Dr. Greg Lawson

Representation: John Stamos
On Series Since: 2019 - Present
Full Name: Dr. Greg Lawson
Profession: Doctor
Martial Status: In Love, Kim Calimo
Previous Relationships: Widow, Brooke Lawson;
Family Ties: Son, Brad Lawson; Daughter, Chersea Lawson; Daughter, Abby Lawson



Greg is married to Brooke and his the father of Brad, Abby and adoptive father to Cheresa. He didn't support Cheresa being gay when she came out and sent her to the bible camp; but upon her return, he has tried to make it up to her. He and Brooke were surprised to learn that Brad got Meggan pregnant and they took an active role in ensuring Meggan's pregnancy was going okay. He even asked if they were getting married. Greg revealed that Brooke cheated on him in the past and he wondered if she would again; he was a tad jealous when she went to work for Robbie. Once Felicia was moved to Raven's Meadow, Greg became her doctor and he put her on new medication. Dominick was taken aback when Felicia then revealed that she didn't start the fire; Greg insisted it was just her new medication. Kim, meanwhile, started to flirt with Greg to get information about Felicia out of him, which worked. They nearly kissed. Greg continued to support Brad and Meggan, not knowing that they were lying about him being the father of Meggan's baby. Greg and Brooke, however, remained at odds with one another as he couldn't forgive her for having an affair. Greg continued to flirt with Kim, unaware she was using him to get information on Felicia while she was at Raven's Meadow. After secretly reading Felicia's file, Kim suggested to Greg that he use electroshock therapy on her. Kim was pleased when Greg and Dominick seemingly agreed. Dominick, however, called off the idea when Felicia was doing better. Greg was then impressed by Brandy, who was posing as Victoria, when she suggested they use the therapy on a catatonic Barbara. He agreed to let Brandy administrate the therapy to her. Brandy killed Barbara in the process, which left Greg reeled. He opened an investigation into her death. Greg, meanwhile, continued to pursue Kim and they shared a couple of kisses, which Bob saw. Kim lashed out at Greg and told him nothing would ever happen between them. Greg and Brooke supported Abby and Cheresa after the Gen Next House, and they grew closer after Helen was pronounced dead, both agreeing to put their family first. Greg, however, still supported Kim as a friend.

Greg supported Kim while Bob was in the hospital. He continued to tell her that he had feelings for her, but Kim told him she was in love with her husband. Greg, then, told Brooke that he wanted their family to be together again, despite his lingering feelings for Kim. Brad, meanwhile, confronted Brooke and Greg about how they adopted Cheresa. After Brad agreed to keep mum, Brooke revealed how she and Greg tried to adopt but after three failed attempts, Brooke bought Cheresa from the black market. They agreed to never reveal this to anyone. Brooke and Greg were alarmed, then, when Cheresa admitted to them that she wanted to find her biological parents. They lied to her and said the adoption was closed so they had no details for her. Greg continued to support Kim after Bob died and Brooke spied Greg holding Kim in his arms. Greg supported Kim while she was going to court as Robbie and Natasha contested Bob's will. On the day that Robbie and Natasha gave testimony and dragged Kim through the mud, she ran to her friend and kissed him. After, she told Greg that they could only be friends, nothing more. He agreed and vowed to make his marriage work. He went to Brooke and they reunited. They made love for the first time in years and celebrated with their children. Shortly after, Brooke arrived at Greg's office and stunned him with the news that she was having an affair with Robbie. Greg lashed out at his wife for her betrayal and announced that he was moving out and wanted a divorce. Back at the mansion, Greg stunned his children with the news of the affair! Then, Greg found out that Kim knew about the affair and was upset with her for not telling him. He quickly forgave her. Greg then got a call that Cheresa's body was found in the river! At the hospital, Greg blamed Brooke for Cheresa's accident. Abby and Brad begged their parents to stop fighting while Cheresa was fighting for her life. Greg had Brooke served with divorce papers at the hospital. Brad then stunned his parents by telling them that Meggan knew the truth about Cheresa and that Chris and Trenyce were her biological parents. Greg vowed to keep his daughter. All hell brook loose when Chris and Trenyce visited Cheresa; the stress caused her to flatline, but she survived. Chris had Brooke arrested. Greg was annoying that she called Robbie to bail her out. Greg confronted Robbie over the affair but he threw Greg's relationship with Kim back in his face. By Christmas time, Cheresa was better and spent the holiday with the Lawson's. Greg offered to help Brooke with her charges but made love to Kim on New Years Eve.

Greg and Kim continued to sleep together but agreed that nothing serious could happen because he had to be focused on his family and Brooke's pending trial. Kim supported him and he was thankful. Greg and Brooke, meanwhile, worked together on her trial and she started to get her feelings for him back. He maintained that they were over as a couple. Shortly after, Greg met with Chris in private and they agreed that Dawn was responsible for Cheresa's accident. Later, Dawn was served with a restraining order against Cheresa. Cheresa confronted her parents who said they were not involved but Chris was. Greg told Brooke it was his plan to ensure Cheresa was at odds with Chris and Trenyce. They grew closer. At Brooke's trial, she confessed she still loves Greg on the witness stand. She was sentenced to community service. She pleaded with Greg to give her another chance but he refused and served her with divorce papers. Brooke was livid until he admitted he had been sleeping with Kim. Brooke was also furious that he wanted to leave her with next to nothing. Greg was not impressed with Brooke when she was holding up the divorce proceedings, so he offered her more money. Brooke took the money and their divorce was finalized. Brooke then left town. Greg, meanwhile, continued to pursue Kim even though she admitted she was drawn to Robbie. Greg suggested that she needed to decide who she wanted to be with. Greg was upset when Kim ended things with him so she could be with Robbie. Greg, then, was at the hospital when Abby fell down the stairs. He warned Andrew about hurting his daughter. The accident brought Brooke home and made Abby realize that she wanted to keep her child. Greg supported Cheresa after Shelley was found dead and Abby after her child was born stillborn, unaware that Vinny orchestrated a baby switch.


