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Representation: Selena Gomez

On Series Since: 2015 - Present
Full Name: Paige Claus
Profession: Student
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: Mother, Leah Robertson; Father, Jeff Claus; Believed to be her father, Robbie Calimo; Grandfather, Dominick Robertson; Grandmother, Felicia Robertson; Aunt, Robin Navy



Paige is the daughter of Leah and Jeff. When Leah was pregnant, she believed Paige's father was Robbie. The truth eventually came out but Paige and Robbie always shared a close connection. When Felicia came back to town, Leah and Jeff feared she would harm Paige so they sent her to Europe. She has come back a teenage girl following her mother's death. Paige continued to feel torn between Jeff and Robbie as she thought of both of them as her Dad. Paige was shocked when Leah's will left everything to Robbie, not Jeff. Jeff was kicked out of the house and Paige was upset when he moved into Meggan's, since she was the woman whom killed Noah. Paige also befriended a young man named Max.

Paige continued to be torn between Jeff and Robbie in the new year. She was horrified to learn that Jeff slept with Meggan, the woman who killed her brother. She lashed out at Jeff and Robbie until she realized she couldn't live with either one of them. Bob offered her a place to stay and she moved into the Calimo mansion. Shortly after, she learned that Jeff was sueing Robbie for half of Leah's estate. Paige was horrified to be called to the stand. The Judge awarded Jeff half of what is rightfully his; but Paige was too hurt by being called to testify to celebrate with him. She lashed out at Robbie and Jeff for forcing her to take the stand. Paige then learned that it was Victoria who convinced Jeff to sue Robbie. Jeff, meanwhile, continued to try to reach out to her to no avail. He finally told his daughter that he wanted to propose to Meggan. She told Jeff that he would lose her forever if he did that. Robbie and Victoria, meanwhile, did announce their engagement to Paige. Paige then shocked Robbie by announcing that Victoria was the one who told Jeff to sue him. Paige, meanwhile, asked to become Shane's assistant and he agreed. Dawn encouraged Paige to pursue the crush she had developed on Shane. They flirted and Paige even kissed Shane, but he told her that they could just be friends.

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