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Representation: Elisabeth Olsen

On Series Since: 2015 - Present
Full Name: Dawn Marie Black
Profession: Student
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: Mother, Helen Black; Father, Adam Black



Dawn is the daughter of Helen and Adam. When she was born, her parents believed she was dead after Olivia, Preston and Cassie lead them to believe so. Truth was, Paige was being raised by Cassie and Shane as Cassie was deseperate to keep Shane. The truth came out and the Black's were reunited with Paige. Shortly after, Mallory also kidnapped Paige. Once again, she was returned safely to the Black's. Adam and Helen sent Dawn away when they feared Cassie may come back to town. Now, Dawn is back in town as a young teenager. Dawn was thrilled to meet her Grandparents, Reg and Barb, after Helen reconnected with them. Things got complicated when Reg indicated he didn't like Adam. Dawn hated seeing her parents fighting over it. She also accepted a candy striper role at the hospital, which came in handy after Reg had a stroke. On the night of the hospital gala, Dawn saw Adam and Natasha having sex and turned against her father and Natasha.

At the hospital, Dawn decided to withhold Jacob's medication as a way to get revenge on Natasha for sleeping with Adam during a check up. Shortly after, baby Jacob suffered a set back and was rushed to the hospital. Dawn felt awful that the child was sick and she confided in Paige that she withheld the medication unaware that Natasha overheard her. Soon after, Natasha arrived at the Black house and confronted Dawn. Dawn admitted that she knew about Natasha's affair with Adam. Natasha tried to explain but Dawn pushed Natasha down the stairs. At the hospital, Dawn was stunned to overhear that Natasha suffered a miscarriage meaning, Dawn killed her baby brother or sister. Luckily for Dawn, Natasha couldn't remember what happened. Dawn turned to Paige's friend, Max, during her stressful times and continued to get stoned. Dawn was also devastated when Reg passed away. Shortly after, Natasha remembered everything that happened and confronted Dawn. Dawn blackmailed her into silence by threatening to expose Natasha's affair if she revealed Dawn pushed her down the stairs. After the truth about the affair was revealed, Dawn ran away from home and started staying at the Calimo mansion guest house. Robbie found her, but she refused to go home. Natasha ended up confronting Dawn about the blackmail and Adam overheard. Adam and Helen were shocked to learn at Dawn's actions; she slapped Natasha and told her parents not to lecture her on bad behaviour. Dawn, meanwhile, started to convince Paige to go after her crush: Shane.

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