Paige Claus

Representation: Ariana Grande
On Series Since: 2015 - Present
Full Name: Paige Claus
Profession: Executive at Robertson Enterprises
Martial Status: Married to, Ethan Alexander
Previous Relationships: Ex-Boyfriend, Andrew Pherson; Ex-Boyfriend, Max Black
Family Ties: Mother, Leah Robertson; Father, Jeff Claus; Believed to be her father, Robbie Calimo; Grandfather, Dominick Robertson; Grandmother, Felicia Robertson; Aunt, Robin Navy



Paige is the daughter of Leah and Jeff. When Leah was pregnant, she believed Paige's father was Robbie. The truth eventually came out but Paige and Robbie always shared a close connection. When Felicia came back to town, Leah and Jeff feared she would harm Paige so they sent her to Europe. She has come back a teenage girl following her mother's death. Paige continued to feel torn between Jeff and Robbie as she thought of both of them as her Dad. Paige was shocked when Leah's will left everything to Robbie, not Jeff. Jeff was kicked out of the house and Paige was upset when he moved into Meggan's, since she was the woman whom killed Noah. Paige also befriended a young man named Max.

Paige continued to be torn between Jeff and Robbie in the new year. She was horrified to learn that Jeff slept with Meggan, the woman who killed her brother. She lashed out at Jeff and Robbie until she realized she couldn't live with either one of them. Bob offered her a place to stay and she moved into the Calimo mansion. Shortly after, she learned that Jeff was sueing Robbie for half of Leah's estate. Paige was horrified to be called to the stand. The Judge awarded Jeff half of what is rightfully his; but Paige was too hurt by being called to testify to celebrate with him. She lashed out at Robbie and Jeff for forcing her to take the stand. Paige then learned that it was Victoria who convinced Jeff to sue Robbie. Jeff, meanwhile, continued to try to reach out to her to no avail. He finally told his daughter that he wanted to propose to Meggan. She told Jeff that he would lose her forever if he did that. Robbie and Victoria, meanwhile, did announce their engagement to Paige. Paige then shocked Robbie by announcing that Victoria was the one who told Jeff to sue him. Paige, meanwhile, asked to become Shane's assistant and he agreed. Dawn encouraged Paige to pursue the crush she had developed on Shane. They flirted and Paige even kissed Shane, but he told her that they could just be friends.

Paige began the year by telling Dawn how she and Shane had shared a few stolen kisses. Dawn encouraged her friend to keep pursing her crush, despite knowing that she was pushing Paige for her own selfish reasons. Paige, meanwhile, was crushed when Shane told her that they could only be friends. At Andy's gala for Reese, Paige lashed out at Robbie and Jeff for their choices in women. Dawn then revealed to Paige that Shane and Natasha were going to head to the cabin to try to work on the marriage but Natasha was delayed because of Bob's stroke. Paige agreed to go to the cabin to surprise Shane. While heading up there, Paige for a flat tire and Shane rescued her. At the cabin, Paige got Shane drunk and kissed him again. Things got heated but he pulled back and told her that they could just be friends. He went upstairs to bed but she disrobed and followed him. In the morning, they awoke next to one another naked. Shane claimed he had no memory of the previous night. Natasha then arrived and demanded to know what was happening. Paige revealed that they had sex the night before. Natasha left in a huff. Paige pleaded with Shane not to say anything as she knew Robbie & Jeff would not take the news well, but Natasha revealed the truth to them. Paige's family rallied around her as they realized what happened. Paige maintained that she was an adult and could make her own decisions. Robbie, however, arrested Shane for statutory rape. Paige told Dawn that she couldn't keep up the lie, but Dawn convinced her that Shane would get off and they would have a chance at a relationship. Paige was then dealt a blow when she learned that she would have to undergo a court ordered exam to see if she was still a virgin or not. Dawn gave her a sex toy to show that she had been with a man before. Paige was horrified but told Dawn that she did use the toy. Paige felt awful the day of her exam that Victoria performed. Afterwards, Paige sought comfort at Leah's grave. At the trial, Shane cornered Paige and pleaded with her to be honest while Dawn told her that they were almost home free. While on the witness stand, Paige cracked and finally admitted that she had lied. The judge threw out all the charges against Shane but ordered him, Dawn and Paige to court-ordered therapy. They were all shocked to learn that Cassie Nova was their therapist! Paige went to therapy as per the court order. She still was having a difficult time adjusting to Robbie being engaged to Victoria and Jeff being engaged to Meggan. Bob urged her to be true to herself. Soon, Paige was off to Santa Barbara for Jeff & Meggan and Vinny & Daisy's double wedding. There, she admitted to Robbie and Victoria that she felt Leah's presence. Victoria suggested it was because Jeff was so close to moving on with Meggan. A figure watched their every move. Andrew returned to the winery and advised them not to go into one of the wings of the estate. Paige thought she saw the figure walking around and rushed up to the room she wasn't supposed to go. A storm hit and when lightning flashed, Paige saw Leah's face! She screamed before she fainted. After the weddings, Paige returned to the reception and revealed what she saw. Robbie and Victoria assumed she had dreamed seeing Leah, since she was on Paige's mind. The next day, Jeff revealed that Leah was alive! Paige was overjoyed to have her mother back, but it was short lived when Leah had amnesia and couldn't remember Paige. In Twin Peaks, Shane confirmed Leah's identity. Paige told Dawn and Max that she wanted her mother to remember her, so she agreed to be Robbie's daughter to play along with Leah until she got her memory back. Paige did confront Frederick about keeping Leah away from her for so long on the night he was shot; she was later questioned by the police. Paige, Robbie and Leah had family time, which upset Jeff.

