Dawn Black

Representation: Elisabeth Olsen
On Series Since: 2015 - Present
Full Name: Dawn Marie Black
Profession: Nurse/Social Worker
Martial Status: Engaged, Cheresa Lawson
Previous Relationships: Sex, Shelley Hamilton
Family Ties: Mother, Helen Black; Father, Adam Black; Grandmother, Barbara Mills; Half-Brother, Max Black



Dawn is the daughter of Helen and Adam. When she was born, her parents believed she was dead after Olivia, Preston and Cassie lead them to believe so. Truth was, Paige was being raised by Cassie and Shane as Cassie was deseperate to keep Shane. The truth came out and the Black's were reunited with Paige. Shortly after, Mallory also kidnapped Paige. Once again, she was returned safely to the Black's. Adam and Helen sent Dawn away when they feared Cassie may come back to town. Now, Dawn is back in town as a young teenager. Dawn was thrilled to meet her Grandparents, Reg and Barb, after Helen reconnected with them. Things got complicated when Reg indicated he didn't like Adam. Dawn hated seeing her parents fighting over it. She also accepted a candy striper role at the hospital, which came in handy after Reg had a stroke. On the night of the hospital gala, Dawn saw Adam and Natasha having sex and turned against her father and Natasha.

At the hospital, Dawn decided to withhold Jacob's medication as a way to get revenge on Natasha for sleeping with Adam during a check up. Shortly after, baby Jacob suffered a set back and was rushed to the hospital. Dawn felt awful that the child was sick and she confided in Paige that she withheld the medication unaware that Natasha overheard her. Soon after, Natasha arrived at the Black house and confronted Dawn. Dawn admitted that she knew about Natasha's affair with Adam. Natasha tried to explain but Dawn pushed Natasha down the stairs. At the hospital, Dawn was stunned to overhear that Natasha suffered a miscarriage meaning, Dawn killed her baby brother or sister. Luckily for Dawn, Natasha couldn't remember what happened. Dawn turned to Paige's friend, Max, during her stressful times and continued to get stoned. Dawn was also devastated when Reg passed away. Shortly after, Natasha remembered everything that happened and confronted Dawn. Dawn blackmailed her into silence by threatening to expose Natasha's affair if she revealed Dawn pushed her down the stairs. After the truth about the affair was revealed, Dawn ran away from home and started staying at the Calimo mansion guest house. Robbie found her, but she refused to go home. Natasha ended up confronting Dawn about the blackmail and Adam overheard. Adam and Helen were shocked to learn at Dawn's actions; she slapped Natasha and told her parents not to lecture her on bad behaviour. Dawn, meanwhile, started to convince Paige to go after her crush: Shane.

Dawn started the year by encouraging Paige to continue to purse Shane, after she learned that the two had shared a couple of kisses. Dawn secretly knew that the reason she wanted Paige to pursue Shane because it was a way to get back at Natasha for sleeping with Adam. Dawn, then, reached out to her parents at Andy's gala for Reese. Adam and Helen were thrilled; Max began to convince his friend that she should move back home but Dawn wasn't ready to yet. At the gala, Dawn overheard Shane & Natasha discussing how they were going to go to the cabin to try to work on their marriage. Dawn altered Paige, who agreed to go after Bob had a stroke which meant Natasha would be delayed. Dawn soon learned that Paige and Shane fell asleep naked next to one another and Paige told Shane & Natasha that they had slept together. While Paige was worried about keeping up the lie, Dawn told her that Shane would get out of trouble and they would have a relationship. Then, Paige learned that she was going to have undergo a medical exam to see if she was a virgin or not. To help her friend, Dawn gave Paige a dildo and told her to use it on herself. Paige was skeptical but she told Dawn she did it. At the trial, Dawn encouraged her friend to be strong as the mess was almost over. On the stand, however, Paige confessed all to Dawn's horror. The charges against Shane were dropped but Shane, Dawn and Paige were sentenced to court ordered therapy. After the trial, Dawn was upset to learn that Helen was thinking of divorcing Adam. She pleaded with her mother to change her mind, but Helen filed for divorce after Barbara pushed into it. Dawn learned and was upset. She reached out to Adam, and told him that while he had done some upsetting things, she wanted their family together. Dawn finally agreed, from Max's suggestion, to move home, but after she saw Helen and Chris share a kiss, Dawn refused to go back. Soon, Dawn was shocked to see that her court ordered therapist was Cassie Nova, the woman who raised her for a few years due to the baby switch when she was born. Dawn was shocked to see that her therapist was Cassie, the woman who raised her because of a baby switch when she was younger. In therapy, Cassie told Dawn it was okay to feel closer to her than Adam & Helen. Cassie also revealed that the judge was ordering Dawn to move back home. Dawn didn't want too, but agreed to move back home. In therapy, Dawn also told Cassie that she was keeping another secret. Dawn was then shocked to learn that Max was her brother; she asked him why he lied to her and he admitted he didn't want her to hate him. They made up. Dawn, then, learned about Helen's affair with Chris was shocked. Despite everything, she still wanted her family together. Dawn confronted Helen and then ran away. Barbara, Helen and Adam were worried sick about her. Max, however, discovered her living on the streets. She told him that she couldn't go back home. Soon, Dawn met Shelley, a bartender at Barcode. Shelley offered to take Dawn in, and Dawn accepted the strangers invitation. They got to know each other, as Shelley admitted that her family disowned her when she came out as a lesbian. Dawn and Shelley's friendship grew stronger and Shelley encouraged her not to give up on her family the way Shelley's gave up on her. On New Year's Eve, Dawn called Adam and Helen.

