Representation: Reign Edwards
On Series Since: 2023 - Present
Full Name: Traci
Profession: Maid
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: n/a



Traci was hired by Greg to be the new maid at the Lawson estate. Quickly, she started snooping around the mansion and listening into conversations. Both Cheresa and Greg caught her more than once but she always covered. Soon, Traci realized that she had to smooth things over so she suggested to Greg that he propose to Kim. She helped arrange a romantic night and he asked Kim to Marry him, she accepted which pleases Traci.Tara continued to pretend to be Traci, the maid at the Lawson estate and she snooped around while she did. Cheresa caught Traci going through Kim's phone, but Tara was able to cover. Cheresa, however, told Greg and Kim about this and agreed to keep a watch on the maid. Tara, then, heard a conversation between Robbie and Kim, and told Greg that she thought Kim still had feelings for Robbie. Soon, Kim decided to investigate the maid and went into her room, where she found a wig that reminded Kim of Tara's hair. Tara walked in and confronted Kim; she finally revealed herself to Kim and then shot her twice! The Lawson security was able to stop her, and she was arrested. Cheresa and Robbie visited her in jail and told her that she would rot in hell for trying to kill Kim.

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