Chris Michaels

Representation: Shemare Moore
On Series Since: 2002 - 2012; 2015 - Present
Full Name: Christopher 'Chris' Michaels
Profession: Freelance contractor // Currently in jail
Martial Status: Married, Trenyce Davenport
Previous Relationships: Ex-Girlfriend, Victoria Franky; Divorced, Daisy Davenport; Affair, Danielle Davenport; [Deceased]; Affair, Trenyce Davenport; Ex-Girlfriend, Greta Anderson; Ex-Fiance, Savannah Pherson; Ex-Girlfriend, Helen Mills
Family Ties: Ex-wife, Daisy Davenport; Sister, a href="bio_albertinah.htm">Albertinah



Chris is an executive at Roboto. He and Daisy returned to Twin Peaks married, surprising some of their friends. Daisy announced she wanted to run for mayor of Twin Peaks. He supported her decision. He was suspected in the stabbing of Vinny, after Vinny refused to support Daisy's campaign financially. He was cleared after Victoria was arrested.

On the day of the election, Daisy disappeared. It was revealed that her twin sister Danielle kidnapped her and took over her life. This included the bedroom with Chris. Daisy escaped and Chris learned the truth.

However, Daisy's busy job schedule left Chris feeling unwanted. He continued his affair with Danielle.

Daisy and Chris then learned that Danielle had died! They agreed to adopt Danielle's 16 year old daughter Trenyce. Trenyce soon moved in, and was a handful. Trenyce had her own little secret: she knew about Chris' affair with Danielle. With Daisy still working long hours, Trenyce started to flirt with her uncle. Chris could not help but be attracted to his underage niece. Daisy then discovered that Danielle was pregnant when she died. Chris was floored to learn he was going to be a father. He kept mum and continued to be played by Trenyce. On a road trip to Milwaukee, Trenyce successfully seduced her uncle. Immediately afterwards, Trenyce revealed her plan to Chris. He was stunned. Once back in Twin Peaks, he realized he wanted to make his marriage work, but Trenyce kept a close eye on him. Daisy revealed that she learned that he was the one sleeping with Danielle at the time of her death and announced she wanted a divorce. Chris was devastated. Little did he know that Trenyce ended up pregnant and Daisy learned of his affair with Trenyce.

He started to grow closer to Victoria as he tried to help her remember her past and she was his sounding board. Daisy divorced Chris, who continued to grow closer to Victoria. After the divorce was finalized, Chris and Victoria hooked up. Meanwhile, Trenyce gave birth and was keeping a secret: Chris, not Andy, is the baby's father! Chris felt a connection to baby Andrew, but he couldn't place it. Daisy began to wonder about Trenyce's odd behaviour when Chris and Andrew were together. Chris helped save Trenyce and Daisy from Terrence. Daisy continued to worry about Trenyce's attitude, so she confronted Trenyce while Chris and Andy were present. Trencye denied everything and bolted into a snow storm. She and Andrew were in a car accident. Trenyce fell into a coma while Andrew required a blood transfusion to survive; Daisy turned to Andy to donate blood. Andy revealed the truth that Chris was the baby's father! Chris was shocked but donated the blood to save his boy. Victoria stood by his side as he was suffering from shock. He told Trenyce, when she awoke, that her lies cost him a lot of time with his son.

Chris decided to sue for full custody for Andrew. Daisy sided with Trenyce, Victoria with Chris. Right before the trial, Victoria proposed to Chris but he turned her down. At the trial Chris, Daisy and Trenyce all took the stand. Daisy realized that she was keeping Andrew from her father and apologized to him. Trenyce, meanwhile, became scared of losing her son forever. Right before the judge was about to make his decision, Trenyce asked the judge if Daisy could get custody as she was a happy medium for her and Chris. Daisy was stunned but agreed. The family seemingly came together, leaving Victoria feeling left out. Feeling insecure, Victoria drunkenly got married to Vinny on a trip to Las Vegas. Once home, she confessed all to Chris, who dumped her despite loving her. Daisy continued to tell Chris to back off of Victoria until she was free again. She and Vinny started annulment proceedings. Vinny and Chris continued to clash after Victoria was hit by a car. Victoria revealed that she suspected Meggan was at fault to Chris. Daisy and Vinny meanwhile were running in the election for mayor of Twin Peaks. On the day of the election, Chris leaked the story to the press that Meggan had hit Victoria and it ruined Vinny's name in the process. Daisy won the election as a result. Victoria confronted Chris with the truth claiming that his actions proved that he was still in love with Daisy. On Christmas, Daisy learned the truth and kissed Chris.

