Antonio Moretti

Representation: Mark Consuelos
On Series Since: 2023 - Present
Full Name: Antonio Moretti
Profession: Owner of the Rocky Edge Casino
Martial Status: In Love, Robin Navy
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: Daughter, Isabelle; brother, Ernesto; niece, Victoria; nephew, Donovan



Antonio is the owner of the casino, the father to Isabelle and Donovan and Victoria's uncle. Donovan and Victoria reunited with their uncle and cousin as they talked about their past and spoke about Eva. Natasha, Robbie and Kim worked with Antonio to put together the Roboto gala using the casino as the venue. When Isabelle told her father that she got a job at Roboto as a model, he warned her about the Calimo's as he had a previous bad business deal with Bob. Still, he supported his daughter with her career. Antonio met Daisy, who was going through a difficult time as she had an abortion. Antonio offered her a job, which Daisy thought was interesting. Antonio, then, whisked her away to Vegas for a weekend so she could let loose. He got her drunk and when she awoke, she was naked and had a stack of cash next to her bed. He admitted to her that she slept with a man for money and that could be her job if she wanted it. Daisy was stunned but when she got back to Twin Peaks, she agreed to work for him, to Antonio's surprise. Antonio, meanwhile, took an interest in Robin and asked her to dinner, which she accepted. He admitted that he didn't mind that she was pregnant with Shane's baby and said he wanted to get to know her. They had a great time, but Cory approached him to and told Antonio to stay away from Robin, which Antonio said he would do no such thing. Antonio was peeved by Cory's visit to him where he was advised to stay away from Robin. He told Robin about the conversation, which resulted in Robin talking to Cory. Antonio was upset when Robin, then, told him that they could be just friends because she was going to pursue a relationship with Cory. Antonio realized that if he got rid of Cory, he could have a chance with Robin again. He, also, kissed Robin's hand at Nicholas and Andy's wedding, but she told him that they could only be friends. Antonio then plotted to get rid of Cory; he learned that Cory was going out of town to deal with Sophie's boarding school, so he asked one of his goons to tamper with the airplane. Shortly after, Cory's plane crashed and he was presumed dead! Antonio tried to comfort Robin, but, at first, she pushed him away. On New Year's Eve, however, Antonio kissed Robin. Donovan, meanwhile, reached out to his uncle and asked him for help with finding Olly. Antonio agreed and, soon, got word that Jasper might be in Puerta Vallarta. Max asked Antonio for support in getting back together with Isabelle, but she told her father that she was interested in Jacob. Antonio expressed concerns about her getting involved with the Calimo's, but Isabelle told him that her heart wanted what it wanted. Soon, he was stunned to learn that Isabelle and Jacob were engaged; Antonio warned Jacob about hurting his daughter. Antonio watched as Isabelle and Jacob married, but was stunned to then learn that Natasha was faking her illness, and that her dying wish was for Jacob to be with Isabelle. Antonio worried about what Isabelle was going to do now that the truth was out. Antonio, also, offered Andrew a loan so he could continue to play Blackjack at the casino as Antonio believed that the younger man brought more people into the casino. Andrew agreed but soon, ran out of money and refused to take more money from Antonio. Antonio witnessed a close moment between Andrew and Treynce, so he threated her with Andrew when he was late for a payment. Shortly, Andrew gave him money to pay off the loan. Antonio was surprised and didn't know that Daisy gave him the money. Antonio warned Andrew that he would always owe interest on the money. To his surprise, Daisy also told him that she wanted to stop being a hooker at the casino. Antonio told her that she would have to work for him until she has paid off all of the clothing and jewelry that he has bought her. He vowed that they would never leave his casino while they longed to be free.

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