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Episode 411 "If You Let Go"; June 18, 2017

"All of that for nothing," she whispers to herself, feeling her heart racing. She closes her eyes for a moment and replays the entire scene at the mansion earlier. Bob was so cold to her, he will never forgive her. And Robbie, to use her like that? "I'm the one who always gets put in the middle of these damn schemes! I'm the one who pays the price, well no more."

She moves back to the desk and sits down and looks at the formula for the facial cream. She quickly recalls how earlier when she was Wild Night, she saw Tyler and he revealed to her that Robertson Enterprises is also working on a facial cream but they are missing the ingredient that will help fight wrinkles. And, then he told her that he didn't think that she didn't care about him, which is the furthest thing from the truth. Without thinking, she takes a picture of the formula and texts it to Tyler.

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