Cory Calvin

Representation:Victor Webster
On Series Since: 2002 - Present
Full Name: Cory Calvin
Profession: Assistant, One Day House
Martial Status: In love with, Robin Navy
Previous Relationships: Divorced x2, Natasha Calimo; Sex, Madeline Wilkins; Affair, Rebecca Dewitt; Divorced, ; Ex-Girlfriend, Leah Robertson
Family Ties: Daughter, Sophie Calvin



Cory proposed to long-time girlfriend Natasha, despite having reservations about getting married. She accepted. Her ex, Adam Black, came to town and tried to break the duo up. It failed; they were married in a lavish ceremony. After a minor accident, Natasha was in the hospital. High on drugs, Adam took advantage of her and they had sex. When Natasha realized her mistake, she left the hospital and accidentally drove her car off the bridge. She was presumed dead.

Cory was devastated. Robin helped him through the rough time, and they ended up falling in love. An insecure Robin pressured Cory into a quickie marriage. He agreed. They were married. Natasha returned to Twin Peaks and wanted her life back. Cory was torn between the two women but went back to Natasha.

He continued to be pulled back to Robin during her brief addiction to pills and a blindness spell. He and Natasha agreed to renew their vows, even though he still felt a strong connection to Robin.

He became jealous of Robin's newfound friendship with Will. While Natasha was in the hospital, he stayed at her side. Sofia became concerned for his health and she called Robin to help him get some rest. He went home with Robin, leaving Shane to be with Natasha when she awoke. He stood by Natasha as she got her health back. Meanwhile, Bob told Robin to ask Cory to shoot the new Introspect (Robinís cologne for Roboto) ad at Wild Night. Cory loved the idea of his bar getting the publicity. At the photo shoot, he and Robin made love again. Cory felt guilty, and was more confused then ever. On New Yearís Eve, Natasha went to tell him that she loved him only she said Shaneís name instead.

Natasha and Cory went to the Calimo cabin to get away and try to reconnect. They just missed Robin, who had received photographs of her and Cory making love at the photoshoot. Robin accidentally left them at the cabin, and Natasha found them. She confronted Cory, who admitted his affair. Together, Natasha and Cory realized that they had drifted apart; she fell for Shane and he still loved Robin. They agreed to divorce and remain friends. Cory went after Robin, who told him she wanted nothing to do with him. After talking with Dominick, Cory finally got Robin to hear him out. They made love and soon became engaged. Robin began to model for Roboto, which frustrated Cory as he didn't like the thought of her being viewed by millions of men. While planning the wedding, Robin's mother Melissa returned to town and made it clear that she didn't like Cory. The two married anyways and afterwards, Melissa realized that Cory didn't like Robni modelling. She planned to use it against Cory in hopes to break the two up.

Cory finally admitted to his wife that he didn't like her modelling, but he vowed to support her anyways. At a premier in Twin Peaks, Cory was amazed at Robin's talents in the modelling world. He admitted that he is proud of her and they embraced. Melissa, meanwhile, used the premier as the backdrop of her plan. As Cory and Robin went outside for a red carpet, a man that Melissa hired ran towards Robin and threw acid in her direction. The plan went terribly wrong, however, when the acid hit Robin's face! At the hospital, Melissa planted seeds of doubt in Robin's head that Cory was responsible for the attack. Believing her mother, Robin had Cory arrested. He was shocked that she would believe he would hurt her and vowed to clear his name. He hired Madeline in hopes of proving his innocence. Robin, meanwhile, moved out of the Penthouse and under the influence of Melissa began casually seeing Liam Fitzpatrick. Cory got an SOS text message from Madeline after Karl kidnapped her and took her hostage. He and Robbie saved Madeline before Karl was about to shoot her. Karl soon revealed that his role in the attack and revealed that Cory had nothing to do with it. Robin begged for Cory's forgiveness, but he told her he needed time away from her.

