Representation: Jensen Ackles
On Series Since: 2015 - Present
Full Name: Lukas Richardson
Profession: Mayor campaign assistant
Martial Status: Married, Donovan Moretti
Previous Relationships: Ex-boyfriend, Dr. Craig Benton; Sex, Andy Spinnes
Family Ties: Father, Frederick Richardson; Sister, Meggan Richardson



After his sister Meggan and his father Frederick come to Twin Peaks, Lukas follows his family. He has a few secrets that he is keeping. He admitted to Meggan that he is gay but he felt like he couldn't tell Frederick in fear of his reaction. Meggan encouraged him to come out. At the hospital gala, it was revealed that Lukas is dating Craig and he is the man that Donovan was in love with in Europe!

Lukas was pressed by Craig to open up about his romance with Donovan in Europe. Lukas kept mum but finally revealed that they broke up because Lukas wasn't out to Frederick yet. Meggan encouraged her brother to come out, but Lukas insisted Frederick wouldn't be okay with it. Craig, meanwhile, grew more and more frustrated with Lukas for not coming out. Lukas and Donovan reconnected unaware that Craig was starting to lean on Donovan as well. Lukas leaned on Meggan as he struggled with having feelings for both Craig and Donovan. Meggan told her brother to come out to Frederick, but Lukas refused. On the night of the summer storm, Lukas and Donovan were trapped in an elevator together and they shared a kiss. When Craig discovered that they were together, he wasn't pleased. He told Lukas that he had to make a choice between the men; Lukas admitted that he had feelings for both. On New Year's Eve, Craig was tired of Lukas and kissed Donovan, unaware Lukas saw them.

Lukas continued to lean on Andy and Meggan as Donovan and Craig waited for him to make up his mind about whom he'd like to be with. Lukas convinced Andy to do something for Reese, which is how Andy's benefit gala happened. Lukas admitted to both Craig and Donovan that he had feelings for both of them. They both encouraged him to come out to Frederick, because it would make everything easier for him. Lukas, still worried about how Frederick would react, refused. Upset that he was leading Craig and Donovan on, Lukas told Andy he was leaving town. Andy then revealed to Craig and Donovan that Lukas was gone. In Santa Barbara, Lukas surprised Craig and Donovan by revealing his presence. He explained to them that he often comes to his childhood home when he needs time away to think about get away from everything. Craig encouraged Lukas to come out to Frederick, but he said he wasn't ready. Donovan took Lukas' side, which meant a lot to him. Lukas, soon, reappeared in Twin Peaks and announced that he was ready to come out to Frederick. Frederick lashed out at his son for his sexuality and threatened to disinherit him. Lukas was livid with his father for his actions. Lukas confronted him on the night Frederick was shot. He was later questioned by the police. Andy, Donovan and Craig wondered why Lukas was acting so odd. On New Year's Eve, Lukas told Donovan that he loved him and wanted him back.

Lukas was upset when Frederick was murdered on New Year's Eve. He and Meggan banded together and he was touched when Daisy showed support at the memorial service. Meanwhile, Lukas and Donovan reunited and made love. They professed their love for one another, even though Donovan was keeping a secret from him. Chris was arrested for Frederick's murder, and Lukas had a strange reaction to the news. Shortly after, however, Chris proved his innocence and Simona Lopez got a court order to search the Richardson mansion. They found Lukas' gloves in the trash; they had gun residue on them. Simona Lopez also noted that the bullets from the family gun were the same bullets that were used to shoot Frederick last November. During the ice storm, Lukas was arrested for killing Frederick. Donovan and Meggan vowed to prove his innocence. During his trial, Lukas was shocked when Donovan admitted to sleeping with Craig on the night of Frederick's shooting. Lukas told Donovan that he suspected he and Craig were lovers, but to find out in the way he did was humiliating to him. Lukas, then, took the stand, and he pleaded his innocence. However, the damage was done: he was found guilty and sentenced to jail. He told his family to be okay. In jail, three prisoners approached him and threatened him. Will Coutts seemingly saved Lukas and they became jail friends. In jail, Lukas continued to be bullied by Tony. Will tried to save him, but he warned Lukas that eventually Tony would come after him if he didn't watch out. Shortly after, Lukas found himself beaten badly by Tony. Meggan and Donovan visited him and asked him who hurt him, but Lukas refused to tell because he didn't want things to be worse. Donovan and Lukas seemingly shared a close moment. Shortly after, Tony cornered Lukas again and was about to rape him, when two guards burst in and saved Lukas. They revealed that Jemma had killed Frederick and that he was going to be released. Following his release from jail, he reunited with Meggan, but struggled to warm up to Daisy as he didn't think that Jemma should have let him go to jail. Donovan, meanwhile, believed that he and Lukas would reunite but Lukas surprised him by telling him that they weren't going to be together again because Lukas hated how the truth about Donovan and Craig being lovers came out. He couldn't get over the embarrassment that he felt when the truth came out on the witness stand. Donovan pleaded with Lukas, but Lukas stood his ground. Shortly after, he saw Craig kiss Donovan and he realized that he had to move on. Lukas kissed Andy a couple of times and on New Years Eve, they ended up in bed.