Paige was questioned by Simona within regards to the murder of Frederick on New Year's Eve. She was quickly removed from the suspect list, however, the situation rattled her. She was comforted by Leah afterwards. Paige, however, was still upset that Leah couldn't remember her. Shortly after, Paige had a few unpleasant run-ins with Andrew. She decided that she didn't like the young man. The ice storm hit, and Paige was at the hospital supporting Tyler during the medical crisis with Blake. She supported the family when Tyler agreed to donate Blake's lungs to a dying Jacob. During the ordeal, Leah's memory came back. Paige was thrilled that her mother remember her, finally. While at the hospital, Paige also bonded with Andrew, especially after she learned that Andrew was with Leah in Santa Barbara. She encouraged Andrew to be there for his family as Jemma fell into a coma following the car accident. She was pleased when he reached out to Daisy, Trenyce and Chris. After the storm ended, Andrew asked Paige out on a date. While it didn't go as planned, the two continued to grow closer. Paige, also, supported Dawn when her friend revealed she was lesbian. Paige and Andrew continued to grow closer and shared a couple of kisses. Paige admitted to Leah that she liked a boy but didn't want to get into too many details yet. Leah told her daughter to enjoy first love. Paige was a bit taken a back when Andrew was seemingly upset when he learned that Chris and Trenyce were looking for their biological child, but he covered with her. Paige, meanwhile, supported Dawn after her rape. Paige was then surprised by Andrew's good mood one day, unaware it was because he had drugged Chris and Helen. Andrew hid the truth from Paige, and they continued to grow closer. Paige supported Leah while she was making her decision between Jeff and Leah, and was concerned for her Grandmother after Felicia was in the fire at the boutique.