Cory confronted Melissa after the truth came out and she left town after. Robin quickly went to her husband and tried to reunite, but he said he needed more time as he didn't understand her lack of belief in him. He and Madeline continued to grow closer and ended up in bed. Robin soon saw them and was devastated. She went to have her last surgery to remove her scars, which was successful, and called Liam to go on another date with. Cory, meanwhile, told Madeline that he didn't want to have a serious relationship, knowing that he still cared for Robin, which upset Madeline because she had fallen for Cory. Madeline, however, was determined to keep Cory in her life and she started to dig around to see if she could find any information that could help her. She uncovered the fact that Liam performed a paternity test on Leah's child and that Jeff was really Paige's daughter! She confronted Robin with the information, who was stunned to hear this truth. Madeline blackmailed Robin into leaving Cory, or she would tell the truth. Soon, Cory was stunned to get divorce papers from his wife as he thought they were getting back together. Madeline tried to comfort Cory, but he asked her to investigate the real reason that Robin wants the divorce. On New Years Eve, Cory and Madeline went to the masked ball together. Robin, whom was wearing the same mask as Madeline, kissed her husband which made Madeline livid.

In the New Year, Cory and Robin admitted that they loved each other. Robin feared that if she went back to Cory, Madeline would reveal Leah's secret. Robin took the chance and called Madeline's bluff - she and Cory reunited. Soon, Cory proposed to Robin and suggested they renewed their vows. Robin agreed. Madeline was livid. On the day of the wedding, Madeline secretly told Jeff that Paige was really his daughter hoping to break up Cory and Robin's wedding. The wedding flopped, but Cory and Robin wed in a secret ceremony after the truth came out. After the ceremony, Robin and Dominick confessed the truth to Cory: Madeline had been blackmailing her for months with Leah's secret. Cory was horrified. He confronted his former lover, who pleaded with Cory to listen to her case. He told her he would never forgive her nor would they ever be friends. Madeline was crushed. Robin shortly after went back to modelling at Robertson Enterprises. She soon started getting odd fan mail parcels. She was creeped out by them, but Dominick tried to calm her nerves telling her everyone gets odd fan mail. Robin and Cory rejoyced when she learned that she was pregnant! They grew more excited as the baby grew.

Cory and Robin continued to plan for the baby in the New Year. Cory continued to feel uneasy about Robin's fan mail, however. He protested when Robin agreed to do a fan "meet and greet" for Robertson Enterprises after the launch of "Petals" was a success. Robin told him that she would be fine at the meet and greet. However, a smoke bomb went off during the meet and greet ... when the smoke cleared, Robin was gone! Cory worked with Dominick and Robbie to track Robin down at the Calimo cabin. Turns out, Liam Fitzpatrick was her "fan" as he was livid that she dumped him and went back to Cory. When Cory got there, he confronted Liam. Robin ended up pushing him out of the window and Liam fell to his death. Robin was rushed to the hospital, where she tearfully told Cory that while at the cabin she went into labour and the baby was stillborn. Cory was crushed but he supported Robin, who slowlys started to have break downs over the baby's death. Cory slowly started to worry that Robin was losing her mind as a result of the baby's death.

Cory continued to worry about Robin's mental state in the new year. He continued to encourage her to get help but was shocked when she blasted him accused him of not trusting her. To prove her point, Robin moved out and into Dominick's. When Cory visited her, he was shocked to see that she was getting worse. Shortly after, Cory was horrified to learn from Will that Robin got a deadly infection that was taking over her body! Cory tried to come to terms that his wife may die. At Shane and Natasha's wedding, Eva overheard Dominick talking to Will. Realizing what was happening, Eva and Cory raced to Dominick's. They stopped Will from injecting Robin with a drug that would have faked her death; Dominick was going to do to Robin what he did with Felicia years earlier to stop Cory from suffering. Cory blasted Dominick and banned him from Robin's life. Robin's sister, Rebecca, meanwhile returned to town. She told Cory that she and Jason had split up. He offered her a place to stay with him at the penthouse, which she accepted. While she was secretly texting someone, she agreed with Cory that Robin should go to a mental facility. After Robin went away, Rebecca moved her plan into the next phase. Cory caught her wearing her bra and panties and then a bikini. They shared a kiss but Cory told her that they had to just be friends. Soon after, Robin stopped taking Cory's phone calls from the mental hospital. Rebecca offered to go and visit Robin for Cory. When she got back, she told him that Robin was seemingly getting better. Cory wondered why Robin was shutting him out then. Dominick tried to tell Cory that something was going on but Robin's rejection weighted on Cory. On New Year's Eve, Cory gave into temptation and made love to Rebecca.