Lukas woke up with Andy in his bed in the New Year and he assumed that they would be together, only Andy told him otherwise because he was still getting over Reese's death. Craig, however, saw the two together and also assumed that they were now a couple, which he conveyed to Donovan. Andy, soon after, arranged for a romantic dinner between Lukas and Donovan in hopes of getting them back together; it worked, they reunited and kissed! They told Craig the update and he was furious, but Donovan and Lukas relished in reuniting. Lukas, meanwhile, was hired by Vinny to be Daisy's campaign manager. He was skeptical of taking the job but agreed. Daisy, at first, didn't love all of his ideas, but she warmed to them, especially after she did seemingly well at the first debate. Lukas, however, noticed that Daisy was acting oddly and then saw her and Tyler making love, which he struggled to get out of his head. Lukas and Donovan relished in being reunited. Lukas continued to help Daisy try to get elected, despite knowing of her affair with Tyler. On the day of the election, a picture of Daisy and Tyler kissing was leaked to the Twin Peaks Sun - Lukas was horrified and Daisy lost the election as a result. Daisy asked Lukas if he was responsible, but he said no. She believed him. Lukas, meanwhile, was stunned to learn of Craig's HIV diagnosis. He and Donovan supported their friend, who quickly felt the effects of treatment. Lukas thought it was odd that Craig became sick so quickly after getting the diagnosis and he blamed Victoria for it, which upset Donovan because he didn't believe his sister would do anything that would cause Craig harm. Lukas, also, started to remember his times with Craig and wondered if he has feelings for him again. Donovan wondered the same thing but kept it to himself. Lukas was then shocked to learn that Victoria used to have multiple personalities.

Lukas supported Craig in the wake of him learning that he was misdiagnosed with HIV. Lukas wanted Victoria to pay for what she had done, which clashed with Donovan's belief that Victoria was innocent. The couple squabbled about it until the truth about Victoria's alter egos was revealed. Lukas still wanted Victoria to pay for what she had done but he and Donovan started to grow closer again. Lukas also remained close with Craig and Andy. Lukas and Craig grew closer as Lukas was upset that Victoria was on her way home. In his mind, he wanted her to pay for her actions while Brandy was in control of her. Craig encouraged him to support Donovan. They came close to sharing a kiss, which caused Lukas to be late for a romantic night with Donovan. When Lukas arrived, Donovan proposed! Startled, Lukas said no, which crushed Donovan. Craig told Lukas not to be a fool and lose a good man, so Lukas arranged a surprise for Donovan. With Nicholas' help, Donovan arrived in the park to find a hot air balloon. He went for the ride with Lukas, who admitted that he freaked out at the proposal. Lukas, then, proposed to Donovan, who accepted. Craig was feeling jealous at their engagement. Lukas continued to worry about Victoria returning, and when she did he was out of joint when Donovan asked her to stand up for him. Before the wedding, Lukas kissed Craig passionately. Craig watched uneasily as Lukas and Donovan got married. Immediately after, Robertson Enterprises launched Gravity, which was a huge hit. Dominick suggested some of the guests hit the slopes before the wedding reception, so Lukas and Craig went skiing. While on the mountain, an avalanche struck! Lukas, Craig, Vinny & Daisy were all presumed dead! In reality, Lukas had pulled Craig into a cave that he saw on the side of the mountain. In the cave, Craig had a high fever. In order to break the fever, Lukas crawled into bed with Craig, who kissed Lukas again. They ended up making love. The following day, Craig had no memory of having sex but Lukas was able to shoot a flare and they were saved.

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