Jasper Lim

Representation: Remington Hoffman
On Series Since: 2022 - Present
Full Name: Jasper Lim
Profession: Nanny / Childcare giver
Martial Status: Affair with Lukas
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: None



Jasper is a nanny that Lukas hires for baby Olly.Jasper continued to flirt with Lukas and their attraction built. Jasper overheard a fight between Lukas and Donovan and told Lukas he was on his side. Lukas kissed him and immediately regretted it but soon they were hitting the sheets. Lukas, again, told Jasper it was a mistake. Donovan was then in a car accident and left paralyzed from the waist down. Jasper realized that Olly's baby monitor was on and wondered if Donovan had overheard him and Lukas kissing. Lukas told him that they were over but they ended up in bed again. Lukas, again, vowed that they were over and Jasper agree. On New Year's Eve, however, Jasper asked Lukas for a goodbye kiss, which Lukas agreed too. While kissing, Donovan walked (he had secretly regained his leg strength) into the room and saw them!

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