Cory and Rebecca continued their affair despite knowing that it was wrong. Finally, Cory ended it telling Rebecca that he had to focus on Robin. Shortly after, Robin called Cory and he went to visit her. He was surprised to see how normal Robin was acting until she got her medication. Once that happened, Robin pushed Cory away, leaving Cory confused. He confided in Rebecca, whose feelings for Cory grew. Unbeknownest to Cory, every move he made, Rebecca was telling Melissa, who was plotting. Cory decided to research the drugs Robin was receiving. He was shocked to learn that the drugs being given to Robin were not helping her at all. He decided that he had to take action and save Robin. He broke into the mental hospital and tried to escape with Robin. They were reunited and grew closer as they waited in a heating duct. Shortly after, they were able to escape the hospital. Cory, however, was shot during the escape. He turned out to be fine and he and Robin reunited. Melissa, however, vowed to keep Cory and Robin apart. After reuniting with Robin, Melissa dropped a shocker: Rebecca was pregnant with Cory's baby!

Cory admitted to Robin that he did sleep with Rebecca while she was in the mental hospital. Robin slapped her husband for his betrayal. Cory, however, refused to believe that Rebecca is pregnant and he demanded a pregnancy test from her. The test came back positive. Robin dumped her husband, telling him that she can't over the fact that he slept with her sister. Little did they know that Melissa was using Caroline Fitzpatrick's baby because Rebecca really wasn't carrying a child. Cory vowed to get Robin back. Cory, meanwhile, told Rebecca that he would be there for her during the pregnancy. He took her to the doctor's appointment, but Rebecca claimed she was insecure and wanted to be alone. Cory thought it was odd until he saw Melissa with her. Cory went to Natasha and asked her to get a restraining order against Melissa because he didnít want her around his baby. Cory and Natasha slowly started to grow closer as Robin moved out of the penthouse and she was growing closer to Adam. Cory asked Adam about his relationship with Robin, but he maintained that they were just friends. Cory then spotted Caroline and immediately realized that the woman who shot him was in town. Cory revealed to Robin that he went to Natasha to get a restraining order against Melissa to keep her away from his baby with Rebecca. Robin told him that it's cruel, but Cory continued to suspect something was off because Rebecca wouldn't let him into any of her doctor appointments. Cory and Natasha, meanwhile grew closer. Soon, Melissa called Cory and announced that Rebecca was in labour. Cory raced to the hospital and demanded to be with Rebecca, but Melissa refused. Just as Cory was about to barge in, the doctor announced that a baby girl had been born. While with Rebecca and the baby, Cory noticed that the baby wasn't breathing. He then saw Caroline and demanded to know what was going on. Caroline, being worried about her child, admitted she is the baby's mother. Robin arrived to learn how Melissa and Rebecca were trying to keep Cory and Robin apart. Cory was floored and begged Robin for another chance, after Melissa and Rebecca skipped town. She refused and filed for divorce. Cory was crushed, but Natasha comforted him and they end up in bed. On New Year's Eve, Cory and Natasha kissed, which Shane saw.

