Ethan Alexander

Representation: KJ Apa
On Series Since: 2023 - Present
Full Name: Ethan Alexander
Profession: Lawyer
Martial Status: Married to Paige
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: n/a //



Ethan is a lawyer who went to school with Tyler. Ethan ran into Tyler, his old college buddy and they got caught up. Shortly after, Tyler revealed the drama happening between him, Robbie, Natasha and the companies. Being a lawyer, Ethan suggested to Tyler that Robertson Enterprises sue Roboto. Tyler loved the idea and hired Ethan to do this. Meanwhile, Ethan ran into Abby and offered her his services to look over Dominick's updated will. She agreed and sparks flew between them. They flirted and grew closer despite her marital status. Ethan and Paige had a bad first encounter and she witnessed him and Abby together more than once. Ethan asked Paige is she was jealous of his relationship with Abby but she said no, despite having an attraction to him. Ethan and Tyler, then, won the case for Robertson Enterprises. When Ethan told Paige, they came close to kissing but Abby interrupted them. Soon after, Ethan and Abby shared a kiss but she told him nothing would stop her from maintaining her current life. He supported his friend while she was going through a rough time. Then, Dominick hired Ethan at the company and asked Paige to work with him on coming up with a legal document to ensure Frederick couldn't help Felicia if they had her committed to Raven's Meadow.Ethan and Paige grew closer while working on a way to prevent Frederick from treating Felicia again after Dominick and Tyler realized that she needed to return to Raven's Meadow. Ethan realized that they could file a restraining order, which they did. Abby interrupted some moments when Ethan and Abby came close to kissing. Soon after, Dominick suffered a stroke and Abby and Paige were devastated. Ethan told Abby that she had a lot of power because, as Dominick's wife, she had his power of attorney and personal directive. Abby took over as the head of the family and Robertson Enterprises, which left the rest of the Robertson's, including Paige, furious. Paige, then, saw Ethan and Abby together and accused Abby of having an affair on Dominick. Ethan was crushed when Abby told him that they would have to stay away from one another because she had to focus on her husband. Paige found a depressed Ethan, and they agreed to go to Vegas together to get away. In Vegas, Ethan admitted to her that he was starting to have feelings for Abby; Paige suggested that they get married so he could move on from Abby. They eloped! Back in Twin Peaks, Abby and the Robertson's were stunned to learn of the marriage. Shortly after, Paige, Jeff, and Leah approached Ethan with shocking news: Bryce revealed that Ethan was Jeff and Leah's long-lost son! He was floored that he married his sister and agreed to a DNA test to see if it was true.

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