Jacob Calimo

Representation: Chris Zylka
On Series Since: 2019 - Present
Full Name: Jacob Calimo
Profession: Executive Robertson Enterprises
Martial Status: Married to Isabelle
Previous Relationships: Broken Engagement, Cassie Nova
Family Ties: Father, Shane Glubbs; Mother, Natasha Calimo; Uncle, Robbie Calimo; Grandfather, Bob Calimo



Jacob returned to Twin Peaks a young man and was reunited with Shane and Natasha. His return, however, was interrupted with Bob's car accident. The Calimo's rallied around Bob, including Jacob. Shane and Natasha, meanwhile, pressed their son for information on his engagement, as he had mentioned he had gotten engaged via an email. He remained mum but vowed that they would approve of his girlfriend. On Christmas Day, Jacob stunned his family by revealing his fiancé: Cassie Nova!

Jacob was confronted by Max, who was unsettled that his mother's fiancé was the same age as him. Jacob reassured Max that he loved Cassie and wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. Natasha and Shane, also, continued to tell Jacob that Cassie was no good for him but Jacob insisted that he knew what he was doing and just wanted their support, which he didn't get. Cassie supported Jacob and they continued to grow closer. Jacob was crushed when Bob died and leaned on Cassie for support. Jacob and Cassie continued to grow closer despite all of the reservations from Shane and Natasha. Jacob continued to tell his family that he knew what he was doing, but they were worried for him. After the trial to contest Bob's will was finished, it was Jacob's wedding day to Cassie. Cassie walked down the aisle but Shane and Natasha interrupted the wedding with the news that they wanted to be there for him. Cassie was thrilled for Jacob as this meant that their wedding would be perfect. Jacob stunned Cassie, and his parents, by revealing that he was never going to go through with the wedding as he was using Cassie the entire time to get back at her for all the horrible things that she had done to Natasha and Shane over the years. Cassie was devastated and rushed off. Shane and Natasha were pleased with their son. Cory, however, was not happy with Jacob and ripped into him for his actions. Jacob realized that he had hurt Cassie and felt bad. He tried to apologize to her, but she vowed to get revenge on him.

Jacob ran into Cassie, who admitted that she still loved him despite him leaving her at the altar. Jacob told her that they were over. Natasha suggested to her son that he come to work at Roboto, but Jacob wanted to make his own way and got a job at Robertson Enterprises, unaware that Dominick wanted to use his position there to stick it to the Calimo's. At work, Jacob was in the studio with Paige and Max, who had just broken up. Jacob and Max came to blows since Max was protective of Cassie. Jacob and Paige, however, formed a friendship and soon were dating, which made Max livid. Slowly, family members of Jacob and Paige warned them about being together since their families hated each other but they agreed to forge together in their relationship. They eventually hit the sheets. Shortly after, Jacob witnessed a moment between Paige and Max. He confronted his girlfriend, who told him that they were just friends. Max realized, however, that the way to break up Paige and Jacob was through Jacob's insecurities. Jacob continued to struggle with his insecurities about Paige’s relationship with Max. Shane encouraged his son to talk to Paige about whatever it is he is feeling but he needs to be open about it. Jacob told Paige that he was trying to be supportive; she thanked him and they continued their union together, despite their families not being happy with it. Cassie, however, continued to try to seduce Jacob but he rejected her advances. Jacob, then, proposed to Paige and she happily accepted. Max learned and told Cassie about the engagement and she realized that she had to do something to split up the couple. She invited Jacob over to her apartment, drugged him and they slept together. In the morning, Jacob couldn’t remember anything that happened. He and Paige moved forward with their wedding plans and he suggested that they eloped since their families were against their marriage plans. Jacob suggested that they go to Banff, Canada, to get married. Paige agreed. Cassie learned that they were heading there and followed them. Cassie pulled a gun on the couple just as Jacob remembered that he and Cassie slept together. Paige was horrified that Cassie drugged Jacob; when Jacob refused to reunite with Cassie, she vowed to kill them. Cassie tied them up in the garage and left a car running hoping that the carbon monoxide poisoning would kill them. Max, Jeff and Shane saved the couple and they were given a clean bill of health. Cassie, however, was presumed dead. Upon returning to Twin Peaks, Natasha threw them a welcome home party where Jacob and Paige’s families finally agreed to support their relationship. Max crashed the party and lashed out at everyone for celebrating while his mother was dead.


