Reese Wilkins

Representation: Dustin Milligan
On Series Since: 2009 2010; 2011 - 2015
Deceased: 2015
Full Name: Reese Wilkins
Profession: Model
Martial Status: Married, Andy Spinnes
Previous Relationships: Ex-Boyfriend, Dr. Craig Benton; Ex-Boyfriend, Dean Kratz; Sex, Derek
Family Ties: Father, Preston Wilkins; Mother, Olivia Wilkins; Twin Sister, Madeline Wilkins



Andy and Trenyce grew closer with their friendship. Trenyce assumed Andy was her boyfriend, but Andy met Reese, who was openly gay. Andy continued to question his sexuality as he grew closer to Reese. At Meggan's homecoming party, the two kissed making Andy realize that he is in fact gay. On a trip to Milwaukee, Andy and Reese made love for the first time and admitted that they are falling for each other. Andy and Reese continued their hidden affair back in Twin Peaks. Andy finally told Reese that he was ready to come out to everyone and be with him openly. They kissed on New Year's, unaware that Trenyce had spotted them. Olivia and Preston Wilkins were introduced as Reese's parents. It was quickly revealed that Patricia was really their long lost daughter and Reese's twin sister. Madeline ran away the same day that Reese came out of the closet and had not been since from since. The real reason she ran away was revealed on Christmas Day: She overheard her parents admit that they were bank robbers! Reese first saw Madeline and they were reunited. He brought her home on Christmas Day to surprise her parents.


Andy and Reese continued their romance, unaware Trenyce had learned the truth. Trenyce continued to play on Andy's friendship and at Andy's coming out dinner party, she announced that she was pregnant with Andy's baby! Shocked, Reese bolted. Andy agreed to keep up the lie after Trenyce revealed that she was scared Chris would take her baby away from her. Trenyce and Andy ended up getting married. Reese, after breaking up with Andy, went on a downward spiral. He started having random sex with many different men. He even got a job at the new gay bar as a go-go dancer. He came down with flu-like symptoms and went to the doctor. His doctor told him he has early signs of HIV. Reese was tested, but he came back negative. His scare turned his life around. He started growing closer to Andy again, but when the truth about Andrew came out, Reese left Andy again. Reese accepted a scholarship to go to university in LA and left town after saying goodbye to Andy.


Reese returned to town for Olivia and Preston's funeral. JC, Andy's new boyfriend, was quickly jealous of Andy's ex and made it known to Andy. Andy tried to reassure JC that everything was fine. During a blackout, Andy and Reese were trapped together. The two made love. Afterwards, Andy felt guilty for betraying JC and made Reese promise not to say anything. Reese agreed thinking that Andy would soon realize that he was in love with him and not JC. On New Year's Eve, Andy was taken aback to see Reese on a date with Dr. Craig Benton.


Andy and Reese continued to lie to JC about their affair last winter. JC continued to suspect something was going on, especially after Andy discovered Reese started dating Craig Benton and was insanely jealous. Finally, JC confronted Reese who admitted the affair. JC was devastated and dumped Andy. He was going to leave town, but Andy pleaded with him to give them another chance. Andy vowed that his relationship with Reese was over, so JC agreed. Craig, meanwhile, dumped Reese realizing that Reese and Andy still had unfinished business. Reese started to model for Robertson Enterprises and started to flirt with Dean Kratz, the model. JC, meanwhile, wanted to get revenge on Reese for sleeping with Andy so he called the newspaper and revealed Reese and Andy's affair. The article painted Reese as a home wrecker, leaving Reese devastated but he was positive that either Andy or JC leaked the story. Andy confronted his boyfriend, who denied everything. Andy defended JC to Reese but was horrified when JC revealed the truth to him. Andy walked out on his boyfriend leaving JC crushed. JC was offered a new job in LA; Andy told him to take it and they broke up. Dean and Reese meanwhile started a new relationship. Dean encouraged Reese to look into other modelling contracts after his stint with Robertson was successful. Craig asked out Andy, who agreed. When Reese found out, he called them disgusting.


Reese and Dean moved forward with their relationship and they became lovers. Dean continued to press Reese to move into another branch of modelling. Reese agreed to go to LA with Dean where he was horrified to see a nude model. Dean told Reese he would be a star in the adult industry entertainment. Reese refused but Dean insisted. He drugged Reese and filmed him in a solo video and posted it online. Reese was horrified. Dean showed him how much money they were bringing in. Reese for a brief moment was considering doing another video, but the fact that he couldn't remember filming the first one left him at odds. He grilled Dean until he finally admitted the truth about drugging Reese. Reese threw him out.


Andy supported Donovan through his trial, which continued to leave Craig thinking that his boyfriend was cheating on him. Andy told his lover that he wouldn't do that as he learned his lesson from his relationship with JC. Reese, meanwhile, went to Natasha to get legal advice on how to handle the pornographic video that Dean took of him while Reese was drugged. Reese presented Dean with documents to sue him. Dean pleaded with Reese that he couldn't afford to go to court. Reese offered him another solution: give Reese all the copies of the video, all the money from the video and leave town or they will go to court. Dean was stunned but agreed to his terms. Dean left town. Reese went out to celebrate. The same day, Donovan's verdict came in and Craig saw how upset Andy was to hear that Donovan was guilty. Craig went out and ran into a drunk Reese. The two ended up having sex. In the wake, Craig and Reese both realized it was an error. Reese hated lying, but agreed to keep Craig's secret. Andy thought it was odd when he found a condom in the bedroom, but Craig passed it off as nothing. Andy still suspected something was off. Craig finally revealed the truth to a stunned Andy. Andy left and went to Donovan, who kissed Andy realizing he did have a crush on his friend. Andy told him he wasn't ready and also started to question why he and Reese continued to be drawn together. Craig begged Andy for another chance to no avail; Andy broke up with Craig. Reese, who was caught with a flu bug, was confronted by Andy. To Reese's surprise, Andy wasn't upset, rather he wondered about their connection. On New Year's Eve, Andy showed up at Reese's house and they shared a kiss.


Andy and Reese reunited and started to plan a future together. Reese, however, continued to be plagued by flu-like symptoms. Andy finally convinced his lover to go to the doctor; Reese was horrified to learn that he had cancer. After telling Andy and Madeline about his illness, Reese started chemo. The side effects took its toll on Reese as he grew weak and lost his hair. During a checkup, Reese learned that he was in recovery! The chemo worked and the cancer went into remission. Andy and Madeline rejoiced with Reese. Andy purposed to Reese and he accepted. At their engagement party, Reese fainted and was rushed back to the hospital. Once there, Andy and Reese were shocked to learn that the cancer came back and Reese was only given 5 weeks to live. Reese vowed that he didn't want tears in his last week's alive. Soon, Reese collapsed again and was sent to bed rest for his remaining days. During his last week, Andy surprised Reese with an impromptu wedding and they were married. Reese felt himself slipping away and said goodbyes to Savannah, Trenyce, Madeline and Andy. Reese died while Andy was holding him.

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