Max Black

Representation: Justin Gaston
On Series Since: 2015- Present
Full Name: Max Black
Profession: Photographer, Robertson Enterprises
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: In Love with, Robin Navy; ex-girlfriend, Paige Claus; Flirtation, Isabelle Moretti
Family Ties: Mother, Cassie Nova; Father, Adam Black; Half-Sister, Dawn Black



Max is a friend of Paige's. He listens to her problems while keeping his life a secret.

Max became a good friend of Dawn's in the new year and helped her cope with some stress in her life while getting stoned with her. He also supported Paige whenever she needed it.

Max continued to supply Dawn with weed whenever she needed to get high. After hearing that she saw Adam & Helen at Andy's gala for Reese, he tried to convince her to move back home, to no avail. Max continued to tell Dawn that the only way to get things back on track between her and her parents would be to move home. He was supportive when Dawn revealed that Adam & Helen were talking divorce. Soon, Max saw Adam for the first time and had an odd reaction. Once Helen filed for divorce, Max went over to the house when Adam was packing. Adam met Max and revealed that Dawn wasn't at home. Max asked Adam why he didn't recognize him, but Adam didn't understand. Max shocked Adam by revealing that he is Adam's son with Cassie Nova! After Max revealed to Adam that he is his son, he pushed Adam away, upset that he abandoned him. Adam tried to get through to Max, but it was no use. Adam then met with Helen and Max met her. Dawn showed up and was shocked to see that she had a half-brother that she considered her best friend. Max told her that he couldn't tell her the truth out of fear; they made up. Cassie, meanwhile, told her son that she wanted him to have a relationship with Adam. Max started to soften towards Adam when he revealed to his father that he wanted to do something with his life. Adam encouraged him to do so. Max saw Robin and instantly developed a crush on her. He then interviewed with her to be a photographer at Robertson Enterprises; he got the job! While working with Robin, Max flirted with her. When he tried to kiss her, she told him that they could only be friends. Max was unnerved when he spotted Adam and Robin growing closer, however. After Dawn ran away again, Max found her living on the streets. He agreed not to say anything and she told him she couldn't go home again. On New Year's, Max went for it and kissed Robin at midnight.

Max on cloud nine after sharing a kiss with Robin on New Year's Eve. His hopes were soon dashed when she told him that they could only be friends because they worked together and he was too young for her. Max was secretly upset, however, that Robin was growing closer to Adam. Adam and Cassie, meanwhile, continued to support Max's career at Robertson Enterprises and his crush, as they had no idea that his crush was on Robin. Max soon learned that he and Robin would be working together on the re-launch of the facial cream. Together, they came up with a great ad. While developing the pictures, Max purposely locked Robin in the dark room with him so they would grow closer. The plan worked; Max was miffed when Adam saved them. Shortly after, the re-launch was a huge success. Max was in awe that his photos were being used in the new Robertson Enterprises boutique. Max had hoped to celebrate with Robin, but Adam took Robin out first. Max realized that he had to do something to keep them apart. He was at the hospital during the ice storm and saw Adam and Robin kiss. He sent Robin a message on the day of Blake's memorial service, letting her know he was thinking of her. Max, meanwhile, supported Dawn when she came out as a lesbian. Max continued to lust after Robin, despite her growing closer to Adam. Dominick then ordered Max and Robin to come up with a new Christmas ad-campaign for the facial cream; Max was thrilled that they would get to work together again, because he thought that they could grow closer, which they did. Max, however, overheard Adam planning to propose to Robin following the photoshoot. Knowing that to stop the proposal, Max set a plan into motion. After the photoshoot, he grabbed Robin's phone and sent Adam a text asking him to meet Robin at the boutique vs. the restaurant. When Adam arrived, Max rigged it so some scaffolding fell on top of Adam! Max was worried, however, when more materials collapsed on his father than he thought. He left Adam laying in a pool of blood. He went to Robin and gave her back her cell phone, with the message erased. She asked him where Adam could be, but he claimed he didn't know. Then, they got a call about Adam's accident and they rushed to the hospital. Max was worried that he seriously hurt his father when he had to have surgery to stop internal bleeding. He was relieved when the surgery was a success and that Adam would make a full recovery. Then, Max learned about Dawn's rape and supported his half-sister. Robin, meanwhile, continued to question Max about the accident, and he happened to change his story a little, which caused Robin to worry. Max, meanwhile, was thrilled when Adam dumped Robin. He didn't know why, but Max realized that his plan to keep Adam and Robin apart worked. On Christmas Day, Max gave Robin a present and kissed her. He was taken aback, however, when Robin told him that they would never be any more friends. Adam and Max also learned that because of the fire at the boutique, Adam's accident wouldn't be investigated because the fire would have erased any evidence.

