Sophie Calvin

Representation: Olivia Rose Keegan
On Series Since: 2022 - Present
Full Name: Sophie Calimo-Calvin
Profession: Intern at Roboto
Martial Status: Crush on, Max Black
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: Father, Cory Calvin; Mother, Natasha Calimo; Half-Brother, Jacob Calimo



Sophie is the young daughter of Cory & Natasha. She replaced the blanks in Natasha's gun with real bullets, which resulted in Natasha shooting Kim at her wedding to Robbie. Sophie went to boarding school as a result.

Sophie returned to town by arriving on Cory's doorstep. She stunned her parents by revealing that she had been expelled from school because she pretended to be on a rowing team to get a scholarship. Cory and Natasha tried to tell her why her actions were wrong but Sophie felt misunderstood. Jacob told his sister to prove she had changed with her actions, so she asked Natasha for a job at Roboto. Before Natasha could respond, she collapsed as she had been feeling ill. At the hospital, Sophie and her family were stunned to learn that Natasha had a rare blood disease and was dying! Sophie was pleased when Max and Isabelle went to bat for her with Natasha noting that they thought she'd be a good fit at Roboto. Natasha agreed to give her daughter a trial run at the company. Sophie was thrilled, and made friends with Isabelle at the company, while developing a crush on Max. Cory and Natasha were thrilled by her presence at the company. Shortly after, Cory got a call from Sophie's boarding school, stating that she wouldn't be allowed to go back. Sophie was upset and lashed out at Cory, who was going to Switzerland to talk to the dean. Sophie wanted to plead her case, but Cory told her no. Cory left and soon, Robin, Natasha and Sophie were devastated to learn that his plane crashed and he was presumed dead! Natasha supported a crushed Sophie, who mourned her father. Shortly after, Cassie exposed Natasha's illness as being fraudulent. Sophie was furious with her mother for her betrayal, as she was worried she was going to lose her mother and father in a short span. On New Year's Eve, Sophie saw Max comforting Isabelle, who was reeling after she married Jacob, and vowed that he would be hers.

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