Chris and Vinny came to blow after Vinny learned that it was Chris that leaked the story to the Sun that changed the election results. Meanwhile, Chris was growing increasingly frustrated with Victoria as she still hadn't signed the annulment papers to Vinny. Chris was at the hospital to support Daisy and Trenyce when Trenyce's eating disorder was revealed. He and Daisy seemed to grow closer in the process. Finally, Chris gathered both Vinny and Victoria and demanded that she make a choice between the two men. Both men were floored when Victoria dumped both of them. Chris went and was comforted by Greta, Daisy's best friend and assistant. Soon, Greta and Chris hit the sheets, much to Greta's delight. Chris, meanwhile, was also sending signals to Daisy that they could get back together. Vinny began to suspect something was up with Greta and Chris and told Daisy; she confronted Greta, who lied about her relationship with Chris. Daisy soon discovered Greta and Chris kissing and was devastated. She confronted Chris, who apologized. Daisy told him that they would never get back together or even be friends and ordered him out of the house. On Christmas, Chris showed up at Daisy's and told her that he was leaving town with Greta. He said his goodbye's and went to Chicago.

In early 2015, Chris returned to town in the midst of a custody battle between Trenyce and Savannah over Andrew. He kept mum about who clued him in about the trial, even though it was Daisy. Chris took the stand but Trenyce still lost custody of Andrew to Savannah. Chris told Daisy and Trenyce that he and Greta had broken up and he is back a new man. He told Trenyce, however, that he had a plan to get Andrew back and to trust him. Soon, he was asking Savannah out on a date. At first, she was skeptical but she agreed and they ended up having a good time together so their dating continued. Chris, meanwhile, told Trenyce that their plan was working. Savannah was devastated when Reese passed away. Chris comforted her and used it to his advantage by proposing to her. Savannah accepted. Chris continued to tell Trenyce that their plan was working but Trenyce had her doubts. Frederick, meanwhile, was determined to find out the truth about what was going between Chris and Trenyce after he spotted them together a few times. Frederick bugged Trenyce's office and got on tape Chris and Trenyce talking about their plan. On Chris and Savannah's wedding day, Frederick played the tape. Savannah slapped Chris and ran out.


Chris pleaded with Savannah to forgive him in the new year, but she refused. Chris was left heartbroken as he really did end up having feelings for Savannah. He continued to share close moments with Trenyce, however. When Jemma, Daisy's long lost Aunt, arrived in town, she tried to convince Trenyce to locate her and Chris' child. Vinny offered to help them in their search. Finally in the summer, Savannah forgave Chris. Shortly after, Chris was horrified to learn that Savannah was killed the night of the storm. He and Trenyce hoped, however, that she would leave them with custody of Andrew. They were upset when Frederick gained custody of the boy and he told them that they would never see Andrew again. The ordeal seemingly pushed Trenyce and Chris closer together and Chris' distrust for Frederick grew. By the end of the year, Chris had a run in with Helen and they chatted.