Cory questioned Natasha when she was upset about seeing Shane and Cassie kiss on New Year's Eve. He told her that she needed to let it go, but Natasha told him that after everything Cassie put her through, she couldn't allow her back into her life. Cory then got a call that Natasha fell on some ice after a confrontation with Cassie. Cory wondered if Cassie caused Natasha to fall, but when Natasha awoke, she claimed it was an accident. Natasha then tearfully admitted to him that the fall caused her to not be able to have any more children. Cory supported her and to prove his love, he proposed. She accepted. Shortly after, Natasha learned that Jacob had a lung infection that had taken over his right lung and was about to take over his left; if he didn't receive a lung infection, Jacob was going to die. Cory supported a devastated Natasha. Soon, Craig revealed that Jacob had taken a turn for the worse. Shane and Natasha decided to pull Jacob off life support so he could pass with some dignity. At the last minute, Kim and Tyler announced that they would donate a braindead Blake's lungs to Jacob. The transplant worked: Jacob successfully received Blake's lungs. While Shane and Natasha were bonding over the crisis, Cassie began planting seeds of doubt in Cory's mind that the exes might reunite as a result. Cory tried to push it out of his head, but he saw Shane and Natasha in a few close moments and wondered if Cassie was right. Craig then revealed that Jacob should be transferred to a rehab center in New York. Natasha was worried about travelling with Jacob so soon after the transplant, but Cory convinced her to go. Natasha and Shane agreed to go to NYC with Jacob. Cassie, again, told Cory that while in NYC, Shane and Natasha might get back together. While Natasha was in New York, Cassie continued to tell Cory that the situation with Jacob might reunite Natasha and Shane. He tried to shrug her off, but he was worried. When Natasha got home, he asked her about what happened and she said nothing. He believed her. Shortly after, Cory and Natasha married in a simple ceremony. Natasha continued to worry about Shane and Cassie, which annoyed Cory. He told her that he wanted to have a baby with her, which confused her since she learned she couldn't have any more children. Cory suggested that they adopt; Natasha agreed and the couple went on the waiting list. They were discouraged to learn that there were no children to adopt, but instead it might take some time to find a child.

Cory continued to tell Natasha to stop interfering with Shane and Cassie's relationship, but she continued to believe that Cassie was using Shane to get back at her. At Shane's birthday party, Natasha publically exposed Cassie and Cory was livid with his wife. He admitted to her that it made him question whether they should have a child together or not. She was shocked and tried get through to him, which he finally forgave her for. They then learned that there was a pregnant girl in Twin Peaks that was thinking of giving her baby up for adoption; they agreed to meet her and were surprised to see that it was Dawn. Dawn refused to give her child up to Natasha because of her past affair with Adam. Cory told Natasha that they would have another child, but Natasha continued to press Dawn. At Bob and Kim's wedding, Barbara snapped because she realized that Dawn might have been coming around to Natasha, so she shot them both. Cory was at his wife's bedside and was relieved when she was only shot in the shoulder, so she would be fine. However, the doctors told Cory that Natasha was 8 weeks pregnant, which is a miracle considering her medical history. They rejoiced and planned for their child. Bob, then, suggested that he buy Wild Night from Cory, but he refused. He did agree to let Robbie use the offices at the night club as his campaign headquarters. Natasha, however, thought Cory selling the club would be a good thing. Cory continued to tell Natasha that he didn't want to sell Wild Night to Bob, despite her wanting him too because she thought that running a night club would get in the way of being a father to their unborn child. He did, however, agree to let Robbie and Brooke use the extra office at the night club as Robbie's campaign head quarters. After Robbie won the election, Cory saw him and Brooke kissing, which made him wonder if he should sell to Bob, as he believed that if the truth about Robbie's affair was exposed, the club's reputation would be hurt. Cory, meanwhile, supported Natasha when she didn't hear from Jacob. She finally got a text message from her son telling her that he is engaged; the news upset Natasha so much that she went into labour. Cory raced his wife to the hospital, where he was worried when Shane revealed that Natasha needed to have a c-section. Cory couldn't help but think of his past experiences with children with Robin & Rebecca, so he was relieved when Natasha and their daughter were healthy. They named their child Sophie, after Sofia. Cory then was shocked when Jacob returned home and announced he was engaged to Cassie Nova! Cory also supported Natasha after Bob's car accident.

