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Representation: Peter Bergman

On Series Since: 2015 - Present
Full Name: Frederick Richardson
Profession: Doctor
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: Unknown
Family Ties: Daughter, Meggan Richardson; son, Lukas Richardson



Frederick comes to town looking for Felicia, as he was her doctor in the mental hospital in Switzerland. He immediately butts heads with Dominick. It was soon revealed that Frederick is the father to Meggan and Lukas. Lukas is gay but Frederick doesn't know as he is scared of his father's reaction. The family bought the Wilkins estate after Reese's death. He also had an odd reaction to seeing Daisy. Frederick, meanwhile, tried to hide his feelings for Felicia, mostly because she is his patient. After Leah died in Lake Tahoe, Frederick realized that Felicia was off her meds and worked to get her stable. She was thankful and he was upset that she still had feelings for Dominick. Frederick also befriended Savannah and she became like another daughter to him. He was concerned that she started to date Chris as Frederick didn't trust the man who everyone thought was Andrew's father. Frederick then spotted Chris and Trenyce together and he thought something wasn't right. He bugged Trenyce's office and overheard them talking about their plan to use Savannah to get Andrew back. Chris, meanwhile, proposed to Savannah and she accepted. On their wedding day, Frederick played his recording of Chris and Trenyce's plan. Savannah was devastated and slapped Chris before she stormed out.

Frederick comforted Savannah in the wake of her failed wedding to Chris. He advised her that she needs to make some positive changes in her life. Later, Savannah revealed to Frederick that she was at peace with everything that had happened and that she had forgiven Trenyce and Chris. He warned her against that. Meanwhile, Frederick was trying to help Felicia remember the events leading up to Leah's death. Dominick suggested that Frederick put her under hypnosis. Once Felicia agreed, Frederick started the process. While under, Felicia admitted to loving Dominick. Wanting to have a chance with Felicia himself, Frederick kept this information mum. When Felicia did remember, she confronted Bob. Frederick tried to support her. Lukas, meanwhile, continued to hide his sexuality from his father. Frederick attended a dinner party that Daisy threw, unaware she had hopes of finding out Frederick's past with Jemma. Jemma and Frederick spoke at party and agreed not to let anyone know about their past, unaware that Meggan overheard. Daisy, meanwhile, continued to think something was going on. Jemma told Frederick that the secret was killing her. On New Year's Eve, Daisy saw the two of them speaking and demanded to know the truth. In the wake of Savannah's death, Frederick vowed that Chris and Trencye would not get Andrew. When Savannah's will was read, she left full custody of the boy to Frederick, who gloated to Chris and Trenyce that they would never see him again. Frederick, meanwhile, continued to put Felicia under hypnosis. He started telling her that she didn't love Dominick; to his surprise, Felicia told Dominick she didn't love him anymore. Dominick was surprised, as was Eva. Eva ended up breaking into Frederick's office and learned about his past with Jemma, and read his notes about his sessions with Felicia.

Frederick was shocked when Eva revealed that she knew he had been brainwashing Felicia into believing that she didn't love Dominick anymore. Frederick replied by telling Eva that if she kept mum, she could have a chance with Dominick. Eva refused, but she agreed to play along after Dominick proposed when his marriage to Felicia was finalized. Frederick knew that he had to ensure Felicia didn't remember, so he made her a play list on her IPod, with subliminal messages underneath the music. He was thrilled when Felicia continued to believe that she didn't love Dominick anymore. Frederick, meanwhile, continued to get bothered by Chris and Trenyce about seeing Andrew, since he took custody after Savannah died. Knowing that he didn't want Andrew around Chris or Trenyce, Frederick sent the boy to a boarding school. Chris and Trenyce were devastated. They ended up hiring Meggan to help them find their biological child; Frederick asked Meggan to send them on a wild goose chase, but she refused. Frederick vowed not to give up. Frederick and Felicia, meanwhile, continued to grow closer as Eva and Dominick planned their wedding. They started sharing a few close kisses. On the day of the wedding, Frederick calmed Eva's nerves after she saw a close moment between Felicia and Dominick. At the wedding reception, Trenyce (who had listened to Felicia's IPod) revealed the truth about Frederick's brainwashing to Tyler, who exposed Frederick. Dominick and Felicia were livid and vowed that Frederick would never hurt her again. Frederick kept mum about Eva's role in the plan and told her that he wouldn't say anything if she helped him get Felicia back. Eva reluctantly agreed.

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