Paige was thrilled when Leah and Jeff announced that they were going to reunite and remarry. Andrew, meanwhile, grew increasingly frustrated with his girlfriend for her questions about Chris and Helen's night that they couldn't remember from last fall. Paige wondered if Andrew knew more than he was letting on, but he continued to tell her that he didn't. Andrew, meanwhile, also told Paige that he was ready to take the next step with her, which meant sex. She told him she wasn't sure if she was ready because she was a virgin. Finally, Andrew snapped at Paige when she wondered aloud about Chris and Helen again. She agreed to drop it. Paige, meanwhile, agreed to be a model in the Gen Next House for Roboto. Andrew, Cheresa, Abby and Max also signed up. Andrew planned a date night with him and Paige; they had a good time that resulted in them making love for the first time. In the aftermath, Paige went to have a shower and she found pills in Andrew's washroom that could lead to memory lapses if mixed with alcohol. She confronted him and he admitted that he drugged Chris & Helen! She told him that he had to tell the truth or she would. Andrew confessed to Chris, Trenyce & Helen. Chris was livid and got a restraining order out against him. Paige dumped Andrew and cried to Leah that she felt like a fool. Soon, though, the kids went to the Gen Next House, and Paige realized she would be spending all summer with the man who broke her heart. Paige cried to Leah that she had sex with a man that she couldn't trust. Leah told her not to be too hard on herself. Paige, then, went into the Gen Next House for the summer with Abby, Max, Cheresa and, of course, Andrew. Things were tense between Paige and Andrew, but it was clear that they still had feelings for one another. Abby, however, flirted with Andrew and convinced Max to pursue Paige. Max and Paige grew closer. At the Summer Send-Off Dance, the kids got drunk and passed out. Andrew slipped on some water, fell and hit his head and ended up in the pool. Cheresa found him and saved him. The Gen Next House came to a close, but Paige was worried that Andrew almost died. At the hospital, they reunited and agreed to move forward, which upset Abby and Max. Paige and Andrew made love again, unaware that their friends were plotting to break them up. Paige, also, supported Dawn after Helen was killed in a car accident.

Paige and Andrew continued their romance and grew closer, which upset Max and Abby. Paige was unaware that they were working together to break them up. Max grew closer to Paige claiming to be her friend. One night, Max was with Paige and he knew Abby was trying to seduce Andrew. Abby told Max to bring Abby over to Andrew's apartment; when they arrived, Paige saw Andrew kissing a half-naked Abby. Devastated, Paige rushed out and she dumped Andrew immediately, without giving him reason. Andrew was left dumbfounded. Heartbroken, Paige confessed to Leah that she gave her virginity away to a man who broke her heart. Leah told her daughter that things will get better. Andrew tried to get answers from Paige, but she remained mum about the reason she broke up with him. Paige turned to Max and they grew closer, eventually sharing some stolen kisses, which Andrew, Robin, Jeff and Leah all witnessed. Andrew decided to go back to school as a way to forget Paige. Robin, meanwhile, told Robin and Jeff why she didn't trust due to Max's role in Adam's accident a few years ago. Paige was stunned when her parents told her that she couldn’t see Max, but Paige announced she was old enough to do as she pleased. When Jeff continued to press the issue, Paige moved out of her parent's house. Paige, also, was upset when Bob died and livid with Felicia when she disrespected the man she thought was her grandfather. Paige and Max continued to grow closer, which Robin witnessed. Unbeknownst to Max and Paige, Robin revealed to Jeff and Leah Max's role in Adam's accident at the boutique a few years earlier. Paige was stunned when Jeff and Leah demanded that she stop seeing Max; Paige refused. Jeff told her that she would have to follow his rules if she was living under his roof. Paige told them that she was moving out. The next day, after getting the okay from Robbie, Paige moved into the guest house on the Calimo estate. Max encouraged her to make amends with her parents but Paige told him that she cared for him and didn't want their relationship to suffer. They made love. Soon, Paige went to Dominick and told him that Leah and Jeff had cut her off from her trust fund; Dominick offered her money. Shortly after, Max and Paige were walking down the pier when they saw Dawn passed out on a bench. They thought it was odd and then saw Cheresa's body in the river! Max jumped into the water and saved Cheresa. At the hospital, she was placed on a ventilator but Shane acknowledged that Max saved her life. Jeff and Leah saw Max in a new light and made amends with him, Paige and Dominick. Paige and Max were thrilled that they had her parents blessing to be together. Paige told him that everything could be perfect now that they had no more secrets, which caused Max to worry. On New Year's Eve, Andrew stunned Paige by revealing that he discovered that Max and Abby had teamed up to break them up; Paige asked Max if it was true and she realized it was. She ran out devastated. Paige, meanwhile, was also horrified to learn that Leah had been lying about Logan's paternity for over one year.