Chris and Trenyce were hopeful of the lead on their biological child that Vinny found for them. Chris told Helen how excited he was, and the two continued to grow closer, which unnerved Adam and Trenyce. Trenyce soon spotted the two of them sharing a kiss. Chris and Trenyce were then devastated when Vinny's lead fell through. Daisy suggested to the them that they hire Meggan to locate their child. Chris, meanwhile, learned from Frederick that he sent Andrew to boarding school. Chris was livid that they didn't get a chance to say goodbye. He vowed revenge on the doctor. Chris and Helen, meanwhile, took their relationship to the next level after Helen filed for divorce and they had sex. Afterwards, Helen felt bad so Chris agreed for them to move slowly. Dawn saw them kiss and was livid with her mother. Trenyce, meanwhile and Chris agreed to go to Meggan to help find their child. Meggan agreed. They soon got impatient when no new leads came up, but Meggan told them that these things take time. Shortly after, Meggan announced that she did have a lead on their child. Chris was thrilled when Meggan told him and Trenyce that she had a lead on their biological child. Chris and Trenyce went to Houston together, where the lead turned up dry. They were upset. They ended up going to Santa Barbara for the double weddings, where they told Meggan that the lead fell flat. Chris and Trenyce, however, were shocked to see Andrew at the winery. He lashed out at them for killing Savannah. Chris confronted Frederick about his brainwashing of Andrew. Frederick told him that Andrew will always hate them. Back in Twin Peaks, Chris and Helen continued to pick up steam. Dawn saw them having sex and she ran away. Chris supported Helen as she tried to find her daughter. Meggan, meanwhile grew frustrated with Frederick and tearfully admitted to Trenyce and Chris that she was sending them on false leads in hopes of finding their child. Chris was furious and confronted Frederick over his lies regarding Andrew and the missing child. Andrew overheard Frederick admit that Savannah's death was an accident, but he also overheard Chris threaten Frederick. Chris, again, threatened Frederick on the night that Frederick was shot. The police questioned Chris later.

Chris was questioned by the police after Frederick was murdered on New Year's Eve. Chris admitted that he was at shooting range on New Year's Eve. Simona Lopez didn't think that Chris had a proper alibi, so she pursued him. Helen was worried that Chris might actually be guilty when Simona caught him trying to throw away his gun. Chris tried to cover, but he was arrested. Chris maintained his innocence. Trenyce supported Chris, but Helen didn't visit Chris once. Trenyce then revealed to Chris that Andrew told Simona that he overheard Chris threaten Frederick last November before Frederick was shot. Chris couldn't believe that Andrew would do that to him. Chris hired Natasha to be his lawyer. Natasha was able to prove that Chris was at the shooting range on New Year's Eve, which means Chris couldn’t have killed Frederick. Chris was thrilled to be released from jail. To celebrate, he threw a party at the Pampa Grill, on the same night the ice storm hit. Helen showed up, but Chris called her out for not supporting him. He realized that she thought he was actually guilty. Chris, then, supported Daisy and Trenyce after Jemma's accident. Trenyce told Chris that they should find their biological child; he agreed. Trenyce, meanwhile, convinced Andrew to support the family during Jemma's medical crisis. Andrew did show up to provide support, however, he remained convinced that Chris wasn't up to any good. Chris, meanwhile, made amends with Helen and he supported her after Dawn revealed that she is a lesbian. Chris supported Trenyce and Daisy when Jemma passed away. Chris and Trenyce, meanwhile, continued to go to Meggan in hopes of finding their biological child. Chris was surprised when Trenyce revealed to him that she had feelings for him. Unable to deny what he felt, Chris admitted that he cared for her too. They ended up in bed together. Afterwards, Chris told Trenyce that he would end his relationship with Helen so they could be together. When Chris went to dump Helen, she told him about Dawn, so he comforted her. Trenyce worried that Chris was playing both sides, as he had done in the past. Andrew, meanwhile, learned that Chris was going to end his relationship and wanted to get back at him for the way he treated Savannah & Frederick. When Helen arrived at Chris' place, Andrew drugged their wine. They soon passed out and Andrew made it appear that they had slept together. Trenyce arrived in the morning and made the same assumption based on what she saw. Chris vowed that he couldn't remember what happened but Trenyce slapped him. Chris told Daisy he had to make it up to Trenyce, but Trenyce was cold to him.

