Danielle Davenport

Representation: Alicia Keys
On Series Since: 2002 - 2004
Full Name: Danielle Davenport
Died: 2004
Profession: N/A
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: Affair, Chris Michaels; Dated, Terrence Caldwell
Family Ties: Twin Sister, Daisy; Brother-in-law, Chris; Daughter, Trenyce; Grand-Son, Andrew Davenport [not alive to meet him]

Danielle the prime suspect in starting the fire that killed her parents. She is the twin sister to Daisy.

On the day of the election in Twin Peaks, Danielle kidnapped Daisy and took over her life. She started sleeping with Chris, Daisy's husband. Daisy escaped and exposed Danielle.

She continued to sleep with Chris. She died mysteriously, while she was pregnant with Chris' baby. Her 16 year old daughter, Trenyce, moved in with Chris and Daisy and was soon adopted by them.


Turns out, Danielle's ex boyfriend Terrence was the one who killed her. He had agreed to help her with her plan to take over Daisy's life, only if she agreed to help him take his company Caldwell Industries to the next level, which included a bunch of ski resorts. As major of Twin Peaks, which Danielle became when she took over Daisy's life, she would be able to live up to her end of the deal. Her affair with Chris, however, got in the way. In an act of jealousy, Terrence drugged and ended up killing her.

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