After learning about Abby & Max's plan to break up her and Andrew, Paige lashed out at them and told Max she never wanted to see him again. Andrew and Paige kissed but realized that their time had passed and they agreed to be friends. Leah encouraged her daughter to stop focusing on boys and get a job at Robertson Enterprises. Dominick hired her on just as he re-hired Max. Paige warned Max that while they were working together, they wouldn't have any other form of a relationship. Paige, then, supported her parents during Logan's custody hearing. She warned Jeff not to throw Leah away. Shortly after, Jacob was hired at Robertson and sparks flew between them. They started dating, which annoyed Max and Cassie. Paige told Cassie to stop trying to seduce Jacob, as she wanted her former fiance back. The Calimo's and Robertson's were against the couple being together but they continued to date one another and eventually hit the sheets. Soon after, Max confessed to Paige that he went through a difficult time (he found out he wasn't the father of Abby's baby) and they shared a hug, which Jacob saw. Jacob confronted Paige and she told him that she was with him, not Max but she wouldn't tolerate him being jealous. Max realized that Jacob's insecurities was the way to maybe breaking them up. Jeff, meanwhile, told Paige about Cory and Leah's affair. Paige was furious with Leah for her actions and called her mother a hypocrite for trying to determine who she could date when Leah was causing chaos with her own decisions. Paige told Jeff that she would not help him break up Cory and Leah as she was trying to be happy for her mother. Jeff seemingly understood. Paige, meanwhile, continued to tell Jacob that she wouldn’t stand by him if his insecurities got the best of him. Max heard and planned to use this to try to break the couple up. Paige and Max continued to grow closer while working together at Robertson Enterprises. Paige saw a close moment between Max and Abby had a jealousy pain. Paige, however, learned that Abby was pregnant and supported her friends. Jacob, then, stunned Paige by proposing to her. She accepted! Their families were not as happy about the engagement but the young couple vowed to get married. Max told Cassie about the engagement and Cassie also vowed to stop it. Jacob suggested to Paige that they elope and she agreed. They went to Banff, Canada unknowing that Cassie was in the cabin next to them. Cassie pulled a gun on them and revealed that she and Jacob had sex! Paige was horrified to learn that Cassie drugged Jacob. When Jacob refused to reunite with Cassie, she realized that she wanted them dead. She tied them up in the garage and left a car running, hoping that the carbon monoxide would kill them. Max, meanwhile, realized that Cassie was unstable and raced to save the couple with Shane and Jeff in tow. They saved the couple just in time; they were given a clean bill of health and the near death experience caused Paige and Jacob’s families to support their union. Cassie, meanwhile, was presumed dead in a plane crash which left Max crushed. Max was furious when Natasha threw Paige and Jacob a welcome home party since he helped save them but was mourning his mother.