Chris continued to try to remember what happened the night of his affair with Helen because he didn't think it made sense that neither he nor Helen could remember the events leading up to them being in bed together. However, he wasn't able to put anything together. Trenyce, meanwhile, continued to push Chris away at every turn because she couldn't forgive him for what he did to her. Finally, Chris was able to get Trenyce to admit that she still cares about him, so he tried to kiss her, only for her to push him away again. Chris was then summoned by Paige, where she got Andrew to confess to him, Helen and Trenyce that he drugged Chris and Helen last fall. Chris was furious and filed a restraining order against Andrew. Trenyce asked for forgiveness from Chris, and he offered it to her. Chris and Trenyce reunited and made love. They agreed to reopen the case to find their biological child. They went to Meggan, who agreed to search for the child even though it was going to be difficult. Trenyce left a tissue at Meggan's office, which she kept to get a DNA sample from Trenyce. Brad, meanwhile, randomly collected a tissue from Cheresa and they compared the samples, and they were a match! Chris, meanwhile, was worried about Andrew after he almost drown at the Gen Next House. At the hospital, Chris told Andrew that he does care about him. He agreed to drop the restraining order against him and move forward. Chris was floored when Helen died, and supported Trenyce during Daisy's marriage woos.

Trenyce and Chris continued to grow closer as they tried to find their biological child. Unbeknownst to them, Meggan accidently discovered that Cheresa was their long-lost daughter, but Brad blackmailed her into silence. Trenyce and Chris wondered if they should end the search when they kept turning up with loose ends but they agreed to give it their all. Trenyce and Chris supported Andrew when he announced he was going back to school and Chris revealed that his sister was a professor at the university. Chris and Trenyce bonded with his sister, Albertinah. Chris and Trenyce continued to try to search for their biological daughter, but had little success. Chris was then reunited with his sister, Albertinah, who started teaching at Twin Peaks University. Chris was glad to have his sister back in his life. Shortly after, Chris and Trenyce agreed to end the search for their child as the dead ends continued to be a damper for them. They told Meggan the news. Chris and Trenyce heard the news that Cheresa almost drown in the river; Chris supported Trenyce while she was at the hospital as she felt a strange pull the girl. Meggan, thinking that Cheresa was going to die, told Chris and Trenyce the truth: Cheresa is their daughter! Chris and Trenyce learned how Brooke bought Cheresa from the black market. They were stunned and raced to be with their daughter before it was too. As they told Brooke and Greg the truth, they all started to fight in Cheresa's room; she flatlined but pulled through. They agreed to put their differences aside for Cheresa's health, but Chris called Simona and had Brooke arrested for fraud. Trenyce wondered if they did the right thing but Chris maintained he did. They were relieved when Cheresa woke up; they told her that they were her parents. Cheresa, however, still wanted to spend Christmas Day with Brooke and Greg, which upset Chris and Trenyce. Chris also offered Trenyce support when Daisy was presumed dead.

Chris and Trenyce reached out to Cheresa after Christmas as she told them she wanted to spend the holidays with the Lawson's. To their disappointment, Cheresa told her parents that she still needed more time to get over everything and because she had to focus on Brooke's trial. Chris, meanwhile, continued to blame Dawn for her role in Cheresa's accident. Greg and Chris met in private and later Dawn was served with a restraining order. Cheresa was furious and confronted Chris and Trenyce; they both said they had nothing to do with it. Chris, meanwhile, supported Trenyce at Daisy's memorial service. Soon, Chris confessed that he was behind the restraining order! Cheresa and Trenyce were livid. Trenyce admitted that she didn't know if she could trust him anymore. Chris was then floored when Trenyce suggested they drop the charges against Brooke to try to get Cheresa back; he said no. Trenyce still went to the police but was told the charges would stick because the feds were involved. After the trial, Chris and Trenyce were hopeful that Cheresa would come around but she continued to push them away. Chris tried to get Trenyce to forgive him for the restraining order but she refused. Later, Chris overheard Dawn admit to Trenyce that Cheresa had seen her in bed with Brad! Chris and Brad had a fist fight that Cheresa broke up and then Chris told Trenyce he wanted nothing else to do with her. Trenyce and Chris, meanwhile, were thrilled when Andrew was going to graduate. At the graduation, Abby announced that Andrew and Albertinah had an affair! The dean stripped Andrew of his diploma and Albertinah lost her job. Albertinah left town after saying goodbye to Chris and Trenyce. Trenyce and Chris continued to support Andrew. Chris continued to be livid with Trenyce and Brad for their affair. Trenyce pleaded with him to give her another chance but he rejected her. He ended up drinking heavily and he crashed his car into Adam’s! Both men survived, although Adam did have short term memory loss. Trenyce and Cheresa were by his side and he admitted that he was drunk driving. Chris told Simona what happened and he was charged. At his trial, Chris pleaded guilty and he was sentenced to 18 months in jail! Before he left for his term, Chris proposed to Trenyce, who accepted. Shortly after, Chris was visited by Cheresa and Trenyce and he was glad his family was seemingly all together but he warned them to be careful if there was a serial killer on the loose.


