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Representation: Andy Roddick

On Series Since: 2009 - 2010; 2011 - 2015
Full Name: Reese Wilkins
Died: 2015
Profession: Executive, Roboto
Martial Status: Engaged, Andy Spinnes
Previous Relationships: Ex-Boyfriend/Sex, Dr. Craig Benton Ex-boyfriend/Affair, Andy Spinnes; Sex, Derek Ratner Ex-boyfriend, Dean Kratz
Family Ties: Mother, Olivia Wilkins[Deceased]; Father, Preston Wilkins[Deceased]; Twin Sister, Madeline Wilkins



Reese is an openly gay young man. He came out to his family at the age of 15. He has a twin sister Madeline, who ran away the day after he came out. He is very close to his mom, Olivia. His dad is Preston. At school, he is a star volleyball player. He recently met Andy and they became attracted to each other, despite Andy claiming that he is straight. He is also friends with Andy's girlfriend Trenyce. Andy and Reese continued to grow closer and even shared a few kisses. After the kids graduated high school, Reese got accepted to a State volleyball team. On a volleyball road trip, he and Andy made love for the first time and admitted to falling for each other. Once they got back home, they both started feeling guilty for hurting Trenyce. Reese then saw Patricia West and realized that she is his long lost twin sister Madeline! They were reunited at the coffee house. Madeline confessed that she did not run away because Reese is gay. On Christmas day, Reese reunited Madeline with his parents.

While his family was solid, Reese pressed Andy to come out; Andy agreed. At a dinner party, Andy was about to reveal that he is gay, when Trenyce announced that she was pregnant ... with Andy's baby! Reese was crushed and believed Andy was using him as an experienment. To combat his pain, Reese started dancing at a local gay bar. This lead to him to a number of sexual experiences with different men. He had an HIV scare, which made Reese realize that he needed to stop his actions before it was too late. Trenyce, meanwhile gave birth and realized that she had to be honest. She told Reese the truth: she was scared and Andy went along with her plan. Reese was livid that Andy would put her before their relationship. Deep down however, Reese still loved Andy. After some time, Andy and Reese started to grow closer. Reese still applied for a university scholarship for volleyball. After Trenyce and baby Andrew were in a car accident, Andy revealed that Chris was really Andrew's father. Reese was devastated, again, by Andy's lies. Realizing that he could never trust Andy again, Reese accepted the scholarship and left town.

Reese returned to town after he learned that Olivia and Preston had been killed. He and Madeline bonded together during the difficult time. He soon ran into Andy and was instantly drawn back to him. Reese realized that he still loved his ex and wanted him back. The only problem was Andy had a new boyfriend in JC. After a few close calls, Andy told Reese that he was not going to hurt JC. During a blackout, Andy and Reese were trapped together and they gave into their feelings and had sex. Afterwards, Andy felt bad and made Reese promise not to reveal the truth to JC. Reese agreed thinking Andy would come back to him in good time. He decided to go on a date with Craig to make Andy jealous.

Reese continued to casually date Craig wanting to move beyond his affair with Andy. He found out that Andy recommitted himself to JC and decided that was the final straw. Meanwhile, Dominick offered Reese a job at Robertson Enterprises as a model and he accepted. JC continued to suspect that something more was going on between Andy and Reese and confronted Reese. Reese finally admitted his affair with Andy last winter to JC, leaving him crushed. Craig, however, dumped Reese thinking that he still had unfinished business with Andy. Reese focused on his new modelling job at Robertson Enterprises and started to flirt with photographer Dean Kratz. At the Blooming Rose launch, Reese was horrified to see an article in the Sun calling him a home wrecker. Dean encouraged Reese to still model, which he did and the show was a huge success. Reese confronted Andy and Reese about the article, both denied any wrong doing. Dean and Reese started a relationship together. Dean told Reese that once his modelling ended at Robertson, he could pursue other options. Reese was excited by the idea. On New Years, Reese saw Andy and Craig together on a date and blasted them for their actions.

Reese tried to forget about Andy and Craig's relationship. He moved forward with Dean and the two became lovers. Dean suggested to Reese that they go to LA together so Dean could show Reese some more modelling contacts. Reese agreed. On the trip, Reese was stunned to see nude models at the photoshoot. He told Dean he wasn't interested in that form of modelling. Dean shocked Reese by suggesting he do gay porn as well. Reese refused but Dean wouldn't let it go. He drugged Reese and filmed in a solo movie and posted it online. Reese was horrified to see his video online, but Dean tried to show him the positives of the video; meaning the money that they were making. Reese was surprised by the cash flow and for awhile thought about doing another video, after Dean suggested he do one with another male porn star. Reese realized that he couldn't remember making the video, however, and that's what stopped him from going forward. Dean tried to play it that Reese had too much to drink the night of the video shoot, but Reese didn't believe him. On New Year's, Dean finally admitted to a shocked Reese that he drugged him the night of the video shoot.

Reese reeled from the news that Dean drugged him to make his solo video. Dean tried to get Reese to see his point of view, but Reese refused. He visited Natasha to get legal advice from her. Soon after, Reese had Dean served with papers indicating he was going to see his ex-boyfriend. Dean told Reese that he didn't have the money for a lawsuit. Reese made him an offer: he would drop the case if Dean gave him all the copies of the video, removed the video from the internet and gave Reese all the money made from the video. Helpless, Dean agreed. Reese rejoyced in his victory and went out to celebrate. While drunk, he slept with Craig, despite Craig still dating Andy. In the aftermath of the affair, Reese agreed to keep mum which made Craig feel better. Reese, however, was overcome with guilt. He told Madeline that he had done something wrong. Eventually, Reese couldn't lie anymore and confessed all to Andy. Andy was crushed and left Craig. Reese, meanwhile, came down with a flu bug. He and Andy talked and wondered why they were always drawn back together. The two ended up sharing a kiss.

Andy and Reese reunited in the new year and made love. They agreed that they would make their relationship work, no matter what, this time. Reese secretly made a doctor's appointment, as he was still feeling unwell. Andy asked Reese to investigate Johnny at Roboto. Despite his best efforts, Reese came up with nothing. At this doctor's appointment, Reese was shocked to learn that he had cancer! It was a rare type in his blood cells. Shocked to his core, he revealed the truth to Andy and Madeline, whom supported Reese as he started treatments. Reese started to feel weak and lost some hair. On a check up, he was thrilled to learn that he was in remission! Andy planned a romantic night for the two of them and proposed to Reese; he accepted. At their engagement party, Reese fainted. At the hospital, he was told his cancer was back and he only had 5 weeks to live. Reese and Andy were devastated but Reese refused to let the cancer win. Reese collapsed again, however, and was confided to bed rest. During his last days, Andy surprised him with a wedding and the two got married. Shortly after, Reese knew his time was up and he said goodbye to his friends and loved ones before he died in Andy's arms.

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