Greg learned that Kim and Robbie were engaged and wished them well, even though he was upset that she chose him. The Lawson's were then stunned and devastated to learn that Brad was murdered on New Year's Eve by the Rose Peddle killer. Greg demanded that Simona find the person responsible. Greg and Brooke grew closer as a result of mourning their son, however. Lukas, soon, approached the exes and suggested that Abby was getting too close to baby Olly. Greg seemingly agreed with them and the parents spoke to Abby, who admitted that she felt like she lost everything: Sonny, Andrew and now Olly. Greg was then rattled more when Abby and Andrew found a dead Albertinah, another victim of the killer. Greg continued to press Simona to do her job, but she admitted that there weren't many leads. Greg retuned home one day and saw a pink rose peddle on the floor of the foyer of his mansion. He immediately thought the killer was in his house, but Brooke covered and claimed their weekly floral arrangement had arrived. Brooke then left, claiming she had a spa treatment. As it was late in the day, Greg thought it was odd and tracked Brooke down to their storage locker. Greg was shocked to realize that Brooke was the killer! Brooke realized that Greg saw her and tracked him down at the mansion, where she recounted how she killed Shelley, Brad and Albertinah. Greg tried to call the police, but Brooke attacked him! Abby walked in, fresh from learning that Donovan didn't want her near Olly anymore, and stabbed her mother in self-defense! Abby was left traumatized and fainted. When she woke, she had blacked out the memory of killing Brooke, so Greg confessed to the crime since he wanted to protect his daughter! Greg was arrested and pled guilty at the trial. Abby and Cheresa supported their father, and revealed that Brooke owed millions in unpaid taxes. At the trial, Greg took the stand and recounted how "he" killed Brooke, unaware that Abby was having memory flashes of the actual events. Greg was stunned by Abby's outburst in court that she killed Brooke! The Judge asked Greg if it was true; he backed her story claiming that he was trying to protect his daughter. The Judge was livid with him and fined him for lying in court. Abby was sentenced to community service. Greg, Cheresa and Abby reunited at home and agreed to try to put the nightmare of Brooke being a serial killer behind them. They paid the IRS bill that Brooke left them and the family was strapped for cash. Greg got a job at the hospital, Cheresa started to model and Abby vowed she would help the family with money. Soon after, Greg was put off by Abby's sudden involvement with Dominick. He told her not to get involved with him but Abby stunned Greg and Cheresa by revealing that she married Dominick! Greg was approached by Dawn when Cheresa went missing. They went to Simona, who refused to open a missing person case until Cheresa had been missing for 48 hours. She had a change of heart and Greg thanked her. Greg, however, realized that Robbie, Kim and Natasha knew what happened to his daughter. Robbie admitted that he hired a woman named Tara to scare Cheresa after she signed with Robertson Enterprises instead of Roboto and she kidnapped her. Kim realized where Tara had taken Cheresa: the Lawson storage unit. Greg and Robbie told Kim not to come with them because of her pregnancy. The men raced to the unit but Kim arrived. Tara heard them and took them all hostage. Robbie wrestled with her which caused some boxes to fall on top of Kim! Tara escaped. At the hospital, Kim miscarried. Greg was relieved to have Cheresa back and supported Kim through her loss. He suggested they go away to Aspen together for Christmas, which they did. When Robbie found out, he was furious.

Greg was put off that he didn't hear from Kim after they spent Christmas together in Aspen. She admitted to him that she needed to move slowly, which he supported. He supported Kim further, however, when she filed for divorce from Robbie. Greg, together with Dawn, suggested that Cheresa seek therapy as she continued to struggle with nightmares following her kidnapping. The therapy seemingly worked and helped Cheresa. Greg, now financially stable, suggested to his daughter that they hire a new maid for the estate; Cheresa agreed and Greg hired a woman named Traci. Traci started but both Greg and Cheresa found her, multiple times, snooping around the estate. Cheresa told Greg and Kim she thought something odd was going on with her, so Greg agreed to talk to her. At the Roboto gala, Greg kissed Kim which Robbie saw. Robbie warned Greg to stay away from her but Greg told him he would do no such thing. Traci realized that Greg was on to her snooping and realized she had to smooth things over. She suggested that he make a move on Kim, which Greg took to heart. Greg went to Kim but he saw her in a close moment with Robbie as they learned their divorce was finalized. Kim told this to Greg, so he invited her over for dinner. With Traci's help, Greg put together a romantic evening and proposed to Kim. She accepted; Abby and Cheresa were thrilled but Robbie was not pleased.

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