Chris remained in jail as he had to serve his sentence for drunk driving the previous fall. Once he heard that Brad was killed by the Rose Peddle killer, he begged Trenyce and Cheresa to be safe. Trenyce and Andrew, then, had to tell Chris that Albertinah also fell victim to the killer. Chris hated that he missed saying goodbye to his sister. Shortly after, Chris was released from jail on good behavior. He went home and moved back in with Andrew and Trenyce. Trenyce, however, announced that she was pregnant with Brad's child! Chris stormed out on her and admitted to Andrew, Daisy and Cheresa that he didn't know if he could get over the betrayal. They told him that the baby had to come first since Trenyce was going to be a single Mom.Trenyce was told that she needed to remain calm because she was experiencing a high risk pregnancy. She told this to Chris and Andrew, who agreed to support her. Andrew and Trenyce continued to grow closer and Chris witnessed a moment between them. He immediately assumed that something was going on between the two of them and he confronted Andrew, who denied it. Chris even asked Cheresa, who said nothing was going on. Trenyce and Andrew, however, ended up sharing a couple of kisses, including one that was witnessed by Cheresa. Neither one knew what was pulling them together and they agreed not to pursue it. Trenyce and Chris reunited while they were worried about Cheresa, who had been kidnapped. Chris planned on proposing to Trenyce and told her that he had to talk to her. Thinking that he knew about her and Andrew, Trenyce panicked and went into labour, while the power was out! Chris delivered a baby boy but Trenyce fainted. In her delirious state, Trenyce mumbled Andrew's name, which gave Chris concern. At the hospital, Trenyce and baby BJ (Brad Junior) were both healthy. Cheresa was also returned safely, so the family united. Trenyce and Andrew, however, couldn't stop thinking about their kisses. Cheresa confessed to her mother that she saw her kiss Andrew and demanded that he tell Chris the truth. Trenyce agreed but wanted to wait until after Christmas. On Christmas Day, Chris proposed and Trenyce accepted. Andrew tried to act happy for them but he couldn't stop thinking about Trenyce.

Chris and Trenyce continued to plan their wedding. He overheard Cheresa and Trenyce discussing her secret; he confronted Trenyce, who admitted that she asked Andrew to move out. At the Roboto gala, Chris wondered where Trenyce disappeared too, unaware that she was having sex with Andrew. Shortly after, Chris was thrilled to learn that Trenyce was pregnant. He was excited to be a father, unaware that Andrew could also be the father. Shortly after, Dawn came to him and Trey and told them that they were worried about Andrew's gambling. Chris told Andrew not to throw his future away. Chris, then, saw Daisy with Antonio and wondered about their connection. Trenyce and Chris, meanwhile, finalized the details of their wedding. Chris was taken aback when Cheresa told him that marrying Trenyce would be a mistake. He asked his fiancé why Cheresa would be against their marriage, but Trenyce covered with a story, but secretly worried that their daughter found out about her affair with Andrew. Chris agreed with Trenyce that they should be married sooner or later. Cheresa arrived at the church on the wedding day prepared to stop the wedding but she didn't; Chris and Trenyce got married! They left on their honeymoon and when they returned, they made it their vow to get Cheresa back in their good graces. Chris visited Cheresa, who told him that she and Dawn were going to elope. The elopement didn't happen, however, as Dawn was hit by a car! The accident allowed Cheresa to lean on her parents and they seemingly grew closer. Chris and Trey were relieved when Dawn started to pull through. Chris was then stunned to learn that Trenyce went into labour; he was concerned when she had to have an emergency c-section. In the end, Trenyce gave birth to a baby girl. They named her after Chris' sister, Albertinah, Tinah, for short. Chris took Trenyce home and they celebrated Christmas together with BJ and Tinah. Later, he walked into the room when Cheresa was telling Trenyce that the truth had to come out and he questioned them about the truth.

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