Paige and Jacob were taken aback when Max abruptly quit his job at Robertson Enterprises as he claimed he couldn't work with them as they were disrespectful towards him and Cassie once she "died". They questioned him about how he would make a living and he revealed that he got a good inheritance from Cassie's will. Paige and Jacob revealed this to Robbie, Natasha & Dominick, all of whom believed that Max received the stolen money from Roboto and Robertson Enterprises. They got Simona to investigate, but thanks for a cover up by Cassie, the investigation proved the sources of funds to be legitimate. Paige was annoyed when Jacob refused to believe that Max was innocent, as she believed that investigation. Paige was further impressed by Max when he revealed to her that he was planning to use the money to open his own photography studio. Jacob was annoyed by this as he believed Max was using his family's company's money to get ahead in life. This caused friction for Paige and Jacob. Paige eventually ended their engagement as she didn't want to enter a marriage when they are were constantly bickering. Jacob was crushed. Max, meanwhile, was thrilled that he didn't have to do much to split the couple up and asked Paige out on a date. She agreed but only as a friend as she was still getting over Jacob. On the date, they shared a kiss which was seen by Jacob. Shortly after, Paige and Max went out again and ended up in bed together! Their afterglow was short lived, however, when Jacob announced to Paige that he had proof that Max was lying to her! Paige was stunned to learn that Max knew that Cassie was alive and they wanted to break up Jacob and Paige! Paige was stunned when Jacob revealed that he had proof that Max knew Cassie had been alive for months. Max explained to Paige that he only did what any child would do: protect their mother. Thinking about her relationship with Leah, Paige admitted she understood. Jacob fumed. Max thanked her and they grew closer, but Simona arrived and arrested Max for harboring a fugitive. Paige was furious with Jacob for acting out without thinking of the consequences. Shortly after, Cassie returned to town, which meant Max was released from jail. Paige and Max reunited, to Jacob's chargin. Jacob then told Paige that Cassie wanted him to drop the charges against her or he wouldn't meet their son! Paige asked Max if Cassie did have another child; Max said he believes his mother. Jacob dropped the charges and soon meet baby Carter. Max and Paige made love, which made Jacob upset again. Cassie agreed to a DNA test to confirm that Carter was Jacob's son. Paige, meanwhile, was rattled to learn that Leah and Jeff had another baby while Leah was in Santa Barbara years ago. She wondered if they would ever find her brother or sister. Leah then stunned Paige even further by revealing that Abby announced that Frederick, not Dominick, was her biological father.

Paige was furious that Dominick changed his will to leave majority of the estate to Abby. She met with Tyler, Felicia and Leah to discuss but they wondered how much they could actually get involved. Paige confronted Abby and a fight broke out; Max ended the fight before it escalated. Max told his girlfriend that she needed to let Dominick and Abby make their own decisions; Paige took this as Max was taking Abby's side and felt like he wasn't supporting her enough. They continued to bicker over the situation until Max realized that Paige has never valued him, so he ended their relationship. Paige was stunned as Max had wanted to be with her for years. She asked him for another chance but he insisted that they were over. Then, Paige met Ethan when he ran into her and spilled drinks all over her. Later, he tried to apologize, but she told him to stay away from her. Soon, she witnessed Ethan and Abby have drinks together and wondered what was going on. Paige confronted Abby, but she told her to mind her own business. After Dominick's memory was lost after Felicia's non-wedding to Frederick, Paige was worried about him and was livid with Abby for not supporting him enough. She saw Abby with Ethan again, and warned him that Abby was bad news. Ethan asked her if the reason she was wanting him away from Abby is because she was interested in him. Paige said no but they almost kissed, which Abby interrupted. Dominick, then, asked Ethan and Paige to work together on finding out a way to ensure Frederick couldn't treat Felicia if they had to send her back to Raven's Meadow. Leah asked her daughter to see if she could uncover any details about her missing child while she was looking into Frederick. Paige and Ethan grew closer while working together at Robertson Enterprises as Dominick hired them to work on a way to prevent Frederick from treating Felicia when they sent her back to Raven's Meadow. Ethan suggested a restraining order, which they got enforced. Paige and Ethan came close to kissing a few times, but Abby always seemed to interrupt them. Paige continued to feel like Abby was not a good fit for Dominick, and told her grandfather to watch out for her. Abby warned her to stay out of her relationships, which made Paige upset. Paige blamed Abby for Dominick's stroke, and was devastated when the doctors indicated that her grandfather might never wake up. Then, Paige encountered Ethan and he told her that Abby told them they had to stay away from one another as everyone was thinking they were having an affair. Paige suggested that they escape for a while, so they went to Las Vegas together. There, they eloped! When they got home, they announced their marriage to a stunned Leah, Jeff and Abby. Shortly after, Paige was summoned to Dominick's house with her family; there, Will, Bryce and Victoria revealed that Eva was alive! Paige realized that Abby's reign was over but Bryce further stunned everyone by revealing that they had stolen some of Frederick's file and while reviewing, they learned that his name was Noah and that Leah and Jeff's long-lost son is Ethan! Paige was horrified that she married her brother.

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