Representation: Chris Salvatore
On Series Since: 2004 - 2015; 2018
Full Name: Will Coutts
Profession: Nurse Aid
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: Ex-Girlfriend, Madeline Wilkins; Attraction, Robin Navy; Affair, Olivia Wilkins Ex-Finance, Eva McCloud
Family Ties: None



Jackson hired Will to kill Kim at Leah and Robbie's wedding. He misfired the gun and he shot Jason instead.

He was not seen again until Natasha hired him as a nurse to help Robin while she was blind. He claims to have turned over a new leaf. He was attracted to Robin, but she made it clear that she just wanted to be friends. At the hospital, Will got coaching lessons from Olivia. He ended up sleeping with her. At the same time, he started dating Patricia West. Patricia was soon to be revealed Madeline Wilkins. Will was floored but forgave her for not telling him her real identity. Will was thrown another loop to meet Madeline’s mother: Olivia! Will also formed a friendship with Kim as they were the only two who truly knew Jackson. He and Olivia ended their affair when they realized he was also dating her daughter. They continued to have a connection, however.

Kim started dating Ryan, who knew Will from when Will was interacting with Jackson. Ryan tried to blackmail Will into helping him sell drugs again by telling him he knew of his affair with Olivia. Will tried to find a way out, but couldn't. Meanwhile, Madeline suspected Will was keeping something from her. Will finally got Ryan to admit that he was blackmailing on tape, so he turned the tables on Ryan. Ryan got the last laugh, however, when he revealed that he slept with Madeline! Will realized that he has true feelings for Olivia, whom he started sleeping with again. He dumped Madeline and tried to pursue Olivia, even though she was apprehensive. They started to sleep together again, however Madeline learned of their affair and confronted them.

Will made no apologies, claiming he loved Olivia. Madeline was livid. Will and Olivia made love again and he finally convienced her to be with him. She admitted she loved him right before she went to the Calimo cabin. On her way back, she was in an accident and she died. Will was devastated by her death and especially after Madeline continued to shut him out. He got the last laugh though, when Olivia left him with money. He teamed up with Kim to put Ryan behind bars for good. Afterwards, he started to clash with Eva at work and as his neighbour. During the blackout, the two shared a kiss after a tender moment. Soon, they were in bed.

After Sofia's death, Will encouraged Eva not to rush Natasha into needing her support. Will was surprised when Natasha arrived at their doorstep and she ran off. He feared his presence had made things more complicated. Soon, Natasha did reach out to Eva, which pleased Will. Will and Madeline, meanwhile, mended fences and became friends. He was later surprised when Eva admitted that her ex-husband was abusive to her in the past.

Will was devastated when Ernesto revealed Eva is Donovan and Victoria's mother. He rushed out and Eva chased after him. He revealed that he was planning on proposing to her but he couldn't handle her lies. Eva was crushed. Soon, they started making their way back to each other over time. He asked Eva if she had any more secrets; Eva said no. Will decided to propose to his lover. Ernesto interrupted the proposal and revealed that he and Eva were still legally married! Will was crushed to learn that Eva realized the truth all along and dumped her again. Eva pleaded with him for another chance but Will didn't know how to forgive her. Right after Ernesto turned up dead, Will threw a needle into the river. Donovan was arrested for the murder. Will, meanwhile, started growing closer to Madeline again.

Eva begged Will for one more chance, he refused. He and Madeline started getting closer again and even kissed on New Year's Eve. In the New Year, they soon ended up in bed again. Will told Madeline that he liked being with her because there was no other secrets that they were keeping from each other. Madeline, meanwhile, was worried that her past was coming back to haunt her. The couple shortly after experienced a pregnancy scare, but both were relieved that Madeline was not with child. They happened to be at the hospital while Trenyce was having a paternity test done on Andrew; turns out Savannah is really the boy's mother! Savannah accused Madeline of being responsible for the baby switch. Will was horrified to overhear Madeline confess that she was blackmailed into switching the babies. Will dumped Madeline, telling her that he can't believe she would do something so horrible.

Madeline asked Will for another chance in their relationship but he said no. Will continued to act odd while at work and vowed no one would ever learn his secret. Dominick soon approached Will and asked him for a favor. Shortly after, Will revealed to Cory that Robin had a deadly infection that was taking over her body! Eva, meanwhile, hired Madeline to look into some elder patients dying at the hospital. She overheard Dominick tell Will "it was time" and she realized what was happening. She and Cory stopped Will from giving Robin an injection that would have faked her death. Turns out, Will was killing the elder patients at the hospital to put them out of their pain and Dominick learned this, blackmailed him into helping him with Robin. Will was arrested and sent to jail.

Will helped Lukas while he was in jail for killing Frederick, as another inmate Tony attacked Lukas for being gay. Lukas thanked Will for his friendship after he was saved.

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