Abby Lawson

Representation: Victoria Konefa
On Series Since: 2019 - Present
Full Name: Abigail Lawson
Profession: Unemployed, wealthy
Martial Status: Married to Dominick
Previous Relationships: In love with, Andrew; Sex with, Max Black
Family Ties: Father, Greg Lawson; Mother, Brooke Lawson; Brother, Brad Lawson; Sister, Chersea Lawson



Abby is the Brad's sister, daughter to Greg and Brooke, and adoptive sister to Cheresa. She has long aspired to be a model, so when Roboto put out a calling for the Gen Next House, she applied and was successful. She befriended Paige, Max and developed a crush on Andrew. Before entering the house, she suggested to Max that he ask out Paige, knowing that if Paige wasn't in the picture, she could have Andrew. Abby entered the Gen Next House with Andrew, Cheresa, Max and Paige. Tensions ran high between Paige and Andrew, who had just broken up. Abby, who wanted Andrew, convinced Max to make a play for Paige so she could have Andrew. Max and Paige grew closer, but Abby was put of by Andrew's rejection because he still had feelings for Paige. At the Summer Send-Off Dance, the kids got drunk and passed out. Andrew slipped, hit his head, and was knocked unconscious in the pool. Cheresa saved his life and the event allowed Andrew and Paige to reunite, which upset Abby and Max. They agreed to work together to break the two up.

Abby and Max teamed up to break up Andrew and Paige as she wanted Andrew for herself. She agreed to seduce Andrew and tell Max when it was happening so he could let Paige see. Abby then went to see Andrew and admitted that she wanted a new direction in her life and was thinking of applying to school. Andrew admitted the same thing to her, and they bonded. Abby then purposely spilled water on her shift and took it off to dry. At that moment, she advised Max to head to Andrew's. Abby then kissed Andrew, which Paige saw. Andrew pulled away and told her that they could only be friends. Abby left dejected. She and Max were thrilled when Paige dumped Andrew, however. Abby was upset that Andrew still didn't reach out to her. They both got accepted into Twin Peaks University and shared a world history class together. Abby started to complain to Max that it wasn't fair that Paige started dating him but Andrew wasn't interested in her. Abby continued to lush after Andrew, who told her that they could only be friends. Abby whined to Max that it wasn't fair that he got Paige and she didn't get Andrew. Max encouraged her to continue to work on Andrew. In school, Abby noticed that Andrew and Albertinah were close. She was upset when he got a better grade on a paper than she did and realized that she had to do very well on the midterm or she'd fail. Andrew agreed to help her study; they grew closer but not close enough for Abby's liking. Abby's world was rocked when Cheresa's accident took place. She worried that her sister was going to die ad leaned on Andrew. She was able to get an extension on her midterm from Albertinah. Abby was also livid with Brooke when the truth about her affair with Robbie came out, but she supported her mother after she was arrested. Abby was relived when Cheresa started to get better. She thanked Andrew for his support and noticed that he was acting odd. She was stunned when he confessed his affair with Albertinah to her. Abby used the opportunity to visit her teacher and warned her to stay away from Andrew or she would go to the school board. Andrew confronted her over her threats and told Abby to stay out of his life. Abby cried to Max that she had lost Andrew for good; Andrew overheard them talking and realized that they plotted to break him and Paige up. On New Year's, Andrew explosed them; Paige was crushed.

Abby was upset when Andrew told her he would never forgive her for working with Max to break him and Paige up the the year before. Abby refused to give up, however, and told Andrew that she still knew about his affair with Albertinah. She threatened to go to the dean of the school unless he agreed to give them a chance. Andrew called her bluff and told her no. At his graduation, Abby told the dean everything! Andrew lost his diploma and Albertinah lost her job. Andrew, again, lashed out at Abby for ruining lives. Abby was crushed but continued to pursue him. She showed up on his doorstep and then ended up having sex! The next morning, he told her he used her to get back at her. Abby was devastated that he treated her that way. She and Max drown their sorrows together one night and ended up having sex! Abby, meanwhile, supported Brooke during her trial. After, Abby learned she was pregnant and realized that she didn't know who the father was. She told Max that Andrew was the father but he demanded a paternity test that Cassie arranged. They went and Abby learned that Max was the father of the baby; she lied to him and told him that Andrew was the father! She told Andrew that she was pregnant and he suggested an abortion; she refused. He realized he was an ass and agreed to support her with whatever she wanted to do. She was thrilled that he was being so nice to her but realized she wasn't sure if she was ready to be a mother. She told Cheresa about the baby and she suggested adoption. Andrew liked the idea, so Abby announced that she was going to give her baby up. Max continued to support Abby through her pregnancy, unaware that he was really the father of the child. Abby, meanwhile, continued to try to use the baby to get closer to Andrew. She agreed to give the child up for adoption but she started to feel a connection to the child after she felt the baby kick a few times. Together with Andrew, she told her family that she was pregnant and the plans for adoption. The Lawson’s were supportive. Abby freaked out when Andrew missed a doctor’s appointment and later found out he was with Albertinah. She realized that he and Albertinah were back together and they had a huge fight about it. Abby, then, fell down the stairs. At the hospital, both Abby and the baby were fine but it made her realize that she wanted to keep the child. Andrew was against the idea so Abby told him that she would raise the child on her own. Brooke and Greg agreed to let Abby live in the house with the child. Soon, Abby went into labour and her doctor was Bryce, who was being blackmailed by Vinny to help Andrew ensure he wasn’t a father. Bryce delivered Chantel’s baby, which was stillborn. Then, he told Abby that she had to have a c-section. When Abby woke up, she was given the stillborn baby. Her real baby was adopted by Donovan and Lukas. Abby and Andrew were devastated by their “loss”. She lashed out at Andrew for never wanting the child but ended up leaning on him. Shortly after, Donovan invited Abby and Andrew over to meet Olly, thinking it would help them mourn baby Sonny. Abby immediately felt a connection to the child.


