Clayton Hughes

Representation: Dustin Milligan
On Series Since: 2021 - Present
Full Name: Clayton Hughes
Profession: Barista at the Sugarbowl
Martial Status: Estranged from Nicholas
Previous Relationships: Unknown
Family Ties: Sister, Madeline; mother, Olivia (deceased); father, Preston (deceased)



Clayton was hired by Melissa to gaslight Andy as he is a dead ringer for Reese, Andy's deceased husband. Clayton is the man that Melissa hired to gaslight Andy. He is a dead ringer for Reese. After the plan was exposed, Clayton seemingly disappeared but Andy wanted to find him so he could understand why he looked like Reese. Clayton ended up at the One Day House where Cory spotted him. Cory told Nicholas and the two men came face to face. Clayton admitted he was attracted to Andy so it was difficult for him to gaslight him. Nicholas worried that if Andy found Clayton, their relationship could be over so he kept mum. Meggan, then, realized where Clayton was as Andy hired her to track him down.


Clayton remained at the One Day House, but Meggan confronted him. He admitted he had no idea why he looked like Reese. Shortly after, Nicholas appeared at Clayton's room. Clayton admitted that he is gay and he thought Andy was attractive, which is why it was hard for him to carry out Melissa's plan. A short time later, Melissa called Clayton at the One Day House and told him to run away. Clayton disappeared. He reappeared in Nashville; when Madeline saw him, she fainted because he looks so much like Reese. Madeline convinced Clayton to return to Twin Peaks so they could solve the mystery of why he looks like Reese. In Twin Peaks, Clayton got a job at the Sugarbowl and kissed Nicholas, who told him he loved Andy. Clayton admitted he longed for a relationship. He then agreed to a DNA test with Madeline; the results proved that he was Madeline and Reese's triplet brother! Clayton continued to push both Andy and Madeline away as he felt like they were trying to replace Reese with him. He started to confide in Nicholas and they grew closer. They shared a kiss but Clayton decided to leave town. Clayton and Nicholas shared a goodbye kiss, which was witnessed by Andy. Andy confronted him and Clayton told him he was leaving town. Clayton, randomly, ran into Will, who told him not to run away from the only family he has left: Madeline. Clayton showed up on Madeline's door and suggested that they get to know each other. Madeline offered him a place to live with her and Clayton accepted. Clayton then went to Nicholas and told him he was staying in town. Nicholas revealed that Andy dumped him because he saw them kiss. Clayton, then, asked Nicholas out on a date, which he accepted. Andy saw them out on their date and soon after, he was confronting Clayton. Things escalated and got heated; they kissed and ended up having sex! In the aftermath, Clayton thought it was wrong but Andy suggested it had been building for months. Clayton, then, went to Nicholas and surprised him on a date. They ended up having sex as well. Afterwards, Andy arrived and revealed his night with Clayton to a stunned Nicholas. Nicholas confronted Clayton, who claimed it meant nothing. A few days later, Nicholas and Andy were summoned by Clayton, who admitted he cared about Nicholas and his affair with Andy meant nothing. Nicholas revealed that he still cared about Andy and never stopped; Andy admitted the same thing to him. Clayton was crushed and soon got a call from Melissa, who told him the time was now to drop his next bombshell.

Clayton told Madeline that he would do whatever he needed to do to get Nicholas back. The next day, however, Madeline awoke to a note from Clayton stating that he left town. Months went by and he randomly texted Nicholas, asking him how he was. Nicholas responded by admitting that he and Andy were engaged. Clayton, then, reappeared in town and told Madeline he wouldn't have missed the wedding. Andy and Clayton spoke and he admitted to Andy that he still loved Nicholas and he believed they would end up together. Clayton admitted to Nicholas that he was still in love with him but was dismayed when Nicholas admitted that he was still going to marry Andy. Clayton and Madeline spoke about his feelings for Nicholas, and she encouraged him to find peace with the pending marriage. Clayton, however, was determined to have Nicholas for himself and placed a call to Melissa, requesting her help. Shortly after, Clayton arrived to see Nicholas on his wedding day. Clayton revealed that he found a clause in Olivia and Preston's will that stated should he ever return, he would get the full inheritance, which meant he could leave Madeline and Andy penniless. Clayton agreed to drop it if Nicholas married him! Feeling trapped, Nicholas agreed. He married Clayton and left Andy at the altar! Afterwards, Clayton forced Nicholas to admit to Andy that he was in love with his husband, which devastated Andy. Clayton told Andy to fall off the wagon but Andy stayed strong. Shortly after, Clayton was horrified to learn that Nicholas and Andy reunited after Nicholas paid Melissa a visit. Clayton, then, filed lawsuit papers to take the money from Andy and Nicholas. Madeline, Andy and Nicholas vowed to stop him.

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