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Representation: Jesse Metcalf

On Series Since: 2014 - Present
Full Name: Tyler Robertson
Profession: Executive at Robertson Enterprises
Martial Status: Affair, Kim Calimo
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: Father, Dominick; Mother, Felicia; sister, Leah[deceased]; Son, Blake



Jonathan, or Johnny as he likes to be called, is Bob's poolboy that Kim becomes attracted too. The first time they speak words to each other, they end up making love. Their affair continued as Kim tried to stay away from him but wasn't able to resist. On Christmas Day, Kim's brother, Andy, realized who Kim was sleeping with.

Andy, wanting to make sure Johnny was on the up and up, asked Reese to look into Johnny since they worked together. Reese agreed and asked Johnny some questions but Johnny always had a good answer. Reese did, however, find Johnny snooping around Roboto a few times but again, Johnny always covered. Kim, meanwhile, discovered that she was pregnant and wondered who the father was, Johnny or Bob. She convinced herself that Bob was the father of the baby and told Johnny this. Little did they know, however, Bob knew he couldn't be the father and vowed to find out who his wife was cheating on him with. Despite Kim telling Johnny it was over, they continued to end up with each other and sharing kisses. What they didn't know, however, was that they were being followed. Johnny continued to pursue Kim. One day, Kim and Bob caught Johnny snooping in Bob's office. They demanded answers - Dominick then entered and announced that Johnny was in fact his long lost song with Felicia, Tyler! Bob fired Tyler, but he revealed he had been stealing company information. Kim was shocked at Tyler's betrayal but they were still connected. Bob then found out about the affair between Tyler and Kim. He summoned them to the mansion and kicked Kim to the curb. Tyler kissed Kim and Bob saw them. Kim collapsed and was told to have no more stress until the baby was born. Soon after, Kim went into labour and had a boy. Tyler relished being a father and grew closer to Kim.

Tyler pleaded with Kim to give him another chance for them to be together as a family with Blake. Kim continued to shoot him down. Frustrated, Tyler met Trenyce and the two ended up having hot sex together. In the wake, they agreed it was a mistake. Tyler continued to support Dominick and Felicia as well. Soon, Tyler was realizing that Kim was struggling with something and he kissed her, unaware that Dominick took a picture of it. Kim then revealed to Tyler that Bob made her choose between her marriage or Blake and she choose Blake. Tyler took advantage and grew closer to the mother of his child. He revealed to Felicia that he was planning on asking Kim to marry him. Then, Bob suffered a stroke thanks to Dominick. In the wake, Bob couldn't remember the last couple years of his life. Kim agreed to play along so Bob could make a full recovery. Tyler begged Kim not to ruin their future together, but she pushed him away until Bob was better. Tyler was dismayed when Kim rejected him and he ended up in bed with Trenyce on New Year's Eve.

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