Max continued to pursue Robin until she finally told him that they would never be together. He was devastated but she told him that she had to be brutally honest with him. Robin, meanwhile, believed that Max knew more about Adam's accident then he was letting on, so she hired Brad to investigate him. Brad befriended Max and eventually got Max to confess to Adam's accident, which Robin overheard. Max was then at the hospital while Dawn was shot, and noticed Adam and Robin were growing close again. Once they knew that Dawn was out of harms way, Robin told Adam the truth about Max's role in the accident and they confronted him. Adam told his son that he wouldn't press charges but he disowned him, leaving Max crushed. Robin also fired Max and slapped him across the face. Max tried to get back into Adam's good graces, to no avail. Shortly after, Kim offered Max a job at Roboto as the photographer and model for the Gen Next House and he accepted, realizing that he needed space away from Adam and Robin. Max also said goodbye to Cassie when she left town. Before he entered the house, Abby told Max that he should date Paige. Max entered the Gen Next House with Abby, Andrew, Paige and Cheresa. Abby convinced Max to pursue Paige so she could be with Andrew. Max and Paige grew closer, despite her still having feelings for Andrew. At the Summer Send-Off Dance, the kids got drunk and passed out. Andrew slipped on some water, hit his head and was knocked unconscious into the pool. Cheresa saved him. In the wake of the near tragedy, Max and Adam reconciled and agreed to move forward together. Max and Abby were upset that Andrew and Paige reunited, and Max agreed to help Abby break them up. Max, then, supported Dawn when Helen "died", and was thrilled to be reunited with Cassie when she returned to town.

Max was thrilled to have Cassie back in town, but was unsettled to learn that her fiancé is the same age as him. Max warned Jacob not to hurt his mother or he would answer to him. Jacob reassured Max that he was in love with his mother. Max and Abby, meanwhile, agreed to team up to break up Andrew and Paige as they both wanted half of the couple for themselves. Abby told Max that she was going to seduce Andrew and she would let him know to bring Paige over so she could catch Andrew cheating on her. Max agreed. He and Paige started to grow closer and Abby, then, told Max it was happening. Max took Paige to Andrew's apartment, where she saw Andrew kissing a half-naked Abby. Paige rushed off and dumped Andrew as a result. Max and Abby were thrilled that their plan worked. Max then grew closer to Paige as he comforted her during the breakup and through Bob's death. Soon, Max kissed Paige and she responded by kissing him back. Robin saw them kissing and warned Max not to hurt her niece. Shortly after, Max was overjoyed when Paige agreed to be his girlfriend. Max, also, stood up for Adam at his wedding to Robin, which was interrupted with Shane's theory that Helen was buried alive. Max helped his father dig Helen's grave, where they found her alive. Max and Paige continued to grow closer, which made Abby upset as Andrew was still not interested in her. Max told his friend to keep trying as they worked hard to break up Paige and Andrew. Robin realized that Paige was getting close to Max and confronted him. Max told Robin that they were just friends, but soon after Max and Paige were stealing kisses. Leah and Jeff freaked out at the idea of Paige seeing Max after Robin told them about his role in Adam's accident a few years earlier. They forbid Paige to see Max, so she moved out of the house. Max supported her and they made love. Max and Paige were walking on the pier when they found Dawn passed out on a bench; they then saw Cheresa's body floating in the river. Max saved Cheresa's life. His heroic actions caused Jeff and Leah to warm to the idea of Paige dating Max and they made amends. They were relieved when Cheresa slowly came out of her coma. Abby, meanwhile, continued to be upset that Andrew didn't want to date her. Paige overheard Abby talking to Max about it and confronted them; they covered with a lie. However, Andrew realized the truth and confronted Max and Abby on New Year's Eve. Max admitted the truth that he and Abby worked to break Paige and Andrew up; Paige left devastated by her boyfriend's actions.

Max was crushed when Paige told him that she wouldn't forgive him for working with Abby to break up her and Andrew. Cassie told Max to keep his head up. Shortly after, Max and Abby had a one night stand. Dominick offered Max his job back at Robertson Enterprises, and he accepted it. He was thrilled when Paige also came on board as he thought working closely with her would give them the chance to get back together. Paige told him that they would only be co-workers, nothing more. He was unnerved when Paige and Jacob started dating. Abby, then, told Max that she was pregnant. Max was actually excited at the idea of being a father but Abby told him that Andrew was the father! Max told Cassie,who arranged for a paternity test to take place. Max and Abby had the test done. Abby learned Max fathered her child but still told him that Andrew was the father! Max was upset and confessed to Paige that he was struggling with something. They shared a close moment, which upset Jacob. Max realized that the way to break up Paige and Jacob was to use Jacob's insecurities. Max continued to be in the dark about being the father of Abby’s baby. He supported Abby’s decision to give the baby up for adoption but he warned her and Andrew that they might regret their decisions. Max also realized that Jacob was having insecurities about his relationship with Paige so he purposely tried to play on in hopes of breaking them up. Paige and Max did grow closer so he told Cassie that he might need her help to split the couple up. Cassie agreed and tried to seduce Jacob to no avail. Max was then thrown for a loop when Jacob proposed to Paige and she accepted. Max overheard them claim that they were going to elope in Banff, Canada. Max stressed over this and confided in Cassie, who was about to skip town for stealing money from Roboto and Robertson Enterprises. Cassie told Max that if she can’t have Jacob, no one would. Max worried that his mother was going to try to hurt the couple so he went to Shane and Jeff with this theory. They raced to Canada and saved Jacob and Paige as Cassie had tied them up in a garage and left a car running. They were given a clean bill of health. Max was horrified, however, when Cassie’s plane crashed and she was presumed dead. Back in Twin Peaks, Max crashed a welcome home party that Natasha threw for Jacob and lashed out at everyone for partying when he was grieving. When Cassie’s will was read, Max was stunned that he was left with millions of dollars. There was also a personal note for him, that he read and then skipped town. Over Christmas, Max appeared back in Banff and was stunned to see an alive Cassie! She told him that she had to lay low for a while but made him promise to break up Jacob and Paige for her.