Cory tried to keep Natasha calm following the announcement of Jacob's engagement to Cassie. He spoke to Jacob, who told his stepfather that he knew what he was doing with Cassie and he wanted his families support. Cory told Natasha that they should support Jacob, but Natasha refused. Cory was also supporting his wife while Bob was dealing with his medical crisis. One day at the hospital, Cory witnessed a close moment between Robbie and Brooke and wondered if they were still sleeping together, knowing that it was the last thing the Calimo family needed at the time. He confronted Brooke, who was horrified to learn that Cory learned about her recent slip up with Robbie. Cory told her he wouldn't say anything about the affair but she had to end it. Cory then supported Natasha when Bob passed away. He was unnerved when Natasha and Robbie agreed to contest Bob's will as they were upset with how much Kim was left with. Cory pleaded with his wife to rethink her decision as the fighting was only going to make things worse for the family, but she refused. Tensions ran high between the married couple. Cory continued to keep secret the fact that he knew about Robbie and Brooke's affair. He continued to tell Natasha and Robbie, however, that he thought the court case was uncalled for; he believed that Kim deserved to get whatever Bob left for her in his will. Natasha and Cory clashed over this. At the same time, he also told his wife to accept Jacob's decision to marry Cassie, which Natasha refused to do. The night before the Judge was going to make his ruling in the court case, Cory went to Kim and told her that he had a way for her to win: Robbie's affair with Brooke. The next day, Kim stunned the court by revealing the affair. Kim won the case, to Natasha's horror. Immediately after, it was Jacob's wedding day. At the church, Robbie realized that Cory was the one who told the truth to Kim and he punched his brother in law. Cory then lashed out at Jacob for his behavior when he revealed that he was using Cassie as revenge. Cory told Natasha that her son is acting like her, and it's not okay. Robbie then told Natasha that Cory leaked the affair to Kim. Natasha slapped her husband. Stunned, Cory moved out and told Natasha he wanted a divorce. On Christmas Day, Natasha witnessed a close moment between Cory and Sophie and realized that she does still love him.

2021 Cory continued to reject Natasha's offer to try to get back together as he claims that their marriage ended when she slapped him last fall. Natasha was upset by this and soon she got divorce papers from Cory. Cory and Leah, meanwhile, randomly met and started talking about their failed marriages. After Leah testified at Logan's custody hearing, she was in a dark place. Cory discovered her and they ended up in bed together! Following it, they agreed that it shouldn't happen again but they continued to sleep with each other! Shortly after, Jeff revealed to Natasha that Cory and Leah were lovers. Natasha told Robbie and they confronted Leah and Cory, who admitted they were sleeping together! Natasha was furious with Cory and agreed to the divorce and threatened to keep Sophie away from him. Robin and Paige also confronted Leah and Cory as they were not happy with their affair. Cory asked Leah if she wanted to continue seeing each other and she said yes. Cory and Leah forged forward with their newfound romance but he admitted that he was feeling lost and like he needed a new purpose. Soon after, Cory met with Nicholas and asked to work at the One Day House, which Nicholas agreed too. At the One Day House, Cory saw the man who looked like Reese and told Nicholas. Cory, meanwhile, told Jeff to stop interfering in his romance with Leah after he learned Jeff was telling people about him and Leah. Shortly after, Leah was put off by Jeff reuniting with Meggan. The four of them ended up having dinner together and Leah admitted that she had a pregnancy scare. Alone, Leah and Cory agreed that they would try to have a child together.