Jacob and Paige were stunned when Max quit his position at Robertson Enterprises. They questioned him about how he was going to be able to survive and he admitted that he inherited money from Cassie's death but he refused to work at Robertson Enterprises anymore when they were insensitive about his mother's passing. Jacob and Paige revealed this to the Calimo's; Natasha wondered if Max inherited the money that Cassie stole from Roboto and Robertson Enterprises. Everyone was stunned when Simona's investigation proved that Max inherited funds from a legitimate source, unaware Cassie pre-planned her cover up. Paige told Jacob that they had to support Max since he saved their lives but Jacob still thought Max was up to no good. They continued to squabble about Max. Jacob, then was horrified when Natasha announced she was sleeping with Tyler. Jacob accused his mother of being a hypocrite since she didn't support him and Paige at first. They soon made amends, however, but he was further stunned by Natasha's behavior at Kim and Robbie's wedding. Paige and Jacob, meanwhile, continued to bicker over Max as they learned he was planning to open his own photography studio and Jacob still believed that his inheritance was stolen from the companies. Paige, however, believed Max and the two continued to fight about it. Eventually, Paige ended their engagement because she didn't want to move into a marriage while they were fighting so much. Jacob was crushed. He was then livid when he realized Max had asked Paige out on a date. Jacob witnessed them kissing and realized he had to prove to Paige that he was right about Max. Jacob broke into Max's apartment and found his burner phone that he was using to communicate to Cassie! Jacob was floored that Cassie was alive and well. He told Natasha what he found, who wanted to call the police. Shortly after, Jacob realized that Paige and Max made love and he told Paige about what he found. Paige was in disbelief that she fell back into bed with Max, who was lying to her again. Max was furious with Jacob for revealing that he knew Cassie was alive but Jacob insisted that Max pay for his crimes. Paige felt torn but Jacob was annoyed when she seemingly understood why Max lied about Cassie: he wanted to protect his mother. Jacob was determined to make Max pay, and remove him from Paige's life, so he told Simona the truth. Shortly after, Simona arrived and arrested Max for harboring a fugitive! Paige was livid with Jacob as she believed that they should have given Max the chance to make things right. Jacob told Paige that he proved Max was no good and she was still defending him. Everything changed when Cassie returned to town! Simona quickly arrested her and Max was set free. Jacob visited Cassie and she dropped a bombshell on him: she wanted him to drop the charges against her or he would never meet the son they had together! Jacob told Max, Paige, Natasha and Shane the news. Shane and Natasha were worried that Cassie was lying, but Jacob dropped the charges as he had to know the truth. In the meantime, Jacob fumed when he heard Paige admit that she still cared for Max. Jacob and Paige then met Cassie's son, Carter, who was a splitting image of Jacob when he was a baby. Jacob told Cassie he wanted a DNA test on the baby, and she eventually agreed. Jacob hoped that this would prove once and for all if he fathered the baby.

Jacob was reeling from Cassie's admission that he is Carter's father. Cassie agreed to a paternity test. After the test was taken, Natasha told her son not to leave Cassie's side so she wouldn't have a chance to alter the results. Jacob, Cassie and Carter grew closer while they waited for the results. The results came back to confirm that Jacob was the child's father. Paige told him that this was his chance to be a father. Shortly after, Cassie asked him what he was going to do and Jacob revealed that he wanted to be a father to Carter. Cassie told him that this could be their chance to be a family. Jacob, then, was hired at Roboto and was instantly annoyed to see that Natasha also hired Max. Jacob and Max worked with the new model that Roboto hired, Isabelle Moretti. Isabelle and Jacob flirted, which made Max uneasy as he also had a thing for her. Cassie asked Jacob if he had feelings for Isabelle and he said no, but he did think about her often. As Isabelle longed to be with Max, she realized that he was getting closer to Cassie so she decided to back off. Jacob and Cassie were furious with Shane and Natasha for secretly running a second paternity test, which also confirmed that Jacob was the father. Cassie warned Jacob's parents that she would cut them out of Carter's life if they didn't stop interfering. Jacob, then, was surprised when Sophie returned town as she was kicked out of boarding school because she lied about being on a row team to get a scholarship. He encouraged his sister to show people she had changed. Together, they were worried about Natasha when she started having coughing spells. Shortly after, Natasha collapsed and they rushed her to the hospital, where they learned that she had a rare blood disease that was killing her! Jacob was left reeling after Natasha told him that her dying wish was for him to be with Isabelle. Jacob wondered what he should do as he was forming a family unit with Cassie and Carter. Cassie, even, proposed to Jacob, and he admitted he had to think about it. Both of his parents pressured him to propose to Isabelle, so he did, which left Cassie livid. Jacob tried to explain to Cassie that he wanted to ensure his mother died a happy woman. Jacob, then, supported Sophie and Natasha when Cory was presumed dead in a plane crash. Isabelle suggested that they postpone the wedding due to the grief but Jacob wanted to proceed. Isabelle was thrilled when they ended up making love. Jacob and Isabelle got married which thrilled Natasha and Shane. Immediately after the wedding, Cassie burst in and announced that Natasha was faking her illness! Jacob, Isabelle and Sophie were devastated when Natasha admitted that it was true. Jacob and Sophie lashed out at Natasha for her lies. Jacob was left reeling as he had no idea what to do next; Cassie wanted them to reunite so Jacob went to talk to Isabelle, who asked him where they stood. He admitted that he didn't know and she revealed that she was pregnant! Jacob felt like his world was turned upside down.

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