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Representation: Dylan Bruce

On Series Since: 2009 - Present
Full Name: Dr. Craig Benton
Profession: Doctor, Twin Peaks General Hospital
Martial Status: Dating, Lukas Richardson
Past Relationships: Ex-Boyfriend, Andy Spinnes; Ex-Boyfriend, Reese Wilkins
Family Ties: None



Craig is a doctor at Twin Peaks and he has helped various members of the community through different circumstances. He is a respected doctor at TPGH.

On New Year's Eve 2011, he appeared out of the hospital and on a date with Reese.

Craig and Reese continued to casually date each other despite the fact that Reese had an affair with Andy last November. Craig soon grew tired of Reese's constant interaction with Andy and dumped him. Craig later asked Andy out, claiming he was always more interested in him and Reese. Andy, who was recently single, agreed to go out with Craig. On New Years, Reese saw the two together and was livid.

Craig and Andy continued to see each other. Craig soon became jealous of Andy's growing friendship with Donovan as he was plagued with memories of Andy cheating on JC in his last relationship. Andy tried to convince Craig that nothing was going on between him and Donovan. Listening to Andy's words, Craig asked his lover to move in with him. Andy agreed and they moved into Craig's condo. Craig, however, couldn't stop being jealous of Andy's growing friendship with Donovan, despite the two being just friends.

Craig continued to feel jealous of Andy's relationship with Andy despite the fact that it was just a friendship. This jealousy grew when Andy supported Donovan after he was arrested for murder. Andy told Craig that he couldn't let his friend go to jail for a crime he didn't commit. Craig tried to put his jealousy out of his mind but after Donovan was found guilty, he saw the look on Andy's face. Devastated that Andy cared for Donovan, Craig went out and saw a drunk Reese. The two ended up in bed; in the aftermath, Craig realized it was a mistake and he made Reese promise not to say anything. Shortly after, however, Andy found the condom wrapper in the bedroom he shares with Craig. Craig covered with his lover and tried to put the affair behind him. Reese, meanwhile, suffered from guilt and confessed all to Andy. Andy was stunned and walked out on Craig. Craig tried to get back together with him, but Andy refused to listen. On New Year's Eve, Donovan told Craig that Andy and Reese will probably get back together. At the same time, Andy and Reese shared a kiss.

Craig continued to get over Andy in the new year. He asked Donovan out on a date but he said no. The two, however, continued to be put in situations together and they started to grow a little bit closer. Craig was unawre of Donovan's past, which involved a heartbreak. The two were paired together while planning the hospital gala and continued to flirt, despite Craig announcing that he had a boyfriend. Donovan asked Craig who is boyfriend was but Craig kept mum. On the night of the gala, Donovan was shocked to see Craig's new boyfriend: Lukas, who is the same man that Donovan was dating in Europe!

Craig continued to ask Lukas about his previous relationship with Donovan. Lukas finally revealed to him that they broke up because Frederick doesn't know that Lukas is gay. Craig encouraged him to come out, but Lukas refused. Frustrated, Craig lashed out at Donovan but soon apologized. Lukas admitted to Donovan that he finds it hard being with a closeted boyfriend. Craig was upset when he found out, from a third party, that Lukas and Donovan were together during the summer storm. He finally confronted Lukas, who admitted that he still has feelings for Donovan. Craig told him that he had to choose because he didn't want to be anyone's second choice. Lukas admitted to Craig and Donovan that he does love them both. Craig told him that was unacceptable. Craig then kissed Donovan on New Year's Eve.

Craig told Donovan he was tired of waiting for Lukas to make up his mind. Donovan and Andy both told Craig that everything would be better once Lukas came out of the closet. Craig lost hope that Lukas would do that, or make up his mind, so he decided to move on from Lukas altogether. Craig made a pass at Donovan, who was still waiting for Lukas' decision. After Lukas left town, Craig kissed Donovan and told him that nothing was holding them back anymore.

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