While at the One Day House, Cory saw Clayton and was stunned by the resemblance. He told Nicholas what he saw. Cory, meanwhile, was upset with Natasha for her actions at Robbie and Kim's wedding. Together, they had to discuss with Sophie about changing the bullets in Natasha's gun. The child was upset that she was getting in trouble for Natasha's actions. Cory and Leah, later, agreed to have a child together. Leah went to the doctor to ensure she was healthy enough considering her age. Once she got the green light, she and Cory started to try to get pregnant. Leah, however, started to have dreams of a baby crying in a room but she isn't able to locate the child. Cory wondered what the dreams meant. He also learned that Leah was getting pain medication delivered to her house as a result of a neck injury she obtained during the explosion in Lake Tahoe years earlier. He thought it was odd that the prescription never had to be refilled and that the medication was sent to her house. When the dreams Leah was having increased, he suggested to her that they get away in hopes of helping her. Leah agreed. They went to the winery in Santa Barbara with Meggan and Jeff. Once there, the crying became a constant ringing in Leah's ears so the trip was cut short. Back in Twin Peaks, the crying in the ears stopped. Cory took one of Leah's pain killers and had it analyzed; he was stunned to learn it was a memory loss drug. He told Leah, who was also startled. She revealed that Frederick gave them to her and they wondered what memory he was trying to block. Cory convinced Leah to stop taking the memory loss pills in hope that she would get better. Cory was then with her when she had another dream about the baby crying; when she awoke, she claimed to have remembered holding a child at the winery in Santa Barbara. They returned there together and Leah remembered giving birth to a child! She was worried, however, that she wouldn't be able to find the child since only Frederick would know where the child was, and he was dead. Back in Twin Peaks, Leah shared her news with Jeff and Paige. Cory was unnerved to see Jeff and Leah embrace and asked Jeff where he stood with Leah now that she remembered. Shortly after, Cory supported Leah when she and Jeff asked Meggan to try to find their child. Meggan agreed. Another shock was revealed when Abby stunned the Robertson's by announcing that Frederick, not Dominick, was Leah's biological father! Leah was gutted and Cory, again, supported her. He worried about the toll of all the secrets was taking on Leah, especially after Frederick was revealed to be alive.

Cory supported Leah after she learned Frederick was back in town. He continued to tell her that they would find her missing child as well, despite Frederick not giving her anymore information. Shortly after, Jeff suggested that he, Cory, Meggan and Leah all head back to Santa Barbara to see if they can uncover any more information on the missing child. Cory agreed, but they decided to go after the Roboto gala. At the gala, Cory proposed to Leah telling her he wanted to be there for her in every possible way. Leah was stunned and rejected the proposal! Devastated, Cory ended things with her. In the wake of their broken engagement, Cory and Robin started to reconnect, despite her being pregnant with Shane's baby. Soon after, Cory realized that he was starting to have feelings again for his ex-wife. Robin, however, ended up having dinner with Antonio, which lead Cory to feel jealous. He warned Antonio to stay away from Robin but Antonio said he would do no such thing. Then, Cory was stunned to see Sophie on his doorstep. Sophie admitted to Cory and Natasha that she got kicked out of school because she lied about being on a rowing team to get a scholarship. Cory tried to get through to his daughter about why her actions were wrong but Sophie felt misunderstood. Robin confronted Cory about his conversation with Antonio, where Cory told the casino owner to stay away from her. Cory surprised her by kissing her and telling her that he was starting to have feelings for her again. Robin admitted that she was also having feelings for him, so they agreed to try to have a relationship again. Robin told Antonio that they could only be friends, which upset him. Cory, then, saw Antonio kiss Robin's hand at Nicholas and Andy's wedding, which felt him feeling like Robin was still playing both men. Cory told Robin that they couldn't have a relationship until she figured out what, and who, she really wanted. The conversation sent Robin into labour; Cory rushed her to the hospital, but they ended up getting trapped in the elevator! Cory delivered Robin's baby son, named Oscar; both mother and son were fine. Shane thanked Cory for helping his son. Shortly after, Cory got a call from Sophie's boarding school noting that she wouldn't be able to return. He told his daughter that he was going to go to Switzerland to talk to the dean, which upset Sophie as she wanted to try to go and speak for herself. He said goodbye to his daughter, Natasha and Robin. Soon, his family got word that his plane crashed and there were no survivors! Cory left his penthouse and majority of his estate to the "woman he loved"; Leah, Robin and Natasha all believed it was her, but it turned out to be Robin. Cory, however, was alive and well and in Oklahoma, where he had amnesia and was being nursed back to health by a farmer, Penny. Penny's fiancť, Gordy, wasn't happy that Cory was helping out around the farm as he was jealous.

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