly after Bob died. Tyler and Daisy, meanwhile, reconnected after a cooling down period. Tyler admitted to Daisy that he still cared for her and they made love. Vinny realized that they were together and plotted revenge against them. Tyler got Daisy at job at Robertson Enterprises to help with the new winter/ski line they were creating. Tyler tried to calm Daisy's nerves when Vinny was also hired as a design consultant. Tyler and Daisy continued to grow closer as they worked on Gravity, Robertson Enterprises. Tyler then sided with Dominick when he gave Paige money after she moved out of Jeff & Leah's; Leah was furious with Tyler and mentioned Blake's death. Leah and Jeff quit Robertson, leaving Tyler and the rest of the team wondering if they would finish the line. Dominick hired Vinny as a designing consultant, which caused concern for Daisy. Tyler tried to ease her mind over her worry but it continued. Max, then, saved Cheresa from drowning, which allowed Jeff & Leah to warm to him. They returned to Robertson Enterprises. Before the launch of Gravity, Tyler revealed to Dominick that he was planning on proposing to Daisy. The launch was a success; before Lukas and Donovan's wedding reception, Dominick suggested that guests go skiing with the new gear. Tyler was slightly upset when Daisy announced she was going skiing as he was going to propose. While Daisy was on the hill, an avalanche hit and she, along with Craig, Lukas & Vinny, were presumed dead! Tyler was devastated and refused to believe that Daisy was gone. Simona tried to tell him that there's no way anyone could have survived, so Tyler started to believe it. When Lukas and Craig were found alive on Christmas, Tyler and Trenyce wondered if the same could happen to Daisy.

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