Max continued to communicate with Cassie via a burner phone as she was hiding out to prevent herself from going to jail for attempting to kill Paige and Jacob. Max vowed to his mother that he would break up the couple so he could have a chance with Paige, and she could reunite with Jacob. To help his cause, Max abruptly quit his job at Robertson Enterprises, claiming that he couldn't work for people who were so insensitive to him after Cassie's "death". Paige was concerned about how Max would make a living, but he revealed that he got a good inheritance from his mother. Jacob wondered if the money was the stolen funds from Roboto and Robertson Enterprises. Shortly after, Max was called to the police station by Simona Lopez, who revealed that she had to investigate his inheritance. Max agreed, as he know that Cassie covered her basis already. He reveled in the fact that his inheritance came back legitimate. Max and Dawn, meanwhile, agreed to stand up for Adam and Robin when they got engaged again. Max supported Adam, however, when Robin moved out and in with Shane. Max shortly after told Paige that he was going to use the money he got from Cassie to open his own photography studio; Paige was impressed that he was using the money for good. Max realized, however, that Jacob was still suspicious of him and that it was causing issues with Paige. Max was stunned when Paige then revealed that she ended her engagement to Jacob because they were bickering so frequently about how she supported him. Max thanked her and asked her out; because she was still getting over Jacob, she agreed to a friendly date. On the date, they shared a kiss which Jacob witnessed. Shortly after, Max was thrilled when he and Paige made love again! Jacob, meanwhile, found Max's burner phone and realized that not only is Cassie alive but they have been in communication! Jacob stunned Paige by the news, who was left shocked. Max was horrified when Jacob revealed the truth to Paige that he knew that Cassie was alive and well. Max explained to Paige that he was only doing what any good child would do: protect their mother. Thinking of her relationship with Leah, Paige understood Max's motives, which made Jacob livid. Shortly after, Jacob returned with Simona and Max was arrested for harboring a fugitive. Adam told Max that if there was a way to get out of this, he should take it. Simona told him that all charges would be dropped if Cassie returned. Max called Cassie and told her he was arrested; she insisted that she would come home because she had a get out of jail free card. Soon, Cassie returned and demanded that Max be set free. He was and Cassie was arrested. Max worried about his mother, but she revealed she gave birth to Jacob's son! Jacob dropped the charges when he found out and Cassie brought the baby to town. Seeing Jacob with the baby pushed Paige into Max's arms and they made love. Cassie, meanwhile, agreed to a DNA test to confirm that Jacob was the father of baby Carter.

Max broke up a heated argument between Abby and Paige when his girlfriend was furious with Dominick for updating his will to leave majority of his estate to Abby. Max told Paige that Dominick and Abby are adults and should be able to make their own decisions. Paige believed that Max was taking Abby's side and they bickered. As they continued to squabble, Max realized that he would never be good enough for Paige. He ended their relationship because he felt like she would always consider him a second class partner. Paige was stunned because Max had wanted to be with her for years. She asked for another chance but he said no. Max, then, supported Cassie when the paternity test confirmed that Jacob was Carter's father. Max quit working at Robertson Enterprises and accepted a position at Roboto. Shortly after, Jacob also got a job at the company and the rivals were annoyed to see that they would be working together once again. Natasha hired Isabelle Moretti to be a model for the company, and Max and Jacob both took interest in her. Max asked Isabelle out, and she accepted. They shared a few kisses but Isabelle admitted that she didn't want anything overly serious because she was attracted to another man. Max told Cassie that Jacob and Isabelle had been flirting and she told her son to keep Isabelle away from Jacob. Max finally got Isabelle to admit that she had feelings for Jacob, leaving him crushed. Max went to Antonio and asked him for help in getting Isabelle back. Antonio said he would try but made no promises. Max, meanwhile, went to Natasha and suggested that Sophie would be a good fit at Roboto. Natasha agreed to give her daughter a trial run at the company. At work, Max noticed that Sophie was flirting with him and realized that she had a crush on him. They seemingly started to grow closer. Max, then, was stunned to learn that Jacob proposed to Isabelle because it was Natasha's last wish for them to be together. He tried to comfort Cassie, who was furious. He was further rocked when Cassie exposed Natasha's illness as being fraudulent as Natasha wanted to keep Jacob and Cassie apart. Max seemingly comforted Sophie, who was devastated by Cory's death and her mother's lies. Max wondered what Jacob would do now and also offered Isabelle a shoulder of support.

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