Ryan McQuillan

Representation: Jason Thompson
On Series Since: 2010 - 2011
Full Name: Ryan McQuillian
Profession: In Jail
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: Sex , Natasha Calimo; Sex, Kim Reeves; Sex, Madeline Wilkins; Ex-Girlfriend, Kim Reeves
Family Ties: Brother, Jackson McQuillian (deceased)


Ryan is a chip off his brother's block, where what he does isn't always the standard, moral thing to do. He is bi-sexual. He is friends with Derek, and meets Reese and introduces him to the night club scene. He quickly remembered sharing a past with Will and learned that Will was sleeping with Olivia. To get Will back into selling drugs, Ryan blackmailed Will who was desperate for a way out. Ryan, meanwhile, connected with Kim and the two started seeing each other.

After Will dumped Madeline, Ryan realized he needed something else to hold over Will's head. Ryan slept with a drunk Madeline and told Will. Will, however, got Ryan on tape admitting he was blackmailing him making Ryan realize he couldn't use Will anymore. Kim, meanwhile, thought she saw Ryan on tape selling drugs and confronted him. To maintain his innocence, he dumped Kim saying he can't believe she didn't trust him. He rebounded quickly though as he befriended Natasha after her car accident by giving her pain medication. Soon, however, he got her started on cocaine. Kim was crushed when Natasha told her she was dating Ryan. She did start to sleep with him and moved in with him in his motel room. They were doing drugs and having sex every day. Ryan was even thrilled when Natasha paid for the motel room. Dominick offered Ryan a few million dollars to leave Natasha alone, so he did. He then fell for a trap that Kim and Will set; Kim dressed as a hooker and called Ryan asking for drugs. He went and as he was about to give them to her, he was arrested. He went to jail after Kim and Natasha told him off.

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