Dawn and Shelley continued to grow closer, as Dawn realized that she was gay. Soon, the two made love for the first time. In therapy, Dawn told Cassie that she was keeping a secret but she wasn't ready to reveal it. Cassie encouraged her to be honest with her loved ones. Dawn, meanwhile, continued to seemingly make more amends with Adam and Helen. During the ice storm, Barbara saw Dawn and Shelley together and questioned Dawn about the older woman that she was with. Dawn played it cool, but knew that she had to tell the family the truth. Once the crisis of the storm passed, Dawn held a family meeting and revealed that she is a lesbian. Adam, Helen and Max were supportive, but Barbara refused to accept the truth. Dawn later told Paige, who was also supportive. Shelley and Dawn continued to grow closer, unaware Barbara was plotting to stop Dawn from being gay. Dawn was livid when her parents decided to send her to the bible camp. Andy and Shelley told her that it would be okay and that she would still be herself when she got back. Dawn went to the bible camp and immediately befriended another young lesbian, Cheresa. She also met Jonah, her "life coach". Jonah promised her to help her with the "fog in her head". Dawn told Cheresa that she didn't trust Jonah, but she soon found herself warming up to him. During a heatwave, Dawn agreed to have ice cream with Jonah. However, he raped her, leaving Dawn distraught. She returned to Twin Peaks early and was distant with Adam, Helen and Barbara. She did admit to Shelley that she was raped. Shelley convinced her to go to the hospital to ensure she was fine. There, Victoria learned about Dawn's rape. Victoria and Kim told Dawn that they were past victims and that they would help her. She thanked them. Victoria also told Dawn not to hold grudges against her family. Shelley, meanwhile, told Helen about the rape. Helen comforted her daughter and Dawn learned about Adam's accident. After Dawn learned that Adam would be okay, she lashed out at her family. However, she thought about Victoria's words and went to make amends, however, she saw Barbara holding Jonah at gun point. She convinced her Grandmother not to shoot him, but Jonah moved to grab Dawn to attack her again and Barbara shot and killed Jonah! Dawn was left reeling after Barbara was arrested. She ended up collapsing and Shelley rushed her to the hospital, where they learned that Dawn was pregnant with Jonah's baby. Shelley suggested that Dawn end the pregnancy, which Dawn considered.

