Greta Anderson

Representation: Estelle
On Series Since: 2011 - 2012
Full Name: Greta Anderson
Profession: Mayor's Assistant
Martial Status: Dating, Chris Michaels
Family Ties: None



Greta is the assistant to the mayor, making her one of Daisy's closest friends. She helped Daisy win the election again.

Greta revealed to Trenyce that she used to have an eating disorder once Trenyce's came to light. She continued to support Daisy and even Chris when his relationship with Victoria ended. Soon, her relationship with Chris took another level and they made love. Greta was thrilled as she had long been attracted to him. They agreed to keep their relationship secret until they came up with a way to tell Daisy. Greta saw Chris and Daisy share a few close moments and grew jealous. She seduced Chris again in hopes of keeping him for herself. Vinny began to suspect something was going on with Chris and Greta and spilled to Daisy. Daisy confronted Greta, who lied to her best friend about her relationship with Chris. Daisy, however, saw Chris and Greta kissing. Daisy fired Greta. Soon, Greta left town with Chris, who was upset that he hurt Daisy again.

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