Representation: Kyle Lowder
On Series Since: 2018- Present
Full Name: Bradley Lawson
Profession: Corporate Security at Robertson Enterprises
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: Ex-Girlfriend, Meggan Richardson
Family Ties: Father, Greg Lawson; Mother, Brooke Lawson; Sister, Abby Lawson; Sister, Cheresa Lawson



Brad came to Twin Peaks to see his old friend from college, Meggan. He always had a crush on Meggan while in college.

Brad insisted that Meggan tell the father of the baby that she is pregnant; she agreed, but she didn't because Jeff told her that he was going to stay with Leah. Meggan then asked Brad if he would be the baby's father. He was shocked, but he agreed because of his feelings towards Meggan. He told Cheresa, his adoptive sister, who insisted that they tell their parents. Brad told Greg & Brooke, who were surprised by his revelation. Brooke thought some of Meggan's comments were odd when meeting her, and Greg wanted them to get married. Meggan and Brad, meanwhile, grew closer as she hired him at the firm and they shared a kiss. Robin, meanwhile, hired Brad to investigate Adam's accident from the previous fall. He befriended Max and then wore a wire with Robin listening in on the other end. He got Max to confess that he caused the scaffolding to fall on Adam. Meggan was thrilled that he solved his first case. Brad continued to lie to everyone that he was the father of Meggan's baby. Brooke and Greg continued to love that they were going to be grandparents. Brad wanted to get away with Meggan, so they agreed to go to the Calimo Cabin together. Brad was delayed by having a fight with Jeff, so when he arrived at the cabin, Leah had delivered Meggan's baby as she went into labour. He was thrilled to have a "son", Logan. Meggan and Brad continued the lie but Brooke told him about a close moment between Meggan and Jeff, so he realized that Jeff was the baby's father. He kissed Meggan and kept her secret. Chris and Trenyce, meanwhile, asked Meggan to look for their biological child again. Brad offered to help and wondered if he should ask Brooke about Cheresa's adoption process, since he thought it was likely that the child was also adopted, but Brooke didn't say much which left Brad with more questions. By accident, he and Meggan got tissues from Trenyce and Cheresa ... they turned out to be a match!

Meggan and Brad were rocked by the news that Cheresa is Chris and Trenyce's biological daughter. Meggan wanted to tell Chris and Trenyce the truth, but he convinced her to wait until he got the full story from his parents. Brad confronted Brooke and Greg with their secret. Greg agreed to tell his son the truth as long as he gave his word that he didn't repeat it. Brad agreed and Brooke explained how she wanted to have another child, so they agreed to adopt. After three failed attempts to get a child, Brooke became desperate and she bought Cheresa from the blackmarket. Knowing this, Brad realized that if Chris and Trenyce learned the truth, Brooke could go to jail. He kept putting Meggan off with the truth until she told him she had to know, so he confessed all. Meggan told him that she was still going to tell Chris and Trenyce the truth, so Brad blackmailed her into silence by threatening to reveal that he isn't Logan's father, Jeff is. Meggan was horrified and agreed to keep his secret, but she dumped Brad and threw him out of her house. Dominick, then, hired Brad as corporate security at Robertson Enterprises. Brad continued blackmail Meggan with the fact that Jeff is really Logan's child. He was upset when she dumped him and even more so when Meggan agreed to help Cheresa look for her biological parents. Meggan told him that she could cover but it would look worse had she declined the request. Brad worried that Cheresa was going to learn the truth. Soon after, Greg stunned his children by revealing that Brooke had been having an affair with Robbie. Brad lashed out at Brooke. Then, Cheresa's body was found in the river! The Lawson's rallied at the hospital and prayed that Cheresa would survive. Meggan was there when the doctor told the family that the chances of survival were slim. Meggan told Brad that Trenyce and Chris deserved to know their daughter before she died; he pleaded with her not to reveal the truth but she did. Brad was pissed and vowed to tell Jeff the truth. Brad warned Brooke and Greg that the truth was about to come out. Brad was then stunned when Chris had Brooke arrested for fraud for buying Cheresa from the black market. When Jeff confronted Meggan with the truth about Logan, she assumed Brad spilled the beans but he claimed innocence. He was relieved when Cheresa started to get better and by Christmas, she was at home with with Lawson's.

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