Dawn agreed to have an abortion as per Shelley's suggestion. However, the day of her appointment, they learned that she was too far along to have the procedure. Dawn had no idea what she was going to do, but Cheresa suggested that she give her baby up for adoption, since she was adopted. Dawn agreed. Dawn then told Adam, Helen & Barbara that she was pregnant - and that she wanted to give the baby up. Her family was supportive, although, Barbara, fresh from being released from jail because Simona could prove that Dawn was raped by Jonah via medical files, was upset that she caused this entire mess to start. Dawn told Barbara that she forgave her. When Dawn learned that there were parents in Twin Peaks that wanted to adopt, she agreed to meet with them. She was shocked to see Cory & Natasha there; Dawn refused to give her baby to Natasha because of her past affair with Adam. Barbara agreed with Dawn's choice, as Adam and Helen tried to tell them to stay calm. Natasha begged Dawn to reconsider, but she said no. Natasha then threw Dawn for a loop as she said that she didn't want her baby, but she did want to put the past behind them. Dawn began seeing Natasha in a new light, but Barbara was not having it. She pulled a gun on Dawn and Natasha and shot them both! Barbara was arrested. The shooting caused Dawn to lose the baby; she was devastated when she woke up and learned what happened. She agreed to move back in with Helen once she was released from the hospital. Dawn continued to struggle with her grief over losing her child. She visited Barbara in jail, who remained catatonic. Dawn learned that Barbara should be sent to Raven's Meadow instead of going to jail, and she supported Helen's decision to send her Grandmother there. Shelley, meanwhile, asked Dawn about her feelings for Cheresa, but Dawn told her that she wasn't in the head space for a relationship. When Cheresa returned from the Gen Next House, she and Dawn shared a kiss, which thrilled Dawn. Dawn, meanwhile, was worried about Helen when she got drunk at Adam and Robin's engagement party, as her Mom didn't drink a lot. Helen was then involved in a car accident; Dawn and Adam were floored when Helen died from her injuries. Adam and Dawn went to Raven's Meadow and told Barbara the news. Shortly after, they were dealt another blow when Barbara died in Raven's Meadow. Dawn wondered if they were responsible for Barbara's death when they told her that Helen died. Little did they know, however, that Brandy had killed Barbara and buried Helen alive to get back at them for sending Dawn to the bible camp.

Dawn continued to be depressed over the fact that she lost her baby, mother and grandmother all within the span of one year. Shelley and Cheresa tried to support her, but Dawn started to secretly take anti-depressants. The pill-popping escalated when Robin and Adam announced that they were getting married sooner rather than later and when Robin asked her to stand up for her. Dawn agreed but wasn't happy. On the day of the wedding, Shane announced that he suspected Brandy, Victoria's alter ego, had buried Helen alive! At the grave site, Dawn was overwhelmed to realize that Helen was alive. Dawn reunited with her mother, but continued to take the anti-depressants. Following Helen's escape from the coffin, Cheresa told her friend that she was interested in tracking down her biological parents. Shelley told Cheresa to hire a PI to find them; Dawn supported her. Dawn continued to pop her anti-depressants, which caused her to be extremely tired. Cheresa and Shelley started to notice that their friend was always tired, which was a cause for concern. Shelley discussed with Adam & Helen and they realized that Dawn was popping anti-depressants. Dawn was with Cheresa with the truth about Brooke's affair came out; they went for a walk on the pier and Dawn passed out on a bench. Cheresa slipped and fell into the river; Max saved her life. At the hospital, Dawn woke up after having her stomach pumped. She admitted to Adam and Helen that she has a problem and feared that Cheresa would die. Dawn visited her friend, but Chris, who had discovered that he and Trenyce are Cheresa's biological parents, told her to stay away from Cheresa. Dawn was relieved when Cheresa awoke. Dawn, while going to her meetings, told Helen she wanted her parents back together.

Dawn and Cheresa grew closer in the wake of Cheresa discovering that Trenyce and Chris were her biological parents. Dawn, however, still had to go to rehab to get over her pill problem. Right before she left, Dawn was hit with a restraining order forcing her to stay away from Cheresa. Cheresa vowed to uncover the truth. By the time Dawn returned, the restraining order had been dropped as Cheresa realized that it was Chris who filed it. Dawn and Cheresa reunited and Dawn continued to support her girlfriend. Soon after, Dawn learned that Cheresa witnessed Trenyce and Brad in bed together. She happened to reveal this to Trenyce. Cheresa was livid with her girlfriend for betraying her trust and dumped Dawn. Dawn, meanwhile, hoped that Helen and Adam would reunite. She was upset when they didn't. She confronted Robin when she agreed to give Adam another chance if he stayed away from Helen. Dawn continued to try to make it up to Cheresa for the fact that she told Trenyce that Cheresa knew about her affair with Brad but Cheresa pushed her away. Dawn was then at the hospital after Chris was in the hospital from a car accident, which left him with short term memory loss. Adam moved back in with Helen, which thrilled Dawn as she wanted her family together. Since Chris caused the car accident, Dawn reached out to Cheresa to support her, and Cheresa finally warmed to her love. Cheresa admitted, however, that she had slept with another woman: Shelley! Dawn was horrified and confronted Shelley, who told her that it was a mistake and it would never happen again. Dawn was cold to Shelley and Cheresa as a result. Soon after, Cheresa called Dawn and told her she found Shelley stabbed to death! Dawn and Cheresa grieved their friend and was put off to find out that Simona believed it was the start of a serial killer. They threw Shelley a memorial and grew closer as a result of her death.