Abby continued to mourn the loss of Sonny, and admitted to Andrew that she felt a connection to baby Olly. He warned her about getting too attached to Donovan and Lukas' son. Abby, then, was gutted by the death of Brad. Sensing that Abby was going through a lot, Donovan agreed to let her see Olly. Lukas remained unnerved and went to Brooke and Greg about his fears; they seemingly agreed. Abby told her family that she felt like she was losing everything: Sonny, Andrew and now Olly. Abby, then, scared Trenyce by arriving at her house as Trenyce believed the killer was back to murder her. Trenyce collapsed! Abby rushed her to the hospital and called Andrew; they learned that Trenyce was pregnant. Albertinah, meanwhile, went for a walk and couldn't be located. Abby and Andrew saw the killer standing over Albertinah's body at the pier! Abby rushed to Albertinah, while Andrew chased the killer, but they got away. They were devastated when Albertinah died. Shortly after, Donovan told Abby that he and Lukas agreed that she should keep her distance from Olly, which crushed Abby to her very core. Devastated, she returned home and saw Brooke about to kill Greg! Abby picked up an ice pick and stabbed Brooke in the back! Immediately after, she fainted. Greg realized that Abby blacked out the entire event due to trauma. He confessed to killing Brooke, and Abby started to have flashes of the night, not sure of what they meant. While Greg awaited trial, Abby and Cheresa learned that Brooke owed millions in unpaid taxes. Abby and Cheresa supported Greg throughout his trial, as the memories of killing Brooke became more clear to Abby.In court, Abby finally remembered what happened the night of Brooke's death and she announced to everyone that she, not Greg, killed her mother! The Judge was horrified and asked Greg to verify her statement. Greg did and admitted that he was only trying to protect his daughter. The Judge was livid and fined Greg and sentenced Abby to community service at Raven's Meadow. In the aftermath, the Lawson's united and agreed to try to put all of Brooke's heartache behind them. They paid Brooke's IRS bill which left the family with little money. Greg got a job at the hospital and Cheresa started modelling; Abby vowed to come up with a way to secure the family's wealth. Greg warned her not to do anything foolish. Abby and Dominick, meanwhile, continued to grow closer and ended up sharing a few kisses. Soon, they were in bed together. Felicia realized that Abby was pursing Dominick and warned her to stay away from him. Dominick happened to mention that Felicia stayed at Raven's Meadow for a while. While completing her community service, Abby found Felicia's file and took pictures of it. She read it and saw a note from Frederick inside claiming he fathered one of Felicia's children. She wondered if either Leah or Tyler could be Frederick's child, not Dominick's. She stole some of Dominick's DNA and secretly got a sample from Leah and Tyler. She was stunned when the test confirmed that Leah wasn't Dominick's child! Abby kept the truth from Dominick and faced off with Felicia, Leah and Tyler over her relationship with Dominick. Dominick, then, heard Abby tell Felicia that she knew her deepest secret. They both demanded to know what she meant so she stunned them by revealing Leah's paternity. Everyone was rocked. Alone, Abby apologized to Dominick, who told her it wasn't her fault. Dominick proposed to Abby and she accepted; she suggested they eloped, and he agreed. They flew to Vegas and got married! Felicia and Dominick's children were not happy when Dominick returned home with this news. Abby was thrilled when Dominick told her that he was going to update his will to leave her money. Felicia warned him against it but on Christmas, Dominick presented Abby with an updated will.

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