Dawn continued to grieve the loss of Shelley with Dawn. She was then more support for her girlfriend when Brad ended up being killed by the Rose Peddle killer. Dawn continued to long for her parents to reunite, but she agreed to be Robin's maid of honor when Adam re-proposed to her. Dawn told Max she wanted her parents together. Once Robin and Adam split again, she walked in on Helen kissing Adam. She told her father this was their family's chance at being together. Dawn, then, supported Dawn when Greg killed Brooke, who was revealed to be the killer. Dawn encouraged both Adam and Helen to reunite, despite their on again/off again friendship. Dawn also supported Cheresa as she decided which modelling contract she was going to take: Roboto or Robertson Enterprises. Cheresa choose Robertson and Dawn was thrilled with the turnout of the campaign. She was nervous when Cheresa started getting some odd fan letters and then really got worried when she didn't hear from her girlfriend. Dawn told Greg that she was worried and they went to Simona to file a missing persons report. Simona finally agreed and Cheresa was soon found. At the hospital, Dawn was stunned to hear of how Tara kidnapped Cheresa. Dawn tried to convince Cheresa not to give up but Cheresa quit modelling and started to suffer from PTSD. Shortly after, Dawn stunned Cheresa by asking her to marry her!

Dawn was worried about Cheresa, who continued to suffer from nightmares from her kidnapping. Dawn and Greg convinced Cheresa to get therapy, which helped her with the nightmares. Greg hired Traci to be a new maid at the Lawson estate. Cheresa and Dawn found Traci spying on them a few times. Dawn told Cheresa that it was likely nothing but Cheresa spoke to Greg about it. Dawn, meanwhile, was upset when Helen told her that she had to move on from Adam as she wanted her parents to get together. Helen went to Mexico and had an one night stand; she told Dawn that it helped her move on. Dawn, knowing that Adam broke up with Robin, told her father to go after Helen while he had the chance. She was put off when Dale, the man Helen hooked up with, showed up in Twin Peaks as she fears Adam missed his chance. Adam, however, told Dawn that he thought Dale looked familiar. Turns out, he is Mallory Cunningham's father! Dawn was shocked that the woman that kidnapped her as a child father was sleeping with her mother. Helen, then, admitted that Dale proposed to her as a way to prove that he didn't know the connection when they met. Dawn and Adam told Helen to be careful, but she accepted his proposal. Dawn and Cheresa, meanwhile, were worried about Andrew, who started to gamble more and more at the casino. Dawn reached out to Chris and Trenyce to let them know their concern. Dawn continued to support Cheresa as she thought something odd was going on with Traci, the maid at the Lawson Estate. She encouraged her fiancÚ to trust her instincts with the maid. She and Cheresa were also concerned about Andrew's gambling and encouraged him to not get sucked in too much. Dawn also supported Cheresa through her difficult relationship with Chris and Trenyce and told her fiancÚ to talk through their problems. Dawn and Adam, meanwhile, were worried about Helen when she revealed that she accepted Dale's marriage proposal. She and Adam still believed that Dale was hiding something, so Dawn decided to try to figure out what he was up too. Dawn broke into Dale's office but didn't find anything. Cheresa and Dawn, then, agreed to elope. On the day of the elopement, Dawn decided to go back to Dale's office one more time. Dale, however, caught her in the office and confronted her about being in the office. Dawn tried to cover but Dale realized that she was snooping around. He admitted that he was trying to avenge Mallory's death, so Dawn kicked him and tried to escape. As she was rushing to her car, however, Dale drove his car into Dawn and left her fr dead! Dawn was rushed to the hospital where Greg put her in a medically induced coma in hopes of letting her heal. Slowly, Dawn started to get better and, then, she woke up, where she learned that Dale died and Adam saved Helen from him. Dawn celebrated Christmas with her family, and hoped that things would calm down in the New Year.

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